Simploring 2021 (24) Wision

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, May 25th, I picked “Wision” from SL Destinations. SL Destinations is a directory of pictures and blogs about Second Life places, major events, galleries and exhibtions run and filled with content by Annie Brightstar (anniebrightstar). The website was down for a few days and not filled with content for a few weeks, but is back now luckily. Thank you Annie!

Wision is a full region, rated general. According to the landmark description “Wision is a sim in which virtual projects are created for the real world. In this period the sim hosts conferences and art exhibitions, but is available to photographers of the metaverse or to those who wish to stop in its suggestive quiet corners.

Wision overview and orientation map / the glass sphere at the landing point

Wision is owned by an avatar named valexius who is also founder of the sim group. The empty profile of valexius brings me to the conclusion that it is just an account used to told the sim.
All objects on the sim belong to Mexi Lane, who seems to be the real owner and creator of Wision.

Wision is a very well made sim that offers a lot of spaces for bigger events. The first event area is right at the landing point, a humongous glass sphere at the shore reaching out into the sea. Inside are many big, comfortable chairs arranged to listen to a presentation. Outside is catering and a small wooden outdoor stage.

From there I went along the shore, through an iron gate and go to the only residential house on the sim. It was open and as I found no “private” sign, I dared to have a look inside. The house is named “Mexi’s Atelier” and is nicely furnished inside.

Impressions of Wision (1): The glass sphere at the landing point / Mexi’s Atelier

Not far from the house is a large old factory, Wision Factory. Somme walls of the building are completely made of glass and thus there’s a lot of light inside of the building, that has just 2 very large rooms. Again there’s some furniture. One room is furnished for an evening event with a lot of comfy sofas and chairs and nice decorations on the walls opposed to the glas front. The other room is almost empty, but seems to be a multi purpose room with some chairs along the wall and some bicycles, perhaps for team events.

Impressions of Wision (2): Wision Factory

The largest building of Wision is in the center of the sim, a cinema, café and shop. Again it is an old storage house or plant building with a new usage. Inside you find a large event area with many seats for dinner, a bar, many posters of well know films like Hitchcock’s The Birds and Psycho or Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita.
Another wing of the building is home for a shop, yet it is not a shop where you can buy goods. It looks more like a training facility. And there is a bigger and a smaller cinema. A real multifunctional building.

Impressions of Wision (3): Cinema Café

I continued my simploring tour and went to “Valexius’s office”, a nice building built on poles at the shore. The door of the building was open and again I found it nicely furnished inside, a place where you’r like to make yourself comfortable. Not far from is is a small greenhouse with a few chicken running around. I had fun exploring and enjoying the lovely peaceful setting.

Impressions of Wision (4): Valexius’s office

Wision offers also a lot of nature, in particular in the area around the tower. here you can hike, relax or just enjoy the nature or the little river that winds down to the sea. Or perhaps it is a area for team events .. who knows? I liked it as a perfect place to take some pictures.

Impressions of Wision (5): Rocks and wilderness

What else? Returning to the landing point I found some nice places to sit and enjoy along the shore and I simply enjoyed the view. Last but not least you can also sit down in the glass sphere and enjoy the views (I did).

Impressions of Wision (6): Places to sit and enjoy the nature

Wision is a well made sim that fulfills every probable need for (virtual) team events or conferences. But it is also a publicly accessible sim where you could retreat to and enjoy. I was alone during my visit, no lag, no other visitors.
Thank you Mexi Lane for creating Wision and for opening it to the public while it is not used for events. I enjoyed exploring it.

Landmark to Wision
Mexi Lane’s flickr

Simploring 2021 (23) 80 Days – The Bayou

On Tuesday, May 18th, I read Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to the Bayou in Second Life” and decided spontaneously to visit “80 Days – The Bayou“, furtheron also just “The Bayou“, right away.

The Bayou is a moderate homestead, owned and designed by Camila Runo. The landmark description reads as follows: “Louisiana in the Deep South, home to the Jazz and the Blues. Music fills the air wherever you go. – French Quarter, Cayun, swamp, alligators, Voodoo, zoo, animals, beach, romance, dancing, summer, BBQ, photogenic, scenic

80 Days – The Bayou: Overview and orientation map / landing point and paddle steamer

The landing point is right next to an old paddle steamer, one of the attractions of the sim. Upon landing your can grab a folder with a lot of information, that I used in this blogpost:
The old paddle steamer “Dixie Belle” brought you to Louisiana in the Deep South of the USA. The dock where you debarked is situated on the banks of the Mississippi. From there you have a nice view to a near town as well as to the coastal marsh and the swamp the dock is connected with by a long wooden bridge.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (1) – The paddle steamer

The paddle steamer offers some activities. First of all it is a great location and background motif for photographers, but you can also go onboard and play Black Jacker or Poker. I for my part focused on taking pictures though.

Where to go first? To the left to visit the town or to the right to see the swamp? No matter where you go first, you will be surrounded either by the sounds of nature or by typical Louisiana tunes (turn your speakers on).
I decided to got exploring the town first.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (2) – The town

The town is built in the style of the French Quarter in New Orleans, including a cemetery, a Jazz club, a restaurant, a barber/tattoo shop and some residential buildings in the typical French Quarter look.
The town looks also very nice in the evening or at night as the houses are well illuminated by lights and race lights.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (3) – The town

I left the town and visited the Alligator farm. “Just have an eye on your limbs. Though we feed the gators well, they always up for a little snack.” I had a little break at a bbq close to the river and went back to the paddle steamer to visit the swamp.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (4) – The Alligator farm, the bbq place and entering the swamp

A wooden walkway leads into the swamp. Admist the swamp you will find a house, a Voodoo shack. The swamp is another great environment for taking pictures. Of course you can also see some alligators, hence you have to stay careful. If you walk beyond the Voodoo shack you will find a boat rezzer and I took a boat for my further simploring.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (5) – The swamp and the Voodoo shack

There is also a second boat rezzer on the banks of the Mississippi. Exploring by boat is also fun and offers new views. You can also reach another island with the boat (more swamp and mangroves). The other smaller islands are off sim objects and can’t be reached, but you can make a boat trip around the whole sim. Watch out for animals, another great motif.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (6) – Exploring with a motor boat

And why is the sim called “80 Days – The Bayou“? Camila Runo explains it in one of the information notecards: “The term is referring to Jules Verne’s book “Around the world in 80 days”. As I understand my projects as stops on my virtual voyage around the world (e.g. Jambo / Africa and Nour / Arabia last year, Vargsången / Scandinavia this year), I found the name appropriate for the new group I created. This group will also comprise each future project of mine.

Thank you Camila for creating The Bayou and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot, it was like a short vacation.

Landmark to 80 Days – The Bayou
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to the Bayou in Second Life”
80 Days – The Bayou flickr

Simploring 2021 (22) Soul Deep

For my simploring tour on Sunday, May 16th, I picked “Soul Deep“. I read a blogpost from Inara Pey about it: “Going Soul Deep in Second Life” that caught my attention.

Soul Deep is an adult homestead owned and designed by Kaelyn Alecto (thenewkae). And I saw and visited quite some sim’s of her before, most recently her sim “It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS)” just one year ago (read here).

Soul Deep – overview and orientation map

Kaelyn wrote in her profile “Photography is the story I fail to put into words…“. “Soul Deep” is a place to relax, a place to retreat with friends, with your loved one, or just alone. And “Soul Deep” is a place that offers countless motifs for photgraphers. There’s really a bit of everything and nonetheless the sim is still natural, all of a piece.

Soul Deep” is embedded into a mountain sim surround. It consists of several small islands. In the center is a big pond. The landing is at the shore of this pond on the terrace of a café. From here you can walk on a wooden walkway around the pond.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (1) – around the landing point

Along your way you come across many opportunities to sit and enjoy. You even find rafts or a boat large enough for a small party. Just opposed to the landing point across the pond is the largest bilding complex of “Soul Deep“, a harbour building with a naval petrol station, a shipyard and a residential building (the blue house, which doors were locked hence I didn’t look into it). The posters, the lobster buoys, the whole set-up looks like a harbour building in New England.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (2) – The shipyard and pier

Not far from there you can walk over a little bridge to the ruins of a church, another romantic place to stay for a while. You also find some nice motifs including birds or other wildlife. Back on the main walkway there are more places to sit and a larger event area with a stage.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (3) – Church ruins / event area

I went or better expressed I swam to the lodge next. Acutally in Second Life you can fly the little distance. The logde is a big residential house, fully furnished. On the large terrace everthing is prepared for a bigger event, maybe an anniversary, a birthday party or a wedding. There’s also a little bar. And no sutprise there are more places to sit and enjoy. A bit off the island with the ladge is another cosy place to retreat.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (4) – The lodge

As mentioned before “Soul Deep” offers many different motifs for photographers. Not far from the landing point is a forest, with another ruin that could be a nice background for romantic pictures, and with a camping site. If you want some higher rocks or a background witu mountains, then there are some high rocks you can climb up to and there you even find a goat.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (5) – The forest and the high rocks

And finally there are also waterfalls and beaches – a bit of everything. And have I mentioned the many places to sit and enjoy? I think I did.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (6) – Diomita enjoying the simploring tour

Soul Deep” is a lovely sim with a broad variety of cosy places and different backgrounds for photogrpahers: “Photography is the story Kaelyn fails to put into words…“.
Thank you for this great place to hang around, Kaelyn. I enjoyed my Sunday morning simploring tour a lot.

Landmark to Soul Deep
Soul Deep flickr
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Going Soul Deep in Second Life”

Simploring 2021 (21) Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly

As a member of her group “Nantes” I got an invite from Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell) to visit her newest creation “Krak Bak Caye” as Simquarterly.

Krak Bak Caye is inspired by Caulker Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. Krak Bak means “relax” in Kroil Patios, the language spoken here besides English.
The landmark brought me to a sky platform with an airport for small planes admist the rain forest. A friendly hostess greated me: “Hi Diomita, and welcome to Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly! Happy you’re here! Krak Bak Caye is just a short flight. If your reservation was for the Resort please take the closest plane. If you want to start your visit at Main Street take the farthest plane. Just click the plane’s stairs to start your journey!

Landing at Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly

I got the advice to turn my sound on (I did) and I got a “Tourist guide”, a booklet to rezz or to attach as a HUD with more information about Krak Bak Caye. The sound is very well done and fitting, the tourist guide is just great and made me feel as if I were on a short vacation in RL.
I took the closest plane and traveled to the resort (the teleport takes you to the ground level).

Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly – overview and orientation map / introduction of the tourist guide

The resort “The Reef” is just as you picture your stay at a luxury resort in the Caribbean, a modern welcoming reception building with a reception, places to meet and great pictures. And the vacation homes at the beach are wonderful.

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (1) – The resort “The Reef”

I began exploring, came along “The Split”, a narrow waterway dividing the island in two. It’s said that is was cause be hurricane Hattie in 1961, but villagers maintain that it was hand-dredged after Hurrican Hattie opened a passage a few inches deep.
I visited “Jronkin Lizard”, a strand bar and café, I came along rezzer for paddling and for windsurfing. I didn’t try them out but i can imagine it is great fun. Close by the bar is a “Krak Bak Caye” sign which is said to be an attraction. I really can imagine that such a sign would be a landmark for tourists to take pictures (and I did that in Second Life *winks*)

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (2) – “Jronkin Lizard” strand bar and café / rezzers for windsurfing and paddling / “Krak Bak Caye” sign

Continuing my walk I came to the main street, the other desination I could have taken at the landing airport. It is a small town with more bars and restaurants, souvenir shops, bike rentals, motel and some more stores. The main street offers quite some nice details and great motifs for photographers.

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (3) – The main street

And finally I visited “The Blue Hole”, a marine sinkhole. It is filled with ocean life and much to discover if you’re a snorkler or SCUBA enthusiast.
I roamed aroud the island a lot and searched for other wildlife. According to the tourist guide you could see quite some birds at Krak Bak Caye. I could hear them (keep the sound on, the background noise is very realistic and adds a lot to the vacation feeling) yet unfortunately I didn’t see any – maybe just like in RL *winks*.

ElizabethNantesJewell Resident, known as Elizabeth Jewell, finds sim design relaxing, a positive focus, and a creative outlet that she can not only do from home, but also share with others. “That’s the real enjoyment, when I see other people feeling good visiting my sim!” she stated.
I have seen quite some creations of Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell). Back in 2016 and 2017 I visited “Follow Your Bliss” (read here, here and here). In 2018 I visited Nantes (read here) and the Nantes Gallery (read here). Elizabeth Jewell (elizabethnantesjewell) still owns Nantes and Fusion City (located above Fleur de Sel), which is also home of Nantes Gallery. And in 2020 I visited “Ghosts of Jericho”, another sim built by Elizabeth at “Sim Quarterly” (read here).

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (4) – The Blue Hole / The Split

Sim Quarterly is a sim and initiative of Electric Monday:
Art and the virtual world, Second Life© are very similar — you are able to both find yourself and immerse yourself (and maybe even lose yourself) in something totally unlike what you already know. The experiences you gain help you grow and form new opinions about the world. That is what I hope this sim can provide over time. I am very excited to bring to you a quarterly art project by way of The Sim Quarterly.
The project features one creator every 3 months (every quarter) as an artist in residence. The purpose of the sim is so that residents can experience something new and even create a community.
Sim Quarterly has an own website.

Caye Caulker in RL (source wikipedia / a page inside the tourist guide of Krak Bak Caye

I had a lot of fun visiting Krak Bak Caye! Thank you Elizabeth for this beautiful installation that provided a short vacation for me. And thank you Electric Monday for providing The Sin Quarterly for installations like this one. I learned that you made the great sound and all the graphics on the invites and posters.

Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly will stay open for the public until July 25th.

Landmark to Krak Bak Caye (simquarterly)
flickr group for simquarterly
Simquarterly Website
Blogpost on about Krak Bak Caye

The BDSM Collaborative Hunt – May 15th – May 31st

Currently a BDSM Hunt is taking place in Second Life. More then 20 sims are participating in the hunt. On every sim you can collect gifts and while you search for the gifts – you explore the sims. The hunt started on May 15th and ends on May 31st – but you can visit the sims anytime even after the hunt. For me visiting is a nice variation and hopefully I find new places to stay and to have fun.
There is a website with all the landmarks and with clues where to find the gifts. I will use this website as a little directory of places to visit.

So far I saw New Libertine Shibari Court, a place with many many Shibari devices in a nice surrounding. I saw Bellaure Manor & slave storage, another BDSM sim which seems to have also a nice community. I visited Dark Discipline, which is not only a BSDM sim but even more a very well made setting with nice views. I was at the House of Odds and I visited Tempelhof. At Tempelhof you can make a scavenger hunt for one price. The setting of Tempelhof is extraordinairy and full of details and furnished houses. I had really fun with the hunt.

As I mentioned above there are many more sim participating in the BDSM Collaborative Hunt and I will visit more of them, but I wanted to publish a quick post as long as the hunt is going on. But the sims can be visited anytime. Thank you all, who initiated this event.

The BDSM Collaborative Hunt website with all landmarks and clues
Landmark New Libertine Shibari Court
Landmark to Bellaure Manor & slave storage
Landmark to Dark Discipline
Landmark to House of Odds
Landmark to Tempelhof

Simploring 2021 (20) The Butterfly Conservatory

Today’s simploring report will be short. I got the landmark of The Butterfly Conservatory from our Kitty Maurer. Mistress Jenny and I went there Tuesday, April 20th in the afternoon.

The Butterfly Conservatory is built on a full moderate region. It is owned by Ry Heslop, Brownie (Silver Broome) acts as a general manager for it.

Impressions of The Butterfly Conservatory (1)

It is a humongous building, large enough for waterfalls, high trees, many bushes and flowers, and several different landscapes/biotopes. A walkway leads you around, along the waterfalls, over several levels and to the event and café area in the center. There’s an extra wing dedicated to birds.

Impressions of The Butterfly Conservatory (2)

The Butterfly Conservatory offers educational texts about the featured flowers and butterflies, so you can read about what you see like in a museum in the physical world. If you want more details, notecards are offered. You find great motives for photographs, be it landscapes, gardens or marco pictures of the flowers, butterflies and birds. I think my pictures give quite a good impression of what to expect from a visit.

Impressions of The Butterfly Conservatory (3)

Thank you Ry Heslop for providing The Butterfly Conservatory and sharing it publicly. We enjoyed our visit a lot.

Landmark to The Butterfly Conservatory

Simploring 2021 (19) Blisston Village

I had a short but enjoyable little simploring tour on Thursday, April 15th. I had got a group message about a new built from Ida Carlberg: Blisston Village.

Blisston Village: Bird’s eye view and orientation map

Blisston Village is part of the Bliston Quarter in Bay City. It covers a small plot on mainland, rated general, and is owned and created by Ida Carlberg. It’s a neat small village. The landing is quite in the center at a market, which is worth a visit. There’re quite some stands with fresh fruits, vegetables and other goods you’d buy at a market. The marketplace is surrounded by townhouses and shops. At the time of my visit on April 15th, there were quite some shops, stores and appartments still available, as Blisston Village had just come into existence. Two stores (Limelight and Ida:C) are already rented out. You can grab a notecard with the available stores, shops and appartments by clicking on the advertising pillar on the marketplace.

Impressions of Blisston Village (1) around the landing point / the marketplace

One shop is occupied by a gallery showcasing the art of Evola Courtois, again an artist I never cam across before so far. I can imagine that there will be some other artists presenting their art at Blisston Village some time soon. Next to the marketplace is a quite large greenhouse that is used as event and meeting hall. I like the setup of it.

Impressions of Blisston Village (2) Evola Courtois Gallery / Greenhouse event and meeting hall

At one corner you find the “Couriosity Park”, a small fair with a roundabout, a wheel of fortune, two shooting galleries, some arcade games and a small playground for kids. Above the fair levitates a hot air ballon, you can enter the basket by climbing up a ladder. From up there you have a nice view. As a little extra, there’s a Cica-girl (a figure created by Cica Ghost) in the park. As a fan of Cica Ghost’s art, I did recognize it immediately.

Impressions of Blisston Village (3) Couriosity Park

The hightlight of Blisston Village might be the Unicorn Museum, where you can find unicorns in every size, be it tall as a horse or small as a toy for kids. A board has a quite good and educational text about “The Unicorn”.

Impressions of Blisston Village (4) Unicorn Museum

Blisston village is a small sim, a place for either a short but enjoyable simploring tour or for visiting the fair and the Unicorn Museum. It proves that you don’t need that much space or prims to create a nice environment. With more shops and galleries, maybe a few events in the greenhouse, I can imagine that it become home and a meeting place for quite some people.
Thank you, Ida Carlberg for creating this place and sharing it publicly.

Landmark to Blisston Village

Simploring 2021 (18) Valium SL – Hermosa

In January 2021 I visited Valium SL – Marfa (read here). It was the lateast of quite some places created and/or owned by Vally Lavender (Valium Lavender) and sadly this sim is already gone again. With the opening of Valium SL – Marfa I became member of the Valium group and as a member I got an invitation to see the newest installation of Vally – Hermosa, built on a full moderate region. The membership has also the bonus that you can rez props for taking pictures if you like. I visited on Wednesday, April 14th, 2 days before it was opened to the public on Friday, April 16th.

With the invitation I got a notecard from Vally with some information about Hermosa:
Hermosa Tierra means ‘beautiful land’ in Spanish and is a fictional land on the West Texas border of Mexico and Texas (only separated by the Rio Grand River). It is loosely inspired by my impressions of the Big Bend National Park area, over 800,000 acres of desert, mountains, caverns, a vast and diverse range of flora, fauna and terrains. The area is also rich in Mexican and American, specifically Texan, cultures.
A journey to Hermosa will capture your imagination into the story of its land owners, Veleta and her husband Jorge, who were very much soul mates. They lived at the Hacienda La Veleta, spending many happy years together rearing their children, on their beautiful land. Veleta, an artist, spent many hours painting her visions of her lands…..while Jorge ran a successful ranching enterprise.

Hermosa – Bird’s eye view and orientation map

Then one day a terrible drought came and tragically destroyed everything they loved; the land, the canyons, the diverse landscapes, animals. Nothing would grow any longer and the animals starved. Their ranch workers fled but Veleta and Jorge stayed and endured the best they could. This drought lasted five long years and as the drought ended, Valeta and Jorge finally succumbed to illness brought on by the drought. They died peacefully together in their sleep, knowing their love of their land would continue on through their ancestors.
In later years, Veleta and Jorge’s great-great grand daughter returned to La Veleta and found it overgrown and abandoned. She revived the land, making a place for artists to come and work. Painters, sculptors, writers, poets and photographers all come to La Veleta and are able to create wonderful works in this beautiful place, known as Hermosa Tierra. Some artists report that at night they can hear Veleta and Jorge dancing and laughing in the courtyard. Perhaps you will also ….

Impressions of Hermosa (1) – views from the landing point

Art is all around at Hermosa Tierra in a small way. At the Hacienda La Veleta there will be rotating artists from the covers in Flickr group pool. Since that has not begun, there is a ‘Memories of Marfa’ exhibit for the start. At the large barn Vally will feature selected artists from her Empty Chair Gallery.

Right when you land you will feel the heat. I strongly recommend to switch on “Use shared environment” (in Firestorm top menu “World” -> “Environment”). And don’t forget to switch sound on.
The air is filled with dust, the sky looks orange and with the red rocks at least I began to sweat just by looking on the screen. The first view I got was the way ending at the Hacienda La Veleta, blue blooming flowers at each side. Looking around some pueblos built into and onto the red rocks caught my eyes (actually they are off sim). And I saw some cactuses and a horse.

Impressions of Hermosa (2) – Hacienda La Veleta

I first visited the Hacienda La Veleta. At the entrance is a statue from Mistero Hifeng. I remember that I saw an exhibtion of Mistero Hifeng at Vally’s Art Park (read here). As mentioned above there is a small exhibtion with pictures from Marfa by Seb Neox and Hilaire Beaumont inside of the building. Actually I saw only 3 pictures of Marfa – and a few more pictures from Hilaire Beaumont that have nothing to do with Marfa (I think). Both artist were new for me.

Impressions of Hermosa (3) – Art at Hacienda La Veleta / Memories of Marfa / James Dean Forever Young by Hilaire Beaumont (lower left)

After visiting the Hacienda I began to explore the rest of the sim and there’s quite a lot to discover. In particular you find motifs for pictures that you won’t get anywhere else easily. Quite close to the Hacienda you find a corral with some grazing horses and nearby the obligatory windmill – and a water tower (off sim).
I walked back to the the landing and crossed the river. A colourful painted wall caught my attention there. It is part of a small rest area with a campfire and some other art objects. I called it “Art campfire”.

Impressions of Hermosa (4) – the corral, the windmill, the art campfire

There is a second house at Hermosa, a residential house that is fully furnished. There is a café in the outside area. Very typical is the large patio of the house, a great place to retreat during the hot noon hours. If you walk further from there you get to a camp site and to the pueblos.

Impressions of Hermosa (5) – the residential house, the café, the campsite and the pueblos.

And there is one feature that you shouldn’t miss – the large canyon that you can easily see on the bird’s eye view. It feels huge when you walk inside of it and again it really felt being scorching hot. If you have fun riding a horse, there is also a horse rezzer. I rezzed a horse an enjoyed riding it and seeing Hermosa from another persepctive.

Vally also wrote a bit about herself and her motivation for Hermosa in the above mentioned notecard:
There is not much to tell about myself really. Almost all of my entire existence in SL, since 2006, has been about creating beautiful sims, some with, and some without, help from some of SL’s great builders. It has been, mostly, a personal journey I embarked upon to make my SL more enjoyable. If I can share the joy with others, then all the sweeter.
I loved coming up with unique ideas and seeing them come to fruition, and then, as we all do, I started thinking about the next new vision. That is the fun of SL. I think the Valium Sea sim and the Boulder sim have been my most enjoyable thus far. They were very special to me.
And finally, the upcoming Hermosa Tierra project, built this time entirely by me, will be my last for quite some time. Due to real life demands, I lack the stamina required to keep up with major projects as this. I think I deserve a much needed rest and the time to study and grow. Let’s relax on Hermosa for a good long while.

Remark: I visited Valium Sea (read here) and Boulder (read here) in 2020.

Impressions of Hermosa (6) – exploring the canyon / enjoying a ride

Thank you Vally (Valium Lavender) for the gift of sharing this beautiful sim publicly. I hope you can enjoy your sim inbetween your RL demands. I enjoyed my visit a lot, a great sim!

Landmark to Hermosa Tierra
Valium SL homepage
Vally’s blog about Hermosa Tierra
Vally Lavender’s personal flickr
ValiumSL Hermosa flickr

Simploring 2021 (17) Grauland April 2021

I came across Grauland again when I scrolled through SL Destinations. I have visited Grauland in 2019 the first time (read here) and three times in 2020 (read here, here and here). Each redesign was worth a visit so far. And I was not disappointed this time once again.

Grauland April 2021 – Bird’s eye view and orientation map / at the landing point

Grauland is an adult homestead owned by JimGarand. He runs a shop for poses (M-1 Art Poses) in the skies above the sim. You can reach the shop by a teleporter right at the landing point.

Impressions of Grauland April 2021 (1) – Stonehenge, Easter island stone heads, the tropical forest, panarama house

The current setting consists of two tropical islands that are connected by a bridge. The island on which you land has a circle of stones – Stonehenge – on a high plateau, the famous Easter Island stone heads nearby. It has several nice beaches, a tropical forest and a large spacious modern bungalow overlooking the sea. I called this island “Stonehenge island”

Impressions of Grauland April 2021 (2) – The villa island

The other island, which I named “Villa island”, is the homeplace of someone rich. It is a paradise created in Second Life. A place you’d dream to call your home. THe good news it: in Second Life such a place is affordable.
How would someone rich live? In a large mordern and very individual house – it is there.
There would be a garden, nicely layed out with a gazebo, maybe a bit enclosed for privacy – it is there.
There has to be a pool, a large pool, maybe with a fountaine and also providing some exclusivity – it is there.

Impressions of Grauland April 2021 (3) – The villa island with garden, pool and motoryacht

What else? Yes, a pier with a yacht. It is not there *winks*. But there’s one of these old motoryachts that are used by the super rich people at the Cote d’Azure just to drive around a bit. And there is a seperate helicopter landing point.

On the villa island is also the wreck of a plane, hidden under trees and bushes. A perfect place to take pictures. And of course you find also a few opportunities to sit and watch.

Impressions of Grauland April 2021 (4) – The villa island – plane wreck, helicopter landing, Diomita enjoying the view

I went back to the Stonehenge island and amde a tour with a jet ski. That is always fun and provides other views on the island. I also tried some of the nice opportunities to sit and watch and enjoy the environment.

Impressions of Grauland April 2021 (5) – Stonehenge island – Diomita enjoying jet ski and being lazy

Once again Jim (JimGarand) created a nice and outstanding new place. I did enjoy my visit. I appreciate it a lot when shop owners combine their business with a place to visit. Thank you Jim for creating Grauland and sharing it publicly. Great work!

Landmark to Grauland
Flickr group Grauland
Landmark to M-1 Art Poses

Simploring 2021 (16) IMAGO Land

For my simploring tour on Thursday, April 1st, I selected IMAGO Land from SL Destinations. The landmark description read really tempting to me – simploring and art in one place: “Nature, Art & Culture area open for visitors who love to explore, relax, take photos or admire the highly talented artists works displayed in IMAGO Art Galleries.
The entry led to an entry of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: IMAGO Land“, which I read before visiting myself.

IMAGO Land – Bird’s eye view and orientation map

IMAGO Land is a moderate homestead owned Mareea Farrasco. It consists of one one bigger and one smaller island. The islands are quite flat and connected by a bridge. The landing is close to a dancefloor where are band is playing. Some people are watching the band. Mareea used quite some prim, mesh and animesh avatars to liven up her sim and this is one outstanding feature of IMAGO Land.

Impressions of IMAGO Land (1) – Dancefloor, Bar and Beach

Right where you land is a teleporter and a big board with the destinations: Dancefloor, Bar, Beach, Forest, Rocky Shore, Small Island. These are all destinations on the two islands. The destinations Storytellers Burrow and Studio are seperate skyboxes. And the destinations Carelyna’s Red Alert and Gallery I lead to two other skyboxes dedicated to art.

Impressions of IMAGO Land (2) – Forest, bridge to the smaller island, at the rocky shore

I visited all destinations. The islands offer nice backgrounds for taking pictures, in particular if you want to take pictures with a few people. You won’t be sitting alone at the bar and you won’t be the only one taking a bath in the sun – and there are children playing on the beach.
All buildings on IMAGO Land are relative small and simple but nicely decorated outside. And of course there are some animals, seagulls and other birds. There are plenty of motifs for photographers. I enjoyed exploring and taking a few pictures.

Impressions of IMAGO Land (3) – smaller island, another bar, Diomita and a mesh avatar on a pier

The two skyboxes Storytellers Burrow and Studio can be used for taking indoor pictures. As the name already gives away Storytellers Burrow is a flat with many books. The Studio is a luxury appartment in a high-rise building.

Impressions of IMAGO Land (4) – Two more picturesque buildings, Studio (upper right), Storyteller Burrow (lower right)

Carelyna’s Red Alert is an exhibition of Carelyna’s art – her red pictures, hence the name. The pictures are quite impressive and get a particular strength as they are all held in red and black.
I had come across Carelyna in October 2020 when she had a space at La Maison d’Aneli (read here).
Carelyna is in Second Life for more than 8 years. SL gave her the opportunity to reach two dreams of her childhood. She grew up on a boat, and she took art classes and learned to paint on an easel with oil paints. This is the reason why she tries to make her photos look like paintings. She replaced the traditional tools with the computer. Carelyna has also a flickr page.

Impressions of the exhibition “Carelyna’s Red Alert”

At Gallery I is an exhibtion of Mareea Farrasco herself. It is called “Painting the Summer”. The Gallery I is a modern gallery. Mareea’s pictures are quite large. They are based on pictures taken within Second Life. Most of them are in a little bit softened, without sharp contrasts, almost a bit blurred and held on light warm tones – reflecting the Summer.
I hadn’t seen any pictures of Mareea before and have no information about her, just that she’s over 11 years in Second Life and that she owns IMAGO Land and the two galleries. And of course she also has a flickr page.

Impressions of the exhibition “Painting the Summer” by Mareea Farrasco

I spent an enjoyable hour exploring IMAGO Land and visiting the two galleries. IMAGO Land offers something different with the many mesh avatars – and the two galleries were worth a visit itself. Thank you Mareea for sharing your sim, your galleries and your art publicly!

Landmark IMAGO Land
Flickr IMAGO Land
Mareea Farrasco’s flickr
Carelyna’s flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: IMAGO Land”

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