Simploring 2019 (89) Grauland

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, July 30th, I selected Grauland from SL Destinations Grauland is an adult homestead owned by JimGarand. The landmark description doesn’t reveal much “Photogenic sim and home to M-1 ART POSES“.

Grauland – overview

The landing is right next to a piece of art, a fist (Fist Statue – Marble inWorldLight) made by Korazen. Also close to the landing is an auditorium, but it has no stage and the audience looks at a painted wall. Let us imagine that in the case of an event, there’d be a screen installed. I began my exploring tour looking at the heap of stones which is also close to the landing point. The heap looks a bit like a breakwater wall. It is for sure a very interesting motive for pictures. And because of the magic of Second Life it is not covered with bird droppings although there’re lots of birds at Grauland.

Impressions of Grauland (1) – around the landing point and the heap of stones

I crossed the bridge that connects the landing island with the main island, that has the form of an hoof. I visited the cannabis greenhouse first. There’s also a pier for ships with a petrol station. Obviously the cannabis yield is very high so that they use ships for transport *winks*.

I continued my tour at the beach. It is a lovely large beach and the waves in the background are impressive. Again you find a lot of birds here and some places to sit and relax and to enjoy the beach. The beach has a very natural atmosphere.

Impressions of Grauland (2) – the cannabis greenhouse and the beach

I visited the old factory building, that seems to be abandonned for many years already. There’s no roof nor a door but it might be still a bit more protected from wind inside. You can see that someone is living here, there’s a sofa, a few pictures, garbage, a shopping cart and a litte cage (yes we’re on an adult sim). Continuing my simploring tour I sat down at another abandonned hut and I walked to the other end of the island, where you can enjoy a lovely view over the whole island from a rock. On the top of the rock is another little hut, that looks a bit like a bus station from outside. But inside there’re two chairs and a few pictures and it looks like someone really loves being here.

Impressions of Grauland (3) – at the beach, the old factory, the abandonned hut

But the most outstanding piece of Grauland is the field of concrete blocks that covers around a quarter of the whole island. The concrete blocks are also in the bay and on a small island in the center of the hoof. This island is connected with a wooden footbridge with the main island. The concrete blocks did remind me of the holocaust monument in Berlin. I have no idea what they express here or if there’s any intended interpretation. On the fist view the distribution of the single blocks seem to be random. I managed to jump on one of them and to have a better view. The field seems to be endless … does it continue under water?

Impressions of Grauland (4) – the field of concrete blocks and the outlook

On my way to the outlook I found a teleport sign for the above mentioned M-1 Art Poses shop and I came across a single modern bar stool, that stood in the midst of nothing and almost screamed “Try me”. Ok I had to try it. The stool has some really nice and tempting poses and I ended up makieng a seflie photo session. I had fun.


Impressions of Grauland (5) – at the outlook, the tp board to the M-1 Art Poses shop, and Diomita in a spontaneous photo session

And the spontaneous photo session was reason enough to have a look at the M-1 Art Poses shop that is located on a platform in 2000m height. I tried the poses with the bike and got two other great selfies.

A quick visit to the M-1 Art Poses shop at Grauland

I appreciate it a lot when shop owners combine their business with providing a place for the public to enjoy, like Jim did with Grauland. The sim is outstanding in it’s own way. The enviroment is meagre, but still beautiful, the field of concrete blocks offers a lot of different interpretations and for sure a great background. And the beach is just great being that natural. Thank you Jim, for providing Grauland to the public. I had fun exploring the island, the art and last but not least trying out the poses.

Landmark to Grauland
M-1 Art Poses inworld shop
M-1 Art Poses on marketplace

Simploring 2019 (88) Antiquity and Regency Buckingham

For my simploring tour on Friday, July 26th, I picked a place that I visited before back in 2016, Regency Buckingham (Recreating Buckingham Palace in Second Life). But I didn’t land at Regency Buckingham, instead I landed at Antiquity Visitors Center and I admit reading the offered notecard there and seeing all the different teleport pads did confuse me first.

Antiquity Welcome Center

Antiquity is made up of two full sims and thirteen homesteads, in total 15 (!) sims that are spread over 3 levels, the ground level, the Forest level at 2000m and the cotswolds level at 3800m. It exists for over 11 years now and has developed over time. Antiquity is a roleplay community for the time period of 1730-1830. The sims are owned by Jacon Cortes de Bexar (Jacon Cortes).

Antiquity orientation maps

Besides or within the roleplay you can follow different activities in Antiquity and you can visit several historical buildings. There are equestrian facilities, sailing facilities, markets, taverns and inns. And of course there are quite some regular and special events. At Antiquity you will find the Buckingham palace, the Texas Capitol building, two manors, historic parks, and permanent and rotating art exhibits. This would be enough material for 10 blogpost if I only had enough time for visiting and writing. I think I’ll never get bored in Second Life *winks*

Regency Buckingham – public tour map

I decided to visit Regency Buckingham as I had intended. At the entrance you can grab a very elaborated notecard for a public tour with a description and history of what you see. First of all it is not the Buckingham palace as we know it in this day and age, but rather it is what George IV. intended to build when he ordered the architect John Nash to build the palace instead of the Buckingham house for him in the 1820s.

Regency Buckingham – Grand Entrance (1) (upper left) / Bow room (3) (upper right) / Green Drawing room (9) (lower left) / Blue Drawing room (13) (lower right)

All of the art you see within, and much of the furnishing and other aspects of the decor, have been selected or created on the basis of the extensive resources provided online by the Royal Collection Trust. The Regency Buckingham in Second Life is the result of 3.5 years work of Jacon Cortes with the help of Crotian Egerton, Twelfth Night, Leandro Malaspina, Cathryn Beaumont and Gaianed Francisco di Cremona. Art has been curated from the Royal Collection by Jane Ixtar and Tiamat Windstorm.

Regency Buckingham – Throne Room (10) (upper left) / Music room (14) (upper right) / Throne Room (10) with Queen Diomita (lower left) / Grand Staircase (7) (lower right)

I made the tour of Regency Buckingham following the orientation map, that is also enclosed in the notecard. For every room you get very detailed and specific information about the background, the use of the room and the exhibited art. Most of the art, like in the halls, are collections from certain kings. None is painted after the 1840s.

Regency Buckingham – State Dining room (12) (upper left) / Ministers Staircase (16) (upper right) / King’s Gallery (11) (lower left) / Diomita with the “tour guide”
(lower right)

It was once again a very impressive experience to visit the palace. It’s also good to see that there’re very strong and passionate communities in Second Life that do exist for more than a decade – and that the Regency Buckingham is still in this virtual world. I personally think, if you’re in Second Life, Regency Buckingham is one of the places you must have seen. Thank you Jacon for your dedication and for enabling this really outstanding piece of Second Life.

Landmark to Antiquity (Visitors Center)
Landmark to Antiquity – Regency Buckingham (Forest level)

Simploring 2019 (87) Carolina

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, July 23rd, I picked “Carolina” from SL Destinations. From what I saw there it seemed to be the perfect place to visit on a really hot Summer day in RL.

Carolina is a moderate homestead owned by Arol Lightfoot. The name rang a bell to me and looking up my own blog I found out that Arol was also involved in La Vie, a place that I visited 3 times, but it was always different (Simploring 2018 (1) La Vie in Winter / La Vie in Second Life / Simploring 2017 (83) La Vie in Autumn). Carolina is described in the landmark profile as a place with “warm sandy shores and a tropical environment, filled with wildlife, relaxing beaches, and grassy areas“. I couldn’t sum it up any better.

Carolina – overview

Carolina offers a lot of beaches, only interrupted by some smaller rocks. There are many opportunities to sit and cuddle and to watch the wildlife. Besides seagulls, you’ll find many other birds, seals, a pair of playing dogs, flamingos, horses, donkeys and ducks, just to name a few. As most of them are animated it is fun to look at them or to wait for the right moment for a picture.

Impressions of Carolina (1) – upper pictures show the green house

In the center of California is a residential house, which is fully furnished and free to visit. As far as I could find out there’re no restricted areas at Carolina. At this house in the center is a funny sign that made me smile “Notice: Protect your food. Management cannot replace food stolen by seagulls“. And two seagulls are sitting on this sign!

Impressions of Carolina (2) – the playing dogs / the boathouse

Further in the North is another house with a workshop at the beach. Obviously it is also used for repairing small boats. But this boathouse (I called it boathouse) offers also a nice living room with seaview as well as a decking for bbq’s and for socializing behind of it.

The North of Carolina is a bit greener. And there’s an old rollercoaster, which offers a particular motif for pictures.

Impressions of Carolina (3) – the rollercoaster, the flamingos and the house with the decking

Finally there’s a lighthouse and a crashed small plane. It is seen best from the decking of the third house in Carolina. This decking has the best views of the island in my personal opinion. It is close to the flamingos, you can see some seals from there, you can look over to the lighthouse and the rollercoaster and you can look along the inlet that almost leads to the house in the center.

Some more Impressions of Carolina

I enjoyed more than an hour exploring Carolina and I had fun to try out some of the places to sit and relax. I wonder if Arol Lightfoot did name the island “Carolina” because of North and South Carolina in the US. Some views did remind me of the outer banks in North Carolina. Anyway, if you seek a place to wind down at a beach or to for a short virtual vacation, you should visit Carolina. Thank you Arol for sharing your sim with the public. I had a great time there.

Landmark to Carolina
flickr group

Simploring 2019 (86) The Promise

For my short simploring tour on Friday, July 20th, I picked “The Promise” from SL Destinations. The Promise is an adult homestead owned by MTA Zamani and nona Orfan. The landmark description provides a short background “After long war the crystal island become a dark demon one”. The sim is tagged with: photo, photograph, adult, BDSM , Cave and Castle.

The Promise – an overview

At the landing point I saw a board providing the landmark to Angel of pain’s BDSM Island, which is a “partner sim” of The Promise. Angel of pain’s BDSM Island is a place that I visit every once in a while, in particular when I am enjoying a green light.

Impressions of The Promise (1) – the ship (upper left) / the castle (upper right) / the graveyard (lower left) / view from the castle (lower right)

Back to The Promise. I went to the castle first. It is not only dark and frightening from ouside but also from inside. Many statues in clear sexual poses are used to liven up the place even when none is around. At the time of my visit there were about 10 other people present. The Promise seems to be well attended and is for sure home for many with a kink for demons. The furniture and decorations, the bdsm gear and the texts and sayings at the walls provide a particular atmosphere. The dark castle is most likely not a place for the faint hearted – but a great place for extraordinairy pictures.

Impressions of The Promise (2) – inside pf the castle

I continued my tour and visited the cave where I was welcomed by a huge spider, I visited the graveyard and the big ship in the harbour and I made a boat tour in the bay and watched the flamingos, the swans, pigeons and a mermaid. I walked up the single tower, that looks like a lighthouse. At it’s base is a huge sphere, that looks like a planet and on the top level is a planetarium.

Impressions of The Promise (3) – boat tour (upper left) / the tower (upper right) / the Planetarium (lower left) / in the cavev (lower right)

I also roamed around the island with it’s many vulcanos, with all the chrystals and ritual spots. I’m not very familiar with demons hence I can’t tell about the meaning of these places. What I can tell is that they radiate some magic, that they provide perfect backgrounds for pictures with a scary touch, in particular when you play with the windlight settings.

More impressions of The Promise

Thank you MTA Zamani and nona Orfan for sharing The Promise with the public. I enjoyed exploring and taking pictures.

Landmark to The Promise

Simploring 2019 (85) Lost Lagoon

For my simploring on Saturday, July 13th, I selected Lost Lagoon from SL Destinations. Lost Lagoon is a moderate homestead designed, built and owned by Jana and Mark Knight (jana guyot and knight676). According to the landmark description it is “a lost place in the South Seas. Witnesses of bygone days and paradise for those who seek solitude and nature.” Jana and Mark added the tags “South Sea, Animals, Jungle, Sea, Pirates, Castle, Palm Trees, Cuddle, Hangout and Photo“.

Lost Lagoon – overview

The landing point is close to a residential home. From here you can see a lighthouse, another hut, two bridges and far away a castle on a mountain. The loading of the textures might take some time. The sim is quite full and almost all available prims are used.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (1) – around the landing point

I first visited the residential home. It is fully furnished, has a nice terrace and some places to sit and watch. Although it is public I refrained from looking at it too thoroughly. I crossed a bridge and explored the submarine island. I first thought that there’s a hill on the little island, but the hill is a submarine, that is used for living now. The inside of the submarine is furnished, every corner is used. In front ot the entrance is a bench that was built from a former torpedo, the best use for a torpedo! For me the atmosphere on the submarine island was a bit how I would imagine an island in the South Sea.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (2) – the submarine island

I visited the lighthouse next. With the magic of Second Life you can sit on a chair on the top of the lighthouse and have a view over the island, but you can’t walk up the lighthouse. I returned to the landing point, had a look at a decking with more opportunities to sit and watch and crossed the next bridge to another small island with a hut and wild animals close by – tigers, lions and hippos. Together with a plane wreck you can take outstanding pictures here and make your own story around the motive.
This island is connected to another small island that is occupied by a herd of elefants. Lions, tigers, hippos and elefants are animals I would expect in Africa first of all. It is fun though to pose with the animals and to take pictures. The elefant island is connected with another bridge to the main island. I visited another hut and a shed named “Shakespeare’s place.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (3) – the plane wreck and elefant island

From Shakespear’s place I crossed the river and went into the jungle. I found another hut there, a great place to retreat and enjoy the nature, but I got lost first and had to return until I found the stairs that lead up to the monutain. On the ridge is a Chapel and the Castello of Lost Lagoon. A German and an Austrian flag are set. Mark Knight (knight676) is from Austria, hence I assume that Jana is from Germany. The old canons around the castle witness that the castello had a function in former times. Inside of the castello is a nice wine storage and tasting and a nice living room, outside you can use another great spot to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (4) – Shakespeare’s place and jungle hut

I carefully walked down the mountain and explored the quite open and green plaines below of the castello.There’s a Buddha statue, again a nice spot to cuddle close to the ruins of a chapel (I named this place “under the bell”), a Moai statue (that fits perfectly to South sea) and another hut called Gaugin’s place.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (5) – Chapel and Castello

I ended my visit to Lost Lagoon with a walk to the ruins of a cathedral, a quite romantic place with a piano.
Lost Lagoon is a varied island, a place that offers a lot for explorers and photographers. I spent far over 2 hours at Lost Lagoon and I’m sure that I haven’t yet discovered all of it. Second Life is a place where you can build your own little fantasy world and therefore it mustn’t be realistic always, not everything has to fit together – we have that in RL already *winks*

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (6) – Buddha statue, Cathedral ruins, under the bell, Gaugin’s place

Thank you Jana and Mark Knight (jana guyot and knight676) for creating Lost Lagoon and in particular for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Lost Lagoon
Flickr group

Simploring 2019 (84) ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba

Following Inara Pey’s blog I visited “][Octopussy][ goes Cuba” (read her post here) on Friday, July 12th.

][Octopussy][ goes Cuba – overview

][Octopussy][ goes Cuba is an adult homestead owned and created by Rosinchen (fleurlarosa) and Will Thos (willkinthos). Upon landing you’ll get a notecard with a description and some rules to follow: “][ Octopussy ][ goes Cuba is a themed hang-out and chill-out island with a colorful, small cuban village surrounded by rocks, palms and flowers, with sensual beaches, numerous photogenic and nature spots. Walkways lead you through reed zones with the sound and observation of many animals.”

][Octopussy][ goes Cuba – Landing Point and ][Octopussy][ lounge

][Octopussy][ goes Cuba is also home for a quite unique bar and event place called ][Octopussy][ lounge. The entrance to this lounge is right at the landing point and it was the first thing I explored on my tour. It is built into a large aquarium with fishes, whales, mantas and dolphins. It offers quite particular views and is stylished furnished. Of course there’re also octopussies. Apropos octopussies, you’ll find them everywhere at ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba and often they also provide animations for dancing.

Impressions of ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba (1)

After visiting the aquarium longue I walked upstairs and followed the path that leads along and around the big rock and ends in a little town. Along the path you get wonderful views, there’re many nice places to take a rest and you can see some animals (also octopussies) and some very colourful blooming flowers. Together with the palms you get the feeling of being in the Caribbean. The town clearly fits to this feeling. I’ve never been in Cuba in RL, but that is how I picture it. Old cars, colourful houses, chicken and donkeys running around, a stage with a singer and a saxophonist, street cafes and a very relaxed atmosphere. Time stood still for decades. I turned the music on and listened to latino music. Rosinchen and Will selected a radio station with music that fits to ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba.

Impressions of ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba (2)

I continued walking around the big rock and came back to the landing point. From there a few steps lead down to the beach. It’s not just a beach with many places to sit and watch, with a beach bar, and stands to get a cool drink. Long wooden piers reach out into the sea with reed zones. The piers almost build a network. Countless chairs and seats, blankets and benches invite you to sit down and to watch the birds, to simply inhale the Caribbean feeling or to enjoy the view to the island. One of these piers lead to a nice dancing area, with group dances. I also tried out a bumper paddle boat and got into a group of flamingos.

Impressions of ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba (3)

During my visit I was not alone at ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba. Many others were there exploring or just chilling. Although ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba is an adult place you shouldn’t run around naked. Nudity is only allowed during sexual activities.

Impressions of ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba (4)

I enjoyed exploring ][Octopussy][ goes Cuba and getting the feeling of a visit to the Caribbean. The sim is designed with love for the detail, it offers countless romantic spots as well as many many fantastic views. The aquarium bar is unique and the always present octopussies are kind of a trademark for the place.
Thank you Rosinchen (fleurlarosa) and Will Thos (willkinthos) for creating this Caribbean island and for sharing it with the public. I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Landmark to Octopussy goes Cuba
Inara Pey’s blogpost “][Octopussy][ goes Cuba in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (83) Whimberly 2019

When I visited Scarlett Island (Simploring 2019 (82) Scarlett Isle), which was designed and landscaped by Staubi Reilig (engelsstaub), I decided that I had to visit Whimberly again, which I visited in 2017 (Simploring 2017 (7) Whimberly) and in 2018 (Simploring 2018 (3) Whimberly revisited ). And I didn’t hesitate long and went to Whimberly the very next day already.

Whimberly is an adult homestead, designed and owned by Staubi Reilig (engelsstaub) and after seeing Scarlett island the day before I can clearly see Staubi’s style – and I like it!

Staubi is a girl from Germany. She’s inspired by fashion, landscapes, people and music. She expresses herself through fashion, outfits and daily lifestyle in Second Life. Staubi makes interior design as well as landscaping, she takes photographs and she has her own blog.

Whimberly 2019 – overview

Whimberly is layed out as one big island. A suspension bridge connects the island with a small island which is occupied by a light house. The main island is cut into 2 parts by an inlet that ends in a pond with a waterfall. This way Whimberly‘s shape resembles an horseshoe. The landing is at a fountain garden. From there you have already a great view over to the lighthouse.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (1) – around the landing point

I began my simploring tour on foot, came to the boat rezzing pier and had a short boat tour. Then I continued on foot again and got to the big canola field. It is very large and reminded me of my home in Northern Germany. The blooming canola is a feast for the eyes.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (2) – blooming canola fields

The biggest building on Whimberly is the farm house. I went inside. It is all furnished with style and a you can discover a lot of details. The farm house would fit into a Mediterrean surrounding. Imagine to live in a house like this! I enjoyed the view from the balcony over the canola field.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (3) – the farm bouse, the seaview decking and the dance decking

I went to the shore again and discovered the seaview decking. It was already occupied during my visit, hence I just took a picture. It is a really nice place to sit. I went to the dance decking instead where I made a short rest and enjoyed the views. Whimberly is designed quite naturally and at the same time it is that lovely that it can’t be real. I made really a lot of pictures. By the way, of course you can dance at the dance decking.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (4) – around the beach house

My next stop was at the beach house. This house is also furnished and invites to sit down either inside or outside. I liked the beach chair on the seaside terrace. There are two more beach chairs close to the beach house. From those you have a nice view at the lighthouse and over the beach. I walked to the lighthouse from where you have more great views on Whimberly and there’re another two beach chairs. Staubi seems to like them just like I do *winks*

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (5) – the lighthouse and the inlet with waterfall

Finally I explored the inlet and the waterfall. The atmosphere is quite different there because you lose the view on the sea. There’re some birds and blooming flowers. And the inlet is another great spot for photographers. I really enjoyed my visit to Whimberly once again. It seems that I have to visit it at least once per year. I’ll end this simploring report with the landmark’s description from Staubi: “Come and explore the spring themed location called “Whimberly”. Enjoy your stay, take lots of pictures, meet friends an above all have fun!

Thank you Staubi for sharing this lovely sim with the public. I did enjoy almost a whole afternoon exploring and enjoying it!

Landmark to Whimberly
Whimberly Flickr group
Staubi’s blog

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