Diary 2019 (13) January 21st/22nd – Pinky Maurer

Monday, January 21st, I had only a short night inworld. RL kept me from going inworld in the afternoon and Mistress wasn’t able to go online as well. When I came inworld quite late at night, just slave Flo was at home and I went seeing her. I got an message of slave kelly greeting me and was a bit confused that she wasn’t at home. It turned out that she was at Psi’s realm with Mistress Jenny.
Hence I went to Psi’s realm with slave Flo where we met Mistress Jenny and slave kelly. slave kelly asked me for allowance to change her name to “Pinky Maurer” and with Mistress’ approval I granted it. It’s quite an honor wearing the last name Maurer although Pinky might sound humiliating. Mistress told me that pinky hopes that we might allow her to grow her hair again as a reward for her request. We’ll see about that.

January 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave pinky at Psi’s and at home

At home Mistress Jenny was quite harsh with slave pinky and demonstrated her dominance with great joy. When I proposed to let slave kelly roam on the island, she agreed but ordered me to add a chanin between pinky’s ankle cuffs. And as slave pinky pouted, she ordered me to gag slave pinky, which I did using a ringgag Mistress asked pinky whether she hates pink and as pinky nodded, she ordered me to strip her. It might be that pinky really feels better naked than dressed in pink. And finally Mistress ordered slave pinky to lick her boots with desire and fully focused.
Most probably I could be happy as Mistress’ mood just hit slave pinky and not me because I ran late *winks*.

January 22nd: Diomita with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage club

My Tuesday in Second Life was was quite different. I couldn’t go inworld in the afternoon due to my RL and at night I was alone most of the time. slave Flo showed up and we spent some time at Heavy Bondage Club, then played a few rounds of greedy. I roamed around a lot, as I wasn’t in the mood for simploring. I talked to several new people and will have to wait if anything develops (I doubt it). Later, just when I was about to leave for bed, I met slave Pinky shorty. She had been teleported to a safe hub, when our sim wasn’t online, when she logged in and I picked her up and brought her back home.