Diary 2021 (123) September 13th/14th Back in control (I)

Monday, September 13th, Jenny and I spent way more time inworld during the day than we both had planned. The night before Jenny expected to be not inworld before night. I went inworld in the morning to visit a gallery and Jenny had just logged in. We changed into a 3rd twin Jenny outfit with white hair and went looking for trouble at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club. we had fun – but didn’t find any trouble.

When Jenny left to tend to her RL, I went visiting the gallery as I had intended. I returned in the early afternoon and visited another gallery and was almost done when Jenny came back inworld. I finished my visit and met her at Club Domme a Domme. It was quite full and just after 15 minutes we finally found some trouble and fun. We went to Angel of Pain with “our” trouble. I won’t share names nor many pictures – but it was almost time for dinner when we went off.

September 13th: Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, Heavy Bondage Club and at Angel of Pain

I returned at night and the family had already gathered at the games table: Jenny, Alessi, Flo and out pet. pet woofed happily when she saw me, such a good pet. We first played a round of greedy and when we were done Angelique joined us. After the full day together as twin Jenny’s we wanted a quiet night. We went to Carnal Intentions and chatted amoung us there. I summoned slave Holly to us when she came inworld.
After Flo and pet had left, I decided to tease slave Holly a bit and tied her up in spreaders. Rubberdoll (Ulabauer) did not stand far from us and she took out a paddle. When I noticed that I invited her to spank our slave Holly and she accepted the offer. She was not careful, actually she gave slave Holly a full spanking with her paddle and slave Holly made us proud with her obedience and politeness enduring the spanking without any too loud complaints. After this little session we took Alessi and slave Holly home and said good night to them.

September 13th: Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, Flo, pet, slave Alessi, slave Holly and Rubberdoll (Ulabauer)

Jenny had allowed a green light starting that night and I had plans for her. I made her wear her short hair and latex lingerie, cuffs and gag, I tied and locked her up and took her with me to Psi’s realm. There I put her into chains, restricted her view with the RemVision and started Marine’s fim “Alis”, part 1. Then I left her helplessly tied up and went to bed.

September 13th: Diomita and Jenny at home and at Psi’s realm

For Tuesday, September 14th, Jenny had announced being only inworld in the morning. Therefore I logged in in the morning and visited her at Psi’s realm. Her RemVision film was about to be finished. We caught up with our news and I invited Dana (Dana Darkwatch) over to have a look at my property. Am I a little bit proud and vane? *coughs*. She helped me teasing Jenny a bit. Before Jenny had to leave to tend to her RL I uploaded the 2nd part of the RemVision movie for her, so that she has something to enjoy if she’d come inworld unplanned or the next day.

Dana took me to her new home and showed me around and we had a playful intermezzo trying out a cross at her new office room. Later we chatted sitting on a lounger until I had to leave myself to tend to my RL.

September 14th: Diomita and Dana Darwatch visiting my property Jenny at Psi’s realm and at Dana’s new place

I had a busy afternoon – not inworld, but I was busy writing for the blog and prepared a longer report about a gallery visit and created the next Enjoying Bondage picture. That was time consuming and I didn’t log in again during the day.

I had a varied and relaxed night. I first roamed a bit, then met Flo at home. We played a round of skipee and while we played our pet came inworld as well as slave Alessi and Angelique. After the game I took them to Carnal Intentions. We chatted amoung us and I relaxed. After pet and Flo had left to bed, slave Holly came inworld and I summoned her to us. I had an IM from Dana, who recommended another place named “The Perversion” and we went there for a bit. It is a fetish dance club and it was nicely crowded but not too full.

September 14th: Diomita roaming / Diomita at Carnal Intentions, The Perversion and at home with Angelique, Flo, slave Alessi, pet and slave Holly

Back home I took slave Holly with me to the naughty girls room and allowed her to lick me … she did well and I enjoyed to the fullest.