Art in Second Life 2023 (6) Mindful Exploration by Michiel Bechir

Art in Second Life 2023 (6) Mindful Exploration by Michiel Bechir

I got an invitation from Jaz (jessamine2108) to the opening of a new exhibition at the Third Eye Gallery: “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir. I couldn’t attend the opening event but I went there a day before.

The exhibition consists of 10 pictures by Michiel Bechir. Michiel wrote about the exhibition: “A walking meditation helps us feel less distracted by thoughts and allows us to enjoy our stroll more. This exhibition is dedicated to this theme. I will show different locations on the Mindful Cove sim. The works have hardly been edited as I want to show the scenery in its most natural way.”

Impressions of “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir @ Third Eye Gallery (1)

Michiel has started his long virtual journey into Second Life as a photographer in 2009. Michiel enjoys seeing new places, meeting new people from all over the world and expierencing the creativity in Second Life (just like I do!). Michiel discovered the possiblities of different tools to improve his pictures. By editing them he also tries to add a personal touch and feeling.
Michiel owns and curates an own gallery, the Michiel Bechir Gallery. He also has a gallery with a selection of pictures at Art Park. Furthermore you can also see more of his work on his flickr page.

The featured pictures show the beauty of natural almost untouched nature that you can experience in Second Life – and Michiel’s passion for it.

Impressions of “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir @ Third Eye Gallery (2)

I had never heard about “Mindful Cove“, although it must be a sim that exists already for many years. Inspired by my visit to “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir I went exploring Mindful Cove myself.
Mindful Cove is a full region owned by a group founded by Avalon Birke who is in Second Life already since 2006. From the landmark profile I took the description of it: “Mindful Cove exists to provide both an entry point into Second Life, and an ongoing community region for newcomers and long-time residents alike, based on the core principle that SL can be an excellent place to engage in activities that support emotional and mental well-being.
And in Avalon Birke’s profile I found the information: “After 14 years of volunteer service in SL, I have semi-retired – and Mindful Cove is now in the very capable hands of my friend Coughran Mayo.”

Impressions of “Mindful Cove” (1)

I started my own walking meditation and took a few pictures of this beautiful place myself. I can tell it is really worth a visit and offers beautiful views and the possibility ot take a short trip into nature, to blind out everyday life for and to get to positive thoughts. A very well made place!

Impressions of “Mindful Cove” (2)

Third Eye is Jaz (jessamine2108)’s home and gallery – a place that is designed to showcase art, particles, inspire stories, and offer a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate. Jaz says: “It is the culmination of my many dreams – to create a place that nurtures and helps the growth of all types of creative endeavors – be it words, pictures, or particles.

I enjoyed my visit to the Third Eye Gallery and to “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir as well as my short trip to “Mindful Cove“. Thank you Jaz for enabling the exhibition “Mindful Exploration”. Thank you Michiel for your artwork – and for inspiring me to make a short trip to “Mindful Cove” myself.

Landmark to Third Eye and to Mindful Exploration by Michiel Bechir
Michiel Bechir’s flickr
The Michiel Bechir Gallery
Michiel Bechir’s gallery at Art Park
Landmark to Mindful Cove

Simploring 2022 (21) A Christmas Wish 2022

The Christmas season 2022 in Second Life is very different for me. It is the first season I spend without my beloved wife Jenny, who passed away unexpectedly in Summer. I try to keep the rituals and to make the most of it.

One thing, Jenny and I did every year was visiting the Calas Galadhon holiday installation. We always did the sleigh tour and the ballon tour, cuddling together, listening to Christmas music, being together and enjoying. I visited this year’s holiday installation on Sunday, December 18th, and it is beautiful, packed with activities, just wonderful. My impression is that it become more and more perfect every year.

Calas Galadhon “A Christmas Wish 2022”

I’m very happy that Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith realized it once again. It is the 14th (!) season that they gift this installation to us. Thank you Ty and Truck! The installation is called “A Christmas Wish 2022“. At the landing you get a notecard with all landmarks. The Calas Blog will keep you up to date with al the activities and events!

This time I will not report in detail, I have presented the Calas Galadhon installations many times.
Visit yourself and enjoy this Winter and Christmas Wonderland.

Landmark to Calas Galadhon “A Christmas Wish 2022”
Calas Blog



Simploring 2022 (20) Big Sky Over Florence

For my simploring tour on August 17th I picked “Big Sky Over Florence” fom SL Destinations. My last visit to Florence was in February 2020 (read here)

Florence is a moderate homestead owned by Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi. The sim was designed by Elvira Kytori. Some of the islands and home decoration on the sim is from Ines Lauria (Ines Shelby).

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (1)

Where you land you can grab a notecard with a well fitting description of what to expect when you visit Florence:
Thank you for visiting Big Sky Over Florence. It’s a much smaller and very different version then I’ve shown previously on game. I wanted Big Sky to have a “simpler” feel with an emphasis on relaxation, exploring, and taking photographs (if so inclined). I hope you’ll enjoy…
There is a lot of water, and small islands interspersed with beaches and homes you can spend time/relax in. All houses are for public use. Feel free to wander inside them all.. There is a boat rezzer at the main landing area for traveling about (Easier perhaps as there are no paths connecting islands!) Of course, flying is always an option.
Not a huge sim, but one where hopefully you’ll find a quiet spot to enjoy a bit of SL nature with friends, or by yourself.

“Smell the sea and feel the sky, Let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison
Warmest Regards! Gnaaah 🙂

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (2)

There’s not much to add to Gnaaah’s text. Florence in it’s newest Summer 2022 iteration is once again a lovely place, that invites to explore, take pictures and to sit down and watch the world and the time go by. And that is what I did. I made no orientation map this time as it would just read “island, beach, lovely spot, outlook, house, lovely spot, island”.

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (3)

I tried a lot of the lovely spots, had the music on (chill-out music channel is preset at Florence) and just enjoyed and calmed. So this report is short and just provides some pictures of this lovely sim.

There’s a flickr page for Florence here.

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (4)

Thank you Elvira Kytori for the sim design, thank you Gnaaah and Tomaso for sharing your place publicly including all houses.
I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Florence or “Big Sky Over Florence”
Flickr page for Florence

Simploring 2022 (19) Paradise Falls

Just recently I noticed that Annie Brightstar (anniebrightstar) has restarted her SL Destinations page. For my simploring tour on Sunday, August 7th, I picked “Paradise Falls” form her page as the pictures and the landmark description looked promising.

“Please feel free to explore our sim, all types of photography allowed including nudes, please join our group above for rez rights and be mindful to remove your objects.. No sex allowed! Please be respectful and enjoy :)”

Bird eye views on Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls is an adult homestead owned by Damien Bates and Asteeri. They own a couple of rental places, Paradise Falls is public though.

Impressions of Paradise Falls (1)

Paradise Falls looks like being located somewhere in the Mediterrean. It is an island with steep white rocks and sandy beaches. It has a harbour, a light house, lots of cafés and offers much to explore as well as many opportunities to take pictures.

Impressions of Paradise Falls (2)

If you walk up to the chapel, that is located on the top of one of the white rocks, you can enjoy a great view from up there. The town is embedded into the rocky landscape, hence you have to walk some steeper roads and stairs. There are several courts as well as countless places to sit and enjoy in the town and around the harbour, as well as in the gardens or at pools of residential homes.

Impressions of Paradise Falls (3)

Paradise Falls is surprisingly detailed considering how large it is and that it is built on a homestead. You can’t go inside of the house though, but the outside is nicer anyway. I enjoyed the beaches as well as the views. I liked in particular the fisherman’s memorial at the harbour. It seems to belong to a town like this, that might once have lived from fishing and is a tourist magnet nowadays.

Impressions of Paradise Falls (4)

I tried out some of the places to sit and watch the world go by and as it is an adult sim, I even spent time naked in a pool *winks*

Impressions of Paradies Falls (5)

Paradise Falls is just a picturesque, well built place to relax and wind down in a nice environment where you feel like being on vacation. Thank you Damien Bates and Asteeri for sharing the place publicly. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Paradise Falls
Paradies Falls flickr

Simploring 2022 (18) Cherishville Summer 2022

In Spring 2020 I visited Cherishville (read my simploring report here).
Thursday, August 4th, I came across pictures of Cherishville in Summer 2022 and I decided to visit again. It has nothing to do with the sim I visited back in 2020. Just the owner and designer is the same: Lam Erin.
Cherishville is built on a moderate full region. It is a big island with a picturesque mediterrean town in the center. The town is built on a large rock.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (1)

The landing point is on the beach. I started my visit there and walked along the beach and coast around the whole sim.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (2)

Close to the landing is a lovely decorated old VW Bus that is used to sell drinks. Not far away is a beach bar where I sat down for a first break. And close to the bar is a pier with a fishing boat and a ship petrol station.

Impressions of Chrishville Summer 2022 (3)

Following the coastline I came to a residential house, I saw several waterfalls, a water mill and a wind mill, a ship wreck and some flamingos. And I came across a lot of spots to sit down and to watch the world go by.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (4)

After I had surrounded the island I went up to the town, that offered more picturesque motifs for photographers, be it in street cafés or at the marketplace.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (5)

There’s also some art and a little bit hidden is a garden with free running phesants.

Impressions of Chrishville Summer 2022 (6)

I took tons of photographs. Cherishville is just perfect for taking pictures. I used the shared environment that dives the sim into a summerly hot light. You can almost feel the heat and the desire to stay in the shadow. Cherishville is a great place to explore, to sit and cuddle, to escape on a short virtual summer trip – just very enjoyable. And very well built with love for details. Even though I visited only shortly, It took more than an hour just to walk around the island.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (7)

Thank you Lam Erin for creating this lovely place and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my short Summer trip a lot.

Landmark to Cherishville Summer
flickr group for Cherishville Summer

Simploring 2022 (17) Endless: Birdlings Flat

Following Inara Pey’s blog I cam across “Endless: Birdlings Flat” (read her post: An Endless: Birdlings Flat in Second Life).
Endless: Birdlings Flat” is the newest visual story from Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx). She had other “Endless” sims/stories before. I visited Endless 58-58N (read here) and Endless 58-58N “YES” (read here) in 2020.

The landing is on a seperate sky-platform with a few sheeps. There are two sign, each works as a notecard giver and teleporter. To visit “Endless: Birdlings Flat” you have to choose the according board of course.
The other board leads to “Forest” by Jackson Cruyff”. I visited this part as well. “Forest consists of trees, grasses, a few flowers, and other plants, a meadow, some animals here and there, and few signs of human visitation or habitation.” Jackson made Forest “to escape, and to find refuge.” But this post is about “Endless: Birdlings Flat“.

Endless: Birdlings Flat – bird eye view and orientation map

I grabbed a notecard written by Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx) at the board, then entered the sim.
This world is inspired by the small coastal settlement of Birdlings Flat, located in the South Island of New Zealand. The area was named for the first European family to begin farming the land there, and is now home to approximately 200 people who have chosen to enjoy the quiet lifestyle and wild, natural beauty of their isolated and sometimes hostile, sometimes beautiful, surroundings.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (1) – landing platform / landing point at the sim at the crossing of the the street to Christchurch and to Birdlings Flat / at the end of the roat to Christcurch.

The landing is at a crossing where a street leads to Birdlings Flat. I decided to walk into the direction of Christchurch first. Where the road ends I walked down to the shore, which is quite full of rocks yet beautiful and very realistic.

The beach is well known for the semi-precious agates constantly being washed up onto the pebble shore (along with chunks of driftwood and occasional pieces of marine debris). It is equally well known for its savage winter winds, and for being a treacherous spot with strong currents and a severe undertow responsible for a number of drowning deaths over the years.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (2) – CUSTAR Observation container / beach / sheeps

I walked up again and came to a container with a weather data station, a power generator and a jeep.

Designed as a means of studying the behaviour of atmospheric winds, and other phenomena, occurring between 3km and 15km in altitude, the Canterbury University Stratosphere Troposphere Radar (CUSTAR) was actively maintained as a research tool for several years … The system was decommissioned circa 2009.

From there I walked over the sim .. and saw sheeps and sheeps .. and well, sheeps.
I returned the the landing point and went into the other direction and up the hill at the end of the road. There is a landmark. A robot made of scrap parts. It seemingly guards the sim and seems to be a good fellow. From the hill you see down to a wooden path and there’s a cosy spot to watch the fish and seagulls.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (3) – Outlook and robot

Between the outlook and the village is a lake, I named it “Eel pond” as at one end are wooden frameworks to dry eel. Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx) wrote: Lake Forsyth (Wairewa) has had a troubled past, with toxic cyanobacteria blooms regularly posing a health risk to both humans and animals. The primary cause of these blooms is the area’s high-phosphorus volcanic soil; contributing factors also include agricultural run-off, years when low rainfall causes the water level to drop to a point where plant matter cannot grow and clean the waters and contamination by farm stock. These issues are all being addressed now, and the quality of the lake’s water is improving.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (4) – Eel pond / Lake Forsyth

Ngai Tahu, the local iwi (nation, extended kinship group), has sole title over the use of Lake Forsyth for fishing. Traditionally, eels were harvested in autumn – caught with poles, killed, hung on racks, dried and smoked – to provide a source of food throughout the following year. This custom continues today.

Finally I walked to the village. It is full of details, details of a life in this environment, poor but not unhappy at all. You can sense that people like to live here.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (5)

I ended my visit at the beach again sitting at a spot to fish.
Endless: Birdlings Flat” provides an impression of living in such an environment. For sure a place I might never visit in real life and I had never heard about before. In Second Life we can visit such places and get at least an impression thanks to people like Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx). So thank you Sombre for creating it and making it available publicly. Sombre wrote in her notecard that Jon Thorson (jonthorsson) helped her in custom-building the pieces that have helped give this virtual representation of of Birdlings Flat its unique character. “Endless: Birdlings Flat” tells a visual story!
Many thanks also to Jackson Cruyff, who is the land owner and a dear friend of Sombre and provided the space and the ressources for “Endless: Birdlings Flat”.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (6) The villagem the sheep and the beach

I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Endless: Birdlings Flat
Bridlings Flat flickr group
Inara Pey’s blogpost: An Endless: Birdlings Flat in Second Life

Simploring 2022 (16) Blackwood Dreams

I post the pictures of this blog also on deviantArt (see here). The pictures of my simploring tours are also published on my flickr page. On deviantArt I got a comment from elenasg0 (thats the dA account name), who recommened a visit to “Blackwood Dreams“.

Blackwood Dreams is built on a full region, it has 2 full neighbour sim. My simploring tour was restricted to Blackwood Dreams. Blackwood Dreams is an adult sim (for good reasons).

The landmark description reads as follows:
Family farm built with love for you to come tour and relax.
One of three linked regions.
Carting Cosy Couples Cuddle Dairy KDC shop LGBT+ LoveBridge Lovense Milk Pony Ponygirl Puppy Scenic Shibari Steeplechase Views XXX

I zoomed out first to get an overview. The landing point is close to the boarder between Blackwood Dreams and the neigbour sim “Isla de Novella”.

Blackwood Dreams – bird eye view and overview map

Blackwood Dreams is owned by the Blackwood Dreams group. The group was founded by Kira Blackwood. Monica Blackwood, her partner, is also listed as an owner. But there are more people involved. The further names I could gather are Yelena McKay (yelena vanlager) and Katerina McKay (katmckay) and someone named Sika (I don’t found the SL username).

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (1) – Around the landing point and walking through the village (look at the “Wanted” poster in the lower right, that’s me!)

If you enter the building where you land you can grab a folder with some gifts and 2 notecards with more information about Blackwood Dreams and about what to expect. The gift giving statue is a first hint that you are on an adult sim – although it is also just a lovely, somehow Southern Europe place with a lot of nature and beautiful views.

Hello dear visitor! Welcome to Blackwood Dreams
So what is this place? Blackwood Dreams a family home, and also an open place to share with visitors. We are very LGBTQA+ friendly; abuse is not tolerated .
Here you will find a lovingly crafted relaxing environment with many quiet cuddle spots and other things to find. To the south of Blackwood Dreams itself you will find 2 sims that are our friends and neighbors – happy exploring!
We also have Pony and Dairy themes here for you to enjoy, if those are of interest.
Pony and Dairy play are something that we enjoy on a casual fun basis, and so we wanted to bring those elements out here. Please feel free to explore and enjoy these themes on a casual basis here.
We hope you enjoy your time here.
Katerina McKay (katmckay), Yelena McKay (yelena vanlager), Sika
The McKay’s

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (2) – Around the village and Farm – art show (lower left), KDC Shop (pony tack and gear) (upper right)

I strolled through the village visted the barn (obvioulsy for pony play), I visited the art show in one of the buildings and I had a look at the KDC shop. Then I followed the many paths to further explore the sim.
It is a lovely, picturesque sim that offers a lot of great views for taking pictures as well as many cosy places. I loved in particular the “Decor tube” along the way with which blooming flowers were planted – funny!

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (3) – The Decor tube (upper left), the vegetables farm (lower left), a residential building (upper right) and the pony parcours (lower right)

Along the way I saw a vegetables farm, a residential building and a huge pony parcours. There’s a board with the top ranked ponies. Obvioulsy they have events and training here.
You can enjoy the beautiful landscape, visit a small harbour, sit down and watch the world go by at the lighthouse or enjoy cuddling at the cosy corner or walk along the shore and visit the waterfalls. All these places are just lovely and very well built.

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (4) – Waterfalls, Lighthouse, Harbour and Cosy Corner

The paths lead you around the sim – and there are many paths. You walk through forests (there’s also chapel in the forest), you can walk up steep rocks (from where you have a great view over the sim) and the paths lead you also to the wind mill, that is a real landmark of Blackwood Dreams. Inside the wind mill is a Shibari Studio and of course I couldn’t refrain from trying it out, although I was not properly dressed (naked) nor did I have enough rope with me .. and I had no helping hand *winks*. Near the mill is also a Zen garden – and another Shibari gate. I hadn’t expected this kind of fun in the wind mill!

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (5) – Wind Mill, Shibari area, and Zen garden

I doubt that I found all kinky areas of Blackwood Dreams. But I got an overview. Blackwood Dreams is a place for photograpehrs as well as for those who are into pony play or dairy play … or Shibari .. or .. just want to have kinky fun. I bet that the owners and the other involved people will be helpful if you have any questions.

Thank you Kira Blackwood, Monica Blackwood, Yelena McKay (yelena vanlager), Katerina McKay (katmckay) and Sika for creating Blackwood Dreams. I could sense that it is project you realized with a lot of love and passion. And thank you for sharing your place with the public.

landmark to Blackwood Dreams

Simploring 2022 (15) Svarga

Our Kitty sent me the landmark of Svarga with the remark “Enjoy the ride!”

I admit I never heard about Svarga. I looked it up on wikipedia …
Svarga is one of the seven higher lokas (esoteric plane) in Hindu cosmology. The seven lokas consist of Bhuloka, Bhuvar loka, Svarga loka (Indraloka), Maharloka, Janaloka, Taparloka, Satyaloka. While these seven lokas and seven patala lokas form 14 lokas of our Universe, beyond these 14 exist Goloka, Manidweepa and such higher lokas of multiple Universes.
Svarga Loka is a set of heavenly worlds located on and above Mt. Meru where the righteous live in paradise before their next incarnation. During each pralaya (the great dissolution), the first three realms, Bhu loka (Earth), Bhuvar loka and Swarga loka are destroyed. Below the seven upper realms lie seven lower realms, of Patala, the underworld and netherworld. Lord Indra is King of Svarga.
Svarga is seen as a transitory place for righteous souls who have performed good deeds in their lives but are not yet ready to attain moksha, or elevation to Vaikunta, the abode of Lord Vishnu, considered to be the Supreme Abode states.
The capital of Svarga is Amaravati and its entrance is guarded. Svarga is presided over by Indra, the leader of the devas.

ok ok … that didn’t really help me.

I teleported to Svarga. Svarga is built on a full region, rated general. The landing is on a small island with a gazebo. Here you sit down on a huge wasp .. and the wasp begins to fly giving you a tour…

Diomita riding the wasp at Svarga

svarga wasp whispers: Welcome to a guided tour of Svarga

In European mythology Svarga or “Heaven” is the residence of the god Svarog.
the island was formed by the collapsed caldera of a very old volcano
Svarga itself is very old SL-wise
it was built in 2006 and nothing has been added since
at that time sculpted and flexible prims were not available in SL
so all content is original, built with basic SL primitives
Some artificial life experiment were conducted here
with plants that grow and multiply
at daytime you can still spot bees seeking flowers
and carnivorous plants eating bees
under this place, you can get a word from an ancient oracle.
by giving L$25 for charity

Impressions of Diomita’s tour around Svarga (1)

There was an exciting chat to sound experiment here
we hope to get it back soon
Come back with friends to that house later
and have fun with the elfin musical instruments
Up the central tower you will find books about SL
and from the bridges you get nice overall views of the island
need to relax a bit? stay here and enjoy the quiet floral environment
now taking you back to where we started

svarga wasp whispers: have a nice day in Svarga

Svarga is owned by a group, the group was founded by Laukosargas Svarog. On Laukosargas Svarog’s profile I found a bit of information:
Hello, these days I’m hardly ever in SL at all, I might pop in once every few months just to see how things are. I no longer sell anything and all my shops are closed. Svarga has a new owner now.

Impressions of Diomita’s tour around Svarga (2)

I couldn’t find out who is the owner now. Anyway, Svarga seems to be a classic sim, built back in 2006 (!), just I didn’t come across it yet. It looks nice and the ride with the wasp was fun. And the name “Svarga” does ring a bell now for me. If you visit – enjoy the ride!

Landmark to Svarga

Simploring 2022 (14) Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day

Sunday, July 24th, I went on a simploring tour. I picked “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day” from the SL Destination guide.

Breathe. Be free. It IS a wonderful day. Takes a few minutes to rez all in. Shared environment is best. Listen to the music and the sounds. Respect others! What is your favorite kind of day? Peace and love to you!

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – at the landing (welcome) point

Upon landing please activate “shared environment” and turn your sound on. I also turned shadows from sun/moon + projectors on for my visit. “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day” is a moderate homestead and it is another great example what you can realize with this limited amount of prims. Really fascinating! It is owned by Faith (proverbs312014), who is in Second Life since 2009.

There is a notecard with a description that you can grab upon landing. It is a perfect wrap-up of what you can do at “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day“:

Thank you for visiting Peaceful Moments. I create places that I feel are filled with peace and that allow my visitors to immerse in a safe and hopefully helpful or enjoyable way.
This sim is like a compilation of my previous creations. There are four colored spheres on the sim, each with a different theme: Always Christmas, Lavender Folly, The Merlife, and Butterfly Woods. On this sim, you can always frolic in the snow and celebrate Christmas, be like a mermaid, spend time in a forest with butterflies, meditate in a Zen garden, and relax on a peaceful serene beach. I have also added a special spot to dance to The Beatles. My sim is a welcoming and safe place for all. The unicorn themed house has a Straight Ally LGBTQIA+ flag on the front. I am such an ally. Last but not least, you can even enjoy the scenery from the sky by sitting on the whale up in the mountains. There are many inviting places to meet up with friends, talk, maybe cuddle, and dance. Or come by yourself and find a special spot. It is designed for singles and couples. For everyone.

At the landing point you find a teleporter that I used to travel around. I visited all of the above mentioned spots.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – Hideaway (upper left) / Butterfly (upper right) / Christmas (lower left) / Umbrella (lower right)

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – Lavender (upper left) / The Beatles (upper right) / Serenity (lower left) / Ride the whale (lower right)

A few simple requests…
– Be nice. Bullying is not tolerated.
– Wear clothes to cover your private parts. Nudity is not acceptable here.
– Reach out if you have questions or if something does not work on the sim. I try to make sure everything is accessible for you.
– Have fun, relax, and find your peace.

Please take a moment to visit if you have a chance. Let me know what you think! There is a guest book in the geo dome on the beach. Thank you again!

There is not much there… let’s add some pics!
Peace and love to you,

The last spot from the teleporter menu that I used to to travel around was “The Merlife”. First it is a beautiful spot on the shore of a laguna. But there’s more. When you walk through the turquoise gate you get down into a bizarre and colourful underwater world.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – The Merlife

After travelling around with teleporter I continued exploring on foot. As Faith wrote there are countless spots to sit and enjoy or to take pictures. I felt like in a dream, a fantasy world, in particular when I saw the transparent big mushrooms or the unicorns. I also spent some time mediating.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – The unicorn themed house / Meditation

There is much more to discover. With the sound turned on, you will notice that Faith has selected the music and ambient sound according to the spots you visit. Hence you get music from The Beatles when you visit The Beatles hut, you get Christmas music visiting the Christmas sphere and you get chill-out music at the beach, the place I sat down and listened to the music while writing my simploring report. I once zoomed out to get an impression how this beautiful sim was made. In the overview you can recognice the spheres, that dive the according area of the sim in another light.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – more impressions / at the beach / zoom-out overview (lower right)

Thank you Faith for creating “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day“. You really designed a peaceful place with a lot of different spots for every mood. I was in another world during my visit. Just as it should be. I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day
Flickr page for Peaceful Moments

Simploring 2022 (13) Golden Hair

Sunday, June 26th, I went on a simploring tour again. I picked Golden Hair from the SL Destination guide.

Golden Hair is a very well detailed nature sim with a broad range of happy animals. The homestead, rated general, is created and owned by Bruiser Best (BruiserBest). Golden Hair is a perfect place to take pictures, be it to create art, to simply enjoy the quietness and the beauty, be it to get some inspiration what to build yourself or be it to retreat and wind down.

Golden Hair – a sim of the woods and animals for people to take photos and make art

As usual I zommed out first to get an overview. There was no need for mkaing an orientation map. The island is small but full of lovely scenes and full of inhabitants.

Impressions of Golden Hair (1)

The landing is in a cave right next to a polar bear. This polar bear and a capricon standing on a rock off the coast are the only pure fantasy elements or oddities you find at Golden Hair. The nature is just amazing and really well done.

Impressions of Golden Hair (2)

Everything looks peaceful and is peaceful. You find all sorts of fauna and flora, small and large animals, cats and frogs, birds and insects, raccons and boars ….

Impressions of Golden Hair (3)

…. horses and cows, wolfs, chickens, rabbits, seagulls, doves, sheeps, goats and many many more. So many motifs!

Diomita at Golden Hair

Golden Hair is almost too perfect. I enjoyed my visit a lot, it was the perfect Sunday morning fun. And it is a place to keep in mind for taking lovely pictures.
Thank you Bruiser Best (BruiserBest) for creating Golden Hair and in particular for sharing your place with the public!

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