Diary 2022 (128) September 24th – 28th RL first II

Saturday, September 24th, I could come inworld at night. slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) and slave Flo were playing skipee. When they had finished we played 2 rounds with 3 … and then slave Alessi joine and we had a game as teams. Flo and I won it by the way. After the game it wasalready way over Flo-time and slave Lily and Flo went off to bed. I took slave Alessi to club DeLust for a while. We chatted …after half and hour we returned home and I went off again.

Sunday, September 25th, I had a skipee as teams at night. Flo and I won it against Sarah Fhang and Luci Glendale. While we played slave Alessi and slave Holly came inworld. After the game Sarah went off to bed and I took slave Holly, slave Alessi, Luci and Flo to Carnal Intentions. Luci left us soon later. We just chatted and looked good. It was relaxing, in particular as I knew that I would have another busy week ahead. Later Argi joined us there.

September 24th/25th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Alessi / Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Monday, September 26th, I played a round of skipee with slave Lily and Sarah Fhang, then another one with slave Lily, slave Susan (Susanblackrose) and Sarah Fhang. After the games, Sarah and slave Susan went off to bed and I went to club DeLust with slave Lily. I had just arrived at the club when slave Holly logged in and I summoned her to me. I chatted the rest of the night with slave Lily and slave Holly. after slave Lily had went off to bed, I took slave Holly with me to Carnal Intentions for a bit before I logged off myself.

September 26th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carnal Intentions with slave Lily and slave Holly

Tuesday, September 27th, I played a skipee with Flo, Lily and slave Holly first. After the game, slave Lily and slave Holly had to leave – and I had a phone call that refrained me from SL for one hour. Upon my return, just Flo was present and we played 2 more rounds of skipee until Flo-time. At that time slave Holly returned online and I took her to club DeLust for a while. We just chatted and watched the crowd.

September 27th/28th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Holly

Wednesday, September 28th, was another busy day in RL for me. Days simply go by when you’re busy. At night I had 2 rounds of skipee with Flo, then our home was restarted by LL and we had to leave. I took Flo to club DeLust. Soon later, slave Holly came inworld and she was teleported to a safe hub as home was not online. I summoned ehr to us and we had a realxed time at the club, just chatting and watching the crowd. slave Holl ymre a picture of her “arena view” with all the names in the dark.

September 28th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Holly

A week busy in RL .. and just playing skipee and chatting and looking good. I knew that another busy week was ahead.

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