Backflash November 2021 – “slave Flo in fetish heaven” (November 30th, 2016)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For November 2021 I scrolled back 5 years and selected a post from November 30th, 2016: “slave Flo in fetish heaven”.
Our Flo celebrates her 8 (!)th collaring anniversary these days. Anotehr reason to highlight her in this blog.

Enjoy reading!

slave Flo in fetish heaven (November 30th, 2016)

I got this offline Sunday, November 27th, from our slave maid Flo:
While polishing the toys in her cabinet our slave Flo could not refrain from slipping these strict looking ballet-trainers. Also the leather neck corset „Corrector“ was catching her attention. She looked several minutes at it and daydreamed about the feeling when it would be tightly laced on her neck. Finally she could’nt resist anymore and slipped the „Corrector“ in place over her head. Like a mystery the laces tightened without her own help and a faint „click“ told her that it was locked in place. In front of the mirror slave Flo admired the look while she felt that her head was strongly restricted from turning. And also lowering her head was impossible. As she could not remove the applied toys she followed her task and polished the mittens  – and even those slipped easy over her hands. slave Flo is in fetish heaven!

November 27th: slave Flo in fetish haven. I added slave Flo twice at the right side of the picture (you can see the corrector, the mittens and the foot braces)

November 27th: slave Flo in fetish haven. I added slave Flo twice at the right side of the picture (you can see the corrector, the mittens and the foot braces)

The same day, Sunday night, when I came online I found slave Flo in her fetish heaven wearing the corrector, the mittens and the foot braces. slave Flo was in front of the house together with our niece Angelique. To understand the following scene you need to know what happened the night before (Saturday night). Angelique visited us, Mistress Jenny and me, and was wearing heavy restraints and her chastity belt … and slave maid Flo was also present. Well, we talked a bit … then I found a old remote for Angelique’s chastity belt and began to play with it. I won’t go into details but shortly after Angelique couldn’t hold back and peed directly on our carpet (I know why I call her pissy brat). Before we left that night I ordered slave maid Flo to care about the mess no matter if she cleans it herself or any sister maid of hers.
Back to Sunday night….
The mess was not cleaned, instead slave Flo (tied up in her fetish, see above) complained about the smell in the house and defended herself that she couldn’t get in and that she couldn’t put on a gas mask because of the mittens. Well, why does she need a gas mask? To avoid smelling Angelique’s pee? And why didn’t she clean right away before caring about her fetish? You might guess what happened. I took her into the house and Angelique and I made sure that she smelled Angel’s pee very closely. Then slave Flo had to clean the carpet.
(here’s a transcript)…
Diomita: “No restraints today, Angelique?”
Angelique: “Sunday Auntie”
Diomita: “plastic panties instead of a chastity belt?”
Angelique’s eyes widens but keeps silent
Diomita Maurer: “I don’t see your skirt Flo only the apron”
slave maid Flo shows her hands: “I could not put the skirt back on”
Diomita nods “and you peed into your nylons, slave maid Flo”
slave maid Flo: “and the toilet is ……”
Diomita Maurer shakes her head
slave maid Flo blushes
Diomita: “that is why Angelique wears a skirt … so that I can’t see either her plastic panties or her having peed into her nylons”
slave maid Flo blushes more
slave maid Flo: “I could not open the windows in the house either, Mistress – the smell didn’t go away”
Diomita: “the smell from last night, I assume .. Angelique’s pee”
Diomita sighs “my family seems to have a pee problem”
slave maid Flo closes her eyes and whispers “yes”
Angelique frowns… “I thought you would clean that Flo?”
slave maid Flo shows her mittens “I could not put the gas mask on, Mistress”
Angelique: “Now wait a minute.. I heard clearly you was ordered to clean that wet spot Flo”
Diomita frowns “for what do you need a gas mask?”
Angelique sighs “what a slave maid you have Auntie… tsk tsk”
slave maid Flo wrinkles her nose “the smell, Mistress”
Diomita grins noticing her genes in Angelique
Diomita: “I don’t mind you smelling it, slave maid!”
Diomitasighs “I might have to reactivate my crop”
Angelique mumbles a bit angry.. “I see just one solution in this.. but that’s me”
Diomita: “yes?”
Diomita: “you will do it then, Angelique? Good idea”
Angelique narrows her eyes at Flo…
Diomita hooks a leash at slave maid Flo’s collar
Angelique: “her nose in that spot Auntie.. that will teach her for not following orders because she don’t like it what reason ever”
Diomita: “come, slave maid, follow me”
Diomita drags slave Flo into the house and brings her to the pee spot on the carpet
Angelique: “so…. now you can hoover that smell Flo, tsk tsk…”
Diomita bends down and pushes slave Flo’s head into the carpet
Angelique: “there you go”

November 27th: slave maid Flo cleaning the carpet, Diomita and Angelique are watching. The stains on slave Flo's back are from her own pee as she couldn't go to the toilet .... you know the mittens *winks*

November 27th: slave maid Flo cleaning the carpet, Diomita and Angelique are watching. The stains on slave Flo’s back are from her own pee as she couldn’t go to the toilet …. you know the mittens preventing touch and hence preventing opening doors *winks*

After that was done, I punished slave maid Flo with my crop – a tool that I didn’t need for a long while. Anway, Flo’s bum was glowing and will hurt a few days. Angelique didn’t hold back and added some spanks and admonished slave Flo to listen better and to obey (geez – she really inherited some genes *winks*).

November 27th: Diomita punishes slave maid Flo to remind her of her duties

November 27th: Diomita punishes slave maid Flo to remind her of her duties

November 27th: Angelique adds some more smacks on slave Flo's bum after the punishment

November 27th: Angelique adds some more smacks on slave Flo’s bum after the punishment

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Maurer’s pet Sun aka. Newlifeloading

In the Diary post “Diary 2021 (136) October 9th/10th The collaring of our pet Sun” I wrote about our newest family member Maurer’s pet Sun (Newlifeloading). Some readers might have found that I published something about our pet in the section “Our subs”.

I met Sun Boucher (Newlifeloading) end of 2020 the first time. I don’t remember where anymore and I just have the transcript of the private IM. She must have been dressed in a way that underlined her butt as I approached her making a remark about her butt. I wanted to provoke her and to find out on which side of the leash she would feel comfortable. The next time I saw her, was in the begin of August and then one week later we talked a bit more.
Sun told me that she’s from Denmark and that her SL changed when her RL changed and prevented her to come inworld during the day. Henceforth she had little contact to her partner in SL (Manella Boucher) and to her family in Second Life. Sun was a submissive to Devi (deviant1), who I know from several encounters, but was not owned by her anymore. Sun is the (SL) daughter of Essa (Essanem Spark), who I also know from a few encounters and who is the partner of Devi.
Sun joined Second Life almost 2 years ago on October 29th, 2019 and she was quite addicted spending almost her whole days in Second Life. During this time she learned a lot, not only about herself but also about the technic of Second Life, about places and about shopping. She learned how to do things. She owns a place to retreat to in Essa’s sim, she loves to sail her own boat, to ride her own bike and she accumulated a large wardrobe. Sun defines herself as a switch leaning towards the submissive side. She has been educated at Roissy Val d’Oise.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita with pet Sun (Newlifeloading at Carnal Intentions, at Psi’s realm and at Puerto Esclava

After our first longer conversation I invited Sun to our Friday night party and she followed my invitation and joined our party on Friday, August 13th. Since that day she is with us. Sun is an obedient girl who loves to be controlled very strictly – thus a perfect match to us. She knows her place, loves to serve and to please. She follows orders willingly and also enjoys more than just a little bit of pain. She had been a ponygirl for quite some time and was eager to be a puppy. I warned her that she should be careful what to wish for, but she was too curious. A few days later Sun became our puppy, our pet. I restricted her view, her talking and her hearing, and I trained her.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita with our pet Sun at Puerto Esclava and at home

Being a helpless puppy can be a very intense experience and we kept Sun as our family puppy for 3 weeks. That was long enough to grow her complete submission to us, long enough to realize that she lost control, but not too long to fully extinguish the desire. For sure Sun will have more puppy time with us. Her time as our family puppy also led to a closer realtion to Mistress Jenny and me and to our family. Consequently we took our pet into a trial on Friday, October 1st.

We collared Sun as Maurer’s pet Sun on Saturday, October 9th. Welcome to the family, pet.




Our sub Faye, collared July 26th, 2021

According to my notes I met Faye (Boy Serenity) at Carnal Intentions on August 8th, 2020, the first time. And if I remember it right, there was a bulge in her crotch – no surprise considering her user name Boy Serenity. Faye looked outstanding with her black hair pinned up and held by a pin, her Asian eyes, her shiny catsuit and her fur jacket. She’s quite easy to recognize with this appearance. You would think she’s from Asia. She isn’t, she’s Dutch.
Faye describes herself perfectly in her profile:
I am a loving, tender person. I love to toy with restraints. You will find me dressed in leather, latex and fur. I am a caring submissive but do love to switch with the right partner.
Over the next months Faye came closer to us. Faye is not a sissy boy, she’s female in her second life, but does not hide that a male is behind her avatar. Faye is not in Second Life for sex – that doesn’t mean that she’s asexual. She loves bondage and talking about bondage we began to toy with her, we talked about her toys when we saw her holding the leash. With time her trust grew and she added us to her gear so that we could play with her. We learned to cherish her tender ways and we enjoyed tying her up every once in a while.
Faye hasn’t be owned before and she wanted to stay independent and able to persue her domme side, and we didn’t push her. We talked with her about collaring her and giving her the leeway she needs. Mistress Jenny and I even discussed to define something like a “light” collar. But Faye shied back. She’s a very sensible person, she needs time. She was hot and cold but always returned to us.
In July 2021 she decided that she wanted to submit to us. She turned over control of her gear fully to us. We accepted it and took her to us whenever we met her, leashed her, and tied her up a bit more often. We talked .. Faye had come to terms submitting to us.
When Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon July 26th and were at club DeLust, Faye joined us while Mistress and I were talking. She stayed patiently next to us and jsut enjoyed being close. When we met again at night, Mistress asked me about collaring Faye. And spontaneously we collared her officially – no hot and cold anymore but ours, our sub Faye.
Welcome to the family, Faye

Faye, collared July 26th, 2021

Maurer’s slave Holly aka. Honoursgirl

I saw Holly (honoursgirl) at Heavy Bondage Club in November 2020 the first time. She looked a bit lost there, without an owner and she also told me that she is “just a little lost in SL at the moment”. I invited her to read Mistress Jenny’s and my profile and then to decide if she wants to get known to us and if ds that she should attend our Friday night party.

I had forgotten about he when on April 13th, 2021, Holly approached me while Mistress Jenny and I were at Puerto Esclava in the afternoon. She told me that she’s occupied with her RL Friday nights and that she would have attended otherwise. Moreover she told me that she had spent quite a lot of time in SL cells and that she likes being controlled and restricted – be it restraints, vision restrictions, gags, breath control. And she told me that she considers herself being very loyal and obedient yet she likes to be pushed. We talked about her gear and I checked that she had at least some basic gear – and I invited her over to us some day soon.

At night the very same day Holly came by and watched Mistress Jenny, Flo and me playing skipee. We went to Psi’s realm with Flo and and Holly and spent the rest of our night there. It was quite full, hence we had a lot to watch and I used the opportunity to talk with Holly about her desires and about some basic rules.
Holly spent the next two weeks very close to us. I began controlling her and her Second Life. Holly is from the UK, her online times fit well to ours, except that she’s not inworld during the weekends. She proved her obedience and willingness to serve us. We learned that her SL name honoursgirl was choosen by someone for her a long time ago and she picked it when she created this avatar 9 years ago. Holly had a couple of owners in the past and she had spent 18 months imprisoned at S&L storage (she sim has gone). And since then she was roaming around.

Holly’s dedication to us and to our family that she showed from the first day on convinced us to collar her quite quickly. She is our’s now.
Friday, April 30th, on her 9th rezz day anniversary, we collared Holly as Maurer’s slave Holly. Welcome to the family, slave Holly.

Maurer’s slave Holly aka. Honoursgirl collared April 30th, 2021

Backflash December 2020 – How the little doc became part of the family (December 28th, 2013)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For December 2020 I selected a post from December 2013, 7 years ago. Our Flo could celebrate her 7th collaring anniversary this year. 7 years is a long time and even more so in Second Life … and here is how the lottle doc became part of the family…. enjoy!

How the little doc became part of the family

Any news from Flo (Florence.Riddler)? Of course! She adapts to her new life. Now she’s not a kidnapee anymore, now she’s enslaved. And she herself senses it as her freedom, the freedom to be what she wants to be, ours.
Around Christmas I asked Flo to write a bit again about her first month being our slave. Again, I didn’t shorten anything. Enjoy reading about Flo’s new life.

The little doc becomes part of family

Its more than 6 weeks since I wrote about my adventures … some call it my fate… but it is my freedom. Since I got the honor to become part of the Maurers family – Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny call them slave – but for me, the little doc Flo its much more. I locked myself – the door back to my former life as surgeon – when I accepted the little lock on the bracelet on my neck. Proud …. yes be proud to cut with my old well-being life and the fetish of my CB hidden in my own flat. My dreams about have someone keeping those keys and decide when I can slip out became true. More then, the feeling of helpless, the leather belts an buckles, the restricting devices most people only can enjoy in her fantasies or behind closed doors, its now part of my life.

A new life I have to accept the mood of my owners, sometimes lovely, other times strict or torturing for her own pleasure. No chances to complain – it only causes harder and heavier restrictions – I accept and so I’m her toy , her maid to clean the house or as they call their slave. My Mistresses are studied psychologists – they know exactly what is best for her family members and for herself. That way they keep the family and threaten them. So I was forced to write down mantras to change my mind for slavery. Therefore a small desk had been installed and I was forced to repeat and write down sentences like: this slave loves her Mistresses or this slave beg for be gagged.

That was just the half of truth – yes I love my Mistresses – but hate to beg for be gagged. So I revolted and……. have been punished with heavy isolation in helmet, straight jacket and humiliated to be shown that way with a big sign on my neck written“ This slave revolted“. That way, deaf and gagged and mostly blind I had to think about my behavior for 4 days! I could scream and cry, no one could hear me, no one could see my tears and no one was aware about the cramps in my jaw by the huge gag! I learned my lesson…..

Slave Flo punished for revolt

Slave Flo punished for revolt

One night we went out to a fetish club and we have had a very bad experience by another domme who was very bad to my Mistress Diomita. She tried to enslave her and used very rude spelling against us. I spoke to her and begged to be polite and she should remember the good behavior we all expect. She shouted me a silly fuc…… and such words. The only thing I could to was, to ignore her. Later my Mistresses told me she had been proud about my behavior – I had acted like a real brat.

20131224 Slave Flo's Christmas gownThe days before christmas my Mistresses allowed me to dress free the way I like. the only little thing was a small bell attached on my bracelet to announce at any moment that I am owned and that my Mistresses can hear where I am going.
I enjoyed much my rose-colored gown and the thin white fetish dress I could wear. No CB, no cuffs – I felt like in heaven… and I gave me that feeling several times by touching myself on my sensitive paradise. My owners where to busy in christmas shopping and they didn’t realize because I was very diligent in keeping the house clean.

Then christmas!!!!! Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny how I love her both! They had been shopping for 2 christmas gifts for little doc Flo: first a jacket with stitched emblem Eurobrat, second gift is a made to measure created item to enclose me from toe to neck in stretchy latex – like a prison. They really connect my fetish with her own pleasure to make me helpless. Last night I had to show my christmas gift to the other family members. Mistress Diomita opened the zipper and let me step into the white latex cocoon. My arms had been placed in internal sleeves and then the zipper shut and some belts had been buckled. The feeling inside is incredible – warm snug much tighter then I ever thought. I cant move my arms, spread my legs or walk. With small hops I can move but have to care not to fall – else I wouldn’t be able to get up myself. I’m ………….. in heaven.

Thank you my wonderful Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny.

201312126 Slave Flo's new body bag

Slave Flo’s new body bag

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How the little doc became part of the family | Diomita and Jenny Maurer’s Blog (

Our 12th wedding anniversary

Today marks Mistress Jenny’s and mine 12th wedding anniversary. 12 years is a long time and it is a real bliss that we’re still very happy together. Thank you, Mistress Jenny, my wonderful wife, for the journey together so far. I look forward with confidence to the next years and levels of our relation. I love you, Mistress Jenny.

slave Melissa – Maurer’s schiava

Mistress Jenny met Melissa (MelissaRLV) on June 10th, 2020. Melissa was wearing cuffs and held the keys for them. She told Mistress Jenny that none has touched them for months. Melissa has the attitude not to cheat and uses only Marine’s RLV viewer. That prevents her pretty well from even thinking about cheating as the effort would be higher than just unchecking RLV and a relog. In her Second Life before she had been able to escape every time she got into trouble although it might have taken some time. But that all changed for her the day she met Mistress Jenny.

Melissa gave Mistress Jenny her keys – and from that day on she has been with us. Mistress Jenny and I know how to set the RR cuffs to make it impossible to get out of them without cheating. We treated Melissa as ours, we used her as our bondage toy, we restricted her tightly some days and relaxed the restrictions on other days, but she was permanently leashed and under our full control. After a few weeks, Melissa came to terms with her new situation and finally gave up any plans or thoughts of escape. The effect of the Stockholm syndrome kicked in and she submitted more and more from her own will.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Melissa June 14th and Aug 19th

Melissa likes bondage, encasement in rubber and restrictions, she loves to be helpless. Although sex is not her main focus in SL, she likes being exposed, helplessly tied up, dressed up in high heels and shortest skirts or fully encased in latex or rubber. Melissa is a quiet girl, polite, answering when asked but never pushy. It became her main desire making her owners happy, an attitude we will take advantage off.

slave Melissa – Maurer’s schiava

slave Melissa is from Italy, our first slave from this country. We began Melissa’s trial on August 22nd and collared her Wednesday, September 9th, as Maurer’s schiava (Italian for Maurer’s slave). Welcome to the family, slave Melissa.

Diary 2020 (128) Sept 9th/10th The collaring of Melissa

Wednesday afternoon Mistress Jenny and I had an intense time together. As usual we first caught up with our mutual news and went to Puerto Esclava to have some eye candy while talking. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon and to Heavy Bondage Club. Then Mistress ordered me to go to our loft skybox, to strip and to wear my full set of elegance cuffs. She fixed me on her favourite bench and added a gag that prevented me from talking and that added punishment times if I wouldn’t comply.
Then Mistress had her way with me. She teased me, fingered me, enjoyed my helplessness and fucked me hard with her strapon. I couldn’t even shout my thank you when I came. Next she licked me to a second orgasm. I really was exhausted. Of course Mistress wanted to have her share too and I had to lick her afterwards.
Mistress was going on a short family trip the next day, hence she made sure that I firstly got my fix and secondly won’t easily forget this afternoon.

Sept 9th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at our loft skybox

At night slave Flo, slave Melissa and Angelique were present. We went to our house. Angelique had cleaned it luckily. slave Melissa’s day had come. Mistress Jenny and I sat down and explained to her the meaning of a collaring for us. Melissa accepted and asked to be collared. We took her to Sensations and selected a collar for her, actually she selected a collar from two options that we gave her.
Back home we had the collaring act. Welcome to the family, slave Melissa!

It was already flotime, when we were done with the offical act of collaring. Ebony had joined us. slave Flo went to bed, Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Ebony, slave Melissan and I went to Mesmerize Dungeon for a few minutes to wind down. Mistress was going on a family trip the next day and had to catch some sleep, so we went home and to bed soon after.

Sept 9th – the collaring of slave Melissa: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Ebony, slave Flo and slave Melissa at home, at Sensations and at Mesmerize Dungeon

We had no contact with slave cecy for more than 3 months now, no sign of life at all. We do hope she’s doing well and that she will show up again soon. With slave Melissa’s collaring though we removed our slave slut cecy from our inner circle. She will stay a sub friend and be always welcome. If she gets closer again and can manage to be with us more often again, then we will consider to re-establish her position as our slave.

I had a busy Thursday in RL and used my free time during the day to update the family calendar, the family clock, the family pages in this blog and all the other stuff that comes with collaring a new slave according to our habits. At night slave Flo was present. She had changed her dress into white, very nice and fitting to my white dress. We played a round of greedy and went simhopping afterwards, visiting Psi’s realm and Mesmerize Dungeon. I had a chat with Angelique, she hang around at a new place for lesbians, Dark Butterfly, that hasn’t had opened officially. I went there with slave Flo and met with Angelique. It was quite well attended – but as most other clubs …. quiet nonetheless. When slave Melissa came inworld later I summoned her to us.

Sept 10th: Diomita and slave Flo at Psi’s realm and at Mesmerize Dungeon

We all returned home and had another round of greedy, that ended exactly at flotime, hence slave Flo went off to bed. And Melissa went off to bed as well. Ebony had joined us in the meanwhile. She and I teased Angelqiue for about 15 minutes, then I retreated to bed myself.

Sept 10th: Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave Melissa at Dark Butterfly / and with Ebony at home

Mistress Jenny Maurer collared 12 years

Today marks the 12th collaring anniversary of my Mistress wife Jenny. I met Jenny at the patio in Stonehaven in May 2008. Stonehaven was a very popular sim at that time and had a cage room where all quite new RLV cages were showcased and could be tested. I myself had a little house in the skies of Stonehaven. Jenny was curious to see my house and the cage that I had inside and thus began our journey. On June 5th, 2008, I collared Jenny as my slave and property and a few month later she became my slave wife, my Ehesklavin. That was 12 (!) years ago.

We had a wonderful journey together and we spent most of our free time together in Second Life. And of course we changed over time and developed. Jenny became more and more a dominant to our slaves and she also prepared thoroughly the times when I allowed her to dominate me. Step by step she took control with patience and persistence. Some time in 2012 we became mutally collared to eachother and on April 21st, 2013 I submitted to my former Ehesklavin. And finally in 2016 I submitted completely to her and became her Ehesklavin.

Thus Jenny’s collaring on June 5th, 2008, is also the beginning of us and the start of my way becoming her married slave in the end. It has been a great time together so far and we hope there’re many years to come for us to continue your journey.

Happy collaring day, Jenny, my love, my property, my world, my Mistress!

Diomita and Jenny Maurer June 5th, 2020


12 Years And Counting

Dio1 (2).jpg


Today is my 12 years rez day. I can’t believe it is that long ago that I first logged in to Second Life. Back then things were frantic. The BDSM scene was exploding and sites such as Stonehaven were very popular with both people new to the scene and those with more experience trying to lead the way. I met Diomita with her family in the cage room and later again up at the terrace. The rest is all history and well documented in this blog. But what does not often get a mention is the role that SL has had on our private lives too. I have seen us both develop as people, seen our children grow up and leave home, and I have become more relaxed and confident because of my friendship with Diomita. Having somebody to share life with and experiences and having an ear to listen to you is important and we have both been that for each other. Thank you for a fun 12 years and long may it continue. I love you lots and lots Diomita

Here is a picture of us taken together in 2009 to remind everyone of how we looked back then.

Jenny xxxxx

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