Diary 2020 (107) July 26th/27th Varied Days

Sunday, July 26th, I went on a simploring tour in the later morning. Mistress had me restricted wearing just a dress, no shoes nor pantyhose. At the sim that I selected you walk through water and thus it was not bad to be on bare feet.
I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and I immediately felt her domme mood. She allowed me wearing boots but I had to add a ringag. She leashed me and took me to club Domme a Domme for a bit where we caught up with our news. Then Mistress took me to the dugeon of Mature dommes and fixed me at an old pipe. She had her way with me, teased me, enjoyed my helplessness and made me cum easily. I knew, that was not all.

July 26th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at club Domme a Domme and at Mature Dommes

Mistress took out her big strapon and used me with it from behind. There was not much I could do but to submit to her and of course I couldn’t resist and had another hard orgasm. Mistress was excited. She removed the strapon and took me to a chair where I had to lick her. That was not that easy with my ringgag but Mistress was already quite excited and squirted her juices into my mouth. Thank you, Mistress Jenny. I felt used but at the same time I felt loved. I am so eager to please her.
Mistress took me to Heavy Bondage Club for a bit. Before she had to leave to tend to her RL, Mistress took me to our loft skybox and locked and leashed her property there.

July 26th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at Mature Dommes and at Heavy Bondage Club

Sunday night was relaxed. When I came inworld, Mistress Jenny was already online and she came soon to me and unlocked and unleashed me. We met with Angelique, slave Flo, and slave Melissa at home. Angelique had taken slave Flo to a shop with a lot of high quality dresses and outfits, available just for a group membership and now that slave Flo gets more familiar with the Maitreya body she also has a lot more clothes.
I disappointed slave Flo and made her wear her harness again, she had had enough days of part freedom. We went playing a greedy and weh had just started when slave Gwendi joined in. She also had enjoyed her part freedom and was wearing a black blouse and black shorts and boots. After the greedy, Mistress admonished me that slave Gwendi wore boots … before I made her wear her harness again. Mistress doesn’t like the slaves wearing shoes… and if then ballet boots.

July 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Melissa and slave Zephany

We went to Mesmerize Dungeon and spent an hour there, chatting mostly amoung us and about the days, Mistress and I weren’t inworld. We had fun. slave Zephaney joined us shortly. Again, you need to make the fun yourself. At flotime we retreated home and Mistress Jenny and I also went to bed.

Monday afternoon, July 27th, started differently. Mistress Jenny made me wear cuffs and then summoned me to a sim I never visted before: “Caged Castle“, a lesbian BDSM Club for women into bondage, discipline and D/s. Mistress went to the roof of the castle where we first flew a round on a dragon. You could use them to battle but we just flew a round and landed again. Mistress went into the cellar dungeon with me and locked me on a cross – and had her way with me. She stripped and I had to lick her .. and I enjoyed getting my fix.

July 26th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at Caged Castle (1)

July 26th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at Caged Castle (2)

Mistress released me from the cross and went to a frame next to the cross. She requested that I take over the menu – and I did. How could I resist. I locked her in the frame and began to tease her. Of course, Mistress Jenny was still wet and when she took on her cuffs I did not hesitate and locked them although it was against the rules Mistress had set for me. But in this situation …. I fucked her and we both enjoyed it. My punishment for violating the rules was comparably mild, just two smacks on my bum. Thank you, Mistress!

July 26th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at Caged Castle (3) and at Heavy Bondage Club

We went to the store which sells the BDSM furniture we had used at Caged Castle and had a look around, then we went to Heavy Bondage Club and later to the Lesbian Society to wind down. Our afternoon time went by quickly.

At night Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I went to Mesmerize Dungeon. It was full and we thought promising because of it. We had just arrived as slave FLo, slave Gwendi and slave Melissa came inworld almost simultaneously and we summoned them to us. The crowd was quiet though and I tried to liven it up – with success.
I said that Sidonia (Luzie Nymphea) would have a prefect crowd for a product presentation. Well, she was not present but Donja (DarkDonja) took the bait and presented a product from her — an “Anti chastity belt”. We had fun watching her volunteer Katya Ryada wearing the anti chastity belt. It is a belt with two inbuild dildos and a spanker. Every item is resizeable and can be changed in colour. We had a lot of banter, that was the niggest fun.

July 26th: Mistress Jenny. Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Melissa at Mesmerize Dungeon watching Donja / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava

We returned home after an hour and had a greedy with the slaves and after the slaves were off to bed Mistress and I spent a few minutes at Puerto Esclava before we called it a night too.