Simploring 2017 (65) Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille

I met with Mistress Jenny Friday afternoon, August 4th, just shortly as I had RL obligations and Mistress wasn’t present at our regular party at night due to her obligations. When I came online at night I found a note from Mistress together with a landmark: “Have a look, if you get time”.

It was still half an hour before the party began, so I decided to have a quick look at it. The landmark let me to “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” and I first read the description of it “Discerning elegant lesbians, t-girls, transvestites, shemales, crossdressers, herms & sissies who adore the sensual sensation of slipping on a pretty dress and stockings. Wearing Nylon or Nylons is mandatory.”

Impressions of entry hall and dancing hall at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”

I landed in an entry room decorated with erotic pictures of naked females and a big sign where to go and to wear nylons. I quickly put my nylons on and followed the sign which led me into a big hall with a lot more erotic pictures and many poseballs for dancing either alone or in group. That’s abviously a plce to meet and the hang out. One woman was dancing there alone during my visit. There are more signs, one pointing to the Elegant Femme Gallery and one to the Maison Sybille. I first explored the Maison Sybille.

The Maison is a large flat spread over 2 floors, equipped with antique and expensive furniture. From some windows and balkonies you have a nice look over Paris. The whole flat looks very elegant and you will see the BDSM equipment only when looking more in detail as it fits will into the overall design. There are some decorative cages, and on one wll I found a nice collection of paddles, whips and other gear for spankings. I assume that some of furniture has adult animations. For sure you are in the house designed and equipped by an elegant, distinguished and wealthy lady.

Impressions of Maison Sybille at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”

I continued my visit at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” with the Elegant Femme Gallery with is adjacent to the dancing hall. There are several rooms with beds, a big bathroom and many possibilities to retreat and have sex. Red is the dominating wall paper colour and all walls are decorated it erotic pictures of lesbians, shemales and sissies – most pictures are in black and white. You could spent a lot more time looking at the pcitures.

Diomita meets Sybille in the dancing hall (on the left), Diomita exploring the Elegant Femme Gallery (on the right)

Upon my return to the dancing hall at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” I met Sybille Saintes (sybillesaintes), the owner of the sim. She was very nice and told me that the maison was her home in SL some time ago and that she opened it to the public now. There’s just one rule to be followed strictly – wear nylons, they are mandatory. “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” is a very large skybox, she herself spends more time at other places of her sim. Sybille showed me the teleporter pad at the dancing hall, which would bring me to other points of interest: “There is a red room, a shybox and still the whole land below. There you’ll find a rope slider, some funny theater with a dungeon, sort of.. and some spots for sitting on a beach and talking”

At the ground level of “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”: The Roman temple, the zip line and the dungeon

As it was time for me to leave and get ready for our party, I postponed exploring the other points of interest at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” to the next day. And yes, there’s more to see. The ground level consists of several islands and rocks and as Sybille told me there’re spots to socialize or just to relax. Quite close to the top of the main island is a long zip line – that’s fun riding it! In the center of the main island is a large Roman temple. I wonder if Sybille organizes events to make use of it. And below the temple you find a dungeon. The dungeon is spacious but not dark and offers some bdsm equipment as well as enough rooms to store your subs and slaves.

Other skyboxes at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”: Skybath (upper left), Jazz Lounge (upper right) and Shybox (lower)

With the teleporter system you can visit other skyboxes named Skybath, Jazz lounge and Shybox. The Shybox with it’s lovely view over Paris is for sure my favourite amoung the many places at this sim. “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” is a nice mix between a family home, a private place and a public club – and for sure a place to visit and to explore for those who like the kinky side of Second Life. Thank you Sybille for opening your place to the public. I enjoyed my visit and I’m pretty sure that we visit it again, maybe even regularly.

Landmark to “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”

Simploring 2017 (64) Diomita in Sansar

As I follow Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog, I also followed what is going on with Linden Lab’s most important project “Sansar”. In the beginning there were many rumors that Sansar might replace Second Life. Linden Lab always denied that and pointed out that Sansar is aimed to provide other virtual experiences. Inara had quite some blog entries about the progress of Sansar and it’s potential release date. Time flew by and now Sansar is avaible in a beta version. Inara tested it and provided the basics how to get started in her entry “Sansar: getting started the basics” and also reported about her first expereinces in her entry “Sansar: a handful of personal picks to visit and some tips

August 3rd – Diomita in Sansar visiting the Apollo museum

And I? I did try it myself :-). I created an account and made my first steps in this virtual world. I visited the Appollo Museum, a place called New World and 114 Harvest. The Apollo Museum is for sure very well made, it is edcuational and you can spend a lot of time there, as you’d do in RL. The 3D expierence is similar to Second Life, yet the movement of the avatar is more restricted and needs getting used to. The lighting with shadows of natural light and projectors is standard in Sansar and really good. As opposed to in Second Life you have to switch that on and I often have it off as it consumes a lot of ressources of my PC. I visited 2 other places: New World (an artful installation of bizarre trees, blue light and Buildings) and 114 Harvest. 114 Harvest looks like a street in a residential area somewhere in the US and I couldn’t get into the deeper sense of it. I could go in at least one house and walk around and see the cellar.

August 3rd – Diomita in Sansar visiting 114 Harvest and New World

I can see the difference between Sansar and Second Life. The graphics looks more natural – but to be honest at least at this phase of the project it is not that overwhelming compared to some sims that I visited in Second Life. Sansar might look very different using a head mounted display. The handling of Sansar for the user is a lot easier but I also miss a lot of features that we have in Second Life. It might be too early to judge about that.
I think Sansar really targets at other experiences as Second Life – it might be a nice addon to visit and to enjoy places like the Apollo museum.

Try out yourself. I will return to Sansar and have a look into it again.

Inara Pey’s blog post: “Sansar: getting started – the basics”
Inara Pey’s blog post: “Sansar: a handful of personal picks to visit and some tips”

P.S.: In the meanwhile Inara has published more blog posts about Sansar in which she also summarizes her impressions and experiences and shares her opinion and thoughts – both not that far from my own opinion and thoughts. Here are the links to her newer posts:

“Sansar Creator Beta: personal thoughts”
“Sansar basics: Atlas, Desktop mode movement, chat and friends”
“Sansar Profile 6: In the halls of the dwarven king”

Simploring 2017 (63) Temprus – My Secret Garden

Tuesday, August 1st, I made another simploring tour. I found Temprus My Secret Garden in the SL Destination guide  under the category art.
Temprus, home to Art in the Park, is featuring the work of Ilyra Chardin in a full sim, immersive art installation. Begin your exploration with “normal” gardens that quickly lead both to the secret garden and to Art in the Park.”

Upon your landing, you choose to either walk along the shoreline to “Art in the Park” or to see “My Secret Garden. I first explored “Art in the Park”, a gallery within a park just by the shoreline. There are paintings of several artists that have exhibitions also somewhere else like Sandi Benelli, Maxie Daviau, CybeleMoon (Hana Hobinoo), Kayleigh Lavende and ilyra chardin herself, who owns “Temprus My Secret Garden“. As far as I understood, the paintings are changing, there’re also particular exhibitions, which are announced either in a group, that you can join, or on the homepage for the sim “Temprus Times“.

“Art in the park” at Temprus – My Secret Garden

After my visit to the “Art in the Park”, I follwed the path to “My Secret Garden”. The stairs and the path end at a hut with a board “Just a garden shed. Nothin’ interesting here! KEEP OUT! This means YOU!!!” Of course that reads like an invitation to have a look, and I looked inside.

There’s nothing inside but the end of a tunnel that leads you below the big massive rocks to the other part of the island – and to a house with a garden in which art of ilyra chardin is exhibited. Is this the “My Secret Garden?” Honestly I have no idea. It is nice and tasteful though – or is “My Secret Garden” the farmstead, that covers most of this part of the island beyound the massive rock? I had a look around and enjoyed the silence and the peace. There’re also some children playing (mesh dolls) but ecept ot them, I saw none a the whole farmstead. At one end of the farmstead is a crooked and high frame house and I climbed on it just for the view over the island. From there I could see a beach which was my next point to visit.

Exploring the path to “My Secret Garden”? at Temprus – My Secret Garden

At the beach you find a scene that reminded me of Gulliver’s Travels by the Irish writer Jonathan Swift. Or is that scene related to anything else?

At the Northern end of the island is a row of industrial or warhouse houses, a crane and the submarine Nautilus. Again a scenery that doesn’t fit to the farmstead and seems to be of another world. And there’s this woman selling flowers and veggies … strange. There might be more to discover that will bring some more light into this, but I was lacking time.

Farmstead (upper left), Gulliver (upper right), Nautilus (lower left) and Nautilus Harbour (lower right) at Temprus – My Secret Garden

The last edge of “Temprus My Secret Garden“, that I explored was Maycomb. It is spearated from the farmstead and the other parts of the island by a steep rock wall on one side and by the massive rock that parts the island by the other side. What you see is just one road, on the first glance I assumed that this road and the houses along it are a reproduction of the real Maycomb, Alabama in the United States. It looks at least typical, the map, that is shown on a baord at the entrance of the street looks real – but Maycomb, Alabama is a fiction from the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee published in 1960. The primary themes of “To Kill a Mockingbird involve” racial injustice and the destruction of innocence. The story takes place during three years (1933–35) of the Great Depression in the fictional “tired old town” of Maycomb, Alabama, the seat of Maycomb County (source Wikipedia)

My visit to “Temprus My Secret Garden” was very varied, I enjoyed art as well as nature and some fictional places of novels, literature in 3D 🙂
Thank you, ilyra chardin!

Landmark to Temprus – My Secret Garden
Homepage – Temprus Times
ilyra chardin at deviant Art

Simploring 2017 (62) The Mind of The Machine

I looked into the SL Destination guide again for my next simploring tour. In the category art I chose to visit “The Art Rocket“. The SL Destination guide isn’t always up-to-date. In particular the sims presenting art within the LEA Program are changing quite often, at least twice a year. The landmark led me to LEA 19 and to The Mind of The Machine“, an installation of Rage Darkstone. I landed in the center of turning coloured discs, spirals and other geometric forms which are placed into a cube with a checked pattern of colours.

The moving objects produce a quickly changing background. Any gap is filled with the checked pattern of the surrounding cube. There’s a vehicle rezzer, the vehicle is sort of a gondola of a chair lift. Sitting down you can enjoy a short ride inside of the objects getting other colourful effects. The Mind of The Machine follows own patterns, produces constantly changing thoughts and effects and everybody expierences it different, there seems to be no repetition, no fixed sheme – yet we know, it is a machine and it follows a pattern.

Impressions of “The Mind of The Machine” at LEA 19

And you can dance to modern electronic music. I visited later again together with Mistress Jenny and we danced there together. I learned that moving colourful objects isn’t everybody’s taste and can be quite tiring for the eyes – probably also depending on the screen size you use for Second Life.

Diomita dancing with Mistress Jenny at LEA 19 “The Mind of The Machine”

As I love colours and taking pictures, I like the installation. Thank you, Rage Darkstone, for providing it.

Landmark to The Mind of The Machine

Simploring 2017 (61) Serena Imagine Arts Center

For simploring Saturday, July 29th, I followed Inara Pey’s blog post “Picture of Oh in Second Life“. Bryn Oh is a well know artist in Second Life and has had already some very catching installations. I have visited some of them myself, for example Immersiva (read here). The exhibition Picture of Oh is in a skybox at Serena Imagine Arts Center and it is worth a visit. For a description you better read Inara Pey’s post – it is very detailed and I can’t add anything to it.

I never heard about Serena Imagine Arts Center before, so I had a look what else is there. The Arts Center is embedded in Wolves Land, a nice homestead sim that offers some places to dance, to relax or to wind down, just as it is described “Come, relax, have fun and meet friends in this wonderful wolf-friendly land. You will be welcome. Why not dance or just chill under a tree?“. Right now it hosts not just the exhibition “Picture of Oh” but also the exhibition “Talking Walls” by Lalie Sorbet and an exhibtion with pictures of Lin Carlucci, both artists in RL. Their paintings are shown open air in a park, another and different way to show paintings and some of them melt perfectly with the environment while others add strong colours to it.

Serena Imagine Arts Center is owned by Vita Theas, who owns the sim and has her clothes store “Just imagine” right next to the art center. Thus the sim has 3 functions: a peaceful retreat, a store and an art center. “Ciao, Wolves Land is opened for all to visit and my hope is that you’ll love it. There’s my store Just Imagine and the Arts Centre I’m taking care of since 2009. If you are an artist feel free to call me.”

I think that’s a really nice way to combine business, art and the beauty of Second Life. Thank you Vita for the idea and the support of arts!

Landmark to Serena Imagine Arts Center
Landmark to the exhibition “Picture of Oh”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Picture of Oh in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (60) SOOSH Art Gallery

For my simploring tour Wednesday, July 26th, I selected SOOSH Art Gallery from the SL desination guide , where it is listed under art.
“Wander through a whimsical, magical and romantic fantasy garden filled with original artwork by real life artist, SOOSH (Rox SOOSH a.k.a. Roxlette Resident). As you explore the gardens, you will see her paintings and drawings on flowers, mushrooms, fairies, unicorns, fawns, bunnies, birds, butterflies and more.”

SOOSH, an Australian artist, has had gallery shows and exhibitions in real life and studied fine art at university.
“Art is my meditation and a connection to myself, my mind, soul and spirit. I love to express myself spiritually through my art and I love sharing it with the world. I am known to create multi-layered colourful abstract pieces using healing crystals and a variety of vibrant and neutral colours. I think there is beauty and powerful energy in using crystals and many colours. Every detail I create and use has meaning and I hope to connect with others through my artwork.”

The SOOSH Gallery is embedded in a fantasy garden. In the gallery itself you find examples of SOOSH’s 2D art, colourful mostly abstract paintings as well as coloured shapes of animals. What did attract me much more is SOOSH’s fantasy garden. SOOSH’s art is spread over the garden and most pieces that you can see and buy in the gallery can be seen and bought also in the garden. Some pieces are only in the fantasy garden. At each piece you find a little board that gives out some information about it, it’s title and the price.

The garden is colourful and SOOSH art fits very well into it. Right opposite of the Gallery builing is a place with a lot of SOOSH’s art and in the middle of it are game tables with: cards against humanity, cheesy, skippo, greedy and can’t stop (I just know cards against humanity and greedy). The garden also offers some very nice places to sit and cuddle, which makes a visit very enjoyable. If you like colour, then SOOSH’s garden and her art is something you shouldn’t miss.

“Realising Shapes”, Abstract free-hand drawing on mushrooms by SOOSH – at the fantasy garden and at our home

Instead of donating I decided to buy a piece of art for our home, I got the mushrooms coloured with abstract free-hand drawing, titeled “Realising Shapes”. They will remind me of my visit and will be an eye-candy for our garden in SL.

Thank you SOOSH for your art, the gallery and the lovely garden.

Landmark to SOOSH Art Gallery

SOOSH store at SL marketplace

Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony

Once again I went on a simploring tour starting with the SL Destination guide. The Destination guide is sorted by themes like art, castles, shopping etc. Brand New Colony is listed under photogenic spots and described as “a scenic, adult-oriented sim. The waterfront woodlands, beach, and dungeon are open to all adult avatars. Enjoy private intimate moments, wandering, sightseeing, exploring, photography, and meeting new people in this friendly, uninhibited environment.”
That sounds like a place for a simploring tour, doesn’t it?

From the land description I learned that Brand New Colony is the home of the Blessed Family – and everyone nice is welcome. The sim is group owned (by the group Brand New Colony). I assume that it is owned by the founder of the group Esmenet Foxdale (esmenetpink ishtari). Brand New Colony is tagged with “romantic D/s BDSM slave hangout trans TG shemale lesbian babygirl submissive dominant transgender scenic beach forest femdom tgirl t-girl sissy photography slut dungeon dom bimbo”

Brand New Colony consists of two rocky islands, that form a half circle around a bay. The sim surround is choosen excellent so that the islands fit perfectly into it, particularly when you’re on the islands and not looking on them from above. The landing point is at the boathouse an lovely place with a nice view over the bay. There’s a teleporter system that leads your around, when you don’t want to walk on foot (Destinations are: boathouse, stables, marsh house, cabin, beach, pool and dungeon).

What a lovely place! It’s peaceful and offers a lot of spots to sit and watch, to cuddle or to mediate. And as it is an adult sim, there’re also some adult animations. Brand New Colony truely is – as described in the destination guide – photogenic. I enjoyed exploring and discovering it. Of course I also went to the dungeon, which is located in a skybox. The dungeon is well equipped and cosy. It has style, not just a room full of gear, more like a club comparable to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer or to club DeLust, but with the focus on a dungeon more than on a club.

Considering that Brand New Colony is a family owned sim, I appreciate that it is open for the public. You can sense, that was not buildt to attract visitors or to become a meeting place but as a place to wind down and to enjoy Second Life. Thank you Esmenet Foxdale for providing it to the public.

Landmark to Brand New Colony

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