Simploring 2019 (50) Maderia Springs

Once again I picked the destinazion for my simploring tour on Thursday, April 11th, from SL Destinations. There’re already a lot of blog posts about Maderia Springs and just lately I saw it again. Time for me to visit myself.

Impressions of Maderia Springs (1) – orientation map, fishing hut and manor

Maderia Springs is a moderate homestead owned by Thaihiti Baroque. According to the landmark profile it is a place to hang out, to enjoy the peaceful scenery and to take great photos. And it is just this and it is fun to explore it. Maderia Springs is set to Spring now, the flowers are blooming, in particular some cherry trees were just blooming during my visit (as in my garden right now). The whole setting seems to be Mediterrean with a British and American touch.

Impressions of Maderia Springs (2) – the manor

The landing is on a road the leads to a fishing hut. If you walk in the other direction you’ll get to large residential house, that I named “Manor” in my orientation map. What caught my eye immediately is the lovely seperate garden at one side of the manor, surrounded by stones. Besides this seperate garden the whole garden is decorated with love for the detail. Just beautiful.

Impressions of Maderia Springs (3) – the cafe

My next stop was the cafe. You recognize it easily by the French truck in front of it which offers cakes and more. There are some tables outside to sit. Inside is a large kitchen and a living room. The kitchen did impress me with all the little details. Even the pans on the kitchen stove were filled with food. And the backyard once again offers nice views.

Impressions of Maderia Springs (4) – Summer hut and Chapel & Event

Close to the cafe is a flower store. Again I was impressed by the many details and enjoyed looking at it. The whole sim radiates a particular atmosphere. Walking to the shore I came to a hut with a pier, that seems to be another fishing hut. I called it “Summer hut” and took a break enjoying the the views.

Impressions of Maderia Springs (5) – Shepard’s house and Farm market

My next stop was the chapel. It’s more a place for weddings then for services and the chapel is decorated for weddings. Nearby is a place to celebrate and for the reception with fingerfood and drinks. Did I mention the blooming cherry trees already?

Impressions of Maderia Springs (6) – Garage and Picnic

I continued my exploring tour on the other side of Maderia Springs and walked over to what looks like a farm. Sheeps and cows are grazing peacefull there and on the hill is a house. It doesn’t look like a ranch or farm, hence I decided that must be the place where the shepard lives and named it “Shepard’s house”. But there’s even more to discover at Maderia Springs. Walking back to the manor I came across some ducks that were swimming in an inlet. I saw horses and a nice farm market. I saw a picnic place with the opportunity to sit or to retreat under a shabby tent. And I finally saw a garage and camping place.

A visit to Thaino Designs, the shop of Thaihiti Baroque (owner of Maderia Springs)

Maderia Springs is a lovely sim, very well done and perfectly decorated. I just love the Spring setting. And I really appreciate that it is fully public. Thaihiti Baroque is also the owner and designer of Thaino DesignS, a shop for shabby chic, upcycled, distressed furniture and decor, for garden items, flowers and plants and much more. I went over to the store and had a look. At least some of the items you can buy there are also used at Maderia Springs (no surprise!) like the stand for the flowers.

Thank you Thaihiti for sharing Maderia Springs with the public. I did enjoy my tour!

Landmark to Maderia Springs
Thaino Designs (Thaihiti Baroque’s shop)

Simploring 2019 (49) HoPe

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, April 10th, I picked HoPe from SL Destinations. HoPe is an adult homestead owned by Fred Hamilton (frecoi). According to the two blog posts already published when I visited, also Lotus Mastroianni is owning HoPe. I checked Lotus’ and Fred’s profile but I couldn’t find any hint. What I did check is that many objects at HoPe are owned by Lotus Mastroianni.

Impressions of HoPe (1) – overview and around the landing point

The landmark description consists just of one sentence: “The World wouldn’t die without the Humankind.” HoPe is a sunken city, giving us a picture of how the world might look like when humans have left. All streets are broken, the buildings are ruins, some are in better order, some are fully broken and fallen apart. Trees and bushes grow from every crack, car wrecks block the streets. You need good and waterproof footwear for exploring as you’ll walk through puddles and water and you’ll have to climb over blocks of concrete. It’s an apocalyptic scenario.

Impressions of HoPe (2) – inside a building (upper pictures) / and outside (lower pictures)

There’re some eye catchers and curiosities at HoPe. Right close to the landing point you see a big and broken statue of a boy swimming on the water, some birds sit on it as if they have conquered it. Walking through the streets you see old bill boards, graffiti on the facades and of course a lot of broken windows. I walked inside of some buildings, just trees and bushes are inside, no left over furniture or other objects. In one building the lights were still switched on – I wonder where the power for the lights comes from.

Impressions of HoPe (3) – exploring HoPe (upper pictures) / the plane wreck (lower pictures)

Around the city there once was an elevated highway that it now brocken into pieces, some pieces stick out like after an earthquake. And there’re also cars and trucks on the rests of the elevated highway, just as if there was a sudden catastrophy. Another curiosity is a building shell for what might have become an office building. There’s still a hoarding around it and many building machines which look quite functional. I entered the worksite and walked upstairs. From the higher stories you have a good view over the abandoned city. And there’re many cats, who have taken over the place. It conjured a smile on my face watching them.

Impressions of HoPe (4) – the building shell and the cats

What happened to this city? Was it an earthquake? A tsunami? And how long ago was this catastrophy? According to the vagetation the catastrophy must have been decades ago. Where does the wreck of an airplane came from, that you find in one of the streets? And why is it that the building shell looks that intact? These questions will remain unanswered.
And what does HoPe stand for? For the hope that the world won’t die even without humans? Or for the hope that the mankind will avoid such a catastrophy? Or is it an abbreviation of two terms Ho & Pe? Hotel Peter?

Impressions of HoPe (5)

Anyway, HoPe is a place to explore and discover. It offers an apocalyptic background for photographs and many details to explore. The whole scene together with the sentence “The World wouldn’t die without the Humankind.” gives reason for many thoughts. And last but not least the building shell with the cats is fun.

Thank you Fred Hamilton (frecoi) and Lotus Mastroianni for providing HoPe and for sharing it with the public!

Landmark to HoPe
HoPe on Flickr

Simploring 2019 (48) Amrum

When I came across Amrum on SL Destinations I decided immediately that I had to visit it. Amrum is an island located in the North Sea, just south of the way more famous island Sylt. I’ve been on Sylt quite often, I know the climate, the environment and I enjoyed walking endless hours along the beach. And Amrum in Second Life?

Amrum in Second Life is an adult homestead designed by Jacky Macpherson and owned by Sunrise (Sunrise Avalanche). It is way smaller than the island in the physcial world and just has 3 houses. The name does fit nonetheless as Amrum in SL has a comparably long beach at one side (the side directed to the sea) and a greener and a bit more rocky shore on the other side. The vegetation consists of grass, beachgrass and some trees. You come across some horses and sheep that graze peacefully and seagulls circle above your head. You hear the sound of the sea rushing. And you even find two beach chairs, which are quite typical for the German coast. This all adds up to the feeling being on vacation on an island in the German North Sea.

The three houses don’t fit on a German island with regard to their style and architecture. They do fit to Amrum in Second Life though. The houses are public, at least I saw no single sign or read anything saying that they are private. And the doors are wide open, the curtains fly like flags out of the open windows. Hence I looked inside.

Impressions of Amrum (1) – The Meet&Talk house and the Event decking

The house near to the landing point offers space to sit on a large wooden terrace. Inside is just one large room that offers also places to sit and talk. From the other side you can see a yacht anchoring nearby and you can see at platform at the beach, which could be used for parties or events. I named this house the “Meet&Talk house”

Impressions of Amrum (2) – The Bedroom house

The second house I went into just has only one single room inside as well featuring a large (adult) bed and some decorations, hence I named it “Bedroom house”

Impressions of Amrum (3) – The BDSM house

The third house has two rooms, one of them is fitted with BDSM gear and furniture of high quality and is in my opinion quite stylish. I might make use of it for a session. I couldn’t refrain from testing some of the gear. The other room is decorated with erotic pictures, has a piano and some adult furniture and also looks quite stylish. I called this house “BDSM house”. What a vacation home!

Impressions of Amrum (4) – Varous spots to sit and enjoy

As mentioned above Amrum in SL has a quite long beach at one side of the island and I had fun walking along it. I sat in one of the beach chairs and I tried out several other opportunities to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Quite close to the BDSM house is a nice place to meditate, another meditation point is closer to the Meet&Talk house.

More impressions of Amrum

Beside all of the above Amrum is a nice place to take pictures with a maritime background and to simply enjoy. When I visited Amrum the first time I met Inara Pey who was exploring Amrum riding her horse. We had a nice chat. Inara published her blogpost “Amrum in Second Life” just the same day.

Thank you Sunrise for sharing your sim with the public. I enjoyed my short trip to the North sea in Second Life!

Landmark to Amrum
Inara Pey’s blog post “Amrum in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (47) Green Acres

Wednesday, April 3rd, I visited Green Arces, an adult homestead owned and created by Alsatian Kidd. I came acress Green Acres following Inara Pey’s blog and reading her post “A trip to Green Acres in Second Life“.

The landmark profile contains a perfect description: “Green Acres provides the three R’s. Rustic. Rural. Retreat. This adult-themed sim has open vistas providing opportunities for photography, horseback riding, and hanging out. Explore the farm with livestock, crops and a farmers market.”

Green Acres – orientation map / around the landing point

The landing point is in the East of the island just close to 2 houses, that are nested into a steep rock and supported by trees. I climbed up and enjoyed the view from up there to get a first impression about Green Acres. I was greeted by a visitor bot: “Welcome to the Green Acres sim. Feel free to explore and enjoy the many amenities throughout Green Acres. We only ask you to respect the privacy of the ranch house.
In the orientation map I marked the private ranch house.

Impression of Green Acres (1)

From the tree houses I walked along the river and enjoyed the many lovely views. Green Acres is a paradise for photographers and I took quite some pictures. The island radiates a peaceful atmosphere. You can see a lot of animals along the way like deers, raccoons, foxes, ducks, cows and many birds. I walked along the Northern shore up to the lighthouse and the beach, where I sat down for another rest.

Impression of Green Acres (2) – the lighthouse and the beach

Close to the lighthouse is the small fishing harbour. Here I met Bruce, the poor dead shark, again, which I saw already on other sims. The harbour with the lighthouse in it’s background is very picturesque.

Impression of Green Acres (3) – the fishing harbour

Walking over the bridge close to the harbour I got to the farmers market with local food and reached the ranch. Please keep in mind that the ranch house itself is private. I had fun exploring the farm, looking at the scarecrow admist a field of sunflowers, exploring the (public) ranch buildings and I went into one building, that is obviously used as a photostudio and event area. It`s close to the ranch house, but as far as I gathered it is not private. Close to the ranch is a nice pond with some waterfalls and a cajak that offers nice opportunites for taking pictures.

Impression of Green Acres (4) – around the ranch

From there I walked back to the landing point. On my way back I noticed a bear which was fishing in the river. You an watch the bear eating the fish. I also had a look at the vineyard close to the ranch house from where you have a nice look to the harbour.

Impression of Green Acres (5) – the fishing bear, the vineyard, the lighthouse and Harbour, the (private) ranch house

I like the description of Green Arces providing the three R’s: Rustic, Rural, Retreat. It is a very peaceful setting, there’s a lot to discover and to observe, you can take pictures, you can simply enjoy the environment, you can retreat – in one word: I enjoyed my visit.
Thank you, Alsatian for sharing your world with the public!

Landmark to Green Acres
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to Green Acres in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (46) Hotel California

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, April 2nd, I picked Hotel California from SL Destinations. What attracted me was the name of course. We once had a little private prison, that we called Hotel California because of the song from the Eagles with the same name “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!”

Anyway, this Hotel California has nothing to do with it at all! In the landmark profile it is described as “A war torn land fighting it’s way back to beauty. Life always finds a way.” and it is tagged with “Photography, Scenic, Landscape, Photo, Art, Photographer, Country, Apocalypse, War, Apocalyptic, Garden, Vintage, Travel, Explore

Hotel California – overview

Hotel California is an adult sim owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) and it is a piece of land clearly torn by war. But the war seems to be over for a long time already and nature takes the land back. This offers quite some opportunities for particular pictures and extraordinairy views.

Hotel California – Landing point and hotel

The landing is on a destroyed bridge, one end is broken, the other leads to a hotel. Strangely the illuminated advertising is still working but the hotel itself is empty, abandoned for a long time already, bushes and weed grow from every crack in the walls. In the open patio, there’s still a table and a few chairs. Many birds fly around the hotel, they seem to have their nests here. Very odd is the small motor bike parked in front of the hotel. The whole area seems to be abandoned, who is living here?

Hotel California – Ruins in the water with “soldiers”

After exploring the hotel I went down to the shore to have a look at the 2 big ruins that peek out of the sea. I came across an old rusty tank wreck and then saw a group of statues in the water, like soldiers that run to the shore to occupy it, or do they flea from the ruins? The statues are not soldiers, they reminded me a bit of those from Mistero Hifeng. The tank wreck, the “soldiers” and the two ruins build an artful installation. I climbed on the ruins, there’s really not much left but concrete and steel. At one corner a huge octopussy peeks out with it’s long tentacles.

Hotel California – Gazebo, plane wreck and other impressions

There’re some more ruins on Hotel California, just 2 buildings are not destroyed, one is a gazebo at the shore and the other one is a large wooden residential home. I went inside of the residential home, all rooms are empty. The only room that isn’t empty is a greenhouse, which is full of plants. On the meadows next to this house animals are grazing peacefully. Strange enough that after some exploring the atmosphere doesn’t seem so violent anymore, despite of all the ruins and leftovers from a war.

Hotel California – Abandoned house

Next to the house I noticed an entrance to something in the underground. It turned out being a bunker and it is the only room that is furnished and there’s someone living in it obviously.

Hotel California – Bunker and other impressions

Hotel California is an one of a kind sim, the ruins in the water with the “soldiers” is a piece of art, the rest of the sim is strangely peaceful … “life always finds a way“.
Thank you Lex for sharing the sim with the public.

Landmark to Hotel California

Simploring 2019 (45) Knitland by Cica Ghost

When I got inworld Sunday, April 14th, in the earlier afternoon, I found an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit her newest installation “Knitland” and I followed her invitation immediately.

Sometimes I get sad… but then I think about yarn and everything is fine 🙂” is Cica’s quote that accompanies this installation.

Impressions of Knitland by Cica Ghost (1)

At the landing point you get already an idea about the theme of Knitland. The ground is made of yarn, knitted of green and blue yarn and decorated with daisies. A board reminds you of setting your viewer to advanved light and to enable shadows. You can grab a yarny avatar in 5 different colours, I choose purple for myself. The yarny avatars have a Cica-like look with their big curios eyes. Using the yarny avatar adds to the expierience as no humans appear anymore in this world of yarn.

Impressions of Knitland by Cica Ghost (2)

Already when I wore the yarny avatar I smiled diving into Cica’s world. The yarny avatars are quite big, yet in Cica’s world they are still small in comparision with the environment. Time to explore Knitland! In the middle of the installation sits a huge girl – knitting of course. It seems as if she created all of this and goes on and on and on….

Impressions of Knitland by Cica Ghost (3)

You’ll find many of Cica-ish animals at Knitland and they’re all made of yarn as well as all flowers, large and small, all trees and all little houses are made of yarn. I saw all kind of animals, a cat (of course), a giraffe, an elephant, a snake, some snails, chicken, a bunny, a donkey, flamingos to name just a few.

Impressions of Knitland by Cica Ghost (4)

But it is not just about knitted animals with Cica eyes, there’re also fruits and vegetables knitted like strawberries, carrots and cabbage. The girl is knitting a green paths that leads over the island, you can follow it or jump around anywhere else freely.
I also discovered a mug with a ladder leading up to it. It was not that easy to steer my yarny avatar upwards and when I arrived a snail peeked out of the mug. I tried several times to initiate the snail to get out again, but I didn’t find out how. but later I saw the snail peeking out of the mug again. It was just a coincidence, the snail peeks out of her mug home when she wants to *winks*.

Impressions of Knitland by Cica Ghost (5) – lower right was taken when I returned home to our skybox

Once again, Cica made my day. She conjured a smile on my face and I enjoyed diving into her knitted world.
Knitland is another masterpiece from Cica Ghost. As usual you’ll never know how long this installation might be available. Go and see it yourself.

Thank you a lot for making me smile, Cica!

Landmarkt to Knitland by Cica Ghost

Simploring 2019 (44) Lotus Bay

Thursday, March 28th, I picked Lotus Bay from SL Destinations for my next simploring tour. Lotus Bay is an adult homestead owned by Maria Kobaleinen (dreamy lebed). Maria wrote in the landmark description:
A luxurious tropical island with a hedonistic resort vibe.
Photography of the island is highly encouraged & welcomed, visitors are able to rez poses & small props for photography purposes only by joining the land group.
That sounds like a place to see, doesn’t it?

Lotus Bay overview (1)

Lotus Bay overview (2)

Lotus Bay is an almost round and rocky island with a dense tropical and colourful vegetation. The landing point is at a beach close to where a motor yacht has landed. From there a steep path leads up the rocks and into the island. You’ll find candles along the path, that will illuminate it during night.

Impressions of Lotus Bay (1) – landing point and small pool

The paths might look a bit confusing first but every mojor point of the island can be reached by paths. I first went to a place that I called the small pool. It’s just beautiful. All the rich and colourful vegetation around you and then this nice place to swim, cuddle or relax. Not far from it is another retreat, a cuddle nest.

Impressions of Lotus Bay (2) – cuddle nest and house & concert patio

From many points you can see elements of a bigger white house in an hispanic style peeking through the bushes and leaves. This big house is in the center of Lotus Bay. There’s a large open air patio with a piano and some opportunities to sit, obviously used as a place for concerts. The house is furnished inside, but I just had a short look.

Impressions of Lotus Bay (3) – at the large pool

I continued exploring and came to a large pool, really luxurious! It invited me to take a rest and to try out some of the animations, but as I were alone, that was less than half of the fun. I can imagine that it is a perfect place to cuddle or to have other (adult) activities.
Close to the large pool but not directly accessible from there is an open air event area, with a place to dance and sitting groups to play games. From event area you can see the other beach of Lotus Bay and I went down to it. Nested into the rocks I found another cuddle place there.

Impressions of Lotus Bay (4) – games & event area, 2nd cuddle nest

Lotus Bay is a really well made, great place. The vegetation offers a lot of spectacular views, the many opportunities to sit and cuddle and to have fun with others are all very thoughtfully arranged and look premium. A true luxury island!
I enjoyed my visit a lot. Thank you, Maria, for providing your place to the public!

Landmark to Lotus Bay

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