Enjoying Bondage November 2018 – Jenny in Shibari

For this month’s enjoying bondage picture I decided to create something from the shots I took of Jenny in Shibari. It was a very intense and erotic session with Jenny and for sure a highlight for me in November (and hopefully also for her!). And being my owner and mistress, Jenny wasn’t the main model in any of the enjoying bondage pictures so far – until today  *winks*

Enjoying Bondage November 2018 – Jenny in Shibari

Diary 2018 (197) November 4th/5th Relaxed

Sunday, November 4th, began just great. I had taken control of my property the day before and I found her leashed in the annex of our skybox when I came inworld in the afternoon. Of course I took advantage of my property. What a great way to start.

November 4th: Diomita taking advantage of Jenny, Mine / Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at home

Unfortunately I had to release her shortly afterwards for two reasons. Firstly I didn’t want to overstep and secondly if I did, it would become even harder to stop control again. We met shortly with Angelique and Jenny was already teasing me again. She was making plans for Angelique and me. But our hour in the afternoon was already over again.

At night Jenny wasn’t inworld and I visited Cica Ghosts newest installation “Rusty” (read here). That was fun! When I returned, Angelique was inworld and we played a few rounds greedy until she had to leave. slave Flo had some technical problems and finally made it online soon after Angelique had left.

November 4th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave slut cecy and slave Flo

I took slave Flo to Psi’s again where we met slave slut cecy. It was fun at Psi’s and a lot was going on, hence it was very entertaining. And I had my fun with slave slut cecy *winks*.

Monday, November 5th, was a very relaxed day in Second Life for Mistress Jenny and me. We met in the afternoon and caught up with our mutual news. Mistress did exchange my partnering collar with the sub collar again thus slowly taking back full control. We had a game of greedy with Angelique and then it was already time to return to our RL.

November 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita on a tour through “our” Clubs: Psi’s realm, Heavy Bondage Club, Domme a Domme, Dungeon of FDS, Mesmerize Dungeon

At night Mistress Jenny and I were amoung us. We visited our usual clubs, Psi’s realm, Heavy Bondage Club, Domme a Domme, Mesmerize Dungeon, Dungeon of FDS and again Psi’s realm. We chatted, read profiles and had a few IMs. Nothing really happened but it was nonetheless very enjoyable and relaxing. Before we went to bed, Mistress allowed me to spoil her (no pictures *winks*)

Enjoying Bondage October 2018 – in our dungeon

Wednesday, October 10th, I had a spontaneous bondage night with slave kelly and Carolyn Phoenix (serenis). I used a dual slave post for these rubber slave toys – and I liked looking at my “work”. Consequently I used one of the many pictures that I took that night as base for the enjoying bondage picture for this month.
I added a picture taken at Psi’s realm the very same day, showing Mistress Jenny, slave kelly, myself and a random slave, who I locked up and suspended at Psi’s realm. I added slave Flo from another picture taken at Mesmerize Dungeon the day before.
Finally, as I was still under red light when I created this month enjoying bondage picture, I added Mistress Jenny with her Ehesklavin (me *winks*) from a picture also taken at Mesmerize Dungeon on Monday, October 8th.

Enjoying Bondage October 2018 – in our dungeon: Mistress Jenny, slave kelly, a suspended random slave , slave Flo, Diomita, Carolyn Phoenix (serenis), slave kelly, Mistress Jenny, Ehesklavin Diomita (from left to right)

Enjoying Bondage September 2018 – Hoods

For September we selected the *KaS* hobble dress in black with opened butt for our slaves. They will all look alike, with one little but important detail. Each slave wears a different hood. So far we have slave Flo and slave kelly wearing the September outfit. slave Gwen and slave Anne weren’t present at all lately and slave slut cecy’s online presence is still very limited, hence we don’t want to spoil her presence with changing into the outfit. We consider to keep the outfit through October this time.

For the enjoying bondage series I selected a picture taken at Mesmerize Dungeon on September 10th. I added a picture of Mistress Jenny and me at club DeLust for the background and I added our niece Angelique. This way the enjoying bondage picture for September also summarizes quite nicely our social life in the first half of September. From left to right: Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave kelly, Mistress Jenny.

Enjoying Bondage August 2018 – The display boxes

It wasn’t planned but once I had slave kelly in a *KaS* hood I put slave Gwen into one too, then slave Flo and finally slave Leana. slave kelly wears it in black, slave Gwen in whilte, slave Flo in red and slave Leana in a dark blue.
But the slaves don’t just deviate from each other by the hood collar, there’re more differences. slave Flo wears a very visible chastity belt, slave Gwen and slave Leana a lighter and smaller chastity belt and the one of slave Gwen isn’t locked shielded always. If it is not shielded slave Gwen wears a plug pear, the same model that slave kelly wears permanently. slave kelly isn’t chastitied though.

20180809 Enjoying Bondage August 2018a

On Display from left to Right: slave Leana, slave kelly, slave Gwen, slave Flo

I first installed a display box at the porch of our house for slave Gwen, but I added one for each slave later as I decided to make this as a background for the August enjoying bondage series. With the timezone differences and RL interruptions we had once 3 slaves present but never 4. Hence I had to manipulte the backdrop a bit to get them all displayed. I added a recent picture of Mistress Jenny and her Ehesklavin (me) in the middle, Angelique is to the right of me and at the edge I added slave slut cecy in her cyan pink living doll outfit, that she was allowed wearing when we saw her the last time.
I couldn’t hold back and added myself with my very owned Mistress, Mine, on the left. I took it from one picture of my latest green light end of July.

An inside look at Get the Freight Out in Second Life

It’s really amazing. After more than 10 years being in Second Life I still learn about new corners of this virtual world. The broad variety of communities and possible activities seem to be endless. Just tink of sailing, flying, building fantasy worlds, art, Gor, fashion, music events, relay of life, history ….
And today I read about Get the Freight Out (GTFO), a popular in-world game among many vehicle users, in Inara Pey’s blog. It’s not that I’m going to try it out, I’m way to busy already with my Second Life family within the BDSM communities and with my simploring activities. But I wanted to share this very interesting blog post about GTFO. Thank you Inara for your very detailed post, which is a real teaser.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Get the Freight Out (GTFO) is a popular in-world game among many vehicle users. HUD-based, it allows players to “haul” cargo from by land, sea or air, point-to-point across the mainland continents of Second life, and over their connected waterways and seas (e.g. Blake Sea). In doing so, players can earn in-game (and non-redeemable) “Goal dollars” – G$ and game experience points which allow them to “level up” through GTFO.

Since its launch, the game has grown to encompass, at the time of writing, over 280 different land, sea and air vehicles, and has over 300 “hubs”- the points at which players use to collect / deliver their cargoes – scattered around the Mainland continents of the grid, presenting players with multiple opportunities for collecting and delivering cargoes, with more being added all the time.

In fact, such is the popularity of the game that many vehicle creators are offering…

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Enjoying Bondage July 2018 – slaves on display

This month’s “Enjoying Bondage” picture mirrors our activities in the first half of July. It is based on picture that I took on July 9th, when we had slave Gwen and slave Leana on display at the slut platform next to our Stonehaven patio. Both slaves are not our collared properties but they stayed closed lately and we will see what the future has on stock for them.
Monday, July 9th, I picked up slave kelly from Psi’s realm and placed her between the two slaves. slave kelly has become a very devoted slave of ours and she enjoys being rewarded for example by wearing a hobble dress after many months ob being kept naked. Her bum is exposed nonetheless and gives access also to the plug pear that is still in her ass.
slave Flo got a mesh body and is not restricted so that she and set up her wardrobe and get familiar with the meshbody. Helping her and discussions of the best strategies setting up inventory and wardrobe took some of our time in July so far (that’s no complain, it’s good invested time). Nonetheless on Sunday, July 8th, slave Flo wore a full latex catsuit with a hood and armbinder bag. I bet, she’s missing a lot being restricted and restrained properly. I added her on the left side of the “Enjoying Bondage” picture in this outfit.
Angelique got a reverse straight jacket from Mistress Jenny and me and she had to wear it a couple of days along with her plastic panties. I added her on the right.

Enjoying Bondage July 2018 – slaves on Display. From left to right: slave Flo, slave Gwen, Mistress Jenny, slave kelly, Diomita, slave Leana, Angelique

Beside these two additions the “Enjoying Bondage” picture for July is not processed.

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