Simploring 2020 (79) Sugar Mine

I went on a simploring tour Thursday afternoon, November 5th. I picked Sugar Mine from SL Destinations. There was just a picture from a flickr page on SL Destinations, but Annie Brightstar (anniebrightstar) also provides links to former posts of destinations listed. And that led me to a post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Sugar Mine” (in German). After I read his post, I was really curious about Sugar Mine.

Sugar Mine – Overview and orientation map

The landing is on a stone pier leading to a quite big building with a large passage. In the building you find a workshop, at the building is a plate “Irongate Wharf”. Behind the passage is a court and another even bigger building with another passage. In one corner of the court is a lighthouse. The windlight is a bit hazy and provides a mystic atmosphere. From the landing you see a huge artifical waterfall, maybe a power plant. Furtheron you see more huge buildings on a hill and 2 light beams shine into the sky there. The scenery reminded me a bit of Metropolis.

Sugar Mine is an adult homestead, owned by Tomster Starflare and Gioia Sautereau. The landmark description doesn’t give much away: “Punky home of Tomster Starflare and his gardener Gioia Sautereau. Please feel free to explore all the places reachable by foot, vehicle, teleporters and some experience teleporters 😉

Impressions of Sugar Mine (1) – around the landing point / Harbour

At the above mentioned court at the Habour is a teleporter pad with 4 destinations: SM Harbour, SM Cave, SM Nowhere and SM Plaza. I assume SM stands for Sugar Mine. SM Harbour is the teleporter pad at the court, SM Cave leads to a cave up in the skies. I did go there briefly but didn’t further explore it. SM Nowhere is a building and testing platform up in the skies. Gioia Sautereau was there during my visit and I wanted to talk to her, but she was absent. Finally SM Plaza leads to the building complex up the hill.

Impressions of Sugar Mine (2) – at the plaza

I went to the plaza first and I took the teleporter. Again the buildings and the building style reminded me of Metroplis. You can enter the buildings. In the largest building you find kind of a showroom, it looks like art deco, but I have no idea what the centerpiece is. Next to that showroom is a large event room, also decorated in the style of the early 20th century. Nearing on corner of the eventroom I got teleported to another room. This room looked like a cafe in one corner, like the atelier of an experimental artist in the other corner. I found no way back to the event room, hence I walked outside and found myself next to the Eiffel Tower, that had lost most of its top. Hoovering next to the half Eiffel Tower was a strange flying object, that looked a bit like steampunk. I could get in there but I couldn’t move it.

Impressions of Sugar Mine (3) – broken Eiffel Tower / waterfall / submarine

My next simploring stop was at the submarine next to the huge articfical waterfall (or power plant?). the submarine is used for living and you can walk inside, yet there’s not too much to discover.

The artifical waterfall is quite interesting, first because of its construction – where does the water come from? But then also because on the top of it you find a lovely gardem, a place to wind down and you see nothing from the surrounding sim up here, it is quite an oasis. And a great place for taking pictures as well. Now I understand why Gioia Sautereau was called gardener in the landmark description.

Impressions of Sugar Mine (4) – around and above the artificial waterfall

Below of the plaza is an elevated railroad and under the tracks are stores. To me it looked a bit like a train station, just the platform was missing. The wagon on the railroad tracks is now a fast food restaurant. The shops look Asian and are quite detailed.

Impressions of Sugar Mine (5) – the “Tram station”

I asked myself what might be in the big block below of the plaza and behind the train station. I camed inside and found a way to get in. There’s a humongous hall with an art and light installation. Look at the two dolls at the entrance. One has her hands in front of her face to protect it from the light and then she takes off her face!
There must be a better way to get it, I assume that I missed anotehr force tp point. I got out with a forced tp though.

Impressions of Sugar Mine (6) – the light art installation

Sugar Mine is a mixture of Metroplis, steampunk, fantasy, architecture and art and even garden culture, quite difficult to sort into a category. There’s a lot to discover, and there’re great backgrounds for taking pictures. Sugar Mine is just different.
Thank you Tomster Starflare and Gioia Sautereau for sharing your place with the public.

Landmark to Sugar Mine
Simtipp: Sugar Mine
Gioia Sautereau flickr
Tomster Starflare flickr

Simploring 2020 (78) Midnight in Paris

Once again I picked my simploring destination for Wednesday, November 4th, from SL Desinations. The entry for Midnight in Paris caught my eye. It led to post of Inara Pey “Midnight in Paris in Second Life” and after reading it, I decided to visit myself.

Midnight in Paris is a homestead, rated general, owned and created by Billie (littlesquaw). Billie is also the creaotr of BKLYN, a place I visited in April 2020 (read Simploring 2020 (32) BKLYN). This time Billie selected Paris at night for her town scene. In order to see it properly you should use the preset windlight and switch advanced ligting on.

The landing is inside of a houseboat on the river Seine. You step outside and WOW – what a view. Billie has created a quite realistic night scene of Paris. I was overwhelmed immediately.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (1) – the landing in a houseboat

I began to explore and left the boat, I crossed the bridge and it was raining. My latex dress and the overknee booty was once the right outfit for simploring! Billie selected the light very smart and you can see the reflections on the puddle on the street. There are also some static figures on the streets to liven up the scenery.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (2)

I went seeing the louvre with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I really got the feeling of being in Paris, a town that I have visited back in 2014 the last time in the physcial world.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (3)

But there’s more to see at Midnight in Paris, not just the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the promenade along the river Seine. Behind a Bistro there’s a passage leading to a cul-de-sac road. And that is designed really well, almost perfect. There are so many little details to discover, be it the graffiti at the wall, the different stores, signs, bicycles, garbage tons, a chair, the illumination above the street, etc.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (4)

After a while I returned to the promenade and found way more scenes and places to take pictures.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (5)

What a great place to immerse yourself into Paris at night! And what a great place for taking pictures in Second Life. I had a great time. And I was and I still am impressed of Billie (littlesquaw)’s work. Thank you for creating Midnight in Paris, Billie, and for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Midnight in Paris
Inara Pey’s post “Midnight in Paris in Second Life”

Simploring 2020 (77) Clef des Champs

Sunday, November 1st, I went on another Autmn simploring tour. I picked Clef des Champs from SL Destinations because of the lovely Autumn picture. The post led to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Clef des Champs – Herbst 2020“.

Bird’s eye view of Clef des Champs

Clef des Champs is a full moderate region owned by Rose Ulrik (Rose Siabonne). Rose’s partner Renan Ulrik contributed as well to the sim.

I was not disappointed, Clef des Champs is a great place to enjoy the colours of Autumn. And there’s a lot to discover, many views to enjoy. There’re enough places to sit and cuddle and to enjoy. At many places you can also use an intan to dance.
I refrained from making a real orientation map as most of the sim is covered with forest. There’re trails to follow, quite a lot of residential houses, some meadows with grazing horses and beach plots where you can enjoy the view on the sea.

Impressions of Clef des Champs (1) – close to the landing point

I didn’t find out, if all houses are for rent, but some are and there were some available for rent at the time of my visit. Hence I didn’t walk into the houses. I also found one prefab houses that is rezzed obviously to showcase it.

Impressions of Clef des Champs (2) – lower right shows the public gazebo

Clef des Champs is tagged with “photography, blog, cosy, beach, gacha, rental, garden, hire, Lighthouse, fishing, beach, rezz, sex, BDSM, picnic, fairy, magical, butterflies, birds, voice, chat, hangout, scenic, scenery, flickr, public, hors du temps
In Maddy’s post I read that Hors du temps is another sim Rose Ulrik (Rose Siabonne) that is closed in the meanwhile. On the ground your find some teleporter pads that can be used to get around quickly to twwo other spots on the sim and to get to 2 others places in the sky: Winter and BDSM. I didn’t go there (yet).
The flickr group for Clef des Champs is rated adult.

Impressions of Clef des Champs (3) – upper and lower left shows another public gazebo

The preset windlight is a bit too light in my opinion and hence I darkened it a bit for my pictures. This way I got a lot of real nice Autum impressions.

Impressions of Clef des Champs (4) – upper right is the above mentioned prefab house

Most areas at Clef des Champs are free to visit and there’re also some houses, like the gazebo, that are clearly not for rent but for public use. I spent far over an hour just walking around and enjoying the views. Clef des Champs is another beautiful place to enjoy the colours of Autumn. Did I mention in this blog alread that I love Autumn in general and in Second Life? *winks*

Impressions of Clef des Champs (5)

Thank you Rose Ulrik (Rose Siabonne) for sharing so much of your place with the public. I enjoyed my first visit a lot.

Landmark to Clef des Champs
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Clef des Champs – Herbst 2020”
Clef des Champs flickr

Simploring 2020 (76) Still Waters

Wednesday, Ocotber 21st, I saw several pictures of Still Waters on SL Destinations. One entry led to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Still Waters (Herbst 2020)“. After reading it, I almost had to visit it as I like the colours of Autumn and I hadn’t yet visited a sim dedicated to the foliage this year. To say it right away, I was not disappointed at all

Still Waters overview and orientation map

Still Waters is a moderate homestead, owned by Talia (Natalia Corvale), who also owns Broken, which I visited last year (read here)

Still Waters is a sim to enjoy the colours of Autumn. The island has the form of a hoof, the sim surround fits perfectly. The landing is on a pier right next to one of a few residential homes on the island. The house is fully furnished and the doors were open, hence I dared to have a look into it. The other houses are also furnished as far as I could see through the windows.

Impressions of Still Waters (1) – around the landing point

Next to the house is a meadow, blooming in yellow, where two horses are grazing. They can be ridden and I took one for a ride.

Impressions of Still Waters (2)

The views I got were just overwhelming, the windlight fits perfect and the leaves almost glow. Amazing. I came along a waterfall and stopped at a chariot used to showcase books. I hadn’t seen it in Second Life ever before.

Impressions of Still Waters (3)

I left the horse and continued on foot I walked up the hills. Above the waterfall is a great place for a break, lovely decorated for the season. Maddy had fun watching the fox there – and I also enjoyed that in particular besides the great view.

Impressions of Still Waters (4) – scenic outlook above the waterfalls

There are many more places to sit and enjoy the views. I took many pictures and enjoyed the Autumn, Still Waters is just beautiful and I’m really happy that I visited and had my Autumn trip. Hence, if you love the colours of Autumn, I strongly recommend to visit Still Waters.

Impressions of Still Waters (5)

Thank you Talia (Natalia Corvale) for this great place and for sharing it with the public. I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Landmark to Still Waters
Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp: Still Waters (Herbst 2020)

Simploring 2020 (75) Dagger Bay Autumn 2020

I was looking for a sim with the beuatiful colours of Autumn. I scrolled through SL Destinations but didn’t find a new place that really caught my interest. Then I remembered Dagger Bay and The Beguinage of Bruges. I had visited this great place back in 2018 (read here) the first time and I was there again in 2019 on a little Autumn tour (read here)

The landmark description is unchanged: “We invite you to visit the beautiful Village of the Beguinage of Bruges and surrounding countryside. Please enjoy a walk on the forest path or relax in the coffee house along the canal with a snack or something to drink.”

Dagger Bay and The Beguinage of Bruges – Autumn 2020 (1)

The place itself is decorated for the season. There might be some changes but it looks pretty much like 2 years ago. And I did enjoy it again. I used the preset windlight this time for most of my pictures and I simply enjoyed the colours of Autumn.

Dagger Bay and The Beguinage of Bruges – Autumn 2020 (2)

Dagger Bay and the adjacent homestead (South Haven Bay and Haven Bay Hunting Estate) are owned by Jaysun Dagger. For more information read my post from 2018)

Dagger Bay and The Beguinage of Bruges – Autumn 2020 (3)

Dagger Bay and The Beguinage of Bruges – Autumn 2020 (4)

Dagger Bay and The Beguinage of Bruges – Autumn 2020 (5)

If you haven’t seen Dagger Bay in Autumn, now is the time to visit it. It is jsut beautiful. Thank you Jaysun for keeping this great place alive. I enjoyed my visit once again!

Landmark to Dagger Bay
My original post from 2018 “Simploring 2018 (100) The Beguinage of Bruges”

Simploring 2020 (74) Ruegen

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, October 6th, I picked “Ruegen” from SL Destinations. The entry let me to a post from Inara Pey “Ruegen Island in Second Life“.
The name Ruegen caught my attention immediately. Rügen is Germany’s largest island, located in the Baltic Sea in the State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I’ve been there in the physical world and I loved it. Rügen is famous for its chalk cliff line, which belongs to the Jasmund National Park. Of course I had to see Ruegen in Second Life.

Ruegen is an adult homested owned by André Nalin (reizwolf). He wrote in the landmark profile “An attempt, to depict the landscape of the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Rügen in Second Life.

Ruegen – overview and orientation map

To start with, Ruegen in Second Life is inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Balic Sea shore and its offshore islands, but it is not the attempt to build parts of it in Second Life. Despite the cliff line it could be any of the Baltic Sea islands or somewhere at the German shore. You won’t see the famous pier of Binz nor the promenade nor the castle Granitz.
What you will see is the beauty of this landscape and you can explore and experience it without being amoung many other tourists.

Impressions of Ruegen (1) – at the landing close to the main house

The landing at Ruegen is in the center of the island next to the main house, persumably the home of the owner. It’s a big and modern house with a wonderful roof terrace. Close to the house is a pool and a small greenhouse. I went to the main beach and walked around the island following the shoreline. At the beach a few horses are grazing, at the horizont you see a lighthouse. The selected windlight provides a particular atmosphere. The sun is still shining but a storm seems to be close. The sky is dark and full of coulds.

Impressions of Ruegen (2) – Beach house and Beach Café

Walking along the shore you get to another residential home, which I called “Beach house” and later you come to the “Beach Café” where I sat down for a break.

Impressions of Ruegen (3) – Beach hut and Chalk Cliff line

After this short break I continued my tour and got to the Beach hut which is quite close to the backside of the Main house. I had another short break, then I came to the Chalk Cliff line. André placed a board there explaining that it is natural that parts of the Cliff fall into the sea every once in a while as the wind and the elements wear the cliff down. Such a sign could really be at the island of Rügen *winks* – mabye it is! The board is in German though.

Impressions of Ruegen (4) – Fischerman’s home

Towards the end of my round island tour I came to a small fisher harbour with one boat, two huts and a residential house that is quite typical for the Baltic islands. There are sheep grazings (also very typical). The Fisherman’s home is a great spot for taking pictures. I really liked it there.

Impressions of Ruegen (5) – Jet ski rental, in the forests of Ruegen, Fisherman’s home on a sunny day

Before I completed my round coming back to the landing point I came across a jet ski rental. Great! I have to keep that in mind as I like driving them. What I hadn’t explored so far were the forests inside of the island. I discovered a camping site and another small hut.
Finally I tried to take some pictures with another windlight, just to see how it looks – not as good as with the windlight, that André has selected.

I enjoyed my visit to Ruegen. It’s a great place for taking pictures, to wind down and to enjoy the nature. I felt almost a bit like being home. Thank you André Nalin (reizwolf) for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Ruegen
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Ruegen Island in Second Life”

Simploring 2020 (73) Ghosts of Jericho

Back in 2016 and 2017 I visited Follow Your Bliss (read here, here and here). In 2018 I visited Nantes (read here) and the Nantes Gallery (read here). Why do I list these entries? All these places were created by Elizabeth Jewell (elizabethnantesjewell), who still ownes Nantes and Fusion City (located above Fleur de Sel), which is also home of Nantes Gallery.
On Saturday, October 3rd, I got an invitation to visit “Ghosts of Jericho“, a sim built by Elizabeth at “Sim Quarterly“.

Sim Quarterly is a sim and initiative of Electric Monday:
Art and the virtual world, Second Life© are very similar — you are able to both find yourself and immerse yourself (and maybe even lose yourself) in something totally unlike what you already know. The experiences you gain help you grow and form new opinions about the world. That is what I hope this sim can provide over time. I am very excited to bring to you a quarterly art project by way of The Sim Quarterly.
The project features one creator every 3 months (every quarter) as an artist in residence. The purpose of the sim is so that residents can experience something new and even create a community.
Sim Quarterly has an own website.

The current installation “Ghosts of Jericho” is “a scenic installation designed, curated, and posed by by Elizabeth Jewell (elizabethnantesjewell), with an original soundscape concept and experience by Electric Monday.” According the the concet of Sim Quarterly it should stay open until the end of this year. I recommend to read about “Ghosts of Jericho” on the Sim Quarterly website here.

“Ghosts of Jericho” – Landing and welcome platform

The landing at “Ghosts of Jericho” is on a seperate platform above the sim itself – and it is already impressive. You get a notecard and some instructions about the settings: Advanced Lighting activated, Sun and Projector enabled, ambient sound on and preferably high or ultra high graphics settings. You also get a notecard with background information about the installation and about Sim Quarterly. I took some quite nice pictures already at the landing platform. You need to sit in the boat nearby (the ferry) to get to the sim itself.

Overview and orientation map of “Ghosts of Jericho” / at the landing pier

THe first views of Ghosts of Jericho are impressive. You land at a fishermen pier. At the end of the pier is a house used for fish processing and to the fishermen to change and take a break from work. Outside you find some rack with drying fish. The view from the pier to the rocky island with its trees and to the neighbour island is breathtaking. Fog is rising from the ground and from the flattened sea. Nearby is a larger waterfall.

Impressions of “Ghosts of Jericho” (1) – the fishermen’s pier

I went cross country and came to the bridge connecting the two islands, but stayed on the main island and walked on to the lighthouse. On my way I heard voicea .. and I read in the public chat:
Ghosts of Jericho: When will you be back?
Ghosts of Jericho: Do you think it was one of the wolves?
Ghosts of Jericho: There’s SOMETHING in the cave…
I didn’t see any wolf or and ghost but I enjoyed the views. The windlight setting and the environment is really great for taking pictures!

Impressions of “Ghosts of Jericho” (2) – the lighthouse

I continued my simploring tour and walked to the other side of the main island. There you find one inhabited residential house with a nice porch to sit and furnished with love for the detail. I stayed there for a while and enjoyed the view.

Impressions of “Ghosts of Jericho” (3) – at the residential house

Following the shoreline I came the the entrance of a cave. The light insight is very well set up and provides another great place for taking extraordinairy pictures. Yet I didn’t see any ghost nor “SOMETHING” .. I might have to return and have a more detailed look at every corner

Impressions of “Ghosts of Jericho” (4) – the cave

My first simploring tour to “Ghosts of Jericho” ended with a visit of the smaller island. There is a hut with a panorama window from where you have a great view on the lighthouse. And I heard a voice and read in mainchat .. “Ghosts of Jericho: She was there…” … Who? Some questions remain unanswered.
Don’t miss the views on the main island from the smaller island, they are just intriguing.

Impressions of “Ghosts of Jericho” (5) – the smaller island

Ghosts of Jericho” convinces with its great windlicht settings and with the atmosphere it provides. You can immerse yourself into another, lonely world and enjoy. I did enjoy my visit and I took lots of pictures again. A very well made, artfully created place, that showcases what can be done within Second Life. Thank you very much, Elizabeth Jewell (elizabethnantesjewell) for this sim. Thank you Electric Monday for the Sim Quarterly initiative.

.. one last picture 🙂

Landmark to Ghosts of Jericho
Simquarterly website
Blogpost about Ghosts of Jericho on Simquarterly

Simploring 2020 (72) Slovakia, Slovensko

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, September 22nd, I picked “Slovakia, Slovensko” from SL Destinations, mainly because there’s no blog post about this place yet.

I will furtheron just use “Slovakia” instead of the full name which should be “Slovakia, Slovensko – Slovak, Czech “. Slovakia is built on a plot in an adult region and owned by a group named “Great Czechoslovakia”. The group was founded by Gerard Brianna, who is also the main owner of Slovakia. Lena Atheris and Jucciano Carpaccio have contributed to the sim and own buildings and objects of Slovakia.

The name of the group – Great Czechoslovakia – points to the intention of the owners. They built a place that should repesent Czechoslovakia in the 1980ies, when the two states Slovakia and Czech Republic of today were one socialist state.

Orienation map and first impressions of Slovakia

Slowakia is quite simple structured. It could be part of a little town. There’s one road forming a circle. In the center are all community buildings and activities like a church, a bar, a park, a gazebo to meet, a stage for events, the carousel of a fair and a little pond. Outside of the circle are residential homes, a police station, a big club in an old food store, a small playground, a donut restaurant, a strange meeting point building named Bye Way, a motel, a basketbal court, and a trailer park. Almost everything a little town has to have.

Impressions of Slovakia (1) – Stop N Go club inside (upper left) / Bye Way and Donut restaurant (upper right), church inside (lower left) / Donation tip jar and rental map (lower right)

The plot is seperated to the other plost of the region by large rocks and by big housing blocks. These blocks, the omnipresent dirt, the shabbiness of the buildings and the cars in the street, the garbage, the missing colours shall provide the feeling on a typical socialist urban environment. Fitting to that is the big and fully functional police station. But also fitting are the little idyllic scenes at the trailer park, where people arranged with what they had.

Impressions of Slovakia (2) – motel and trailer park

Slovakia is a sim that shall enable building a community for people in Second Life who are from these 2 countries but it is not limited to those of course. Most of the residential homes are available for rent at the moment. A map with the free houses can be found in the church. In the church is also the only donation tip jar that I saw in Slowakia (how fitting, it is on the altar *winks*).

Impressions of Slovakia (3) – rental houses (upper left and right) / the carousel (lower left) / little cafe and rental mobil home (lower right)

It is not easy to build something like Slovakia, to produce a miserable environment with a socialistic flair as the objects are not available on the marketplace. Therefore you see also shabby American cars, the signs for the trailer park and the motel are in English as well as the Roady bar. But nonetheless, I could sense the intention of Slovakia right upon when I landed there. At the time of my visit the streets were used as a skating course. I don’t know if that is a permanent installation.

Impressions of Slovakia (4) – Police station (upper left) / Stage (upper right) / Roady’s bar (lower left) / Gazebo in the park (lower right)

One word to the windlight. For what reason ever I had a quite sunny and inexpressive windlight when I visited. I decided to select the Anan Adored Realistic windlight for most of my pictures. Choosing a foggy, hazy, grey and drab windlight would fit better to Slovakia but is not suitable for blog pictures that shall provide an impression.

Slovakia was established in May 2020. It is at least something different from what you can experience in Second Life elsewhere. Thank you Gerard Brianna and Lena Atheria. I enjoyed my visit and my short conversation with Lena.

Landmark to Slovakia, Slovensko

Simploring 2020 (71) Bates Motel

For my simploring tour on Saturday, September 19th, I picked Bates Motel from SL Destinations. Bates Motel is a plot, rated moderate, owned by Kaiden Tray (kaidentray). What tempted me to visit was the picture on SL Destinations that immediately reminded me of Psycho, the famous film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Bates Motel – overview and orientation map

The landing is in front of the office of Bates Motel. The Motel has 4 rooms, all are furnished quite basic. An old VW Beetle is parked in front of one room and a man sits outside next to his luggage…. and in the background you see the manor, the Psycho-house, where Norman Bates’ mum’s dead body “lives”. You can easily immerse into the story.

Impressions of Bates Motel (1) – the motel itself

I explored every room … then right next to the office I found what I was looking for: the shower scene!

Impressions of Bates Motel (2) – the shower scene

I took some very nice pictures, some of them look as if I made a screenshot from the film. Of course I visited the Psycho-house, which is fully furnished. I looked into every room. I found an atelier, but I didn’t see Norman’s mum nor her ghost – and there is no cellar, really.. well at least when I was there. The motel and the Psycho-House are a great background for pictures or might be a perfect place for a roleplay.

But Bates Motel has more to offer that just the motel and the famous house. If you walk along the trail you come to a café and bar with an event area. The bar is also furnished and is nicely decorated in- and outside.

Impressions of Bates Motel (3) – the Psycho-house and the café and bar

On my way back from the café to the motel I found a nice place to sit and enjoy or to fish by the river. I saw a funny sign post. And walking further leaving the motel on my right I came to a shack and another nice place to sit. At the shore you also find a camping site. Just be a bit careful when you walk into the forest behind the Psycho-house. When I was there a bear with it’s bear cub lived there. Bates Motel offers a lot of outdoor activies, the right place for a vacation …. and you can book a room at Bates Motel *winks*.

Impressions of Bates Motel (4) – exploring the plot

I returned to the motel and walked along the shore. At the corner of the plot is a boat rental. You can rezz boats there for a tour. A bit above of the boat rental is a small graveyard and a workshop. Prepare yourself, Halloween is coming soon! Inside of the workshop you find two zombies at work, really scary.

Impressions of Bates Motel (5) – boat rental, graveyard and Zombies

I enjoyed my simploring tour to Bates Motel, a great place to hang out and a great place for outstanding pictures, in particular if you play a bit with the windlight settings.

Bates Motel

Kaiden Tray (kaidentray), the owner of Bates Motel, also owns the GLITCH storee for poses and props, for every day needs. You can find it on the marketplace here. Kaiden also offers landscape services.
Many thanks for Bates Motel, Kaiden. I had a great time exploring.

Landmark to Bates Motel
flickr group

Simploring 2020 (70) Route 21 – Rural/Small Town Hangout

For my simploring tour on Saturday, September 26th, I picked “Route 21 – Rural/Small Town Hangout” from SL Destinations. The entry led me to another post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Route 21” (in German). His blogpost teased me enough to go there myself. Maddy made some great pictures.

Route 21 – overview and orientation map

Route 21 – Rural/Small Town Hangout“, furtheron just Route 21, occupies a quarter of a full sim, rated moderate. It is owned by Terry Wardark. Route 21 is a “general hangout with a small town and rural vibe“, it is “a creation without specific purpose“. The landing is in a gazebo in a park. You get a notecard upon landing with some useful information. At the gazebo you can get also another notecard with hints how to get to the two haunted attractions on the sim for the fall season. Stepping out of the gazebo you see a memorial, the Howie Parker memorial, who was a friend of Terry in real life and passed away in 2017.

Impressions of Route 21 (1) – landing point, Howie Parker memorial, promenade and first view on the town

I had set the windlight to the recommended setting and went to the promenade first. The windlight was perfect for an athmospheric picture of the promenade and the lighthouse. But for my further simploring tour I used either “Anan Adored Realistic” or “Midnight” for my pictures.

The town is for sure a photographic highlight of Route 21. It looks best with the midnight setting. Next to the town is a gas station and garage.

Impressions of Route 21 (2) – town and gas station in different windlight settings.

From the gas station I followed the road over a narrow bridge and came to the rural part of Route 21 with a farm, waterfalls, a pond and nice, romantic places to chill or cuddle. This part is quite a contrast to the town – and very well made.

Impressions of Route 21 (3) – farm and waterfalls

Following the road you come to the Murder House, one of the fall attraction. As Halloween gets closer, you find some scary scenes inside. I turned left and came to the harbour, another photographic highlight of Route 21. It offers nice backgrounds.

Impressions of Route 21 (4) – Murder House and harbour

In one corner of the harbour, close to the truck, there’s the entrance cave for the second fall attraction. You walk through an old mine tunnel and at it’s end is a door which leads to another scary Halloween scene, the crypt, supposed you accept the experience.

Impressions of Route 21 (5) – The crypt – one more picture of the town

Route 21 is a nice place offering different backgrounds, nice spots to wind down and for the fall season also two Halloween installations. Although Terry Wardark wrote that it was created for no specific purpose, I think it has a purpose, the purpose to have fun. Thank you very much for sharing this fun, Terry. I enjoyed.

Landmark to Route 21
Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp: Route 21
Route 21 – Murder House
Route 21 – The Crypt Entrance

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