Diary 2023 (29) March 27th – 29th Fun at club Domme a Domme

Monday, March 27th, I was playing a skipee with Flo when Angelique came by. She had some time on her hand so Flo and I stopped and we played a skipee with three. It was nice having Angelique around.
After Flo and Angelique had left, slave Holly and slave Alessi showed up. I took both to Carnal Intentions, but not into the club but into a store there – Monsta. April is getting closer and the slaves need a new outfit. We had a choice of four and finally I agreed with myself for a armbinder with hood. I am looking forward how it will look.
After shopping I went to club DeLust with the slaves and stayed there the rest of the night. There was another slave who decorated the stage and I used the opportunity for some pictures.

March 27th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Tuesday, March 29th, I spent again quite some time in-world while I was doing some RL stuff. Nonetheless I had 2 plays, one wiht a domme who I knew and another domme who ended by my feet (yes that still happens).
My night began with 3 rounds of skipee with Flo. As Mistress was a bit locked up by Domina, I went to club DeLust and watched the slient crowd there but the sim was restarted and I had to move on. I went to club Domme a Domme and it turned out to be a lucky decision. I had a great night there. First of all it was full. And there was some main chat going on initiated by Zana Darkthorn. I had watched her acting before. She had some subs at her leash and I thought I could help her. I ended up leashed by her. Baroness Capelo and others had their bright joy at my expense. Although I asked for it, of course, no one came to my aid. I like it when something is going on, this time at my expense. Anyway, I had fun. After Zana was gone, the main chat ebbed off again. slave Holly and slave Alessi came in-world quite simultaneously and I summoned them to me. I sat down in a chair and the two decorated me well. I continued having fun and ordered another guest to me, a young girl wearing hot pants and bra, both way too small for her already small and slim body. Hence I told her to take both off. She was a willing victim, but when I began discussing a nice guest room at our island she disappeared all of a sudden and saved her ass.

March 28th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Zana and BC and with slave Holly, slave Alessi and a random victim

Wednesday, March 29th, I had some time of roleplaying. At night I played 3 rounds of skipee with Flo. I had really good cards and I couldn’t prevent winning. I took Flo to club DeLust. slave Holly came inworld and joined us before Flo hat to leave. Nothing more to report in here – just that I continued the roleplay after slave Holly had went to bed.

March 29th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Holly

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