Simploring 2017 (36) Fies ist geil!

My simploring tour on April 30th lead me to “Fies ist geil!“. I got the landmark from Angelique, who told that I shouldn’t expect to see anyone at this sim but that is is a really a nice build. “Fies ist geil!” is German and not easy to translate, “fies” means evil, mean, or nasty and “geil” means hot or horny and was youth slang in German quite a while ago used for everyhting exciting.
When I landed I was confused as I didn’t see much really. Just a train station with a train and a forest and all powered with snow. I zoomed in and out and after a while I could see some huts, trailers, even a house hidden in the forest and some roads. That was not what I expected from the landmarks description: “Erotic art, BDSM, bondage, fetish, sex, house of gord, forniphilia, black humor, leather, latex, nylon, lycra, spandex, lingerie, clown, carnival, red light district, bitch, whore, prostitute, free roleplay, English, German, Deutsch“. Is there a teleport? No. Well, then I began to look around. I entered the train and inside I saw passengers (statues not avatars). They look quite real and all are not what you would exspect in a train: a fat clown with balloons, 3 dolls placed on the seats like passengers, a woman smoking and drinking at a bar, a woman in lingerie, a doll’s pram. And outside on the station platform I saw a group of passengers, who all look a bit weired, one is naked, the other dressed like an hippie of the 1970ies, a bloodied girl …very strange people.
You need to be patient, it takes some time until the mesh statues have loaded. But the particular attraction of “Fies ist geil!” are these statues, who make the scenery alive in a very strange and surreal way.
I went on to the trailer park, which looks really shabby and dirty. I could literally smell cheap and dirty sex and crime. Everything here is to run away quickly, be it the fat guy with his baseball bat at the gun range, or the giant clown at the entrance to the trailer park or the boozehounds laying in front of another trailer. And even the whore waiting for clients in front of another trailer is not attracting at all. I peeked into some of the trailers, as expected dirty and not inviting.
A bit farer away is a house hidden in the forest. Inside I didn’t see much (maybe I was not patient enough and should have waited longer for mesh statues to rezz?), except a doll sitting in a chair and another guy just standing here. The scenery reminded me a bit of Halloween. When I walked out I first noticed the snowman and then the dead hung bloodied bunny doll.
Fies ist geil!” is different and quite unique. In my opinion it is very artful and offers a lot of opportunities for surrealistic pictures. It’s radical different. Elena (Tatjana Kuhn) owns the sim and I looked up her profile. She herself describes “Fies ist geil!” as black humor mixed with erotic and bdsm. I didn’t see anthing that I would categorize as bdsm but it might be planned or I just didn’t find it.
Fies ist geil!” is right sim if you like it different and if you’re not scared seeing weired or bloodied people. Thank you Elena, for providing the sim to the public. I will come back to check how it will further develop.
Landmark to “Fies ist geil!”

Diary 2017 (71) May 4th – May7th – On Tour

I selected the title for this post for several reasons. Let’s start with May 4th. I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and when we had to go off for dinner, Mistress took me to “~Silenced~“. “~Silenced~” is a place for forniphilia & objectification, a club for people with this kink. Mistress and I have been there a few days before already and decided that it might be a place to store our slut cecy some day. And now she took me there to store me away until the night. That was more complex than she thought, the gear, cages and objectification equipment did not work for us, most probably as Mistress Jenny is not a member of the club, nor am I. In the end, Mistress placed me into an open doll case, gagged me and secured me there with some chains. I knew about objectification but I have never heard about forniphilia before. Forniphilia is an extreme form of bondage because the subject is usually tightly bound and expected to stay immobile for a prolonged period. The term forniphilia is also used for human furniture.

When I returned at night, Mistress Jenny released me for the doll case. We went simploring and visited “Garden of Abydos” together with slave Flo. I grabbed this landmark from the profile of dianne Velde just a few days before where we visited The Secret House. Garden of Abydos is a family homesim, just like our own sim and dianne is one of the owners. We met dianne and some other family members close to the landing point and were invited to a look aroud. Garden of Abydos is dominated by a big palace in the center. In this palace the family member have their rooms and we just peeked into some of them. There’s a cellar below which is used play area and as an exhibition of gear and store for Tithja´s Products (see here at the Marketplace). Outside of the palace we found a stable for pony play and a pony track. We didn’t stay very long.

Next stop on our tour was Estate Obscure. slave Flo had left in the meanwhile but we hade slave cecy with us instead. The Estate is home for some of our friends but we didn’t visit it for a long time. I read that Estate Obscure was completely remodelled during the last weeks and hence we wanted to have a look. We roamed quite some time over the sim and visited the new clubhouse, which looked still familiar although it is very different for the old clubhouse. The main work of the surface of the estate is done and looks very nice and inviting. We noticed that the structure is prepared for some underground areas and for a maze but the building work isn’t finished yet so we will have to come back again.

We ended the night with a visit at club DeLust. To sum it up our tour on May 4th consisted of 3 quite different places: ~Silenced~, Garden of Abydos and Estate Obsure. And this is one reason for the title of this diary entry. The second reason for the title is that I went on an extended weekend in RL and was offline May 5th and 6th. And the third reason is that Mistress Jenny went on a kinkploring tour during my absence and visited Dedendz Prison on May 5th (see “While the mouse is away“).

Landmark ~Silence~
Landmark Garden of Abydos
Landmark Estate Obscure

Simploring 2017 (35) Giardini di Vita – Tuscany Village

Saturday, April 29th, I went on another simploring tour. I picked Giardini di Vita from Nix Bubbles’ blog.
Giardini di Vita is owned by Vita (Vita Camino). It is a quite realistic beautiful village with rustic Tuscany design. Vita also created another village on this sim with permanent winter. It is located in 4000m height.
Giardini di Vita is made for those loving the Mediterrean. It has a lovely atmosphere and you feel a bit like on vacation while walking through the streets and exploring it. Most of the villas and houses are for rent. It’s an adult sim. Giardini Estates was found 2009, and there’s a homepage with all relevant information.
I spent an hour sightseeing and enjoying the Mediterrean. For your visit I recommend that you start in the rental office. The landmark that I provide for Giardini di Vita leads to the rental office close to the center of the village.
Thank you Vita for this lovely residential sim.
Landmark to Giardini di Vita (rental office)
Homepage Gardini Estates

Simploring 2017 (34) Enchanted Art

Friday afternoon, April 28th, I was in the mood for simploring and had a look into the blogs I follow. In Inara Pey’s blog I came across her entry about “Enchanted Art in Second Life“. Enchanted Art is owned by Oema. Artists have the opportunity to present their art on a monthly basis. The landmark description gives already an idea what to expect: “Enchanted Art is a tribute to 2D and 3D Second Life Artists in a fantasy landscape. Explore projections, photos and statues in a surreal and magic environment.” I strongly recommend to watch the video about Enchanted Art. It’s 5 minutes long and a piece of art itself.
Upon my landing I met Oema by accident, who welcomed me. I read her profile and was suprised that I didn’t come across her before. Even after far over 9 years I still discover edges of Second Life and areas I’ve never heard about before. Oema owns Astralia, the homesim of Enchanted Art, she makes content for Sansar, LL’s new platform and she blogs about art (Oema Fine Art – and writes for magazines: “I am an artist, an art curator, an art blogger and a magazines writer … so I am an art passionate:-). Art is a very important part of my life, one of the best ones“. Impressive!
Back to my visit to Enchanted Art. First of all you should use the windlight setting provided by the sim. I tried my own settings first but the effects and the lights at Enchanted Art look much better in the (night) setting. From the landing point you can either walk on foot or use the sim’s teleporter network. I first explored the area next to the landing where most of the monthly changing art by different artists is exhibited. There are big boards promoting the artists names and there’re links to flickr to see more from these artists. This exhibition is to the left and the right of a path leading up a hill from where you can see other parts of Enchanted Art but you have to return to the landing point if you want to continue on foot – there are paths which will lead you around (or you take the teleporters).
Enchanted Art is very photogenic and full of art. What is facinating most are the lights and the effects that give new views depending from where and when you look at it. Overall Entchanted Art seems to be a world of itself, a fantasy in art. I’m really not an art passionate like Oema, but what I saw was really amazing and is hard to put in words for me. I roamed around for about hour and took many pictures.
Highlights of Enchanted Art besides the exhibition around the landing point are: the main gallery, the 3D art “World Eyes”, the 3D art “World Pain”, the Botanical garden, the Fae Waystone, the big mushroom trees and the 3D art from Oema called “Pain bitten”
The main gallery shows the exhibition “Maddy 2017” by Magda Schmidtzau at the time on my visit. I found items created by Colpo Wexler used in the gallery. Colpo is  the CEO of Digital Cult Lifestyle, a group of Italian designers specialized in 3D modeling in Second Life. Their skills range from high quality terraforming to big areas’ settings, making of buildings and structures of any kind, and interior design. After visiting Enchanted Art I had a look into it. Read more at their website (by the way I hadn’t heard of them before).

Elicio Ember’s creations at Enchanted Art

The Botanical garden is made with plants and creations from Elicio Ember who is a plastic artist and desginer. Elicio makes fantasy landscapes, plants, architecture and art. The sculpture “Fae Waystone” and the big mushroom trees are also from Elicio Ember.
The 3D art “World Eyes” by Noke Yuitza is for sure another highlight of Enchanted Art. As it is in the center it is very present and attracting views. Noke Yuitza is owner, artist & designer of E.V.E. Studio. And she runs her own blog ““. “World Pain” just close by is another 3D art from Noke Yuitza.
Last but not least close to the landing point is the 3D art “Pain bitten” by Oema herself.

Enchanted Art is not just for those interested in art but also for those who are facinated by the creativity and the possibilities Second Life offers (like me) and it is a great place to take colourful and extraordinairy pictures. I had not only a lovely hour visiting but also got some suggestions for more reading and exploring. Thank you Oema for providing Enchanted Art!
Landmark to Enchanted Art
Video taken at Enchanted Art
Inara Pey’s blog about Enchanted Art in Second Life
Oema’s fine art blog

While the mouse is away

Diomita has written many posts about her explorations while I am off line for work or other reasons.

Diomita likes to visit artistic places and she has reviewed and posted links to some lovely places. So this weekend while Diomita is away I had a chance to explore a new sim that involves a fully automated prison.

If you have been to Ralf’s Dark Paradise you will be familiar with the Teddy bear prison.

The Teddies perform all the functions that a guard would and take you on a tour of imprisonment for a couple of hours. I remember taking the tour a few times to see the different variations and when alone for a couple of hours it passed the time nicely.

Move forwards a few light years and you come up with the Dedendz Prison. There are many similarities with the intake process but here you get to confess to a crime that determines how long your sentence will be. Trespass is about 2 hours, drunk in public is about 3 and the more serious offences can be over a day so be careful what you wish for.

To enter you have to take off all RLV items that might interfere with the process but normal collars are fine (just use add for the second).  They recommend using their relay but be aware it locks on and you have to log non RLV to remove it.

Having said all that the 2 hours were very well spent. The work that has gone into scripting it all has made for a great experience. I met a girl called eve and we decided to try the punishments for not returning to our cells. Again well scripted and I won’t spoil your fun if you go there. The punishments do not add time so feel free to be bad.

I fully recommend it if you have a couple of hours to pass and you get a free trendy orange dress as a momento

Me in cell 14 just before the doors open for a social break.


Simploring 2017 (33) La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel.

I do only speak a little French and had to look it up. La Joie Mauvaise means malicious joy or spitefulness and in German it translates to Schadenfreude, a word that is also used in English. And in Second Life? I came across it once again reading profiles, in this case the profile of Candice (brunetteprincess), who owns The Motel. The landmark description reads promising: “La Joie Mauvaise: The Motel. Enter at your own risk.
findom, slave, sissy, domme, toilet, ahstray, sadism, cash cow, doormat, trampling, boots, heels, smoking , sph, lesbian, pay, pig, financial, paypig, pigsty, bizarre, mistress, bdsm, mistress
Although I’m not at all into financial domination (nor is Mistress Jenny) alone the words “Enter at your own risk” tempted me and I saved the landmark for later exploring. Wednesday afternoon, April 26th, Mistress Jenny and I went exploring it. Upon your landing you’ll get a landmark and a notecard with more information about the place and with a little background:
Occasionally a tired traveler loses his/her way, a switched road sign often helping in this regard. The road grows narrow and ends at a deserted old motel standing in the remains of a once large forest. The motel looks abandoned, but a light dimly glows in the office window; inside, the shape of a young woman can vaguely be discerned. Vacant rooms are promised and the traveler is drawn moth-like to the warm glow of the light. To be continued...”In fact the motel looks a bit like the famous motel in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Physcho. It is a financial domination based adult sim set up around a motel, run by the evil motel keeper Miss Candice (brunetteprincess). Despite the purpose as a findom place you’re invited to look around and you can use rooms #2, #3 and #4, if you come with your partner or friend, rooms #1 and #5 are reserved for special roleplay (the beds are the same, what kind of special roleplay might it be?). There is also some BDSM furniture at the mansion located next to the motel. But remember this is a roleplay place. If the motel keeper catches you looking in her property she won’t be happy, and you will have to pay the consequences.Mistress Jenny and I had a quick look around after meeting Candice in the motel reception (she was busy). We spent some time in the mansion and I took a quick round over the whole place which is not that large. The whole set-up fits perfect to the kinky theme. “La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel.” might be a good place for those into findom and it is worth exploring for others who like the charme of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho hotel. Thank you Candice for providing your place also for non-clients.
Landmark to La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel.

Simploring 2017 (32) West Of The Rain

After my visit to The Last Forever (see here) it suggested itself that I went simploring the other sim of Oobleck (allagash) and Nodnol Jameson – West Of The Rain. West Of the Rain is a public sim and full region loosely inspired by The San Juan Islands in Washington State, a place for ongoing events, music, installations, and home to a rotating artist in residence who will create ongoing exhibits that can be witnessed en situ.The San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the northwest corner of the contiguous United States between the U.S. mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The San Juan Islands are part of the U.S. state of Washington. In the archipelago, four islands are accessible by passenger ferry operated by the Washington State Ferries System. At mean high tide, the archipelago comprises over 400 islands and rocks, 128 of which are named. Today, the San Juan Islands are an important tourist destination, with sea kayaking and orca whale-watching (by boat or air tours) two of the primary attractions. There are no bridges to the San Juan Islands; therefore, all travel from the mainland is either by water or by air (from wikipedia).

April 22nd: Overview of “West Of The Rain”

West Of The Rain captures very well the main characterics of these islands. What I recognized is the lighthouse, the little harbour and the steep main road. I saw the rocky shore as well as the vegetation dominated by firs. I wandered the whole round around the island and could get an impression how these lovely islands may look in reality. And the name does also fit: The San Juan Islands get less rainfall than Seattle due to their location in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains to the southwest. There is a lot to explore but I hadn’t time yet to dive deeper into it – but it is on my to do list. For sure it is worth a visit! Thank you Nodnol Jameson and Oobleck (allagash) for this creation and for providing it to the public.
Landmark to West Of The Rain

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