Enjoying Bondage November 2017 at club DeLust

For November I selected a picture of Mistress Jenny and me as we are relaxing at club DeLust and had slave Flo and slave cecy with us on Sunday, November 12th. Actually we enjoy bondage with our slaves mostly every night but we had no night where we focussed on taking a particular picutre during this month (so far). In addition we had no night with many of them present together. I added slave kelly as well as slave Flo wearing her new hood with the breathing bag to spice up the picture. Hence slave Flo is in it twice.

I think this collage sums up a lot of our November fun.

Happy Halloween

As I reported with yesterday’s blog entry, Jenny has decorated our beach disco for Halloween. And as it is Halloween today, here are some impressions of our beach disco and from our Halloween Party, that we had on Friday, October 27th.

Happy Halloween 2017 – our beach disco decorated for Halloween

Diary 2017 (176) Ocotber 16th – Enjoying Bondage at Lochme

Monday, October 16th, turned out being way more busy than expected. When I came online, I had to end my green light as Mistress Jenny had granted it just for one day. slave Flo and slave Kelly were at home and I first had to do some technical issues with slave kelly. Now, her restraints are set up properly and Mistress Jenny has a spare key for them (I have been told to loose keys way to often). We took slave Flo and slave Kelly to Lochme, where we placed them on the slut platform next to slave Adarra, who was suspended there for several weeks alaready. The three slaves in their quite contrasting restrictions and bondages did attract some attention.

October 16th at Lochme: slave Adarra, slave Flo and slave kelly exposed tied up at Lochme

After Mistress Jenny and slave Flo went to bed early I went inside of our house and with slave kelly and slave Adarra. While the slaves could get known to eachother I relaxed after this busy start into the week. And later at night, Mara (maralyn corelone) came by to visit her former slave kelly – or was she eager to get caught by me again?

October 16th: Diomita at home with slave kelly and slave Adarra / Diomita at home with Mara and slave kelly

There’s still an enjoying bondage picture due for October. I decided to take one picture that I took that night at Lochme of slave Adarra, slave Flo and slave Kelly and to enrich it with other pictures of October – thus creating a family picture, that includes slave Mara as the play with her in the frame of slave kelly’s enslavement has been an highlight for this month.

Enjoying bondage October 2017 at Lochme (from left to right: sissy maid, slave slut cecy, Kitty Maurer, Mistress Jenny Maurer, Angelique Maurer, slave Flo, Diomita Maurer, slave kelly, slave pet Christa, slave Mara)

A letter from slave slut cecy

Today, Tuesday October 3rd, slave slut cecy was online while I was still at work. She cleaned the house and left an offline IM to Mistress Jenny and me. I did not revise it and it was her explicit wish that I publish it on this blog. I decided to fulfil her wish although this blog usually doesn’t touch the boarder between RL and SL…

Hello Dear Mistresses,

just letting You know I already cleaned the whole House and Shangri-La. I know it pleases You and as I promised Mistress Diomita, I finished it between the days She ordered me.

I must confess too I feel super excited and humiliated with this new Evil Titler to me. First, people changed it to “I am a dirty slut!”, then to “Still a dirty slut” and right now Im living with a “Forever a dirty filthy slut”. I cant describe the humiliation. Inclusive, people just changed it and disappear, leaving me exposed with this title.

October 3rd – a letter from slave slut cecy: pictures of our slave slut

I hope this message pleases You, Mistresses, in addition, I hope and beg this message could be shared in the blog just to expose to the world my loyalty in SL and RL, because in my RL Im already melting and soaking my panties typing this, before going to the work. I would feel so thankful in case You share it.

I try my best even I’m in Mexico and its time zones. Dont forget this mexican slut and property loves You so much, Mistresses, and she will do anything, inclusive the worst humiliation to show loyalty. Any other order to follow in RL, Dear Mistresses?

Forever Yours,
Your slut and RL property,
cecilia medina.

Enjoying Bondage September 2017

For this month I selected a picture taken at our Stonehaven wall during a bondage night we had Spetember 17th. The picture originally showed me in front of the slaves Adarra, Flo and cecy who are all tied up and fixed on racks and wear their September outfit. I added sissy maid to the left and my (tied-up) property and mistress Jenny in the foreground.

Mona’s tips for more effective inventory management

Following Mona Eberhardt’s blog “Living Virtually”, I came across her entry “My tips for more effective inventory management“. This is a very good article about how to sort your inventory in order to find the items you own and I recommend reading it. There was nothing really new in it for me but I didn’t see such a good summary about this subject before. Thank you, Mona!

I use Carlye Thea’s wardrobe system in addition to keep my inventory sorted. Every time I buy a piece of clothing, I take a picture of it (or use the picture given with the purchase if there’s one), I select a subfolder within my clothing folder (like Summer&Dresses, Shoes, Corsets, Costumes, etc.) and I select tags describing the clothing (for example Black, Leather, Name of the store, etc,). Then I upload the picture to my wardrobe website. This way I can scroll through my wardrobe and select an outfit – and I find it by it’s name and the folder in my wardrobe. And as Mistress Jenny has access to my wardrobe (and I to her wardrobe), she can select something for me to wear.

Thank you Mona, for your great summary article!

Mona Eberhardt’s “My tips for more effective inventory management”
Carlye Thea’s website

No blog entry without a picture. Here’s a selfie of me, taken yesterday at our Friday night party. The theme was “Pirates” and I had to purchase a fitting dress. This outfit went into my “Costumes&Uniformes” folder.

September 22nd: Diomita, the pirate

1.000 blog posts

I just noticed, that I published the 1.000th post in our blog today. And that’s worth an extra blog post. Writing and keeping our memories of Second Life for our Real Life is still fun. Thank you to all, who follow this blog and who motivate me to continue.

Diomita Maurer
September 19th, 2017

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