Diary 2022 (125) September 14th/15th Another spontaneous bondage session

Wednesday, September 14th, I was not inworld during the day due to a busy time in RL. I was late at night and came inworld almost simulataneously with slave Holly. Flo and slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) were playing skipee and just had finished when slave Holly and I joined them.
We played a skipee was teams first. It was a very close and hence good game. Flo and I won it by one card against the slaves. slave Susan (susanblackrose ) had joined us in the meanwhile.
After the game Flo and slave Lily left us for bed and I too slave Holly and slave Susan to Carnal Intentions. slave Susan seems to be a horny slave … and begged me to open her belt. I was generous and unlocked it and made her entertain the crowd at Carnal Intentions with her moans when she was riding a huge candy dildo at the club.
After that show and after slave Susan had left for bed as well I took slave Holly to club DeLust for a few minutes before we went home and to bed.

September 14th: Diomita at Carnal Intenions and at club DeLust with slave Susan and slave Holly.

Thursday, September 15th, I had another busy day in RL and was inworld just at night. slave Susan was present, Flo and slave Lily were playing skipee. after Flo and slave Lily had ended their game we played as teams, Flo and I against slave Susan and slave Lily.

By the end of the game slave Holly and slave Alessi had joined us. We disccused another teams play with 6 people but then I decided to haveanother spontaneous bondage night at Psi’s realm. I had a log of work to lock all slaves – a festival of chains! And 2 other random subs joined us, one ended up locked and leashed, the other became my chair.

September 15th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly, slave Susan, slave Lily, slave Alessi and two random subs/slaves

slave Susan left unexpectedly and after Flo had leftthe two random subs/slaves went off as well. I tool slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Lily to club DeLust for a bit. I had a full night, lots of chatsand my hands full, a real contrast to RL – as it should be.

September 15th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly, slave Lily and slave Alessi

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