Diary 2022 (142) Nov 14th-16th Quiet Days

Monday, November 14th, my night started with a skipee with slave Holly. slave Aya (Ayahnah) came by and watched us playing. After the game I took the slaves to Lochme and exposed them there on the dual post. I had fun teasing the slaves and restricting them more and more .. and spanking them every once in a while to keep their attention up. later I also tried out a serious cage at Lochme with slave Aya.

November 14th: Diomita at Lochme with slave Holly and slave Aya

After lochme I took the slaves to club DeLus just to wind down and to chat for about half an hour before it was time for bed for all of us.

November 14th, Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Aya

Tuesday, November 15th, I had some time in-world around lunch. I had a nice play with a domme. It started at club Domme a Domme and ended at my secret place. I won#t share details nor a picture, but it was enjoyable.
At night I played (and won) three rounds of skipee against Flo, then I took her Carnal Intentions to avoid her losing a fourth time *winks*. slave Holly and slave Aya joined us there. After Flo had left for bed I moved on to club DeLust but both, slave Holly and slave Aya crashed on tp and had difficulties getting back inworld.

November 15th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Aya

Wednesday, November 16th, I had a skipee night with Flo and later with Flo and slave Holly. We played until Flo time and by then slave Aya had come inworld. Flo went to bed and I took slave Aya and slave Holly to the house as I had to pee. I used slave Aya and made slave Holly watch. It was the first time for slave Aya, something special for her.
When I was done I took the slaves to club DeLust for a bit. slave Holly had to leave for bed and I brought her back home, then I had some one to one time with slave Aya at club DeLust.

November 16th: Diomita at home and at club deLust with slave Holly and slave Aya

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