Weired lovely people

This time I want to report from a girl that stayed 2 weeks with us. She had a particular kink and I still am not sure why she choosed me for her game. But I am quite sure that I didn’t play her game to bad – and much more important I had fun myself.  She, let’s call her XY, IMd me when I was in a kidnapping RP sim. Funny thing is, I was about to play and was wearing a maid’s uniform and my shackles with all of my keys out. She IMd me, telling me that she has heard about me and that she’d be impressed about me and that she’s looking for fun but nobody would grab her and her keyes. And she told me that she spent one year more or less bound tightly and in forced mouselook. And that she’s unhappily owned. To make a long story short – instead of being caught myself, XY ended nicely tied and gagged in our house leashed by the fireplace.

In the following 2 weeks I learned about her kink and roleplay. She never cheats. She told me that she has seen her owner only rarely during the last year and that the attention that we gave her at one night was more than she got in over one year. But she will stay hers whatever happens unless sold or given to someone else by her. From that moment on she began to behave as a victim. She talked about getting home. She would never stay with me leashed at the fireplace as I don’t own her. I had fun because obviously she would stay exactly there for one year if her owner doesn’t care bout her. She said that she would submit to me to become my bound toy – if her former owner releases her. She talked OOC how she enjoyed the attention she got … and then a few moments later she blamed me for not releasing her in her roleplay.
Well, I didn’t release her. Instead I gagged her tightly with no IM and blindfolded her, when she began to growl at me. I could see her logging in and out again and again, just to get a word from me,  just to play her RP as a kidnapped victim. She began to attract me as she really seemed to love the play and as she promised to turn her loayality to me, if she would be released. And what is bad having a bound toy at home? Ready to play with it when you’re in the mood for it – or leave it when you’re not up for playing. If that is her kink, why not. I can easily handle such a low maintainence toy.

After 2 weeks XY who still had no single contact to her domme finally according to her own words set a deadline date to herself. She would give  herself as a toy to me and owe me her loyality if her domme wouldn’t appear within one additional week. Havening said this, she asked for a week off. Knowing her already a little bit, I refused and offered a day IMing. XY was upset, talked about missing trust and then she didn’t talk anymore, she really rp’d at her best. Knowing that she only seeks strictness I left her at her place. A few days later I got an IM telling me that I have lost her trust by mistrusting her by refusing the week off and that I could never get her loyality. And from her RP .. that loyality was the best she could offer.

I didn’t see the trap. I released her. Two weeks having a bondage toy ended. XY IMd me later telling me how much she enjoyed it. And that her last IM trapping me was a desparate last try as I didn’t release her before. Strange? Weired? Everyone has other kinks. Everyone seeks other satisfactions. Everyone should simply enjoy what SL can give to us. For XY is was her beeing kidnapped rp. Calling her domme with over 100 offline IM (I don’t know if that’s ture) I don’t blame her. I had fun with her … and honestly, if at least some of her stories about friends and about her domme were not a lie (leaving her one year without real attention??)

I think she ruined the chance to find people who care a bit for her. But then …. she will go on searching and maybe that is even more her kink than finding.

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  1. diomitamaurer
    Feb 18, 2010 @ 23:30:33

    XY wrote a comment on my entry that I will not hide. But I do not want her name to be shown here.
    We can learn how important it is to talk …. I am a bit confused that I did understand her so badly… Anyway, here is what she wrote

    actually kidnap is not my RP… and I never liked being in a leash that ended in a wall. I always hoped to end in a leash, that ended in a hand. I think You misunderstood (responsible is always sender) the plot almost totally. My RP is loyalty towards the ones that is in situation with me. My loyalty towards my Owner is another level. I am very aware that my loss with the end it took is much larger that Your loss, but I have to say, that if You had understood (still MY responsibility as sender) my situation and my RP, then I might have been very good for You as loyal sub.
    How much and in what frequenz I see and have seen my previous Owner, I think You should have been fine enough to have left out. It is correct that You showed much more care and attention the few days I was there, than my Owner did past year. But when relation is older than Your life in SL, it is point of loyalty that I give time and accept that relation is strong enough for that. After all my Owner was not far away, and I could have called.
    I am sad, that we misunderstood each other, I regret the things I told about my past relation, seen in the clear red light of a backlight, as it now has been told, misunderstood and publiced (still MY responsibility) I should have kept my mouth shut. I just wanted to reward You by telling my reasons to be a happy victim.
    MY RP is being pet. To be something to someone.
    That is how much You misunderstood. My responsibility


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