Diary 2023 (12) Jan 30th – Feb 1st Time flies… already February

I had an quite eventless Monday, January 30th, in SL. Just slave Holly was inworld for a while at night. I took her to club DeLust but she was tired from a busy day and hence I brought her back home again – RL first.
Mistress Cherry was also busy, I had her in IM while I was online.
I spent my about 2 hours at club DeLust. Miss Dana (Dana Darkwatch) was present and I decorated her while she was there. Well and that’s already all.

January 30th: Diomita at home with slave Holly / Miss Dana and Diomita at club DeLust

Tuesday, January 31st, I was once again alone at night first. I went to club DeLust first and had Mistress Cherry in IM where we caught up with our news. Then I decided to go shopping. I had seen a new outfit from Avec Toi a few days before and wanted to get it – and I got it. I changed and returned to the club.
When slave Holly came online I returned home. Mistress Cherry came to our skybox to say good night, then I played a round of skipee with slave Holly.
I still hadn’t decided about a slave outfit for February and took slave Holly with me to DHB to get some inspiration. After the visit I had decided *winks*.

January 31st: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly

Finally I spent some time at clubd DeLust with slave Holly. Time flew by quickly.

Wednesday night, February 1st, was different. I had troubles logging in first and when I got in-world I was a red cloud – and I stayed a red cloud. I talked with Mistress in IM and she told me that she was a red cloud as well. Being a cloud I went to the skipee table and played a game alone. The upsite of playing alone is that you always win *winks*. Flo came in (as a cloud) and we played another game together. slave Holly also managed to come online – also as a red cloud. Flo and I just managed to end our game, then Mount Everest was restarted and we all were logged off.
I returned later at night and the issues had been solved. slave Holly was also online again. I used the time with her to get her into her slave outfit for February. For her February has a developing outfit on stock, starting just naked. I appreciated having slave Holly like this after a long while and exposed her at my feet at club DeLust only for a short time as it was already late.

February 1st: Diomita at club DeLust and at home with slave Holly

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