Simploring 2017 (20) – Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island

Saturday night, March 18th, Mistress Jenny and I took the slaves Flo and puppy Adarra to Mesmerize Dungeon and later to Heavy Bondage Club. Besides exposing our slaves in their March outfit, we had in mind to find profiles with new places to explore. We had in mind to do some kinkploring. Unfortunately we didn’t have much success but we had a relaxing night out and chatted a lot while exchanging thoughts about profiles and about what we read.

March 18th at HBC: slave Flo, Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave puppy Adarra

Finally we decided to see two places, one which was definitively new for us and one, that we wanted to revisit after a few years. The new landmark was disappointing as it was just an empty BDSM club, and the place we wanted to revisit was gone and replaced by another non adult sim. Then slave Adarra proposed to visit a sim that she found with the search for RLV sims – Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island.
We arrived at the landing point next to several boards with information. Quite close to the landing point is an old castle tower and two meeting area’s. I was attracted by a teleport pad which I tried and which led us to an separate smaller island just close to the main island where we landed. On this little island is a ruin of an old castle and within the ruins there’re some possibilites for BDSM play. We left the island again, returned to the landing point and found an entrance to a room that was built under the island. A single room with an isolation cell and some equipment for torture, just perfect for a kidnapping for example. Mistress Jenny just quickly tried out one of the torturing equipment with slave Flo, a metal grid where the victim is tied on. You can use electricity or water with high pressure for torture. As it was time for bed for slave Flo and time for Mistress and me to retreat we left the Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island again. After Mistress and the slaves went to bed, I returned to the island and completed exploring it. Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island seems to be a classic place to go to for many people particular for the German BDSM scene, to which we’re not as connected to. The group for the island has more than 500 members and there’re regular events and contests. Right now for example there’s a photo contest ongoing. Although it was already late in Germany, there were still around 10 people on the island. I explored the buildings on the main island, a larger house which is quite cosy, a greenhouse, a smaller house and the castle tower next to the landing point. There are really plenty places for play or to cuddle. The island itself is very beautiful and photogenic. The castle tower offers several rooms, all equipped with bondage furniture or other bdsm gear. The landmark description Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island is quite inviting: “Feel free to do whatever you like. BDSM Bondage Femdom Miss Dom Sub Slave Switcher RLV Voice Playground deutsch, inspiring for your art & photography“. From what I saw, we will for sure return.
Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island is owned by Susann DeCuir, who is writing a blog named “Mein Zweites Leben” (My Second Life). I will add the link to the active blogs section on the sidebar. Her blog is in German and it contains all around Second Life and covers a broad variety of themes. It is about BDSM news, sims, fashion, events, furniture and gear, Linden Lab, just about everything that is connected to her second life and she shares it. She’s writing this blog since 2009 and has around 4.000 (!) blog entries so far, quite impressive. So if you understand German, you should keep an eye on it.
Thank you Susann for providing your sim to the public and for your blog.

Landmark to Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island
Susann DeCuir’s blog “Mein Zweites Leben”

Diary 2017 (42) March 15th/16th – slave slut cecy at Lochme again

Wednesday night, March 15th, we went kinkploring with the slaves Flo and cecy. I explained already what “kinkploring” is. We went to The Guild BDSM Club. The landmark description says about The Guild: “The best BDSM club in Second Life.  we have BDSM themed events, socials, and an entire sim to get both relaxed and tensed up  in. Experience  bondage, torture, sadism,  TPE, and domination. Your darkest desires.”
I admit the club is large, but very empty. There was a board with the upcoming events and all are at prime time PST. Hence I assume that The Guild BDSM Club is more crowded by people closer to this time zone and hence that might have been the reason that the club was empty. Next to the club is a large and very open designed dungeon. Because of its size you could play without interfering eachother by staying out of chat distance (20m). It might not be that bad, but an empty large dungeon is not my favourite environment, I’d prefer it a bit more cosy.

March 15th at “The Guild BDSM Club”: Diomita, slave cecy, Mistress Jenny, 2 random Subs, and slave Flo

After our simploring tour we brought slave Flo to bed and we turned our attention to slave slut cecy. We had stored her at Psi the last two nights, and there were still 12 hours timer left on her cuffs. We thought a change of place was due. Mistress Jenny and I had the following conversation with slut cecy about where to lock and store her that night. (I hope you can understand gaggish :-))
Mistress Jenny: you only have 12 hours left on your timer
slave slut cecy whispers: ommm but miftweff
Mistress Jenny: the only question is where
slave slut cecy begs
Mistress Jenny: Lochme or Psi’s or SL storage
slave slut cecy trembles
slave slut cecy feels degraded
Mistress Jenny: cecy
slave slut cecy whispers: yef miftweff
Mistress Jenny: I don’t care how you feel
Diomita: I would propose Lochme, Mistress
slave slut cecy moans loudly
Mistress Jenny: if either of your Mistresses offers you something then you thank them whether you like it or not
slave slut cecy whispers: yef miftweff, hankf fow ftowing mh anh twefting mh likh an obfeft
slave slut cecy blushes
Mistress Jenny: I really don’t care for your thoughts just how you behave, now lets try that again
Mistress Jenny: the only question is where, Lochme or Psi’s or SL storage
slave slut cecy feels thankful
slave slut cecy whispers: hankf miftweffef fow tweating mh likh an obfeft
Mistress Jenny: much better
Diomita: like a slave slut, cecy
Mistress Jenny: I will forgive you this time, next time you will get a punishment
slave slut cecy nods obediently
Diomita: I’d propose Lochme this time, Mistress .. or S&L storage … no S&L Storage
Mistress Jenny: Lochme for the traffic
Diomita: yes, Mistress
slave slut cecy pouts but nods obediently

March 15th at Lochme: Mistress Jenny and Diomita storing slave slut cecy

At Lochme Mistress Jenny decided to leash our slut right next to the entrance of the castle under the sign with the rules ond the group invite. The next conversation was in main chat and there were many people around. I cut out the remarks of others, so it is just between Mistress Jenny, me and slave slut cecy.
Mistress Jenny: how many hours Cecy?
Diomita: be attentive, slut. We’re knwon here at least by some and we don’t want to hear any complaints!
slave slut cecy whispers: mghttt 12 houwf miftweff
slave slut cecy whispers: ommm i mill behavh
Diomita: I hope little Miss Drippy (remark: That is the hoovering title slave slut cecy wears right now)
Mistress Jenny: 12 real hours, not off line, not AFK, not pretending to be here, we will send friends to check on you
slave slut cecy squirms
slave slut cecy whispers: yef miftweff i mill bh attentivh
Mistress Jenny: do the 12 hours and you may cum, cheat and you will lose 12 weeks
slave slut cecy squirmsss!!
Mistress Jenny: now cecy listen
Mistress Jenny: have we played with ice cubes before ?
slave slut cecy nods obediently
Mistress Jenny: how many did you insert last time
slave slut cecy whispers: fuft tmo, miftweff
slave slut cecy whispers: i bluyh finfh hif fonvewfation if on lofal
Mistress Jenny: Ok cecy, last time was only 2, you will double that right now
slave slut cecy whispers: yef miftweff
Mistress Jenny: I want 4 ice cubes up that tight ass of yours
slave slut cecy whispers: aff????
slave slut cecy whispers: moanfff
Mistress Jenny: then you may report to us how it made you feel
slave slut cecy whispers: yef miftweff… i mill obey
Mistress Jenny: good night slut
slave slut cecy whispers: gooh night miftweffef
slave slut cecy whispers: i mill keef attentivh hewh miftweffef
Diomita: good night slut
slave slut cecy whispers: gooh night miftweff hiomita

Anything else to report? Yes, about Kitty. I reported here that she told us about this very very safe place, where she was stored at (the cage in the cell in the cage in the cell…) and where we had no picture from (read in Diary 2017 (36) March 5th).

March 16th at Psi: Kitty Maurer in her March outfit

Well I got another message from her just recently:
Hello Mistress Diomita, just a quick sign of life. All is well. Kitty hopes that you are fine. Yes, too bad that there aren’t pictures. Kitty just rezzed for the first time since last week and the sim is gone. So much for ‘super safe’ security. Reliable. Dependable. Gone. Hahaha! Missing you lots. Please have fun. Love you!!!
And Thursday, March 16th, Mistress Jenny met Kitty in the morning and Kitty finally got also a particular outfit for March: Our Pink Kitty. Here’s a picture of Kitty in her March outfit at Psi.

That’s it again.

Simploring 2017 (19) 1920’s New York Project

Today’s simploring tour is not about art nor about a romantic island or beautiful landscape, instead I visited New York in the 1920’s. I don’t remember exactly where and when I read about this project but it came to my mind again Sunday, March 12th, and I looked it up and went visiting this project sim.
You land in an arrival hall with the touch of the 1920’s, where you have to accept the basic rules to enter the sim. Proper dress code is required to visit and explore the sim. Fortunately there’s a vendor giving out a free proper dress, so I could go on. So what is this project about?
1920’s New York is a role-play sim set in 1926 lower Manhattan, a recreation project from the corner of Pearl & Broad St., (and when completed) – to South Street & The Old Slip. The project is not yet fully finished but main elements are already built. The sim is a project by Jogi Schultz. As 1920’s New York is a role-play sim you’re asked to behave like somone of that time and of course if you’re role-playing you should make up a good background for your former life, the reason you came to New York and what you’re gonna do there.I didn’t role-play during my short visit. Actually there weren’t many people there for role-play anyway. The intention of my visit was to see the sim. And I got great impressions! What catches your eyes first hand is the elevated railroad, in this case the 3rd Ave El. Elevated railroads were the mass transportation of NYC in the 1920’s, when the subway net was not as large as it is today. The elevated railroads were along the main avenues from South to North and were fully removed in the 1950’s. And of course I did not only walk along the 3rd Ave El, I also took it and drove with it from Front street to Hanover Square. Beside the elevated railroad you can do window shopping and look at the shops and get a feeling for life 90 years ago. It is of course also interesting to compare the sim with the city of New York of 1920 – and Jogi Schultz made a great job to keep the sim as close as possible to the orginal of 1920. I recommend that you read the blog 1920′ New York Project where Jogi compared pictures with the sim and described also the compromises he had to make in order to fit it into Second Life. But the main goal is not to build a replica, the main goal is to create a setting for role play.I enjoyed my visit, in particular as I read alot about NYC during the early years of the 20th century just recently. And I prepared to return and rented a small appartment. Thus I contributed a tiny little bit to the project and I have a NYC address now (for a month) and can return to 1920’s New York. Thank you very much for this sim, Jogi, good luck and I hope there will be many roleplayers joining. It is my Intention to return :-).
Landmark to 1920’s New York project sim
Homepage of the 1920’s New York project

Simploring 2017 (18) An unusal way to visit Norderney

When I read the title “A return to Norderney in Second Life” in Inara Pey’s blog, I already knew that I had to visit. Norderney is one of the East Frisian Islands off the North Sea coast of Germany. The island is 14 by 2.5 kilometres,  having a total area of about 26.3 square kilometres and is Germany’s tenth-largest island. On the northern side of the island lies a 14 kilometres long sandy beach (read more about Norderney in wikipedia here).I visited the North Sea coast of Germany sometimes and the landscape is quite familiar to me. I don’t know if Linden Lab named the homestead sim or if it was named by the owner and creator of Norderney in Second Life, Jacky Macpherson. But from what I’ve seen, the sim is provides some of the environment and typical elements of the North Sea coast of Germany. For example there are sheeps. The sheeps play an important role at our coasts as they graze on the dykes protecting the coast. On the beach and on porches and terraces you will see often roofed wicker beach chairs. They are very cosy and you can spend a good time sitting in them even on windy days. Also typical are the many bicycles you’ll see in Nothern Germany. Of course you can find beaches everywhere in the world but together with these little elements you’d probably be in Germany.For my visit to Norderney in Second Life on Thursday, March 9th, I didn’t change but went there in my fetish outfit. That is for sure not the right outfit for a walk on the beach. But it adds a nice contrast and is something you resonably can only do in SL and not in reality (although it’s not illegal at all). And thus I got pictures of me in second life in an environment that I love in real. Kinky Diomita :-).

March 9th at Norderney in Second Life: Diomita Relaxing in a roofed wicker beach chair

Norderney offers many places to sit and cuddle, to dream and to watch. It is really beautiful and gets you into a relaxed mood. While I visited it was quite full there for Second Life, there were about 10 avatars exploring the island or enjoying the beach and the the mood. Thank you Jacky Macpherson for providing Norderney to the public.

Landmark to Norderney
Inara Pey’s blog entry about Norderney

Diary 2017 (41) March 14th – a varied night with slave Flo

Tuesday night, March 14th, turned out to become a varied and relaxing night. Mistress Jenny was not online and as no other slaves showed up I was alone with slave Flo, who is still comfy in her restricted catsuit, corset and hood. First we followed an invitation to a party. Barbara and her partner and sub Karli had invited to celebrate….their wedding, Karli’s submission and Karli’s 10th Rezzday. A lot of reasons! The party was underwater and hence a proper dress was expected. As the party already started at 8 PM my time and I got on close to 10 PM, I first didn’t want to go there anymore, in particular as changing slave Flo into a mermaid would have taken all the remaining time. But Barbara convinced me to come as we were and so we did. It was really a colourful picture with all the mermaids! And Barbara did provide diving goggles and snorkles for slave Flo and me. That alone was fun! We had a good time there, chatting and watching and listening to great music – very relaxing.Then I took slave Flo on a “kinkploring” tour. I often go simploring to explore the magic of Second Life, but “kinkploring”? We often read profiles when we visit a club. I thought it would be great to pick a profile and to follow the picks. And I tink it can be a regular part of our Second Life. For this night I had already selected a profile with 2 picks to explore. The first sounded familiar to me “Damsel Bondage Hangout“. And yes I recognized that I was there before. It is a huge RLV BDSM dungeon, mall and club. Unfortunately it was quite empty. Damsel is described to be for “all types of Fetish for those who love Bondage Latex Rubber Femdom Maledom Pony and Dungeons and YIFF!” What the heck is YIFF? I had to look that up. YIFF is the abbreviation for Young Incredibly Fuckable Furry. No wonder that I didn’t know it as furries are for sure not my kink. Anway, you really never stop learning *winks*. I toured a bit around with slave Flo and found some edges to revisit or to keep in mind for other opportunities.

March 14th: Diomita with slave Flo at Damsel

Then I decided to take the 2nd landmark on our list. That was a dead link unfortunately. We landed on a plane adult sim. There was nothing but about 100m above us was a castle. For sure it was not Obe’s Bondage Island, that we expected. Shame. But once we were there, why not look after this castle. So we went there. It looked medieval and it was. There were a few avatars that looked a bit Gorean. We said hello but we were ignored. What a coincidence, that I knew one of them! A former slave of us, who we haven’t seen for more than 6 or 7 years and who joined Gor. From her I learned that the castle was just rezzed there to finish the building and will be transferred to a Gorean sim later. I enjoyed my short chat with the former slave of ours and she might even come by to visit us.

Again, you can never predict what happens in SL. I enjoyed.

Simploring 2017 (17) Club Fem Manor

When we’re visiting clubs we often read profiles and this is another source for exploring other sims. I found a pick in Kel (kellyshackles)’s profile that led me to Club Fem Manor. Kel described it as follows: “A large manor house for ladies only Straight, Lesbian or Bisexual. Meet, make friends, party or play. Events and DJ’s will be held at various stages for various time zones. Free to use photostudio also available.”20170303-club-fem-manor_010I arrived in the main entrance hall of the manor and first went outside to see the surrounding. The manor is actually placed in a skybox but has a garden, where you can find the above mentioned photostudio and the outside disco. The manor offers a lot of space inside. On the 1st floor is large room with dance poles and enough seating possibilities. On the 2nd Floor are separate rooms for Play, a dungeon room as well as a bedrooom, a room with an oversized large bed (I leave it to your imagination for what it is for) and a room that might possibly serve as a classroom for submissive girls. There I saw again the pet’s cage that I first saw when I was exploring Days of O (see here).

Club Fem Manor_ Diomita in the pet's cage. It really seems as if I like to pose in it *winks*

Club Fem Manor: Diomita in the pet’s cage. It really seems as if I like to pose in it *winks*

20170303-club-fem-manor_006The Club Fem Manor is for sure a nice place to meet. During my visit I was all alone and didn’t meet anyone. I might come back at another time or probably use one of the rooms when the right occasion turns up.

Landmark for Club Fem Manor:

Simploring 2017 (16) Long Journey

I went simploring and visted “Long Journey“, a place created by Yang (Sun2idea). Inara Pey had a blog post about it – A Long Journey in Second Life. From Yang’s profile I took this text about Long Journey: “An end or just a start? Are you always on your trip or need a stop? Make your heart peaceful but the music loud.  Runing away is also a long journey,  waitting a tram go through your dream and keeping smile.”
Visitors land inside a cosy bar and coffee shop and I couldn’t resist to sit down first before I began exploring the place, which is not that large but really offers a lot. I try to describe what I discovered. 20170303-lang-journey_01620170303-lang-journey_017The bar, where I landed, is at the entrance to the tunnel, that you see in the middle in the background of the overview picture. On the left is a large buildiung, that looks like a storage building but is mostly used as a photo and painting atelier. On the right is the ruin of another storage or fabric building. In the center is the railroad station and a a train is just arriving. In the foreground bottom right side is a residents house. And what else? A lot of details are to discover. Long Journey seems to be a artists’ colony. There’s the big building on the left. On the frontside is an painting atelier. The main part of the building is dominated by a scenery with a truck, obviously to take pictures of to present other artists acts. The ruin on the other side is in use for making a movie scene.

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

And on the street is the exhibition of another painter. You can also see a camera on a tripod that on a wooden bridge over a canal in the middle of the village. And there many restaurants and cafes. You will find a lot of places to sit and dream or to pose for a picture. What you really sense here is the love for detail that Yang has put in this creation. What I missed to my surprise was music. But I could turn on my own instead. I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing hour of simploring at Long Journey. Thank you Yang for opening the place for the public.

Landmark for Long Journey
Inara Pey’s blog post about Long Journey

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