Talking about ……. Allana Mikadze

We ran into Allana at Dipp Dexine’s “love hurts” sim. She was locked into a wall rack. Her head and hands on one side of the wall, her legs spread widely on the other side of the wall, her ass and pussy ready to be used by everyone on one side of the wall, her mouth on the other side. The poor slave was fully restricted.We had her fun with her and decided to take her with us. She wore an iControl device in hardcore so we could simply take full control. Thus she became our our first Eurobrat slave.

Our slave Allana Mikadze
At home we began to get known to her and Allana proved to be an obedient slave. Always horny, always ready to serve her owners and she loves to be kept restricted in tight bondage. Particularly after some time in her chastity belt she’s real fun to use. We collared Allana Nov 20th, 2009.
Allana’s and our timezones don’t fit well together unfortunately and we didn’t see as much of her as we’d like. And right now she took some time off SL in addition. We look forward seeing her again.  There’re enough bondage devices waiting to try out with her *smile

We love you, slave Allana
Diomita & Jenny

PS.: We released Allana as an official sub of ours May 28th, 2011. She hasn’t shown up for months. We hope that Allana is only caught by RL and hope the best for her. She’s always welcome and of course stays a member of our family&friends.

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