Simploring 2018 (105) Winter Wonders and Floating Islands

Tuesday, December 4th, I went exploring Winter Wonders following once again an entry in SL Destinations.
Winter Wonders is an installation by Zun Sahara at LEA15. She described her installation with a simple request “Please enjoy the wonders of a real world of winter“. Upon landing you can get a notecard with just a little bit more information, in particular with 4 landmarks that will enhance traveling around Winter Wonder but you can do it on foot too. One area though, the Floating Islands, can only reached by teleporting. You can also use the big crystal dragons to use teleports.

Winter Wonders – overview

Basically Winter Wonders consists of 3 parts besides the Floating Islands. The large elven wood around the landing point, the cave with the cave greenhouse and the Krystal palads on top of the cave. I first visited the cave greenhouse. Inside it is like a tropical island within this frosty winter world, the green, the plants, the many opportunities to sit and the blooming flowers makes it a cosy place to stay and look out of the windows into the surrounding winter world. Outside at the wall of the cave you find large statues artfully made of ice that seem to guard the place. Each of them is a piece of art on its own.

Impressions of Winter Wonders (1) – around the landing point, cave greenhouse and cave

The ceiling of the cave is supported by two huge statues, like Atlas who is supporting the world. And on top of the cage is Krystal palads, another of the provided landmarks. But there’s not much to discover (or I didn’t notice it).

Impressions of Winter Wonders (2) – upper left picture taken at Krystal palads

I explored the whole sim and it offers quite something to discover. Fairies and elves, ducks, penguins, deers, fox and other animals peacefully roam around. There’re some campfires and cosy places and the whole atmosphere is just lovely and invites you to stay longer. I did that for quite a while 🙂

Impressions of Winter Wonders (3)

I also visited the Floating Islands, which are not at all related to winter. The Floating Islands are a colourful fantasy world full of excotic plants. Peacocks, butterflies, birds, famingos and other animals have their home at Floating Islands. The light effects are well done and when you walk up form one level to the other you see a lot of nice spots to sit and enjoy or to dance with your loved one. Floating islands is to some extent just the opposite of Winter Wonders at least regarding the season. But it also fits perfectly into this dream world.

Impressions of Floating Islands (1)

Zun Sahara owns a store named Zun Design where she offers a lot of furniture, plants and flowers, prefabs and garden stuff, decorations and sim design elements, some of them are used in her LEA installation. There’re several boards where you can grab freebies of Zun. I got a mediation pyramide (you can sit in a meditation pose in it, can’t be seen seen from outside, but you yourself see the world around you), a pack of candles and a set of flying birds. I do like the later most.

Impressions of Floating Islands (2)

I enjoyed a lovely hour of exploring and escaping from real life into the fantasy of Winter Wonders  and of Floating Islands. Thank you Zun for creating this world.

Landmark to Winter Wonders
Landmarks within Winter Wonders
Cave greenhouse
Krystal palads
Landmark to Floating Islands
Zun Sahara’s store Zun Design

Simploring 2018 (104) Lullaby by Cica Ghost

On Tuesday, December 11th, I got an invitation from Cica to see her newest installation “Lullaby” that opened that very day. Spontaneously I visited “Lullaby by Cica Ghost” right away.

Lullaby by Cica Ghost – advertising poster, overview and Cica’s snail

Lullaby is once again a meagre hilly island with some steep single rocks and rock arches which reminded me of Monument Valley in Utah, US. But when you keep the windlight setting, wich I did except for the overview zoom out picture, the rocks are not red but the whole scenery is in dark greeen and blue colours.

There’re again fantasy animals and bugs living at Lullaby. Some of them have similarities with real animals and bugs. Right next to the landing point is a huge snail with large telescope eyes. Bugs will fly around you during your visit. They are huge as well and they have a trunk, cute!
If you’re not alone at Lullaby you might see other visitors flying around sitting on bugs. You can’t sit on the bugs flying around you, but you can get a bug to sit on and to fly around with on the top of one of the steep single rocks. You can keep the bug as a gift by the way and probably scare someone using it on other sims *winks*.

Impressions of Lullaby by Cica Ghost (1)

Most of Cica’s animals at Lullaby are stationary, maybe a particular kind of worms. What you see is there heads and the big “Cica”-eyes. They are scary only on the first glance. After you’re settled in into the scenery, they look harmless and peaceful. One of them though opens it’s mouth, ready for eating you. No worries, the mouth is spacious enough and will open again, so that you can leave again.

Impressions of Lullaby by Cica Ghost (2)

Quite in the center of Lullaby, is one arch with a house. On the roof sits a “Cica”-girl with wide opened eyes. The girl is very pale and she looks a but scared. She fits to the poem Cica Ghost quoted in the landmark description for Lullaby:

“Another day goes by
And I don’t wash my hair
Another night is spent
Wishing you were here
My skin it looks so pale
What’s that over there?”

from “Lullaby For An Insomniac” by Kate Nash

Impressions of Lullaby by Cica Ghost (3)

More animals? Yes! A large teddy bear, a butterfly and a spider. The spider can be found close to the arch with the house and nearby you’ll see the spider net.

I had fun exploring Lullaby. Somehow Cica’s animals became friends of mine in the meanwhile. I look at them to see all details and am not scared. At Lullaby, the animals became part of the island. They’re integrated into the hilly landscape an into the steep single rocks. Lullaby is a fantasy world, a world to retreat and to let your mind wander. And the animals never sleep, even when they look asleep – insomniacs.

Impressions of Lullaby by Cica Ghost (4)

I searched to find one of Cica’s cats hidden at Lullaby, but I didn’t find it. Cica Always hides one of her cats somewhere in her installations. Maybe the cat digged a hole and is hidding in it? Maybe the cat is even sleeping in the hole surrounded by a sleepless world of insomniacs? If you find the cat, let me know please.

Thank you for another great installation, Cica. Once again, I enjoyed seeing your art a lot.

Landmark to Lullaby by Cica Ghost

Diary 2018 (214) Nov 30th / Dec 1st – naughty Maurer’s

Jenny and I had a great afternoon, Friday November, 30th. We tested the new Real Restraints Police collar and went to “Atlas de sade D/s” and “Atlas Steam & Sensuality”, a club we never visited before. It was quite empty there, so we could explore it and test the new collar feature of zapping the sub and restricting the vision when the sub doesn’t stay close enough to the owner, a very nice new feature. Then we went to our skybox and we had some togetherness (no picture of course *winks)

Virgo had sent an offline IM that she will run late for our Friday night party. Before we left that afternoon we talked about the theme for the party and agreed to the right mood for the season, for the snow and the advent. Hence we choose shiny all white or red and white as the theme.

November 30th: Jenny and Diomita visiting “Atlas Stean & Sensuality” (upper left) / Della, Starry and Fox dancing (lower left) / Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo dancing (lower middle and right)

The party began without Virgo, but we had fun nonetheless and listened to a radio channel. And Virgo showed up shortly before midnight, just in time to play our traditional midnight puff puff song.

Saturday, December 1st, Jenny and I visited Heavy Bondage Club and Puerto Esclava in the afternoon. slave Flo joined us at Puerto Esclava. After celebrating her 5th anniversary and after all the leeway she got in the time before, it was about time to get her tied up and restricted again. I thightened her corset as much as possible and added a hood, gag and blindfold. And I locked her legirons and cuffs. She looks great like this. Our (and her) fun can begin, as I intend to increase her restrictions using the police collar and all the other fine possibilities of RLV.

December 1st: Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / at Puerto Esclava with slave Flo

At night Jenny was in a naughty mood. And she infected me. I had an invitation for an “island warming party” at Nylon Island, a ladies only sim, and as the name implies a sim particulary for those with a kink for nylons. I got the invitation from Heather Luna-Kilmister (heatherluna), a co-owner of Nylon Island.

We both dressed sexually explicit including nylons of course. Unfortunately the party hadn’t really started. We spent some time there teasing eachother and dancing, then we moved on to Babylon Berlin. We should return to Nylon Island and do some kinkploring another time. While we were dancing at Babylon Berlin, Jenny talked me into wearing my police collar and she put on hers as well.

December 1st: Jenny and Diomita at Nylon Island and at Babylon Berlin

We left the keys out and went to club Domme a Domme to seek some fun together. It was full at club Domme a Domme and we were close to get into trouble but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Hence we visited our slut cecy, who had come inworld in the meanwhile, at Psi’s realm and then we retreated to our loft to get our naughty desires fulfilled (no pictures of this part).

Simploring 2018 (103) Zimminyville

Monday, November 26th, I was up for a simploring tour. I looked up SL Destinations and picked Zimminyville as the teaser picture looked great. The landmark description description sounds a bit mysterious “Zimminyville was est. in July 2017. Curfax & Flo had a vision on the land and in the air to create a home on earth as well as on the moon. Please come by to explore. We encourage you to take pictures as you explore Zimminyville.

A home on earth and on the moon? I had to explore it to discover what’s behind it. Zimminyville is a full sim, rated moderate. It is owned and created by Curfax Zimminy and Flo Zimminy (Sweetfloxo).

Zimminyville overview

The landing point is in front of a cosy house. Zimminyville is covered with snow according to the season. I zoomed out for orientation and on the first view it looks like a typical American village in Winter. I began exploring by walking along the road. The village really offers a lot. The residential house right next to the landing point is fully furnished with many details to discover in- and outside.

Impressions of Zimminyville (1) – close to the landing point
ding point

On my way through the village I saw the big barn and the large drive-in movie theatre at one corner of the village. There’s a gas station, a garage, a small harbour, bars, a windmill, a gaszebo, kind of an observation tower, and a long promenade along the beach with a cafe and several cars and huts that offer food and souvenirs. The village isn’t empty even when nobody is around as mesh figures enliven the scenery.

Impressions of Zimminyville (2) – drive-in theatre and bar

Impressions of Zimminyville (3) – harbour, promenade and gas station

At the other end of Zimminyville is a train station. You have to go into the passenger coaches. The are fully furnished as well! What really impressed me is that all buildings are furnished and decorated. This way you could explore and discover for many hours.
I spent more than an hour at Zimminyville and I’m sure that I just discovered a small portion. Of course there’re also many places to sit, you could play billard, have a drink in the bar, take a walk on the promenade, or have a look into the garage. Zimminyville is a vintage village, most vehicles are oldtimers and the furniture inside is mostly vintage. I got countless motives for pictures. Really beautiful.

Impressions of Zimminyville (4) – around the station and inside a passenger coach

There’s one building, which I discovered already when I zoomed out in the beginning of my visit, that is outstanding and somehow not fitting into the scenery, a modern pyramid with at beam pointing straight up into the sky. On my way exploring the forest around the observation tower and trying to find the way to the pyramid, I found a spaceship hidden in the forest.
And then I entered the pyramid. It is futuristic inside, a real contrast to the tranquillity of the vintage village. In the corners of the pyramid are launch pads leading the “Moon pool”, “Bio Dome” and “Cathedral”. I entered a rocket on the lauch pad with the sign “Moon Pool” – and it brought me to he moon!

Impressions of Zimminyville (5) – the pyramid, gateway to Zimminyville moon colony

Zimminyville part II: While on earth Zimminyville is a place where time stands seemingly still, is is a busy sci-fci colony on the moon. I’m not a big sci-fci fan, but what I saw up there was fascinating and I spent another hour discovering it. The colony on the moon is quite busy. Many more mesh figures than on earth enliven the scenery and provide the impression of a busy environment.
A modern hovering train circles around the colony and there’re two stations where you can enter and leave it. The cathedral is a big building with glass walls and it is what the name implies – a cathedral. The Bio Dome is a big dome that provides the conditions for plants and trees to grow and offers the possibility to enjoy earth nature on the moon.

Impressions of Zimminyville moon colony (1)

On my discovery tour I also came to 2 gates where you can enter spaceships, that look inside more like a sci-fi bus and might be used for transporation of people to earth and back to the moon. Most probably the transportation I choose to get there is expensive – but fun! Again, the details are stunning and part of the fun when exploring the Zimminyville moon colony. I just want to mention the FedEx sign or the PanAm sign, the security personal and their uniforms or the really huge cathedral, a building that I didn’t expect on a moon colony, at least not in this size.

Impressions of Zimminyville moon colony (2) – the cathedral and future mass transportation

What a great sim! Curfax Zimminy and Flo Zimminy (Sweetfloxo) have created two contrary fantasy worlds. Both are highly packed with details and each is an experience for it’s own. For me visiting these 2 worlds within one visit was just overwhelming. Thank you so much for creating and sharing Zimminyville. I like it a lot, Curfax & Flo!

Landmark to Zimminyville

Calas: A Christmas Midnight Clear in Second Life

Jenny and I went to Calas Galadhon’s yearly Christmas Installation. A visit there has become a tradition for us. We made the sleigh tour and we explored a bit riding a horse. The installation is great once again and we intend to visit it a few times more during the season.

December 4th: Jenny and Diomita’s first visit to Calas Galadhon’s yearly Christmas installation

As always, Inara wrote a nice blogpost about “Calas: A Christmas Midnight Clear”. Enjoy reading and enjoy your visit! Thank you, Inara!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

A Midnight Clear; Inara Pey, November 2018, on FlickrA Midnight Clear – click any image for full size

On Thursday, November 30th, the 2018 Calas Christmas regions opened to members ,and over the weekend of the it will open to the public at large. This year the theme is A Midnight Clear, and the two regions are once again beautifully presented for lovers of winters scenes and Christmas time to enjoy and share.

A Midnight Clear features all that we’ve come to love about the Calas Christmas regions: the Christmas Pavilion, entertainment, sleigh rides, skating, balloon and reindeer tours. In addition, this year offers visitors the chance to ride Bento horses (or reindeer!) around the regions, adding a wonderful depth to exploration and enjoyment, or take their rest aboard the marvellous Calas Christmas Special train.

A Midnight Clear; Inara Pey, November 2018, on FlickrA Midnight Clear

The arrival point for the general public is on the Homestead region of Eriador (also initially the landing point…

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Simploring 2018 (102) Celeste Sanct

Inspired by a picture that I saw at SL Destinations I decided to visit “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}“. On SL Destinations was just one picture and a text in Japanese … nothing more. The picture looked quite interesting and photogenic, showing a lonely place in winter but the landmark description did sound more like a description of a store “High Quality Adult Furniture + landscaping & Fashion for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Signature“. So what’s behind it?

The whaling station at “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}”

celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is an abandoned whaling station. It is lonely and exploring it is fun. In the few living quartes you find just some chairs, a sign “Baby it’s cold outside” and yes, christmas decoration!
The facilites are empty but the huge chimney is smoking. That’s it, besides two empty storage silos and an half sunken trawler. Just what you’d expect from an abandoned whaling station in the middle of cold nowhere – yet very photogenic.
There’s no shop, at least I didn’t find one. “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is owned by Chania Leuce (cheekichica). It is a full adult sim. There must be something in the skies as the rezzed prims dont’t correspond with what you see. And there is! I found out later that there’s a big inworld store in the skies.

3 sim overview: The whaling station between “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat” and “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort”

I looked around and zoomed out and found that there’re two adult homesteads adjacent to “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}“, one is “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms“, the other is “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort“.
I started with exploring “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms“. It is a photogenic sim dedicated to storm lovers. You get a notecard upon entering it and Chania Leuce (cheekichica) wrote in it that “this sim is art imitating real life. It is modeled after the South Texas Gulf Coast, USA.” I first used my standard windlight for my visit as the provided windlight is quite dark, later I used the provided windlight which gives you the feeling of being in a thunderstorm.

“Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms” – Impressions with a normal windlight setting

As Chania described it, there’s quite something to explore. The residential homes are all furnished (with style, I liked it!). There’s a large highway around this quite lovely and beautiful beach village, some parts of the highway are flooded, others are covered with sand dunes, just as you expect it after a thunderstorm. The contrast between the highway and the beach village is quite realistic (unfortunately that’s how it is in reality). I enjoyed exploring and visiting “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms”.

“Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms” – Impressions with the provided windlight setting

On the other side of “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort“, a winter skiing arena with a large sky-cab to travel and several lovely decorated and furnished cabins. Once again you get a notecard with some information upon your landing or entering. The cabins are not for rent but free for all to use as a first come first serve basis during your stay.
I traveled with the sky-cab, I had a look into the cabins and I had a sledge ride, which was fun. According to the notecard this sim is only up for a limited time, from now until end of February.

Impressions of “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort” (1)

Chania Leuce (cheekichica) is the owner & Creator of celeste.sanct, which is a store for furniture (with even adult aninations), for decorations, for home and garden and for plants an stuff that you need for creating sims. I only found the store at the marketplace here. But I saw some of the items sold rezzed in these 3 adjacent sims.

Impressions of “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort” (2)

I can only speculate, but I assume that building and creating must be a passion of Chania. The three sims don’t really fit to eachother but are really photogenic and offer a lot to explore. I was surprised that I didn’t find a store (I found it later though) and the name for the whaling station “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is really misleading. I decided to title this simploring tour with “Celeste Sanct” as this is the brand of Chania.

I enjoyed my visit to these 3 sims. And as Chania also wrote in her notecards that the sims are changing, I should visit again some time to see what has changed.
Thank you Chania for providing your space to the public!

Landmark to “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}”
Landmark to Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms
Landmark to Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort
Chania Leuce (cheekichica)’s store inworld celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}
Chania Leuce (cheekichica)’s store on the marketplace

Simploring 2018 (101) Vespertine

For my simploring tour on Sunday, November 18th, I picked Vespertine from SL Destinations because of the nice and colourful pictures I saw. The landmark description of Vespertine did already give away what to expect: “deco, home, garden, skyboxes, prefabs, shopping, autumn, relax, nature, original mesh“.
Vespertine is a store for the products listed in the landmark description. The store and the sim is owned by dead inside (amelie knelstrom).

Vespertine overview

Vespertine is a homestead. I first zoomed out for an overiew. The sim is dominated by the store which takes most of the available space. It is embedded in a really nice, colourful surrounding, that is worth a visit for it’s own.

Impressions of Verspertine (1)

Vespertine consists of 2 islands. The main island is occupied by the store. You land outside at the entrance of the store and can either decide to visit the store or to explore the smaller island. I explored the smaller island first. It offers some nice places to sit and it offers great views because of the foliage – a perfect place to take pictures. At the end of the smaller island you can take a ride with a paddleboat, which I did.

Impressions of Verspertine (2)

Then I explored the store. It offers home and garden decorations. I have seen a lot of it’s stuff already during my simploring tours. Hence in some respect it was a deja-vu for me. Vespertine also offers prefabs and skyboxes. I have seen at least the greenhouses, that are sold there, before at other places. And also the summer ice cream truck, which seems to be quite popular. From the store you can take a teleporter to a rezzing area where you can see the prefabs and skyboxes by temporarily rezzing them.
I really enjoyed poking around in the store. That’s another shopping experience. You get ideas by looking at the stuff and it is presented in a very appealing way.

Impressions of Verspertine (3)

I appreciate it a lot when shopping is not limited to the marketplace and I like it even more when shop owners present their stuff thoughtfully and when they provide a nice surrounding for visitors. Particularly for a home and garden store that’s fitting. Dead inside (amelie knelstrom) made this effort and I enjoyed my visit to the store as well as the outside. Vespertine is really a great place for photographers.

Thank you dead inside (amelie knelstrom) for adding this nice place around your store.

Landmark to Vespertine

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