Diary 2017 (52) April 10th – Easter Egg Hunt

In spring there’re always many hunts in Second Life, Easter Egg hunts. These hunts are usually organized to promote products, labels and stores or to promote a sim. We didn’t go on a hunt this year so far. Monday, April 10th, we decided to go on a hunt and I visited the hunt overview website for Second Life – https://huntsl.com/. We picked just the first hunt on this website “Land of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt”. Hidden around the sim Land of Rainbows sim are colourful and big easter eggs stocked with free gifts – for example male and female clothing or jewelry. You land in a spring and Easter flowershop where you’ll get a notecard about the hunt and a Easter basket (for fun and hints). Then you’re ready to go searching for (50) eggs. The hunt is open until April 20th.

April 10th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave slut cecy hunting for Easter eggs at “Land of Rainbows”

Mistress Jenny and I picked a basket and started searching the eggs. I had slave slut cecy on my leash. She had her problems to follow and I had to pull hard the leash several times. The eggs are not hard to find. But I admit, we just picked a few eggs and didn’t try to find all 50 eggs, which might be more difficult. And although we didn’t find any gift to keep for us, it was fun!

April 10th at home: Mistress Jenny and Diomita instructing slave slut cecy

After returning home we sat down at our patio and began to tease our slut. We mounted her in a spread eagle suspension pose on a rack and impaled her with a dildo. We enacted new rules for her regarding SL and RL. She had to repeat the rules to ensure that she understood them and we enjoyed how she squirmed and tried to focus. Angelique joined us and took a seat to follow the little session which added to our slut’s humiliation expierence.

We had another varied and relaxing night at our SL.