Simploring 2021 (30) Beaufort Castle

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, September 7th, I picked Beaufort Castle from Sl Destinations

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (1) – overview

Beaufort Castle, or more precisely “Beaufort Castle Estate, Highlands of Scotland“, is embedded into other Scottish places. The landmark description is short but fitting very well and provides the basic information:
A virtual recreation of Beaufort Castle in Beauly Scotland. The castle is a 19th century Scots Baronial castle in the region of Beauly, located in the Highlands of Scotland of SL. Built by Ethan MacAlpin, Earl of Evergarden. Outlander fans welcome!

Beaufort Castle Estate, Highlands of Scotland is located in a moderate sim, the castle and the park consume 3750 prims, which may give you an impression how detailed it was built in Second Life. Actually it is the virtual counterpart of Beaufort Castle in Scotland.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (2) – Beaufort Castle in the physcial world

I looked it up at wikipedia:
Beaufort Castle or Castle Dounie (Scottish Gaelic: Caisteal Dhùnaidh) is a Baronial style mansion built in 1880 and incorporating older building work. It is situated on the right bank of the River Beauly near the town of Beauly in Inverness-shire and is 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Kiltarlity and 13 mi (21 km) west of Inverness. There has been a castle on the site since the 12th century. Beaufort was the traditional seat of the Lords Lovat until 1994 when it was sold by the 15th Lord Lovat to meet inheritance taxes.” (source wikipedia,_Scotland)

From the outside Beaufort Castle is already quite impressive and I took many pictures and tried several environment settings, which changes the character of the castle a lot.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (3) – outside views

I walked inside and found a teleport and information quite next to the entrance inside. I grabbed the notecard about the castle:
Beaufort Castle in the Highlands is closely modelled on the RL castle and features three main levels accessible by a tower staircase. It is currently the largest building in the Highlands of Scotland of SL and was built by Ethan MacAlpin (Ethan Evergarden), with select stain glass by Axaria MacAlpin (Axaria Evergarden). Enjoy a stroll through the informal gardens and glens around the castle or find the hidden doors and passageways inside. The Lord and Lady Evergarden welcome you to Beaufort Castle in the Highlands of Scotland! Be sure to visit our other regions-we have a total of seven now, including Beauly, Dornoch, Glen Coe, Greater Loch Ness, Inverness City, Loch Ness and Urquhart.
(taken from the notecard availabe at the castle)

Inside the castle is almost completely furnished, although there would be space for more furniture. But the spacious rooms and hallways fit to the character of the castle.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (4) – inside views

There’s all you would expect: Historic RL pictures of the Beaufort Castle and pictures of the virtual counterpart at the walls, pictures of the the owner family in Second Life – Ethan MacAlpin (Ethan Evergarden) and Axaria MacAlpin (Axaria Evergarden), knights in armour standing alongside the hallways, fireplaces, seating opportunities, a music room and a room with wine, a library room, an everyday dinning room and a real big event and dinning room over 2 floor with a decorated ceiling.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (5) – inside views

Visiting and exploring Beaufort Castle was pure fun. There are some hidden doors and rooms, which provides a little bit of adventure for the visitor. I really enjoyed my visit and going to the other places that are mentioned in the notecard that I grabbed is now on my to do list (I need a 3rd and 4th life to cover all of my passions!).

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (6) – a view back when I finished my visit

Thank you Ethan MacAlpin (Ethan Evergarden) for building Beaufort Castle and for sharing it publicly. Great work!

Landmark to Beaufort Castle

Simploring 2021 (29) Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery

I picked Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery from SL Destinations for my simploring tour on Thursday, July 22nd.

Are you up for something spooky? Are you up for some fun? Can you bear seeing blood? If you can answer all this with a “yes”, then the Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery is a place to explore for you.

The landmark description is already intriguing: “He has visited your home. Have you visited his? Come & experience the Very NICE & Very EVIL home and art gallery of the Bellisseria Slenderman. If you can find it, take a ride on “Slender: The Eight Pages” THRILL RIDE!

The Slenderman? I looked him up on wikipedia: “The Slender Man (also spelled Slenderman) is a fictional supernatural character that originated as a creepypasta Internet meme created by Something Awful forum user Eric Knudsen (also known as “Victor Surge”) in 2009” (source wikipedia).
I also read Inara Pey’s post “The Slender man gets arty (and more) in Bellisseria” and I recommend to read this post before visiting. Inara summarized the background very well. Hence I won’t go into more details about the Slender man here anymore.

The parcel is owned by Mouse Mysterious and the parcel’s group was founded by Bellisseria Slenderman (Slenderman Bellisserian). But you can’t communicate with Bellisseria Slenderman, all communication go through his spokesmouse Mouse Mysterious *winks*

The Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery

Actually the Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery is really a gallery. The house is full of pictures, all showing appearances of of the Slenderman or scences on the occasion of his appearance. And there are many pictures shown in the gallery. But the intention is not to exhibit artful pictures. At the entrance of the gallery you can grab a notecard with things to do at the Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery:

1. Take your time to look around and see the NICE & EVIL artwork of the Bellisseria Slenderman.
2. Find the Slender: Eight Pages Roller Coaster
3. Find the creepy Bellisseria Slenderman basement
4. Find The Bellisseria Slenderman BBB Stamp Machine… YES it is HIDDEN because the Bellisseria Slenderman is EVIL… Once your passport is stamped he can see you… EVERYWHERE
5. Participate in the Eight Pages Bellisseria Slenderman HUNT! Can you find ALL 8 Pages? Each one can be bought for 0 L and contains a special almost one-of-a-kind Bellisseria Slenderman GIFT (ALL 8 Pages are on the parcel somewhere. And yes some are hidden in an EVIL way)
6. Try to make it out alive

Have a NICE & EVIL Day!

Ok, I did as instructed and I had fun. I first looked at the artwork and to be honest – I was not excited of it nor intimidated at all. Once you leave the house things become more intersting. In the backyard you find a hut with some bloody bags, you walk over chains and hands reaching up trough the wooden walkway. And…. there’s the entrance to the basement. In fact you need to enable experiences and to walk into the entrance, then you get teleported to the basement.

Outside of the Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery, lower left is in the basement

To get to the roller coaster you need to walk into a big “Slenderman board” right next to the entrance of the gallery. The roller coaster is big fun and well made and best experienced in mouselook.

Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery – Eight Pages Roller Coaster

And finally I had fun searching the 8 gits, the eight pages. They are really very well hidden and it takes some time to find them, I just found 2 easily. The pages are very small. Hint: use your mouse to hoover over everything to see the “buy” symbol.
The gifts itself are not really a reasom to hunt, but the hunt itself is fun.

Finally there are the BBB Stamp machines. They are not really “hidden” and easy to find. Clicking on them you get a text in main chat like:
BBB Stamp Terminal @ Slenderman Gallery ( white ): He is behind you… RUN…
BBB Stamp Terminal @ Slenderman Gallery ( white ): This really was the one… just watch your passport it will appear… really it will… Have a nice day…
BBB Stamp Terminal @ Slenderman Gallery ( white ): Bellisseria Slenderman is now deleting all your previous stamps… Have a nice day…

I have no idea what the stamp machine is for – did I miss something? Inara writes about it: “For those with a Bellisseria passport, the opportunity to have it stamped (or maybe “unstamped!”) by the Slender Man.” It made me curious and after some reasearch I found a video about the Bellisseria passport that is also available on youtube. Anotehr activity discovered :-).

Anyway I had fun exploring the Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery and wanted to share. Have fun exploring yourself. And don’t believe any conspiracy stories (in RL and SL)!

Landmark to Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery
Inara Pey’s post “The Slender man gets arty (and more) in Bellisseria”
Video about Bellisseria passport

Simploring 2021 (28) Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu

For my simploring tour on Thursday, June 24th, I picked “Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu” from SL Destinations.

Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu: overview and orientation map / at the landing point

Luane’s World is a full adult region and consists of several sims: Le Monde Perdu is on the ground and in the skies you can find stores, the Magical World and 4 residential sims. Le Monde Perdu is the main sim: “a beautiful, romantic island far away from everything. A place where you can find inner peace, enjoy and relax.”

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (1)

Luane’s world is owned by LuaneMeo and has been designed by and LuaneMeo and Gorba McMahon.
I visited Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (2)

Le Monde Perdu is an island in the form of a horseshoe. In the center you find a lot of waterfalls. You can walk around the island along the shore and beaches – and you can walk up on the mountains from where you have beautiful views on the island.

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (3)

There’s not that much to write about Le Monde Perdu. It offers countless beautiful spots to sit and enjoy. It has a few houses with different characters, all of them are furnished. I walked around the whole island and tried out at least some of the spots to sit. For photographers like me, the sim offers great backgrounds. There are quite some animals at Le Monde Perdu, mainly birds, but I also saw some deers.

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (4)

I took a lot of pictures – instead of writing a lot. You have to see it yourself *winks*

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (5)

Le Monde Perdu is a sim just to enjoy – and I did enjoy my visit!

Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu
Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu flickr

Simploring 2021 (27) Ilha Do Sol

For my simploring tour on Monday, June 21st, I picked “Ilha Do Sol” from scoop it SL Destinations.

Ilha de Sol is Portugese and translates to “Island of the sun”. It consists of 3 connected moderate homesteads – Taal Lake, Norton and Peace. Ilha de Sol is owned by Syx Toshi and his partner Bryn Toshi (Bryn Bulloch).
The landmark description wraps it up in just a few words:
Island of the sun. A beautiful Mediterranean Island. Come and enjoy our town, vineyards and beaches. Surfing, horseback riding, bicycling and much more.

Ilha Do Sol – overview and orientation map

The landing is right in the center of a small town, that radiates the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. The town is livened up with quite some static figures, hence you’re not alone there. Tourists and photographers stroll through the town. And on the central marketplace there are also dealers at the stands. I sat down at a caf´e from where I could watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (1) – in the town

At the market you find the entrance to a tunnel. The tunnel leads to the surf beach. It is a very long beach. Along the beach you find several camps of surfers as well as a few buildings. But the main purpose of the beach is – surfing. at the end of the beach is a surf board rezzer. You can see the 2 big waves on the ocean, that are “surfable” in Second Life. I never surfed so far and hence I postponed it.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (2) – the surf beach

Instead a visited the surf shop. It is not an inworld store for surf boards and accessoires. The shop is just very decorative and looks “real”. There’s someone at the register, there are customers in- and outside, there’re a lot of surf boards, a shop to repairing boards and a lot of decoarations and details. It’s a great place for taking pictures as well as just to explore and enjoy.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (3) – the surf shop

I left the beach of Ilha Do Sol and took another way back in the direction of the town. The road led me into the countryside. I came by a little garden with fruit trees, sunflowers and a few chicken. And I came by a hut with a horse rezzer in front of it. I took a horse and rode into the contryside.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (4) – the countryside

I visited the vine terraces and came to a private residence, most probably the home of Syx Toshi and his partner Bryn Toshi (Bryn Bulloch), who own the sim. The rest of this homestead (the private residence is on the homestead “peace”) is free to visit and offers real countryside, a bit meagre but typical for the Mediterranean. I for my part liked the natural beauty of the landscape a lot. And there is a large and lonely beach. As rezzing is allowed you could bring your beach gear with your and enjoy the loneliness. You’d never get that in RL *winks*.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (5) – the countryside, vine terraces, lonely beaches

Somehow I felt like I should try the surfing once being here. Hence I changed into my swimsuit and rezzed a board. I got a quite detailed notecard with instructions. Surfing in SL can be tricky and needs practice. But there’s also an option for beginners and an easy mode – and I tried that. It was real fun! YAY!

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (6) – Diomita surfing

I had a great time at Ilha Do Sol. It was quite like a short virtual vacation. I could almost smell the Mediterranean. Thank you Syx (Syx Toshi) and Bryn (Bryn Bulloch) for sharing your great and lovely place publicly. I really enjoyed my visit like a short vacation!

Landmark to Ilha Do Sol

Simploring 2021 (26) Noweeta – Summer in Skåne

Back in January I visited Snoweeta (read here), a “Swedish (Skåne) winter painting you can walk around in“. Snoweeta supposedly was located in Skåne, Swedens richest agricultural region. Skåne County (Swedish: Skåne län) is the southernmost county of Sweden. It covers around 3% of Sweden’s total area, while its population of 1.3 million comprises 13% of Sweden’s total population. Ystad and Simrishamn are towns in Skåne.

Noweeta – Summer in Skåne: overview and orientation map

Winter is over – Summer is here! Kaja Ashland, the owner and designer of this general homestead has remodeled her place: “Summer has arrived in Skåne! Explore, meet friends and discover hidden areas in the grass and flower fields. Relax, cuddle or take photos in one of the romantic spots. Welcome to try the new mini golf too!

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (1): around the landing point

First of all, if you saw Snoweeta, then you recognize Noweeta immediately. Many key elements are the same, just the snow is gone. The landing point is still at the end of a long alley leading up to the house with the garage that is used as a garden house. The cell tower is still there as well as the old oak with the pigs. The sign at the street showing the direction to Ystad and Simrishamn is there, as well as the forest and the pond.

And strangely, the police car is still parked at the street! *winks*. What is new are the two wind mills. While the modern wind mill might have just been built, the old wind mill is a new addition as well as the airway (that might have been covered with snow).

Noweeta, that looks almost empty on a first glance, is full of (new) places to enjoy the Summer to the fullest. One nice place is right at the modern will mill. There’s a wagon to sleep in and outside are two king size beds from which your can watch a film – open air cinema the Swedish way.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (2): picnic under the wind mill / the old oak / sheeps

The old oak is still where it was before and around it are some wild boars (turn the sound on to hear them). Just a few steps away walking through the flower fields is a place with several blooming cherry trees and grazing sheep. Admist of it is another picnic place where you can enjoy the sun and watch the animals. Next to the sheep are a few bee hives.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (3): mini golf / horse corral

Completely new is the mini golf. I didn’t play it, yet the courses are just lovely, each one is a piece of art. I enjoyed just looking at them. And I might return to try it out!

The house at Noweeta hasn’t changed. It is furnished very stylish inside. This time I even walked up on the 2nd floor, where you find bedrooms and a bathroom. New is the outdoor pool and I spent some time there. Swedish Summers might be short, but they are intense and fully enjoyed.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (4): at the pool / the house in- and outside

The little garden next to the garage is inviting to have a closer look at it. There are many details to discover. I also walked through the field of sunflowers and other flower fields and had a look at the airway and the sport areoplane.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (5): the garage (gardenhouse) and the garden / airway

And finally I visited the forest and the pond again. That was full of life and animals in Winter. And of course it is full of life and animals even more in Summer. I could almost hear all the midges, that also belong to a Swedish Summer. Noweeta offers a lot of romantic places around the forest and the pond and I tried out some of them.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (6): romantic places at the forest and the pond

I had a lot of fun exploring Noweeta. I love how Kaja Ashland transformed it from Winter to Summer. It really gave me the feeling of Summer in Sweden. I enjoyed an ultra short virtual vacation trip. Thank you Kaja for sharing your place publicly!

Landmark to Noweeta
Noweeta on flickr

Simploring 2021 (25) Missing Melody – June 2021

For my simploring tour on Thursday, June 3rd, I picked Missing Melody from SL Destinations. I had visited Missing Melody before on New Year’s Eve 2018 (read here) and later in May 2019 in a total different layout (read here). The entry on SL Destinations led to a post of Inara Pey “Reacquainting myself with a Missing Melody in Second Life“.

Missing Melody is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Bambi (NorahBrent). Inara wrote in her blogpost that “Bambi is now back and once again offering her region as both a home to her store“. I missed visiting the versions of Missing Melody that were also home of a store, the two version I saw so far had no store. Missing Melody in June 2021 is also home of Bambi (NorahBrent)’s store named “Oh Deer“.

Bambi wrote about Missing Melody in the landmark profile:
Once Broken and Forgotten. Stuck in nostalgia. A cool wind strolls in a daydream between the trees. Leaves dance with the salty water’s waves. A place to breath fot a moment.
Photographer and Blogger friendly with a romantic touch. Everyone is welcome.”

Missing Melody consists of two islands. One is dedicated to farming and to the “Oh Deer” store, on the other island you find a nice café, a waterfall, a romantic pond and a village. You land at a zebra crossing for chicken (very cute!) on the farming island.

Welcome to Missing Melody. Please enjoy your stay. I would warmly suggest if possible for you to hit that ultra and enjoy the sim fully. Missing Melody was built out of a lot of love and emotion. I hope you will feel it too as you stroll around.”

Impressions of Missing Melody June 2021 (1) – close to the landing point, the “Oh Deer” store and the beach

Close to the landing is a barn that is used for the “Oh Deer” store. “Oh Deer” offers original mesh rustic knick knaks, from a letter box to a vane, from a Zen garden to a golf bag. A great store to find nice decorations making your own place unique.
Right behind the store is the beach. No surprise that you can sit and enjoy the view there.

The rest of the island is occupied by large flower fields: a tulip field, a subfower field and a lavendar field. The three fields offer great backgrounds for pictures. Flowers as far as you can look. Again there are nice little details to discover and I enjoyed exploring. Over the island flies a sports aeroplane with an ad for Missing Melody.

Impressions of Missing Melody June 2021 (2) – the flower fields

Walking over a narrow bridge you get to the “Oh Deer” café. The café is full of decorations, so many little details to see. I was not alone in the café and sat down and let my mind and eyes wonder – a very romantic place to be.

Impressions of Missing Melody June 2021 (3) – “Oh Deer” café

I visited the village next. The village is quite a contrast to the rest of Missing Melody. It’s white facades and blue shutters and the blue round dome of the church makes it look like a Greece village, very Mediterrean. The houses are not furnished inside, but the outdoor decoration, the courts and cosy backyards invite to have a closer look at the details. There must have been a wedding recently as there’s a big bow of balloons and many hearts at one court close the shore. You have to be a bit carful walking around. I myself got lost when I tried to sit down (I fall through the ground).

Impressions of Missing Melody June 2021 (4) – the village

Finally I went to the waterfall and the romantic pond above it. Again a place where you can sit and enjoy or take pictures. Missing Melody is a lovely place to explore, to enjoy togetherness or just for taking pictures.

Impressions of Missing Melody June 2021 (5) – the pond, the waterfall and other views

What is a Missing Melody? It’s that song in your head that you can’t get out but not sure how it really goes. It’s that temptation you want to have in your life so you can fight to resist. It’s that place in your heart that is always waiting to be filled.

Thank you Bambi (NorahBrent) for creating this sim. I enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark to Missing Melody
Missing Melody flickr
marketplace link to “Oh Deer” store
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Reacquainting myself with a Missing Melody in Second Life”

Simploring 2021 (24) Wision

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, May 25th, I picked “Wision” from SL Destinations. SL Destinations is a directory of pictures and blogs about Second Life places, major events, galleries and exhibtions run and filled with content by Annie Brightstar (anniebrightstar). The website was down for a few days and not filled with content for a few weeks, but is back now luckily. Thank you Annie!

Wision is a full region, rated general. According to the landmark description “Wision is a sim in which virtual projects are created for the real world. In this period the sim hosts conferences and art exhibitions, but is available to photographers of the metaverse or to those who wish to stop in its suggestive quiet corners.

Wision overview and orientation map / the glass sphere at the landing point

Wision is owned by an avatar named valexius who is also founder of the sim group. The empty profile of valexius brings me to the conclusion that it is just an account used to told the sim.
All objects on the sim belong to Mexi Lane, who seems to be the real owner and creator of Wision.

Wision is a very well made sim that offers a lot of spaces for bigger events. The first event area is right at the landing point, a humongous glass sphere at the shore reaching out into the sea. Inside are many big, comfortable chairs arranged to listen to a presentation. Outside is catering and a small wooden outdoor stage.

From there I went along the shore, through an iron gate and go to the only residential house on the sim. It was open and as I found no “private” sign, I dared to have a look inside. The house is named “Mexi’s Atelier” and is nicely furnished inside.

Impressions of Wision (1): The glass sphere at the landing point / Mexi’s Atelier

Not far from the house is a large old factory, Wision Factory. Somme walls of the building are completely made of glass and thus there’s a lot of light inside of the building, that has just 2 very large rooms. Again there’s some furniture. One room is furnished for an evening event with a lot of comfy sofas and chairs and nice decorations on the walls opposed to the glas front. The other room is almost empty, but seems to be a multi purpose room with some chairs along the wall and some bicycles, perhaps for team events.

Impressions of Wision (2): Wision Factory

The largest building of Wision is in the center of the sim, a cinema, café and shop. Again it is an old storage house or plant building with a new usage. Inside you find a large event area with many seats for dinner, a bar, many posters of well know films like Hitchcock’s The Birds and Psycho or Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita.
Another wing of the building is home for a shop, yet it is not a shop where you can buy goods. It looks more like a training facility. And there is a bigger and a smaller cinema. A real multifunctional building.

Impressions of Wision (3): Cinema Café

I continued my simploring tour and went to “Valexius’s office”, a nice building built on poles at the shore. The door of the building was open and again I found it nicely furnished inside, a place where you’r like to make yourself comfortable. Not far from is is a small greenhouse with a few chicken running around. I had fun exploring and enjoying the lovely peaceful setting.

Impressions of Wision (4): Valexius’s office

Wision offers also a lot of nature, in particular in the area around the tower. here you can hike, relax or just enjoy the nature or the little river that winds down to the sea. Or perhaps it is a area for team events .. who knows? I liked it as a perfect place to take some pictures.

Impressions of Wision (5): Rocks and wilderness

What else? Returning to the landing point I found some nice places to sit and enjoy along the shore and I simply enjoyed the view. Last but not least you can also sit down in the glass sphere and enjoy the views (I did).

Impressions of Wision (6): Places to sit and enjoy the nature

Wision is a well made sim that fulfills every probable need for (virtual) team events or conferences. But it is also a publicly accessible sim where you could retreat to and enjoy. I was alone during my visit, no lag, no other visitors.
Thank you Mexi Lane for creating Wision and for opening it to the public while it is not used for events. I enjoyed exploring it.

Landmark to Wision
Mexi Lane’s flickr

Simploring 2021 (23) 80 Days – The Bayou

On Tuesday, May 18th, I read Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to the Bayou in Second Life” and decided spontaneously to visit “80 Days – The Bayou“, furtheron also just “The Bayou“, right away.

The Bayou is a moderate homestead, owned and designed by Camila Runo. The landmark description reads as follows: “Louisiana in the Deep South, home to the Jazz and the Blues. Music fills the air wherever you go. – French Quarter, Cayun, swamp, alligators, Voodoo, zoo, animals, beach, romance, dancing, summer, BBQ, photogenic, scenic

80 Days – The Bayou: Overview and orientation map / landing point and paddle steamer

The landing point is right next to an old paddle steamer, one of the attractions of the sim. Upon landing your can grab a folder with a lot of information, that I used in this blogpost:
The old paddle steamer “Dixie Belle” brought you to Louisiana in the Deep South of the USA. The dock where you debarked is situated on the banks of the Mississippi. From there you have a nice view to a near town as well as to the coastal marsh and the swamp the dock is connected with by a long wooden bridge.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (1) – The paddle steamer

The paddle steamer offers some activities. First of all it is a great location and background motif for photographers, but you can also go onboard and play Black Jacker or Poker. I for my part focused on taking pictures though.

Where to go first? To the left to visit the town or to the right to see the swamp? No matter where you go first, you will be surrounded either by the sounds of nature or by typical Louisiana tunes (turn your speakers on).
I decided to got exploring the town first.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (2) – The town

The town is built in the style of the French Quarter in New Orleans, including a cemetery, a Jazz club, a restaurant, a barber/tattoo shop and some residential buildings in the typical French Quarter look.
The town looks also very nice in the evening or at night as the houses are well illuminated by lights and race lights.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (3) – The town

I left the town and visited the Alligator farm. “Just have an eye on your limbs. Though we feed the gators well, they always up for a little snack.” I had a little break at a bbq close to the river and went back to the paddle steamer to visit the swamp.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (4) – The Alligator farm, the bbq place and entering the swamp

A wooden walkway leads into the swamp. Admist the swamp you will find a house, a Voodoo shack. The swamp is another great environment for taking pictures. Of course you can also see some alligators, hence you have to stay careful. If you walk beyond the Voodoo shack you will find a boat rezzer and I took a boat for my further simploring.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (5) – The swamp and the Voodoo shack

There is also a second boat rezzer on the banks of the Mississippi. Exploring by boat is also fun and offers new views. You can also reach another island with the boat (more swamp and mangroves). The other smaller islands are off sim objects and can’t be reached, but you can make a boat trip around the whole sim. Watch out for animals, another great motif.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (6) – Exploring with a motor boat

And why is the sim called “80 Days – The Bayou“? Camila Runo explains it in one of the information notecards: “The term is referring to Jules Verne’s book “Around the world in 80 days”. As I understand my projects as stops on my virtual voyage around the world (e.g. Jambo / Africa and Nour / Arabia last year, Vargsången / Scandinavia this year), I found the name appropriate for the new group I created. This group will also comprise each future project of mine.

Thank you Camila for creating The Bayou and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot, it was like a short vacation.

Landmark to 80 Days – The Bayou
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to the Bayou in Second Life”
80 Days – The Bayou flickr

Simploring 2021 (22) Soul Deep

For my simploring tour on Sunday, May 16th, I picked “Soul Deep“. I read a blogpost from Inara Pey about it: “Going Soul Deep in Second Life” that caught my attention.

Soul Deep is an adult homestead owned and designed by Kaelyn Alecto (thenewkae). And I saw and visited quite some sim’s of her before, most recently her sim “It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS)” just one year ago (read here).

Soul Deep – overview and orientation map

Kaelyn wrote in her profile “Photography is the story I fail to put into words…“. “Soul Deep” is a place to relax, a place to retreat with friends, with your loved one, or just alone. And “Soul Deep” is a place that offers countless motifs for photgraphers. There’s really a bit of everything and nonetheless the sim is still natural, all of a piece.

Soul Deep” is embedded into a mountain sim surround. It consists of several small islands. In the center is a big pond. The landing is at the shore of this pond on the terrace of a café. From here you can walk on a wooden walkway around the pond.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (1) – around the landing point

Along your way you come across many opportunities to sit and enjoy. You even find rafts or a boat large enough for a small party. Just opposed to the landing point across the pond is the largest bilding complex of “Soul Deep“, a harbour building with a naval petrol station, a shipyard and a residential building (the blue house, which doors were locked hence I didn’t look into it). The posters, the lobster buoys, the whole set-up looks like a harbour building in New England.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (2) – The shipyard and pier

Not far from there you can walk over a little bridge to the ruins of a church, another romantic place to stay for a while. You also find some nice motifs including birds or other wildlife. Back on the main walkway there are more places to sit and a larger event area with a stage.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (3) – Church ruins / event area

I went or better expressed I swam to the lodge next. Acutally in Second Life you can fly the little distance. The logde is a big residential house, fully furnished. On the large terrace everthing is prepared for a bigger event, maybe an anniversary, a birthday party or a wedding. There’s also a little bar. And no sutprise there are more places to sit and enjoy. A bit off the island with the ladge is another cosy place to retreat.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (4) – The lodge

As mentioned before “Soul Deep” offers many different motifs for photographers. Not far from the landing point is a forest, with another ruin that could be a nice background for romantic pictures, and with a camping site. If you want some higher rocks or a background witu mountains, then there are some high rocks you can climb up to and there you even find a goat.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (5) – The forest and the high rocks

And finally there are also waterfalls and beaches – a bit of everything. And have I mentioned the many places to sit and enjoy? I think I did.

Impressions of “Soul Deep” (6) – Diomita enjoying the simploring tour

Soul Deep” is a lovely sim with a broad variety of cosy places and different backgrounds for photogrpahers: “Photography is the story Kaelyn fails to put into words…“.
Thank you for this great place to hang around, Kaelyn. I enjoyed my Sunday morning simploring tour a lot.

Landmark to Soul Deep
Soul Deep flickr
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Going Soul Deep in Second Life”

Simploring 2021 (21) Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly

As a member of her group “Nantes” I got an invite from Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell) to visit her newest creation “Krak Bak Caye” as Simquarterly.

Krak Bak Caye is inspired by Caulker Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. Krak Bak means “relax” in Kroil Patios, the language spoken here besides English.
The landmark brought me to a sky platform with an airport for small planes admist the rain forest. A friendly hostess greated me: “Hi Diomita, and welcome to Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly! Happy you’re here! Krak Bak Caye is just a short flight. If your reservation was for the Resort please take the closest plane. If you want to start your visit at Main Street take the farthest plane. Just click the plane’s stairs to start your journey!

Landing at Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly

I got the advice to turn my sound on (I did) and I got a “Tourist guide”, a booklet to rezz or to attach as a HUD with more information about Krak Bak Caye. The sound is very well done and fitting, the tourist guide is just great and made me feel as if I were on a short vacation in RL.
I took the closest plane and traveled to the resort (the teleport takes you to the ground level).

Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly – overview and orientation map / introduction of the tourist guide

The resort “The Reef” is just as you picture your stay at a luxury resort in the Caribbean, a modern welcoming reception building with a reception, places to meet and great pictures. And the vacation homes at the beach are wonderful.

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (1) – The resort “The Reef”

I began exploring, came along “The Split”, a narrow waterway dividing the island in two. It’s said that is was cause be hurricane Hattie in 1961, but villagers maintain that it was hand-dredged after Hurrican Hattie opened a passage a few inches deep.
I visited “Jronkin Lizard”, a strand bar and café, I came along rezzer for paddling and for windsurfing. I didn’t try them out but i can imagine it is great fun. Close by the bar is a “Krak Bak Caye” sign which is said to be an attraction. I really can imagine that such a sign would be a landmark for tourists to take pictures (and I did that in Second Life *winks*)

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (2) – “Jronkin Lizard” strand bar and café / rezzers for windsurfing and paddling / “Krak Bak Caye” sign

Continuing my walk I came to the main street, the other desination I could have taken at the landing airport. It is a small town with more bars and restaurants, souvenir shops, bike rentals, motel and some more stores. The main street offers quite some nice details and great motifs for photographers.

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (3) – The main street

And finally I visited “The Blue Hole”, a marine sinkhole. It is filled with ocean life and much to discover if you’re a snorkler or SCUBA enthusiast.
I roamed aroud the island a lot and searched for other wildlife. According to the tourist guide you could see quite some birds at Krak Bak Caye. I could hear them (keep the sound on, the background noise is very realistic and adds a lot to the vacation feeling) yet unfortunately I didn’t see any – maybe just like in RL *winks*.

ElizabethNantesJewell Resident, known as Elizabeth Jewell, finds sim design relaxing, a positive focus, and a creative outlet that she can not only do from home, but also share with others. “That’s the real enjoyment, when I see other people feeling good visiting my sim!” she stated.
I have seen quite some creations of Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell). Back in 2016 and 2017 I visited “Follow Your Bliss” (read here, here and here). In 2018 I visited Nantes (read here) and the Nantes Gallery (read here). Elizabeth Jewell (elizabethnantesjewell) still owns Nantes and Fusion City (located above Fleur de Sel), which is also home of Nantes Gallery. And in 2020 I visited “Ghosts of Jericho”, another sim built by Elizabeth at “Sim Quarterly” (read here).

Impressions of Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly (4) – The Blue Hole / The Split

Sim Quarterly is a sim and initiative of Electric Monday:
Art and the virtual world, Second Life© are very similar — you are able to both find yourself and immerse yourself (and maybe even lose yourself) in something totally unlike what you already know. The experiences you gain help you grow and form new opinions about the world. That is what I hope this sim can provide over time. I am very excited to bring to you a quarterly art project by way of The Sim Quarterly.
The project features one creator every 3 months (every quarter) as an artist in residence. The purpose of the sim is so that residents can experience something new and even create a community.
Sim Quarterly has an own website.

Caye Caulker in RL (source wikipedia / a page inside the tourist guide of Krak Bak Caye

I had a lot of fun visiting Krak Bak Caye! Thank you Elizabeth for this beautiful installation that provided a short vacation for me. And thank you Electric Monday for providing The Sin Quarterly for installations like this one. I learned that you made the great sound and all the graphics on the invites and posters.

Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell at The Sim Quarterly will stay open for the public until July 25th.

Landmark to Krak Bak Caye (simquarterly)
flickr group for simquarterly
Simquarterly Website
Blogpost on about Krak Bak Caye

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