Diary 2020 (147) October 20th/21st – A new hood for slave Melissa

When Mistress Jenny and I came inworld in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 20th, Lucy (misslucywales) was at home. Mistress told me that Lucy was cleaning our house – good girl. Mistress and I went to Heavy Bondage Club and began catching up with our news, when Mistress got an IM from Lucy, who has entered the cage at our houme and was trapped there for 30 minutes. Lucy asked to be rescued. Mistress sent me back home to pick her up. When I arrived, Lucy wasn’t alone anymore. Silver (Silvernero46) was with her. We hadn’t seen anything of Silver for quite a while. The last time we saw her was in early May. I went to Lucy and reproached her for entering the cage. There’s a sign “Caution – think twice before entering” and it is there for a reason. Well Lucy must have thought twice and entered nonetheless. I reached her cuffs into the cage, ordered her to put them on and then I took Lucy and Silver to Heavy Bondage Club where we joined Mistress again.
Silver told us that she had found a mistress and wife and she seemed to be very happy. Lucy admitted that she was excited by kneeling to Mistress and me being cuffed and helpless. We had a realxed time talking with the two. When Lucy had left to tend to her RL, I asked Mistress for allowance to lick her. After three days I was almost desperate to get my fix. Mistress granted it under the condition that I take Lucy’s place at her feet. Of course I did.

October 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with Lucy (misslucywales) and Silver (silvernero46) and at home

We said good bye to Silver wishing her luck and of course we invited her to our Friday night party, be it alone or with her partner. Back home I was allowed to lick Mistress and to get my fix. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Our night started with a skipee with slave Flo and slave Melissa again. slave Melissa get familiar with the rules and sonn we can play teams with her. After the game I unlocked slave Melissa’s hood and replaced it with a “heavy fetish hood” from DHB. DHB make nice lookinng fetish gear yet their menus are really a pain. It took slave Meli and me about 15 minutes to get me in as owner and to lock it appropriately. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon with the slaves and Mistress and I could tell that Flo will soon ask to get into this hood as well *winks*.
When slave Flo left to bed, Mistress and I went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club. It was full there and I couldn’t tp slave Melissa in for a few minutes.

October 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo and slave Melissa and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club

Finally I could teleport slave Melissa to us. I began playing with the complex menu of her hood. It will take time to learn how to use the different options and to understand what they do. But I have time, it is jsut slave Melissa who will suffer. I think I made already some progress finding out how to set sound on and off so that we can decide about that. And I found out how to restrict viewing for slave Melissa.
We met Ann at the club and chatted with her and had fun. We stayed more than half an hour at the club before it really was time for us to go to bed ourself.

October 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club with slave Melissa and Ann – upper right shows slave Melissa’s restricted view

Wednesday, October 21st, Mistress Jenny and I spent a relaxed hour together at Heavy Bondage Club and at Puerto Esclava. We chatted and enjoyed the eye candy around us. Before we had to tend to our RL again, we returned home and Mistress outlined her plans for our Halloween party to me. She had in mind to celebrate in our dungeon, making a school room out of it. We went there and moved the furniture to see if there’s enough space. Mistress would have liked to decorate the place right away, she wanted to see if it fits, but she had to leave to tend to her RL (and I had to leave as well).

October 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at Puerto Esclava

When I came inworld at night quite early, Mistress was already in our dungeon again and “working”. She had collected 12 pictures fitting to the theme “Halloween at school” and asked me to rezz 12 picture displays and to hang these pictures at the wall in addition to your bondage pictures. slave Flo came by and watched me working. When the pictures were hanging we finished for that day and had a skippe with slave Flo. It was a real quick one and done in less than 30 minutes. Mistress Jenny won it easily.

Penny (pennyf23) came by. We had met her a few days before at Psi’s realm where Mistress motivated her to play with my cuffs. Penny had been to our island exploring it a few times since the day we had met her. She’s quite a newbie and Mistress Jenny helped her wearing an armbinder and explaining the maitreya HUD and other essentials.
We all went to Mesmerize Dungeon next where Radomir (subRadomir) joined us and knelt by our feet. There was not much going on first at Mesmerize Dungeon and hence we had to entertain ourselves – and we did. Just when Argi arrived, slave Flo wanted to leave early as she had to get up early the next day. We returned home with slave Flo and Argi and Flo got her hug from Argi before she left.

October 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo, Penny and Radomir / at home with slave Flo and Argi

Mistress, Argi and I stayed at home in front of our house and chatted. It was nice to catch up with Argi. It was almost midnight when Argi left. Mistress Jenny and I stayed inworld a bit longer and met with Lady C, the one I reported about in the last diary entry. So far I don’t want to reveal more here.

Diary 2020 (65) May 4th/5th – a slow start into a red light

Mistress Jenny and I spent an hour at Heavy Bondage Club in the afternoon, Monday, May 4th. We talked and watched and enjoyed being together. And we also talked about the roleplay we had the day before of course. After Mistress had left, inot her RL I did a bit o simhopping but nothing was going on nor did I see anyone interesting. Spontaneously I decided to make a simploring tour to a kinky place that we visited more often in former times and that is still available. It was a nice tour.

May 4th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at home playing skipee with Angelique and slave Gwendi

We had a relaxed night and played skipee with Angelique and slave Gwendi as teams. THis time it was a close game and slave Gendi and I won it by 3 cards against Mistress and Angelique. It is that much more fun when the game is close.
Before we get slave Gwendi into a new outfit for May we allowed her to have a bit of a relaxed time with more freedom. So I unlocked her chastity belt and bra and removed most cuffs, just not the wrist cuffs. She can IM and roam around. Point is, you can only miss later what you enjoyed before. I’m sure slave Gwendi will make the most of it.
slave slut cecy came inworld and we all went to MD for about an hour. Mistress played with slut and humiliated her in public. Finally slut ended up being coloured in a hot pink…. we might need sunglasses now.

May 4th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Angelique, slave Gwendi and slut cecy at Mesmerize Dungeon / Mistress Jenny and slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

Finally Mistress Jenny and I went to Psi’s realm where we stored our slut before Mistress went to bed. I had another continuation of the roleplay in which Mistress is involved in the meanwhile.

Tuesday, May 5th, I wasn’t able to get inworld during the day. My and our night began with Mistress having to rescue me from what I got into in the roleplay of the night before and Mistress had an impromptu punishment on stock for having to rescue me. She replaced my collar with the slave collar and I know too well what that means before we went home.

We had a relaxed night. slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Ann and Silver (silvernero46) were at home and we first chatted a bit while Mistress and I caught up with our mutual new about RL and about the above mentioned roleplay. slave Gwendi had already taken advantage of her part freedom and changed into a dress. As we planned to restrict the slaves again soon it was only fair to grant slave Flo also a bit freedom and I unlocked her hood and took it off. slave Flo went taking a shower and changing, Mistress Jenny, slave Gwendi and I went to Mesmerize Dungeon, Silver went off as it was already late for her and Ann went roaming.

May 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Ann, Silver (silvernero46), slave Flo and slave Gwendi / at Mesmerize Dungeon with Robur (Roburion), slave Flo and slave Gwendi

At Mesmerize Dungeon Robur (Roburion) joined us and knelt at Mistress feet and slave Flo joined us after she had a shower and got into a dress of her choice. We spent quite a while at Mesmerize Dungeon, chatting amoung us in private. There was a griefer again at Mesmerize Dungeon, someone we had seen there before and who kicked people out – quite annoying! slave Gwendi finally used one of ther tools to kick her out of the place – at least for a while. I enjoyed a quiet hour to wind down from the roleplay. We returned home after about an hour and played 2 rounds of greedy before the slaves went to bed shortly after flotime.

Mistress and I retreated to our loft skybox and Mistress allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. Thank you, Mistress Jenny. I had planned to go to bed not too late, but Mistress had a call from our roleply friend and soon after we both were in trouble, well this time Mistress Jenny was even more than me. I think I will have to reveal a bit about this roleplay at some point, but not now. And that’s it about 2 more relaxed days in Second Life spiced up with roleplay at late night – and the start of another red light.

Diary 2020 (64) May2nd/3rd Something is developing

Saturday, May 2nd, I went visiting another gallery in the early afternoon and I had just finished my visit when Mistress came inworld. I returned home and was swept off my feet when I saw her. Mistress had a new leather outfit in ice cold blue – wow. We went to Heavy Bondage Club to catch up with our news and to have a look at the people around. and I for my part had only eyes for Mistress.. our hour together flew by quickly.

May 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Heavy Bondage Club

After Mistress had left I stayed at Heavy Bondage Club for another 2 hours just idling while I sorted pictures and wrote my blog entry about my visit to the gallery. Nothing happened, no IM, nothing. I was just one more idling avatar at the club.

Our night was not like we expected it to be. When we returned inworld at night slave Flo was present and we had a visitor at home: Silver (silvernero46). Silver is quite new and we had seen her before at our sim, talked with her and had given her some hints and advice. Silver changed a lot as she now uses a meshbody and got some nice clothes. That really makes a difference!
After Silver had left we played a round of greedy with slave Flo and then went to Mesmerize Dungeon with her. We initiated our own entertainment there. Robur (roburion) joined us and knelt by our feet. And we called a young woman to us who wore a pacifier gag. I wanted to find out if she’s a friend of Angelique, her profile let me to the conclusion that she could be at least. I asked her is she was wearing plastic panties – she denied that but confessed owning such panties and that she was wearing diapers. Our conversation called another woman (man?) into action who thought we were about to claim the young woman ….. Mistress Jenny had fun teasing all and directing. She had her amusement *winks*

May 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Flo and Silver (silvernero46) and at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo and Robur (roburion)

At flotime we retreated to our loft skybox and Mistress Jenny and I had half an hour of intimate time, very relaxing and satisfying. Anything else? Yes. I stayed up a little bit longer and continued the roleplay that I had started recently and that I mentioned in the diary already – but I won’t reveal about it here yet.

Sunday, May 3rd, I met with Mistress in the later morning. Mistress had got another report from Puddle whore:

Dear Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita,
PuddleWhore is well. Mistress Amy continues stretching PuddleWhore’s abilities. Wide open.
PuddleWhore spent part of the week inside a very safe vault and the rest of the week penetrated by giant dildos in both holes while staring at porn. PuddleWhore can accomodate them well now. Walking might be an issue. And continence.
PuddleWhore hopes that PuddleWhore moves along well in the training and that you are not hearing any complaints.
Mistress Amy is putting a lot of effort into this.
PuddleWhore can’t really think much right now. Writing is so distractive when one cannot focus and think straight.
With love, PuddleWhore

Along with the report, Mistress got two pictures from Amy (chastitycontroled) that show Amy with Puddle whore..

May 3rd: Amy (chastitycontroled) with Puddle whore (Santana Thibedeau)

I told Mistress Jenny about the roleplay I had and suddently it doesn’t feel like a roleplay anymore, it seems to get more real. Anyway, Mistress will get involved and she was not at all amused about it. She said, she might have to punish me for what I did but she will decide about it later. For the time being she made me wear a pink dress, locked on pink stilettos, added my elegance collar, leashed me, put me into crawling, restricted me and left me at our loft skybox. (Remark: Of course Mistress was not mad at me, we had talked about getting her involved into the roleplay before and actually that was our goal to get a roleplay together)

May 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at our loft skybox

When we met in the afternoon, I took Mistress Jenny to the place where the roleplay had happened and incidentally the one I had the roleplay with was present there soon after. I won’t go into any details here, but it developed really bad for Mistress Jenny and me and Mistress got fully involved. We stayed roleplaying very long until it was time for us to leave for dinner (that means roleplay was great and we might get more of it *winks*). I won’t reveal more details here, maybe some other time. And yes, Mistress Jenny did punish me *sighs*

At night we just missed Angelique. slave Flo and slave Gwendi were present and we started off our night with a round of skipee as teams. I think it was the quickest skipee ever. slave Gwendi and I had just great cards … too good cards and an one-sided game is not really fun for all.
We took the slaves to our dungeon to do what we had in mind a few days ago already. The slaves were allowed to spoil us – and they did well.

May 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita getting spoiled by their slaves Gwendi and Flo

We rewarded the slaves at our Fetish Club, well we wanted to reward both but slave Flo was tired and left for bed. This way only slave Gwendi got rewarded and had a ride on a dildo cushion. We had just left to Mesmerize Dungeon when slave slut cecy came inworld and we summoned her to us.

May 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer with slave Gwendi and at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave slut cecy

We stayed about half an hour at Mesmerize Dungeon, then we went home, said good night and went to bed ourselves. It had been an exciting day in Second Life for Mistress Jenny and me.


Diary 2020 (52) April 9th/10th Easter Bunnies

Thursday, April 9th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon for an hour. Mistress filled me in with the latest news from our Kitty and her current adventure or expierence: “I went to see Amy (chastitycontroled) this morning. She had Kitty wearing a spreader bar and leashed to a ring. She was teasing her for making a puddle on the bench and changed her name in speach to Kitty “Puddle whore”. Then Kitty changed her display name to “PUDDLE WHORE”, very funny!
We went to Heavy Bondage Club and enjoyed the view, read profiles and chatted. It was quite relaxed, just the right thing to do for me as it distracted me for RL and my worries there.

A couple of days before Mistress Jenny proposed to have an Easter party on God Friday night with bunnies as the theme and we would have a contest for the best outfit to add some fun. Thursday night we told slave Gwendi and slave Flo about our plans while we stayed at Mesmerize Dungeon with them, Ann and Robur (Roburion).
We left Mesmerize Dungeon and went to Brii where slave Flo and slave Gwendi got an according outfit. Mistress Jenny also selected an outfit for herself and for me. After these preparations we went back home and played a skipee as teams. Once again slave Gwendi and I won it and Mistress Jenny and slave Flo suspect that it had to do with the chairs. Hence we will shuffle chairs next time although I doubt that will help *winks*.
While we played skipee slave slut cecy showed up again – the 3rd day in a row – and she watched us playing obediently. We managed to finish the game punctually at flotime and I unlocked slave Gwendi and slave Flo so that they could change for our party the next day before both went off and to bed.

April 9th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo, slave Gwendi, Ann and Robur (Roburion) / shopping at Brii with the slaves / playing skipee and preparing slave slut cecy

Mistress Jenny and I took slave slut cecy to the dance floor and we leashed her there in case she comes online the 4th day in a row. Mistress Jenny bought some bunny ears for her, now she’s even dressed properly. And that’s it about Thursday.

Friday, April 10th, was a holiday where I live. I went inworld in the morning and met Mistress Jenny at the Lesbian Love Boat. We caught up with our news and went to Heavy Bondage Club for a bit. When Mistress had to leave to tend to her RL, we returned home and to my surprise Mistress exchanged my slave collar with the partnering collar again. I can never predict when that happens nor which collar Mistress has in mind. Anyway that was a nice surprise.

April 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Lesbian Love Boat and at home in our skybox

I went on a short simploring tour and visited one sim and 2 art installations. Honestly writing about these 3 places took more time then visiting itself took *winks*.
Later in the afternoon I met Mistress again and we changed into our bunny costumes for our party later that day. We rezzed the contest board and Mistress adjusted the region windlight. And I sent out a note for the party: “It is Friday and it is Easter weekend, and what better than to have an Easter Bonnet or Bunny Competition. There will be a reward splitted according to the votes so dress up and have fun. See you later, friends .. we look forward to seeing you and your outfits.”

April 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita, the bunnies, at home in our skybox, at Mature Dommes and at Psi’s realm

I couldn’t hold back and asked Mistress for allowance to lick her and she granted it under the condition of a public place. Hence I selected Mature Dommes and I enjoed Mistress’ taste at the uneven bars. Thank you, Mistress my love. We went to club Domme a Domme and to Psi’s realm and just enjoyed being together and chatting.

And Friday night we had our Easter party. slave Flo and slave Gwendi looked great in their costumes. We gathered early at the dancefloor with the slaves, Sarah and vero and started punctually – and had fun!

April 10th: Impressions of our Friday night party

And the contest? Ann increased the reward from 2000 L to 3000 L, thank you! In the end each vote equaled 230 L. Starry won the contest with 5 votes, slave Gwendi got 3 votes, slave Flo, slave cecy and others got 1 vote. Congratulations!

April 10th – Friday night party with bunny contest: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, slave cecy, Ann, vero Hartmann, Sarah Fhang, Starbright Wingtips, Della Randt (upper row), silvernero46, Shinaree Coage, Virgo Babii, Claire (maddh4ttr), Baroness Capelo, Ayame (kyiatemi), Jammy (navanaxsacratus), Nina (ndhumal360), papafox57, Jade (enigmawrappednightmare), Alaun (ams684) (lower row)