Kitty Maurer’s 9th collaring anniversary

Just recently we celebrated Kitty Maurer’s (aka. Santana Thibedeau) 10th rezzday (read here).  And today marks Kitty’s 9th (!) collaring day.

I was part of Yasmin’s Brat Pack and Yasmin’s collared sub and had just married my slave Jenny. On November 22nd, 2008 Jenny and I found a “present” at home. My sister Yar (Yar Telling), another brat of Yasmin (Yasmin Heartsdale), had caught Santana, had fun with him and left him in a cage in our house in Stonehaven when she was done with him. Santana was convinced that he could talk himself out of the cage and announced that he will enslave us. Actually, Santana has the particular talent to talk himself out of every miserable situation. But this one time he was wrong. We kept the boy and the more he threatened us to get out and to enslave us, the more we were motivated to prove the opposite. Santana moved with us to Rivers Rock where he was one of the first guests in our Hotel California and he spent months in his hotel room.
After that nice and comfy stay he was well conditioned and submitted to us. We both became fond of our captive and decided to make him a slave to the whole family as our time zones did not match fully. One thing shone through all this time and that was no matter when or where slaveboy always remained loyal to us and made us proud to own him (and later her) wherever (s)he went.

November 22nd, 2008 …..

November 22nd – Kitty Maurer’s 9th collaring anniversary

A lot has happened since that day. Second Life developed and changed, our family in Second Life changed, some good friends left us or decided to persue other ways in SL, Santana became Kitty Maurer, my slave wife Jenny became my Mistress – Kitty stayed with us all the time.
Thank you Kitty for your unconditional submission and dedication to your owners.
Happy collaring anniversary!

Diary 2017 (185) October 31st / Nov 1st – Flo’s Halloween & slave kelly’s nightmare

Tuesday, October 31st, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. She took her Ehesklavin, that’s me, to Domme a Domme to expose me there and to enjoy having me at her feet.

October 31st: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme

We also saw slave kelly in the afternoon. She was visited by Ava Delaney (avadelaney), obviously a domme friend of hers who wanted to buy slave kelly from us. Of course we didn’t sell slave kelly, but I promised that Ava will get the first right of refusal in case we’d sell her.
Mistress Jenny and I also spent some time together at a friend’s place and had an exciting time (I keep that as a secret to us *winks*).

October 31st: Mistress Jenny and DIomita with slave kelly and Ava Delaney at home

At night, it was Halloween. I changed into a witch costume and slave Flo changed into her skeleton costume, that she wore already at our Halloween party. We went to Venustus and had a really good time there celebrating Halloween. And slave Flo won the 2nd price at the contest for the best Halloween outfit there. Congratulations, Flo!

October 31st – Halloween at Venustus: slave Flo wins the 2nd price at the Outfit contest for the best costume

And that ends the spooky season at least for this year and in this blog. Wednesday, November 1st, I went on early in the morning and met our slaveboy Santana (better known as Kitty Maurer), who celebrated his/her 10th anniversary of joining Second Life (read here) Of course I had to deliver the 10 spanks on this occasion. Kitty is going to spend a short time in her old male avatar and she says it does feel really odd. Happy Rezzday once again, Kitty!!

November 1st: Kitty aka. Santana Thibedeau gets her rezzday spanks from Diomita. Happy 10th rezzday!

In the afternoon Mistress Jenny and I decided take the final step in enslaving slave kelly (read here). slave kelly didn’t submit willingly not did she get a new collar like her sisters. Instead for completing her enslavement we bought a chastity belt for our newest slave and locked it tight. We consider to weld it soon. I also locked her collar and I threw away the keys – at least I won’t need to search them anymore. And slave kelly or more precisely Maurer’s lil slave kelly? She screamed, she cried, she begged horrified by getting chastited and enslaved by us. She’s get used to it. Her nightmare just began and should last some years at least.

November 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enslaving Maurer’s lil slave kelly

The night of November 1st hold a surprise for me. BC (Baroness Capelo) visited us and she was in a very slutty mood and began to strip and to dance for me and slave kelly and slave Flo. She wanted to be fucked by me like I fucked slave Mara two days before. As BC didn’t agree to get cuffed and restricted, I didn’t fulfill her wish. Instead I took her to our Fetish Club where she danced for me and the slaves and had one orgasm after the other. Later also slave Mara joined us and she fulfilled BC’s desire to get fucked. What a show!

November 1st: Baroness Capelo’s show for Diomita, slave Flo, slave kelly and slave Mara

Angelique Maurer’s 10th rezzday in Second Life

Again we celebrate a 10th rezzday in Second Life. Today our beloced niece, Angelique Maurer, celebrates her 10th anniversary of joining Second Life.  I’ve written a lot about Angelique already and it’s hard to add anyhting. This time I was really lucky. Angelique herself gave a text about herself to her aunts, Jenny and me, that she has written to describe herself for the Institution she just joined, the Birchwood Academy. And this text does really fit:

Angelique Februar 2012

Hi all, I am Angelique Maurer,
seeing others started to introduce them self I thought I couldn’t stay behind. Said that, the first challenge occurred. I am a terrible writer, especially in a for me still difficult language. I am a Dutch girl who started to regret it I didn’t pay any attention at school regarding to the English classes., when I joined SL years ago. Shyly and insecure I began my adventures learning the so needed English language, with about my whole screen plastered with yellow post-its and a dictionary on my lap.

I will skip all the naughty things I did before I started to get interested in roleplaying, especially in a strict school academic environment. That is how I ‘found’ my two beloved Aunties, as they had a strict ballet academy (closed now). My Aunties are my caretakers, my guardians, my family. Although they are extremely strict I love them both to bits.

May 2014 – Angelique Maurer in fine vintage lingerie

Anyway, over the years the knowledge of the English language got better, which improved my roleplaying skills slowly. Nevertheless I am still a natural shy girl, looking and listening to the others and try to fill in where I can. In small groups (2-5) that is usual not the biggest problem, but when the group gets bigger and a lot are talking I can collapse completely. My mind has to receive everything what’s said and process it. The moment I know what to say it is sort of outdated. This can make me complete silent. Sorry if that happens. Usually I will leave shortly after a while to get myself on track again. Knowing this ‘problem’ of myself, it doesn’t prevent me from keep trying to get involved over and over again. 
I just love roleplaying to much to stop it. Besides roleplaying I love chatting, shopping, dancing, exploring and discovering the SL world, meeting new friends and last but not least ….having fun.

Feb 21st, 2016: Angelique Maurer with her aunts Diomita and Jennny

I need guidance, management, strong discipline and focus in daily life – from someone else, because it does not naturally come from me. No, I’m not always going to take it with a quiet smile, but I do need it. I need discipline, I know I’m not (always) going to enjoy it, I will push back, I will screw up, often. Oh… one thing I almost forgot, “Rules are great, but it sure is fun to break them.”

September 17th: Angelique Maurer

We are very happy and proud to have our niece in our family. Angelique has grown into her role within the family and means a lot to us. We simply love her.
Happy anniversary, Angelique! Oh, and if you see Angelique around these days, don’t miss to give her some rezzday smacks (10 would be appropriate) and simply ignore her protests.

All the best for the next decade!
with love
your aunts
Jenny and Diomita Maurer

Maurer’s little slave kelly

October 2nd I went to Heavy Bondage Club to wind down and read profiles. There I met lil one (kellytrip). The name rang a bell. Claven brought her slave kellytrip to our Friday night parties sometimes. lil one told me, that she was given to Miss Mara, a friend of Claven. She also told me, that she’s free to roam and that she’s seeking trouble. As I was in the right mood – she found trouble (read here).

October 4th at home: Diomita and slave kelly

October 5th: Diomita having her was with slave kelly

What started with a little tease of a slave named “lil one” developed to a more complex play when kelly’s owner Mara (maralyn corleone) showed up. I had them both under my control and finally released slave Mara but kept slave Kelly as our’s. With Mistress Jenny’s permission I simply enslaved kelly. I took full control and to get her accustomed to us I kept her locked in a cell when I wasn’t around.

October 11th: slave Kelly gets her head shaved bald

October 18th: Diomita with slave kelly at Bondage&Storage Project, at club DeLust and at home

slave kelly is from the US West coast and hence our timezones don’t match. But she managed to be present long enough to get her fully enslaved and possessively as we are we will keep her. When you see her around while we’re sleeping and recovering feel free to tease her and to have your way with her (although she will be tied up and restricted most of the time), just keep her in one piece for us – and ignore her complaints (in case she’s able to complaint *winks*).

October 23rd: Diomita with slave kelly at home

Anything else? Yes, for our records we fixed November 2nd as slave kelly’s collaring day, although October 2nd was the day her fate was sealed. Welcome to our family, Maurer’s little slave kelly, welcome in your never ending nightmare.

Kitty Maurer 10th rezzday anniversary in SL

We have heard it said that a month in Second Life can be like a year in real life. So 10 years in Second Life must be like a lifetime.
Today one of our family gets that lifetime award. Santana Thibedeau aka Kitty Maurer has spent 10 years logging in to this world where we all come to escape. Only Kitty like to take it upon herself to make sure that anyone away from the keyboard is pushed into storage so that they have to escape in SL too.


slaveboy Santana Thibedeau

Kitty has been a constant source of fun from when we first met Santana. He was determined to capture both of us and we guess in some ways he has.

Our sub slaveboy Santana Thibedeau

our slave boy Santana Thibedeau March 2010

At the hands of some of our old friends Santana was turned into a female neko. This opened a new world of fun for Kitty (as we named her because of that incident) and Kitty found that she could get away with all kinds of mischief.

Nov 22nd, 2014: Happy 6th collaring anniversary, Kitty Maurer!

As a tease we provided Kitty with some female clothes and said that if she ever had more male than female clothes we would allow her to change back to her male self. We’re sure Kitty started to hide her male clothes then and there has never been a question of returning to Kitty’s former self.

To celebrate Kitty reaching 10 we thought it would be a good idea to let kitty spend a day or two as Santana for old time’s sake before we let her back into her mischievous persona. So if you see Santana or Kitty give them a spank or 10 from us to wish her a happy rez day.

March 23rd, 2016: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

Thank you Kitty for all the good times a lot has happened over the past 10 years and it has simply flown by.

All our love
Jenny and Diomita

slave cecy

Those reading this blog or knowing and meeting us inworld know also our slave cecy (cecyme at deviant art, see here). She’s close to steadily “melting”, being wet and horny. And she also can’t resist to be humiliated as it excites her even more. Having that in mind, Mistress Jenny did extend slave cecy’s SL a bit to RL as I wrote in yesterday’s entry.
An extension from SL to RL and vice versa can be done in different ways and all of them are used in SL by many people, some are at least scary for my taste and not my cup of tea at all – and not a subject I write about here in this blog but to keep in privacy. Mistress Jenny teased slave cecy giving her RL orders what to do while being online in full mutual consent. I won’t go into details here but one detail I’ll reveal is that slave cecy has a collar in RL.
On Friday night, January 13th, we had our regular party. It was great as always by the way, you should come and attend it. slave cecy was melting and drippin’ wet (just the way she is *winks*) and I felt forced to put “caution wet” boards out in order that none complains about slipping.

January 13th: slave cecy dancing at our Friday night party

January 13th: slave cecy dancing at our Friday night party

slave cecy got an assigment by Mistress Jenny on Thursday, January 12th. She had to take a picture of her collar and provide it to us. And she did provide it Friday night. Good slave girl! Now her 1st life section in her profile is finally filled, showing the picture below.

January 13th: slave cecy's RL collar

January 13th: slave cecy’s RL collar

slave cecy submission to us and her devotion is particular and she was eager to get this picture published in this blog to prove it, that’s why I publish it here. It’s in her public profile anyway. Thank you, slave cecy. So far we rarely touched this area of play in this blog and we do not intend starting that now. As opposed to we will only write about this kind of extending SL to RL on rare occasiona like the one with slave cecy Friday night.

slave Flo in fetish heaven

I got this offline Sunday, November 27th, from our slave maid Flo:
While polishing the toys in her cabinet our slave Flo could not refrain from slipping these strict looking ballet-trainers. Also the leather neck corset „Corrector“ was catching her attention. She looked several minutes at it and daydreamed about the feeling when it would be tightly laced on her neck. Finally she could’nt resist anymore and slipped the „Corrector“ in place over her head. Like a mystery the laces tightened without her own help and a faint „click“ told her that it was locked in place. In front of the mirror slave Flo admired the look while she felt that her head esd strongly restricted from turning. And also lowering her head was impossible. As she could not remove the applied toys she followed her task and polished the mittens  – and even those slipped easy over her hands. slave Flo is in fetish heaven!

November 27th: slave Flo in fetish haven. I added slave Flo twice at the right side of the picture (you can see the corrector, the mittens and the foot braces)

November 27th: slave Flo in fetish haven. I added slave Flo twice at the right side of the picture (you can see the corrector, the mittens and the foot braces)

The same day, Sunday night, when I came online I found slave Flo in her fetish heaven wearing the corrector, the mittens and the foot braces. slave Flo was in front of the house together with our niece Angelique. To understand the following scene you need to know what happened the nigth before (Saturday night). Angelique visited us, Mistress Jenny and me, and was wearing heavy restraints and her chastity belt … and slave maid Flo was also present. Well, we talked a bit … then I found a old remote for Angelique’s chastity belt and began to play with it. I won’t go into details but shortly after Angelique couldn’t hold back and peed directly on our carpet (I know why I call her pissy brat). Before we left that night I ordered slave maid Flo to care about the mess no matter if she cleans it herself or any sister maid of hers.
Back to Sunday night….
The mess was not cleaned, instead slave Flo (tied up in her fetish, see above) complained about the smell in the house and defended herself that she couldn’t get in and that she couldn’t put on a gas mask because of the mittens. Well, why does she need a gas mask? To avoid smelling Angelique’s pee? And why didn’t she clean right away before caring about her fetish? You might guess what happened. I took her into the house and Angelique and I made sure that she smells Angel’s pee very closely. Then slave Flo had to clean the carpet.
(here’s a transcript)…
Diomita: “no restraints today, Angelique?”
Angelique: “Sunday Auntie”
Diomita: “plastic panties instead of a chastity belt?”
Angelique’s eyes widens but keeps silent
Diomita Maurer: “I don’t see your skirt Flo only the apron”
slave maid Flo shows her hands: “I could not put the skirt back on”
Diomita nods “and you peed into your nylons, slave maid Flo”
slave maid Flo: “and the toilet is ……”
Diomita Maurer shakes her head
slave maid Flo blushes
Diomita: “that is why Angelique wears a skirt … so that I can’t see either her plastic panties or her having peed into her nylons”
slave maid Flo blushes more
slave maid Flo: “I didn’t either could open the windows in house Mistress – the smell didn’t gone”
Diomita: “the smell from last night, I assume .. Angelique’s pee”
Diomita sighs “my family seems to have a pee problem”
slave maid Flo closes her eyes and whispers “yes”
Angelique frowns… “I thought you would clean that flo?”
slave maid Flo shows her mittens “I could not put the gas mask on Mistress”
Angelique: “now wait a minute.. I heard clearly you was ordered to clean that wet spot flo”
Diomita frowns “for what do you need a gas mask?”
Angelique sighs “what a slave maid you have Auntie… tsk tsk”
slave maid Flo wrinkles her nose “the smell, Mistress”
Diomita grins noticing her genes in Angelique
Diomita: “I don’t mind you smelling it, slave maid!”
Diomitasighs “I might have to reactivate my crop”
Angelique mumbles a bit angry.. “I see just one solution in this.. but that’s me”
Diomita: “yes?”
Diomita: “you will do it then, Angelique? Good idea”
Angelique narrows her eyes at flo…
Diomita hooks a leash at slave maid Flo’s collar
Angelique: “her nose in that spot Auntie.. that will teach her for not following orders because she don’t like it what ever reason”
Diomita: “come, slave maid, follow me”
Diomita drags slave Flo into the house and brings her to the pee spot on the carpet
Angelique: “so…. now you can hoover that smell flo, tsk tsk…”
Diomita bends down and pushes slave Flo’s head into the carpet
Angelique: “there you go”

November 27th: slave maid Flo cleaning the carpet, Diomita and Angelique are watching. The stains on slave Flo's back are from her own pee as she couldn't go to the toilet .... you know the mittens *winks*

November 27th: slave maid Flo cleaning the carpet, Diomita and Angelique are watching. The stains on slave Flo’s back are from her own pee as she couldn’t go to the toilet …. you know the mittens preventing touch and hence preventing opening doors *winks*

After that was done, I punished slave maid Flo with my crop – a tool that I didn’t need for a long while. Anway, Flo’s bum was glowing and will hurt a few days. Angelique didn’t hold back and added some spanks and admonished slave Flo to listen better and to obey (geez – she really inherited some genes *winks*).

November 27th: Diomita punishes slave maid Flo to remind her of her duties

November 27th: Diomita punishes slave maid Flo to remind her of her duties

November 27th: Angelique adds some more smacks on slave Flo's bum after the punishment

November 27th: Angelique adds some more smacks on slave Flo’s bum after the punishment



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