Diary 2023 (20) February 20th/21st Within the family

Monday, February 20th, I was inworld comparably early. slave Marta (muzylla) was present. I went to her cell to check if she had finished with exchanging her RR gag and blindfold. She had not and she was making excuses. I helped her a bit, then I left her leashed at the cell so that she would have enough time to finish.
Angelique came by and we caught up with our mutual news, then we went to club DeLust. We chatted and Angelique had fun teasing me. What a brat!
When slave Flo came inworld Angelique logged off and I went seeing Flo. We played a round of skipee until slave Holly joined is. I returned to club DeLust with Flo and slave Holly.
We stayed at the club until first Flo, then slave Holly had to go to bed. I took the opportunity to return home and to bed as well.

February 20th: Diomita at club DeLust with Angelique and slave Holly

Tuesday night was kind of a family get together. I was inworld early again and visited club DeLust alone. Mistress came inworld and we first chatted in IM. Mistress must have been at home as she notified me that slave Marta had come inworld. I had seen that, But knowing that Mistress was at home, I returned to our skybox to see and catch up with her there. Together we then went to slave Marta.
slave Marta had finally adjusted her new RR gag, but it upsat me that she was wearing her old gag in addition and that the keys of the new gag weren’t out for me to grab them. It will take some time to educate this new slave *winks*.
slave Alessi joined us by the cage and Flo was playing skipee alone (she must have wanted to win *grin). I took slave Marta and slave Alessi with me to the games, Mistress Cherry returned to her work for her store.
I leashed slave Marta next to me while Flo, slave Alessi and I played one round of skipee. Ebony came by while we were playing and she teased and distracted everyone, which was spicing up our game. And also slave Holly joined us. Almost a family get together, just Angelique and Kitty were missing.

February 21st: Mistress Cherry and Diomita and at home with Flo, Ebony, slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Marta

After the game I took all with me to Psi’s realm for a family picture. Lately it has been often quiet at Psi’s realm and it was quiet again that night. Hence we moved on the club DeLust after Flo and Ebony had left for bed.

February 21st: Diomita at club deLust with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Marta

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