Diary 2023 (45) May 1st A varied holiday

Monday, May 1st, an holiday for many of us, I was in Second Life comparably early for an holiday. Of course I hope to see Zana and yes, she was also present and I met her at the paddle pool outside of club Domme a Domme. Her puppy piddles (littleforcetoy) was with her. We caught up with our news, then I couldn’t hold back myself anymore and first locked Zana’s wrists, then her ankles and finally I stuffed my used panties from the day before into her mouth and sealed it. Helpless like this I dragged her on my leash into the club.

May 1st: Diomita and Zana at club Domme a Domme

We had fun at the club. I enjoyed having my pet in her rightful position helplessly at my feet. Zana tried to speak, of course it was not understandable and I could interpret it like I wanted. The club was full and some there seemed to enjoy seeing Zana helpless like this. And they made according comments. I know Zana will have the opportunity of a “revenge”. But for now … I was the one in control. And I made the most of it. She cleaned my boot tips, which is a challenge being gagged and I enjoyed a short public spanking of her perfect bottom.

May 1st: Diomita and Zana at club Domme a Domme

Eventually we left the club and I took Zana with me to CM. Just two pictures will tell more than any text. I love you, Zana, my pet.

May 1st: Diomita and Zana at home

I returned mid-afternoon mainly because I wanted to sort my inventory. But I got no time for it as slave Holly and slave Kari were both inworld. Hence I stopped my sorting work and went seeing them. slave Holly was helping slave Kari with the cleaning, showing her the spots to clean. I used the cleaning time to catch up with Holly, and to give her her collaring anniversary present – the picture I put together for the post published Sunday April, 30th on her collaring day. Then I unlocked her chastity set and gave her the instructions for the May slave outfit. I picked the black lingerie for Holly. Finally I added floating texts for both slaves, for Holly “collared 2 years” and for Kari “to be enslaved”.
slave Kari finished her cleaning und I took the two slaves to club Domme a Domme, where we spent half an hour, just chatting mostly among us. slave Holly had to tend to her RL and after taking her home I had just slave Kari on my leash at the club. I tried to sit her on the sysbian in the club, but that one allows only the sitter to change the animation. Hence I sat down in a chair and rezzed a sybian from my inventory and made slave Kari using it. I had gagged and blindfolded her before, hence she could focus on her arousal. This way I had my personal entertainment watching the restricted slave while I was playing with the remote of the sybian. I was in a good and generous mood and allowed slave Kari one orgasm. Well, a bit of cruelness must be, hence I drove her close to a 2nd orgasm with my remote control that controlled the vibrator speed, then I stopped it abruptly.
slave Kari did well, she entertained me and behaved.
We went home as it was time for me to tend to my RL for a bit.

May 1st: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Holly and slave Kari / slave Kari giving a personal show at club Domme a Domme

Upon my return slave Kari had returned as well. I took her with me to club Domme a Domme as none else of the family was present. And then we became more and more. We rocked the club. First slave Red (newlifeloading) came at my side. Then Zana showed up with Erin (lilerin2020) and Ramana Karu, then slave Holly came inworld and I summoned her to us and finally Flo finished playing skippee and joined us. And yes it became a chatty night.
I had to leave though comparably early due a RL interruption.

May 1st at club Domme a Domme: (frome left to right) Ramana Karu, slave Red, Zana, Erin (lilerin2020), sslave Kari (Karifinnagan), Diomita, Flo, Holly

Upon my return almost all had went to bed. But Zana was still present and at her place with Charlotte Hazelnut (charlottejersey). I went over to Zana’s place and we chatted just a bit, then Zana and I went home for a good night kiss (or have a good day kiss depending on which side of the earth you are)

May 1st: Diomita at Zana at home and at home

What a full holiday!

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