Diary 2023 (47) May 8th/9th Zana

Monday, May 8th, I met Zana in the morning. We caught up with our news at CM. I still felt hurt from the night before. I took Zana with me to club Domme a Domme and later to my secret place, where I had her lick me to a lovely orgasm. Finally I locked her into my isolation cell – to make a clear statement: mine.

May 8th: Diomita and Zana at home and at club Domme a Domme

At night I saw slave Kari (KariFinnagan) shortly and we both talked with Maid Monique (MoniqueDefoe). Zana was not yet present. I had to tend to my RL for a bit and slave Kari had to leave to tend to hers. When I returned a few minutes later, Zana was present and I visted her at her cell. After some teasing I let her out. And then the issues began. Zana had no touch, no inventory and no teleport. We tried relogs, I removed the cell she was in, I restarted it … nothing helped. Finally, after leashing her with the Vixen collar, I could teleport Zana to my secret place and after another relog the issues were solved. That took one hour of our prescious time together.
We went to club Domme a Domme where Erin (lilerin2020) joined us and we had at least a few minutes there. Then Zana had to leave to tend to her RL. I returned home with her to give her a proper kiss … and that’s it.

May 8th: Diomita and Zana at home and at club Domme a Domme with Monique and Erin

Afterwards I roamed a bit until it was bedtime for me as well.

When I came inworld Tuesday morning, May 9th, I found a note from Zana’s Mistress in my inbox. She complained that I had disrespected Zana’s will to stay with her and that I locked her vixen collar. Those who know me, know that I never intend to spoil anyone’s fun. And no, I never disrespected Zana’s will. Yes, I have had plans for Zana and me. I wanted her to be at my side as my partner and at my feet as my sub.
It hurt badly!

Kitty was inworld and I went seeing her when I had finished my reply to Zana’s Mistress. Zana came by herself and she was like always, began teasing Kitty, just as it is her way. I watched for a while, then I said good night to Kitty and retreated to my skybox. I asked Zana to join me.
Still, I got no answer to what she really wants. But that is answer enough. I really enjoyed the time we had together during the last 6 weeks and will keep the precious memories. Thank you for everything, Zana. I won’t stop loving you, but there’s obviously no future for us.

May 9th: Diomita at home with Kitty and Zana / Diomita and Zana

I went off and tended to my RL. I returned in the late afternoon and visited the newest exhibtion at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (read here).
Later I had a quiet night, that started with two rounds of skipee with Flo. We went to club Domme a Domme later. Zana was there and it was entertaining to watch her. And it hurt. I stayed there with Flo and later with Alessi for about an hour. Then I moved to club DeLust with Alessi.

May 9th: Diomita with Flo and slave Alessi at club Domme a Domme and at club DeLust

I am way too emotional … but that’s it for the diary.

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