The Rubber Room & MGM Dungeon

Jenny and I have sent out our slaveboy, Santana Thibedeau, to explore several sims for us.  He has a lot of fun exploring and particular the rescue missions to get him out of traps give reason for play. I will publish his reports as a little teaser for our readers. So enjoy his first exploration report about the Rubber Room & MGM Dungeon. Here is the SURL

MGM an exploration report by Santana Thibedeau
Upon landing, MGM welcomes you with its commercial area. There are many good shops with quality and brand name items inviting you to go wild. Down the stairs from the landing area in the multi-level mall is the tp pad to the dungeon. It will take you to the outside lawn & fireplace area of the club and has a large tp board on one of the walls. The club itself is well visited and it would be rare not to find people here. It features DJ parties and other events on a regular basis and can be quite a fun place to hang out. A number of small, semi-private rooms connect to the main club area and invite you to whisk someone away for some play time. In the club, you will find several tp pads which will all take you to what is described below as ‘slave gallery’ inside the main dungeon.

While it may not be the best way to explore the MGM, the best way to describe it is to start at the top and go downward and outward from there. MGM is comprised of several structural modules. The main module is the dungeon area, which is built in natural stone and wood materials and forms the core of the sim, connecting to the other modules. Once you have arrived at the long hallway with pillars and slave displays on both sides.
The main module has 4 floors including the roof-terrace. The roof terrace is small and contains the slave-exerciser, a device which prevents slaves from becoming obese or sunlight and oxygen-deprived. Located in the center of the upstairs playroom (the floor beneath the terrace) is a hot-tub made of stone and tiles. The hot tub is a great place to enjoy and relax, alone or with partner. To the side, in a dome-shaped room formed by wooden pillars are darkwood bondage benches and frames in white leather-padding surrounding a bondage-bed on the same style. To ensure honest answers to your questions, there is a waterboarding device in the opposite corner of the hall.
The next floor down has multiple levels connected by stairs and odd-shaped pillars holding it all together. The upper level has numerous cages and other contraptions that simply take your breath away. Leaving the breath-play area, there are two stairs – one to the right, the other one straight ahead. The right one is leading down to lower level and to a gallery where slaves can be displayed on stands. The display stands are aligned with the pillars, making it a long hallway that leads to the slave auction area on one side and a tp point on the other. The slave auction room contains several cages and a seating area which surrounds the auction block. (Careful: In the center of the hallway is a trap, which places the victim into zero gravity and can become a bit annoying).

Taking the other stairs from the breathplay area down will bring you to a large floor with several areas. At the bottom of the stairs is one of the main tp points and also a large landing area. Next to the tp point, tugged away behind a pillar are also the stairs leading to the subway station, an area that doesn’t require description regarding its dirt and filth. Near the tp point is also a contraption that looks like a giant set of handcuffs. In the hall behind it are tombs, coffins and an incinerator for those to who this sim was simply too much to handle. On the opposite side, behind the staircase is a cage room. The cageroom is part of another module which has been placed below the Gaudi-style main structure. The cageroom has about 20 different cages and cells. A number of them are common types, such as the voting cage, peep-o-cage, the Q-Cage. There are also some puzzle-cages, a padded maiden, and a really nice MD prison which  houses 6 pods that can all be controlled individually through a control panel. The controls come with a computer voice which makes it even more realistic. The pods are stored in a very dark, deep and narrow room below the MD prison. Also unique is a two level cage which has all the features for a long-term stay, such as toilet, ‘living-room’ and bedroom. Very interesting can be the use of a glass display cage at the entrance to the cage room near the landing area as it has many features. Adjacent to the cage-room is the doll room module. It is part of a larger area built with brick, steel and glass in a more rectangular fashion and spread over over two floors. In the upper floor also houses a processing facility for new slaves.

The lower floor appears to be more focused on doll production. There are numerous contraptions in this area to facilitate the complete transformation into a one of several doll types. Most of these contraptions are based on the NS force sitter. However, caution should be used – especially when playing by yourself – as each has a different release mechanism. Unintended(?) consequences could result from being found helplessly trapped in one of the machines. The subway station is at the bottom floor of the sim. To get there you have to pass through a dirty and filthy hallway with lots of poseballs intended for humiliation and degradation. The raildcars themselves look nice with fun-to-read advertising banners inside. However, they don’t have any functional purpose.
The lowest of the low modules is the surf and beach hangout. MGM is a skybox and the beach is over 3700 meters below. You can go there by either using tp or misstepping behind pillars and winning a ticket to  a several minute long freefall. Either way, you end up on a beautiful beach with slow-dance music, chill-out sunchairs or hammocks and a fresh, gentle breeze from the ocean carressing your skin and lifting your spirits. Just remember to bring your waiter and some sunscreen along with you…
Last, but most certainly not least are all the many, many little traps, cages, cells and devices which can be found throughout the sim and which haven’t been described in detail here. It certainly pays to be curious as some of them are true gems and shouldn’t be missed. Of course, expect that you may need the help of others to be freed from some of the devices.

Overall, a sim very rich in possibilities with many new things to discover even on subsequent visits. The only negative point on this sim is the ever present lag.
((Unexplored remain two areas: The mystical area because there is nothing visible, and the RLV high-security prison for obvious reasons.))

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yasmin Heartsdale
    Aug 28, 2010 @ 20:41:08

    Well done Santana.


  2. JennyMaurer
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 15:20:01

    Thank you Slaveboy for your hard work and devotion. I am looking forward to the next report.


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