Something inbetween: Claven, Albatraz and Betina Sands

We know Claven Albratos since 2008, since our very first months in Second Life and ever since we know her, Claven owns and operates a private prison – Albatraz. For several months Claven had her prison up in the sky close to our home and one day a prisoner of hers fell on our plot. That is how qt (aka. Maurer’s It) came to us and stayed our permanent prisoner for four years (she left SL after loosing her account due to hacking). Claven is a passionate builder and scripter. Her prison is really huge and has really many cells. It is impressive what structures Claven can build with just a few prims. Her cells are unique, she wrote the scripts for them. I often asked to get one of her cell rows or to purchase them, but as she’s constantly improving them, she doesn’t bring them to the market – so don’t ask.

Claven is a regular guest at our Friday Night party. Sometimes she’s in a generous mood and takes one or two of her slaves with her to the party. Lately she brought Lexi (lexijored) and Betina Sands several times with her to the party and they were even allowed to talk (which is even more generous). Betina Sands told me that she’s a reader of this blog and as we talked about it, I asked her to write a bit about herself, something to be published here. (read also here). To my surprise a few weeks ago I really got her story. It is about her Second Life as Claven’s prisoner and slave. What was missing were some pictures which I got now. So here is Betina’s story about herself in Second Life and about the life of a prisoner and slave at Albatraz:

I was surprised and delighted to see myself mentioned in a story your wonderful blog. I’ve attended your dance with Mistress probably four times now, and it took me that long to figure out who you were because I can’t see names or places. I figure the least I can do is tell you a little about me like you asked. So here’s my story about becoming Mistress Claven’s:

I’ve been around SL on and off for a long time now. Over the years, every once in a while, I would hear stories about a private prison named Albatraz, and about the strict and intimidating owner Claven Albatros. One night I’d found a landmark to Albatraz in someone’s profile. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me. I visited to find a girl locked inside what I now know as the holding cells at the top of the prison. She said the “evil” prison owner had locked her inside. We talked a while (including some teasing from me about her predicament) and I promised to come back soon to talk more.

The next time I visited, I had a short talk with the same girl in the cage. Suddenly, I found myself turned upside-down and held suspended by a silver robot. The robot quickly deposited me inside another cage next to the girl. I tried to get out, but the locks held tight and I was prevented from teleporting. A short while later, Claven Albatros herself showed up. I figured I could explain this was all a mistake and I’d be able to go free. I had done nothing wrong after all. I got as far as “Hello Miss Claven…” before she entered the cell, gagged me, cuffed me, tore of my dress, and started leading me down to the lower levels of the prison for ‘processing’.

I will spare you every detail of what transpired, but it included being searched, having a proprietary ‘Lense’ installed, and being fitted with a tight metal chastity belt. My IMs were taken completely. I was no longer allowed to see names or places. The longest list or RLV restrictions I’ve ever seen was added. I was then led into a small cell and pushed into a hanging metal cage just big enough to fit me. I was stunned. But! I had been in other SL prisons already. So I figured if I behaved, I’d be out in a few days! A few weeks, tops. Right?… Right?

I’ve now been owned by Mistress and been kept at Albatraz for well over a year. There is no sign that I will ever be released (not that I’d want to be). *wink Through my time here, I have found Claven Albatros to be captivating, confident, cruel, controlling, creative, and clever. Make no mistake, being kept in Albatraz Prison is not easy. I am truly a prisoner with no rights. I can be thrown, blindfolded and gagged, into that hanging cage in the depths of the prison just as easily as I can attend your fun Friday party on her leash. My chastity belt is rarely if ever unlocked, and prisoners are only fed what (for legal reasons) is called ‘food-like’ paste. My entire life is now decided entirely by my owner and warden.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Mistress can be very affectionate, warm, and caring with those she likes; friends and prisoners alike. She can also craft puns or engage in wordplay with the best of them. And whether prisoners have been held isolated and blindfolded in a tiny cell all week, have been able to see the sun and spend time on the exercise course (spiked floor and whips included), or have spent time relaxing at Mistress’ feet, we can always count on the Sunday night dance at the Twisted Nipple club. A very similar atmosphere to your Friday dances. Along with Mistress’ close group of friends and other visitors, there is also a select group of long term prisoners that I like to think of as the ‘keepers’ held inside the prison.

Betina Sands (in the foreground) at Claven’s regular party – Sunday nights CST

Alright, my mouth is cramping from writing all of this. Oh, I probably should have told you. My arms have never been released from behind my back since I was captured more than a year ago. Having ‘Touch’ is overrated anyway. I will leave anyone curious about Albatraz Prison with the same warning I give to everyone; ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ And also with one of Mistress Claven’s favorite sayings, “It could be worse. It can always be worse.”

Thank you Betina for providing your story. I really appreciate it and it adds very well to the variety of this blog. Thank you Claven, for allowing it and for sending the link to Betina’s pictures.

Enjoying bondage May 2017 – Tyra and Virgo

May is slowly coming to its end and we still had no offical bondage night, nor an enjoying bondage entry for May. I discussed that with Jenny and she came up with the idea to tie up our slaves in the dungeon as we use it way to rarely. But we didn’t have the slaves around at the same time the last weeks and hence I decided to take one picture after the other and to make a collage of it again.
Tuesday night, May 23rd, I wanted to start with slave slut cecy. She was online and had finally cleaned the house on her own. That’s important to please us as I explained in another entry just recently (read here). In addition slave Flo is prevented from cleaning due to her RL. So now slave slut cecy has to step in for her sister slave and she better please us. Before taking slut cecy down to the dungeon I had the spontaneous idea to visit Tyra and Virgo, Fin Saphir’s dolls, who were at home, nicely tied up but able to walk. Of course I made a picture of Jenny, slave slut cecy, Tyra, Virgo and me. Fin made a good job with her dolls.
When it was time to take slave cecy to the dungeon to make a first picture for the enjoying bondage series, we invited Tyra and Virgo over to watch us. We tied slave slut cecy at a wall in the dungeon with her legs up and spread. I forgot a bucket that we should have put under her drippin’ pussy – so be careful in case you go into our dungeon, the floor might be slippery.
With Tyra and Virgo both tied up (and enjoying it!) and our slave slut cecy tied up in our dungeon …. there is no need for creating a collage. We had fun and it was a spontaneous bondage night. So here is the enjoying bondage picture for May with Virgo at the left and Tyra on the right of Jenny, slut cecy and me.

The Mistress Chair

When we visited “La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel” (read here), I saw a very particular piece of furniture at the mansion there, a sculpture made of 3 naked slaves who form a chair. I asked Mistress Jenny to try it out and she did not just sit on the chair, she began to try out all couple poses with me. The chair itself is very extraordinairy and the couple poses are well made. I took a whole series of pictures and I admit that the poses did excite me. At the end of our visit I could convince Mistress Jenny to get this chair for our home. We placed one in our dungeon and one in our private skybox. The chair is sold by LOON (Jipe Loon) and called “Mistress Chair Fetish“.

Enjoying Bondage April 2017 at Maurer‘s patio and kidnapped

In April the slaves wore their chastity belts and latex catsuits. We took each of them one night to our patio, unshielded the belt and put them into a rack with a fucking machine and watched them cuming for us. As we didn’t get all of the together, which was my Primary intention, I made a collage again. slave Adarra wasn’t online, so she’s missing in this collage. On April 18th/19th Jenny and I had a dangerous game, that ended with us both being kidnappend and locked at Gwen’s storage (read here). Unfortunately the roleplay couldn’t be continued and hence Jenny and I had only one full day enjoying bondage together. I added us during our dangerous game and later being hogtied to the enjoying bondage collage for April  2017 to complete the picture.

Enjoying bondage April 2017 – Mistress Jenny and Diomita (twice on the left), Kitty, slave Flo, slave slut cecy and slavin C

Something inbetween – Sarah’s Entrapment

What does drive someone to lock herself up in an uncomfortable cage? Why does someone enjoy the feeling of helplessness? About a week ago, Mistress Jenny gave me the link to a story. Its a story about the facination of bondage and about the submission of a young woman to an even younger woman. The story starts slowly and develops steadily. What I do like in particular is that the story is still close enough at reality, hence you can imagine it happening. And everytime Mistress and I see a cage it reminds us to this story. It will take a few hours to read it, but it is worth in my humble opinion. Here’s the link to “Sarah’s Entrapment” –

No post without a picture. I picked one that I took of myself when I explored “Days of O” in February “Simploring 2017 (13) – Days of O” because it fits to the story.

February 23rd: Diomita being naughty while exploring “Days of O”

By the way: That doesn’t me that I see myself as Sarah. And there is also no similarity at all with Sarah Fhang or with anybody of us in Second Life. But you may of course imagine who would fit to which character in this Story. That might be part of the fun.

The Victorian Corset Story – Part III

The following story was written by our slave Flo. Mistress Jenny and I did some revisions and formatting. After discussing it with slave Flo we agreed not to change the names of the acting persons but to keep them as they have some similarity to us in Second Life.
I will add some pictures, that do not fit with the story itself but fit with the theme.

Read part I here and part II here.

Victorian Story part 3
2025 comeback of Victorian corset?

Cecy shivered at Florence’s side. She was worried that Flo ‘s health might be at risk because of all the things that had been applied and how tight they looked.  Maybe somebody laced  this way in a Victorian corset could suffocate and die while the release could not be done very easily. It would take many minutes to release all these ‘fashion style restrictions’.
 “I have medical skills Cecy, I know well how much “our” volunteers can take, and her waist is far not at the target, where it will be in 6 months, at 18 inches!”
Officer Diomita was prepared as Florence fainted and used strong smelling salts to get the volunteer back to consciousness. The only visible sign was to see her faintly struggling and her breath become more regular. Something unexpected appeared but was hidden under the corset.
Florence never felt this anytime before, she was moist and a never known arousal hit her.
That moment Lady Jenny joined and told everyone that she will be called Mistress by all her employees and volunteers – only in public she has to be addressed as Lady Jenny.
With her forefinger she poked the encased Florence and smiled.
“I guess Flo has some secrets and new experiences. Most Victorian corseted ones report from a arousal and something like a untouched orgasm. She will tell us, won’t you Flo?”
A faint grunt was the only reaction of poor Flo.
“What’s up next Officer Diomita?”
“Well, Florence will stay like this. She was not the kind of cooperate we expect Mistress Jenny. The punishment on her head will stay for another hour. Then we try to to see her sharing with us as ‘we like’.”
“For Cecy I have some kind of the new underwear to test meanwhile”
Cecy’s eyes widened at this announcement but she hesitated to comment in fear what she saw happen to Flo.
“The yellow bag please Cecy and then strip naked.”]
Cecy folded her garments and placed them all in a drawer. Officer Diomita took them with a cold glare,  “don’t need them next 7 days!”
7 days? No clothes, no underwear. All became very strange for cecy but within seconds she was ordered to fold her arms across her boobs. A white armless jacket was fitted around her upper body and made her helpless, or better to say ‘happy’ – she likes and is very experienced in bondage, unlike Florence.
Officer Diomita guided Cecy into the near bathroom. There she placed Cecy into shower and fixed the front ring of the jacket with a short chain to a ring about 1 meter from floor. This forced Cecy to bend at her hips and present prominently her intimates.
With a hose pipe the officer splashed cold water on Cecy’s cunt and ass. She showed no excuse at the struggling Cecy and just powered up the stream even more.
It looked like the sadistic Officer was happy to do so ‘because she can’.
As the cooled body parts went red the Officer stopped. The towel she used was not soft, no, it was scratching and the dry effect hurt by strong rubbing.
This caused Cecy to whimper and the Officer honoured this immediately with a sharp slap on her butt. Next,  Cecy was guided by the chain into the dressing room where she had to bend over a hip high bench.
Her legs where spread and tied with leather locked cuffs to the clamps waiting the locks. The Officer took some black medical gloves and used lube to smear over her cunt, deep inside, and around sphincter.
Cecy struggled knowing very well that there would be some special treatments planned for her. The big black looking plug was close 5 cm  in largest diameter and 15 cm length.
She saw the attached bulb and had no doubts that this would soon be placed in her back hole. Officer Diomita told her to relax and begun to push and widen until she could push them hard in.
“Good Girl” she whispered, “Mistress did the right choice with you, little maso slut”.
Next item was a huge black/silver looking dildo.
“These silver pads here can give you either pleasure or pain, depending your cooperation and my mood too…..”.
She had no problem to slip the intruder in Cecy’s almost dripping cunt. At the end she secured both blow up guests with a harness that held them tight in place and had a small surprise at the spot where the sensitive spot of Cecy’s clit was touched.
Two pins, not as sharp to really pinch, but to make good contact had been placed in the reinforced shield.
“This is cyber technique, slut Cecy, no need for power supply as the toy itself creates electricity from your own heat and moisture” commented Officer Diomita while she locked the belt with a electronic/electromagnetic lock.
She showed Cecy her smart phone with the new App ‘teleguide and pleasure’.
“This app is free for anyone. It has a search function to connect to any such device nearby. This might be fun at parties when you can be either teased or even tortured by anyone.”Just as this was happening Mistress Jenny came back to check and immediately used the App and sent a short impulse at Cecy’s clit. Not painful, really arousing but to short to make pleasure.
Cecy shrugged and whispered “ouuuwww…. what surprise Officer …mmmhhhh”.

The Victorian Corset Story part 3: Officer Diomita with Florence and Cecy

Inside her jacket Cecy felt the heat and her sweating but no way to move her hands. She would have given any promise to get more of this teasing.

Mistress Diomita smiled
“now I like to stop this feeling immediately” and a sharp stitch hit her. “this was only level 3 of ten, more to come dear volunteer.”
“We have time to reach the top and you can report afterwards how this toys make you be silent and obedient.”
Officer Diomita played with the App, teasing touches followed by sharp level 3 hits.
“Once in combination with full Victorian corset, restricted arms in reverse prayer, the Victorian lady’s will show her pride and silence on every corset party. You two, Cecy and Flo can be proud that you have been part of the development of the latest and best Victorian corsets”.
“Officer Diomita, please release Florence from hood and gag, then let her report how she will cooperate in the next steps”. “Well, Mistress, I will visit your office as soon both volunteers finished this first day outfit test.”    (end of part 3)

Thank you

This blog has become larger than ever thought. It started as a little diary and that is still the main reason for me to write, to save the memories that we collect in Second Life. In the meanwhile the blog attracted some readers and I admit that it makes me particularly happy, when I get a message in Second Life out of the blue from someone telling me, that she or he follows our blog.
Last month, was the first month in which we had more than 3,000 clicks and hence more than 100 clicks daily in average. The blog will reach 100,000 all time clicks most probably in the course of this year. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading and following our Second Life and our blog.


P.S. No post without a picture. Here’s one picture for this entry

March 28th: Mistress Diomita with her property Jenny at The Secret House

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