Diary 2017 (56) April 16th (2) – Thrall

Sunday night, Easter Sunday 2017, April 16th, we first went to The Secret House. We that’s Jenny, slave Flo and I. We met Argi over there and chatted a bit. It was very laggy and even the conference IM lagged terribly. Time to do something else. I still have some landmarks to explore and discover that I found surfing profile.

April 16th at TSH: Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and Argi

We went to Thrall. Somehow the name rang a bell, but Jenny didn’t remember it and nor did I. The orignal description I had was “Welcome! Island home to Miss Angie and Shae. Use the TP pads to explore, and enjoy the castle, the forest, the caverns, the space station, and of course, the dungeon. Bring your loved one here to visit one of our many dark cells, or just to cuddle 🙂“. When we arrived at Thrall, we learned that Thrall is currently under recontruction and might be some mess.Thrall. The moment we arrived it felt familiar. In particular many names of the Thrall group are very familiar. Shae, that’s Shae Thatcher, she has her private hime there, Sharie Criss, Aimee Riptide, Tania Owatatsumi …. many more, not close friends but acquaintances of a long Second Life. And Thrall? Yes, we’ve been there before. It is a homesim right next to Lochme. A lot more quiet, medieval, some private homes. It offers nice looks and views and also a dungeon. As opposed to Lochme, you won’t get that much attention at Thrall. Everything is more private here. Jenny, Argi, slave Flo and I roamed around Thrall for about an hour. We had fun exploring it and the longer I walked around, the more familiar the place became to me again. We shall come back soon to check what is remodelled.
We walked over to Lochme (well we had also to swim) and finished our visit. After slave Flo went to bed, I grabbed what is mine. I had in mind to take Jenny to club DeLust and we actually also went there, but lag was unbearable that night, so we went home and spent some time together in our own Fetisch Club before I took Jenny to the annex of our skybox, where I took advantage of being in control. We ended this night dancing at the rooftop of our skybox.

April 16th at home at Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Diomita and Jenny

Simploring 2017 (30) Keiko’s Castle

When we’re in a club we often read profiles and I began to collect any landmarks which descriptions sound promising and I store them for a visit later. We saw Keiko (keikonami) at Club DeLust, her profil has a pick about Keiko’s Castle
“I am Mistress Keiko Pleasure to meet you. I am Head Mistress at Keiko’s Castle. My personal RLV and Hostess Bar is now open. Come by and enjoy yourself”
Thursday, April 13th, I visited Keiko’s Castle. It is not a full sim but a larger plot with a Japanese house. Upon your landing you receive a notecard with rules to follow – mainly to behave normal and polite and respect others. Of course as a submissive member of the house you’d have to follow a bit more strict rules. Any play should be consensual (of course!).At the landing point you have the possibility to join the group “Maven’s Refuge”. By joining you’ll get access to the gear at Keiko’s Castle. From the landing point you can either walk to the house or you take the teleport system to visit the place. I used to teleporters and went to all offered teleport point as there are:
2 dungeons, slave pens, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and wash room, teahouse, entrance, slave Dock
I was alone at the castle most of the time and could explore it undisturbed. The two dungeons are in skyboxes and offer what you’d expect from a dungeon. They are quite similar. The slave pens are below the house and the slave dock is an entrance to the slave pens from outside. The slave pens offer enough space to store pets and slaves and there is also some SM furniture. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & wash room and the living room are in the main house. In particular the living room is cosy and offers additional possibilities for play. And for chatting or mediating you can go to the teahouse.
Keiko’s Castle is a nice place, not overloaded with gear and bdsm furniture. It leaves enough space for other activities and for just being together. It is for sure a place I can take Mistress to, when I get my next green light.
Thank you Keiko for providing your place to the public.
Landmark to Keiko’s Castle:

Simploring 2017 (29) Bella Italia – Amandia

It seems that the Mediterranean appeals to many of us in a magic way. That’s true at least for me. Wednesday, April 12th, I came across Amandia by following Nix Bubbles’ blog “Places in Secondlife with a tiny pinch of fashin” (link to this blog is in the Active blogs list).Amandia is a little Italian village which offers a really great variety of living, roleply, fun and kink. First of all it is very picturesque and a place for those who like taking pictures. It is made with love and creativity and to me it looks really like a place to spend a vacation. Amandia also presents some art. I did recognize immediatly several of Mistero Hifeng’s art. In addition it has countless places to cuddle, to sit, to dance and to dream. Amandia has several beaches and patio’s, there are (public) vacation homes as well as one private (non-pubic) resident home. There are possibilities for roleplay, night clubs, sky boxes for voyeurs, lesbians and for extreme play. And there is a hotel that has also a suite for bdsm.I visited for about an hour and could just get a little overview. I roamed around in the village first. It is not large but the houses there are not empty and just facades, instead they are furnished very many with details. The village really make you feel like being in Italy. Amazing. I visited some of the skyboxes (kinky), the beaches with the many opportunities to sit, to take a sunbath, to cuddle or to surf. I went to the little half island “Though Isle”, which is more for meditation. I spent time walking along the shore promenade. I walekd up to the lighthouse. I enjoyed many many views .. and of course I couldn’t hold back and also visited the hotel suite for bdsm.
Amandia is a full sim and an adult sim (so you can sunbath naked .. and more). The landmark description lists all the activities: “Vintage city, beach, dance, outdoors, kid, garden, piano’s bar, farm, nature, forest, hangout, live music, sea,  photoset, photostudio, models, hotel, suite, dom, lesbian, bdsm, hospital, Mama Allpa clinic“. Amandia is owned and created by robb (robbaccia). He wrote (in the notecard you’ll get upon landing in Amandia): “I’m very glad to welcome you to Amandia, folklore, arts, nature and hospitality from the  people of ‘LeMarche’, an Italian Region.
The land is open to all ** Human Avatars and Pets **, the moderate area is open to ** Child avatars ** too. You can fly and rez (group required). No Nazis, No fascists. Respect other avatars and have fun
There is not much to add but a big thank you to robb for providing this gem to all SL users.
Landmark to Amandia
Flickr for Amandia

Simploring 2017 (28) Maison de L’amitié

Saturday, April 8th, I went on a simploring tour. I decided to visit Maison de L’amitié, a homestead sim owned by Corina Wonder – a place made with love how she writes herself about it. Maison de L’amitié is French and translates to house of friendship. I once again followed Inara Pey’s blog “Maison de L’amitié in Second Life”, where you can find a detailed description.
Maison de L’amitié looks like a Mediterranean island, it is a picturesque little harbour village with a large beach and with a lot to discover.
You land on the street between the fishing harbour and the village. I went along the street to explore the big mansion with the surounding park first. The park is small but has all what you’d expect from a park, including a fountain. I went into the mansion, on the ground level is a registration desk, a room with a piano, an office and a room with  fireplace, suite and a harp. On the first floor there are 2 rooms for ballet lessons and a locker room. So I conclude that the mansion is used as a music and ballet school.
The village is really picturesque and  offers many lovely views. I visited the book store and the fruit shop. I really loved the board at the fruit shop “Peace – Love – Juice”. Firstly you can’t buy peace or love and secondly you could find a slippery meaning of it. Exploring the village I came to the site of the broken Lighthouse, something I never saw in Second Life nor in reality. And as you would expect from a little Mediterrean village, there seems to be enough money for building another new lighthouse but there’s no money nor time nor necessity to remove the ruins of the old lighthouse.
Last but not least I took a walk along the beach. There are a lot of places to sit and cuddle and to dream. Near the new lighthouse is a nude beach, yet I could resist to have a nude sun bath, although it was tempting.I enjoyed this short vacation, this visit and the impressions. Thank you Corina Wonder for providing this sim to all of us. I strongly recommend to visit it.
Landmark to Maison de L’amitié
There’s a flickr page for pictures of Maison de L’amitié
Inara Pey’s bog entry about Maison de L’amitié

Simploring 2017 (27) – Fortress Mortice

Fortress Mortice ist a sim we visited sometimes years ago, in particular while Dana was our slave. She loved it there. The prison and the play there were alway quite a bit extreme and overdone for my taste. But I became tolerant. There’re countless kinks and who defines “normal”, and others my see my kinks being not normal. Anyway, back to Fortress Mortice. I saw Fortress Mortice in a profile pick recently and thought it would be time to revisit it. Wednesday, April 5th, Mistress Jenny and I took slave flo on a kinkploring tour to Fortress Mortice. Already the landing spot was not familiar. It lies in a harbour and there are some infoboards and vendors. Fortress Mortice is a full sim and a teleporter system brings you around. We walked to the Fortress and peeked in. It is for sure still a kinky place and I suppose still extreme to my taste at least. But the sim offers a lot and for everyone. The landmark description says it all: “Prison, bondage, asylum, slave, rlv, rubber, bane, strict restrictions, supermax, unique traps, sex, snuff, transformation, 3 level sim, doll“. We took the teleporter system and visited some spots and Mistress Jenny lost all her attachments in a trap – not funny! But that’s the risk you take visiting such a place. Thursday night, April 6th, I went back to Fortress Mortice to get a full overview and I used the teleporter system to visit each spot. The sim has 3 levels, the ground level with the prison, a 3.000 m level where you’ll find the asylum and the pony play area and a 3.500 m level for “Ec Industries”. As far as I understood it from a very short visit, Ec Industries is about milk, at least I found a strange being that looked like beeing raised for just one purpose; milking. Maybe all the ponds at that level are filled with milk?
Here are the sim overviews of the 2 main levels for your orientation. It’s good to know that some sims keep staying online and develop. Have fun visiting and enjoy roleplaying. Thank you Fay Carter (bootsieloverod) for providing Fortress Mortice to all roleplayers and for our fun.
Landmark to Fortess Mortice:

Simploring 2017 (26) Orcadi Island

Wednesday late afternoon, April 5th, I found some time for simploring and picked Orcadi Island from Inara Pey’s blog (Orcadi Island’s simple splendour in Second Life).

April 5th: Orcadi Island overview

On Orcadi Island there’s really not that much to see, maybe not even to discover. It’s a rural island covered with high weeds, a farmhouse in the center, a lighthouse in one corner, a windmill, a beach …. yes, that’s it basically. You can seemingly experience the peace and the silence when you arrive there. It is just relaxing. I walked through the high weeds and explored what is there. No hurry, as everything is easily explored within a few minutes. That on the other hand provides the time to take a closer look on little details.There’re not too many places to sit and to cuddle but there’re still enough opportunities to sit and dream.
What I didn’t see before was a Dandelion that you could rezz and fly with. I took the ride and flew upwards as in the near sky are 3 small floating Islands, which I wanted to look at. Each has a different theme and each is made to sit, cuddle and dream while looking down to the island.
Orcadi island is owned by Julya (julya77). Thank you for providing it to the public. I spent a very recovering and relaxing hour on the island. It’s just the right place to wind down.
Landmark to Orcadi Island
Inara Peys’s blog entry about Orcadi Island

Simploring 2017 (25) – SJC Playground

Tuesday, March 28th, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and I went on a short “kinkploring”-tour. We visited SJC Playground, a sim I never heard about before. I came across it once again by reading profiles.
SJC Playground is, what the name implies, an adult playground. The landmark decription lists “Bondage, Dark Castle, Dungeon, Kennel, Cage, Cages, RP, Pony Stables, Teddy-Tour, RLV Traps, Shop (Clothes+RLV toys)” That sounded like a place to go for us, doesn’t it?We were quite alone during the time of our visit. We first visited the castle, which has all elements you expect. There’s a cellar with quite some prison cells to store your victims, there’s a dungeon and there’re rooms to retreat to. And you can climb on the tower to look over the whole sim. SJC Playground is owned by Caroline Kira, and as far as I understood there is a team running the sim. We visited the SJC Shop, where you can buy clothes and RLV toys for very little money and can even grab free fetish outfits. Around the castle is a cart track for the ponies and of course there are also stables, wich we didn’t visit though. A teleporter network brings your around the whole sim and also to some skyboxes. Someone of the team or Caroline Kira herself seems to have a faible for astronomy as 3 skyboxes (planet 1, 2 3) demonstrate what we can see in the sky above us.After visiting the castle we spent some time at Ariadne Avedon’s home. She’s Caroline’s Mistress and her home is quite modern and well equipped. Mistress and I like the slideshow in the bedroom, whil slave Flo was that overwhelmed by the pictures that she fainted. Or was it because she was exhausted after being pulled around the sim?
SJC Playground is a great place for adult play and offeres a lot of opportunities while being free of lag. Many thanks to Caroline Kira for providing it to the public. I will for sure return.
Landmark to SJC Playground:

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