Diary 2023 (8) January 21st/22nd Quiet weekend

I had a quiet Saturday, January 21st, in Second Life. I visited a new art installation in the afternoon and at night I played 2 rounds of skipee with Flo before I took her to club DeLust. slave Alessi came inworld shortly before Flo left for bed. I stayed with her at DeLust and teased her a bit. I went off to bed early that night.

January 21st: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Alessi

Sunday, January 22nd, I had another quiet day, at least in Second Life *winks*. When I cam inworld at night Flo was playing skipee. And Mistress Cherry was present as well and we met in our skybox. We just caught up with our mutual news, then I went seeing Flo for two rounds of skipee. Flo won that night (after a series of many games lost). I took her to Carnal Intentions and used my defeat to restrict her a bit more than usual. I summoned slave Holly to us when she came in-world.

January 22nd: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with sapphire (littleshy97), Flo and slave Holly

I had a quiet night with Flo and slave Holly at my leash, just chatting and looking around. Mistress Cherry came by as well and brought sapphire (littleshy97) wiht her. We all went off to bed comparably early – a quiet weekend.

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