Talking about ….. sj Panthar

sj Panthar entered our SL around at the beginning of 2011. We met her as we were looking for a small cage at Chorazin Allen’s store. We exchanged some words and I told her that she might IM me again. sj did call me. And she turns out to be very patient and and particularly endurant.  Very soon after she found herself leashed in our living room and she became closer to us. She fulfilled her assignments to learn about our family while kneeling obediently in our house or at Yasmina’s pool and observing our weired family life. With time we could also see that sj is not only naughty and has a kink for bondage and restrictions but that she’s also a hidden brat.
Consequently we had to collar sj for her own good.

sj Panthar in her trial bondage
After a nice untraditional trial where she had to collect family information we collared sj today April, 10 2011. Now that she has got some contacts in our large family and as we need someone to keep track of everything in the family, sj will be assigned to assist us …. She will be affectionately known as  “Dio’s Omen”.
Welcome to the family, sj
We love you
Diomita and Jenny

PS.: We released sj as an official sub of ours July 14th, 2011. She hasn’t shown up really since her collaring in April and not at all for the last 6 weeks. We hope that sj is only caught by RL and hope the best for her. She’s always welcome and of course stays a member of our family&friends.

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