Diary 2020 (57) April 19th / April 20th slave laura

I had a very lazy Sunday with quite a lot of time inworld. I was already simhopping in the morning and did so over the day with absences. Acutally I was eager to get into trouble, into some roleplay but I was not succesful. After lunch, when I was at Puerto Esclava, I heard someone saying in publich chat “101 ways to outsmart a dominant”. It was laura (yourprisoner) who said it and I don’t know in which context she said it. I looked at her and she was fully equipped with hidden cuffs and a hidden gag and she was wearing just a cloth to hide her nakedness. I called her over to me and had a more detailled look at her. Ten minutes later I had taken full control of her and had brought her home to our house, where I talked with her and about her situation.

April 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave laura at home

Mistress Jenny came inworld and after we met shortly at our loft skybox and caught up with our mutual news we both continued examining my catch. Mistress was quite pleased with her and we took her to our dungeon and layed out some basic rules. We made sure that we both, Mistress and I, have access to her gear and we gave laura some assignments. Then we left her leashed and locked at our dungeon and tended to our RL again.
Instead of finding trouble for myself, my lazy Sunday morning and afternoon had ended with a new potential slave.

I don’t know how often I already wrote in this blog that you should never stick with plans in Second Life, you never know who shows up in the end. Mistress and I had suspected that at least one of our two victims, who are leashed at our home, laura (yourprisoner) and Lee (akiraorion), would come inworld at night .. and both didn’t. Nonetheless we had a varied and full night.
First we played a greedy with slave Flo and slave Gwendi and caught up with our mutual news, then we went to Mesmerize Dungeon and slave slut cecy and slave Luci joined us there. We chatted quite a lot, slave Gwendi had an accident in between and we had fun .. and then Argi came by in addition. And she’s always entertaining for everybody.

April 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave slut cecy, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Luci and Argi

We moved on to Psi’s realm shortly before flotime as we had in mind to park slut cecy there. Did I mention that slut was meling behind her monitor? slave Gwendi met an old friend of hers there, Candy Rose (Tashani Viper), who was leashed at the entrance. We stayed a bit longer than planned and left slut at Psi’s when we headed home and off to bed. After all, it was a nice and varied night.

April 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave slut cecy, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Luci, Candy Rose (Tashani Viper) and Argi

Monday, April 20th, I was inworld shortly after lunch to check messages and met slave laura (yourprisoner). We talked shortly, then I had to tend to my RL again.
When I returned in the later afternoon, I found an offline IM from Mistress that she won’t be able to join me being busy in her RL. slave laura was present and I went seeing her and I spent about half an hour with her talking and getting a bit more known to her. She also told me that she won’t be inworld at night though.

April 20th: Diomita and slave laura (yourprisoner) at home

I went on a simploring tour after meeting with slave laura and visited Gem’s Skyscrapers (read here). It was a real experience and I enjoyed my visit there. SL still has to offer that much to see!
At night I was running a bit late and Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, slave gwendi and slave Luci were all at our house. After saying hello we took the slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon where they make Mistress and me look good *winks* and where we had time to catch up between each other, very relaxing. We went on to Psi’s realm for a quarter of an hour and watched to crowd there, it was really full again.

April 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave gwendi and slave Luci at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Psi’s realm.

We returned home and played one round of greedy and finished just shortly after “flotime”. Mistress and I retreated to our loft skybox and we enjoyed a short but intense time of togetherness. And yes, Mistress allowed me to get my fix licking her.

April 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita

Diary 2019 (131) September 1st/2nd Our new slaves settling in

I had a very varied and full Sunday in Second Life. In the morning I went on a simploring tour. I had just started it, when Kitty came inworld. We chatted a bit while I was simploring. At the time I returned home, Kitty was still around and I asked her to come home and to meet slave Gwendi. It was great not just seeing Kitty again but also that slave Gwendi could meet her. Of course we also talked about Adara and Kitty’s nine lifes (or was it nine times nine lifes?). Kitty went to bed and I returned into my RL.

September 1st: Diomita with slave Gwendi and Kitty at home / Diomita with slave Gwendi (upper right) and with Candy Rose and slave Gwendi (lower right)

In the afternoon I met slave Gwendi again, we chatted and I discussed her future life with her – or to be a bit more precise, I outlined what Mistress and I had decided for her. slave Gwendi got another visitor, Candy Rose (Tashani Viper), who teased slave Gwendi a bit. Candy asked me to help her with the collar, which she was wearing and which she couldn’t take off anymore. I tried but I failed unlocking it.

Our Sunday night was relaxing. Mistress Jenny and I went to our club with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Christin. We chatted and the slaves teased eachother. Poor slave Gwendi was teased because of her weak bladder .. and really, she had another accident in our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. Before more accidents could happen we decided to play a round of greedy together. It was a close game, that slave Flo won.

September 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer with slave Christin, slave Gwendi and slave Flo

Monday, September 2nd, I went on another simploring tour in the afternoon. Upon my return, slave Gwendi was inworld and I had a short chat with her. I decided to restrict her a bit more and made her wear a tight corset for me. slave Gwendi is settling in more and more in her new life and I enjoy watching that.

September 2nd: Diomita with slave Gwendi at home

At night Mistress Jenny and I took slave Gwendi, slave Christin and slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon. Mistress Jenny changed her locket messages so that the locket sends out messages to slave Christin, the same messages that slave Gwendi gets from my locket. I restricted slave Gwendi’s view and she was happy that her suffering pleases me. Mistress and I had fun watching all 3 slaves teasing eachother and being obedient. As always when you have fun, time flies by quickly though.

September 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Christin, slave Gwendi and slave Flo