Eurobrats Headquarter @ Mount Everest – Part I: Overview

We had a busy time after the loss of our home. But as often seen before it turned out to be a great positive change. I persoanlly had considered buying a homestead several times and as our landlord stepped out of business giving our sim to “Dweeb” we already began to discuss a full sim, a homestead or another quartersim for us and our friends. We talked about performance and limits. A full sim would be great and would have a great performance and be quite lagfree but expensive. And even if we get enough renters or friends to share with us, would it spoil our fun in SL as we’d have to care about renters and about our budget? But renting ourself another 1/4 sim? Will we get into the same darn trouble with another landlord? Would we like to be threatened by being evicted because of nothing again? What about a homestead which is only residential and designed for up to 20 people online at a time? Will the performance be high enough?
Then all went much quicker than we imagined. And facts did accelerate our decision for a homested. In the meanwhile we can say that performance is well enough so far. Rezzing objects is strange as the object doesn’t appear immediately but with an time lag of about 2 to 5 seconds. We also had some bad days with lots of lag and even a total black-out of the whole sim for over 1 hour. But that day was bad in whole SL so it was not related to our sim. Anyway the decision is made. We moved. And now after developing the terrain, after our friends moved in and after a lot of exciting and truly enjoyable and satisfying work … now is the time to write about our new home. It’s time to save the initial layout for our diary. It’s time to present the new Eurobrats Headquarter at Mount Everest.

Our homestead consists of three islands which are connected by bridges. One island (Virgin Islands) belongs to our friends Virgo and Tyra. One islands (The Albatros) belongs to our friend Claven. And one island belongs to the Eurobrats.

The layout of Eurobrat Headquarter Island is shown in the orientation map below. It is the same map that you’ll see upon your arrival on our island. A teleporter system provides quick traveling (by the way a transportation system like this could solve a lot of problems in RL *grins). Or , even better, explore on foot. The main spots to visit are: Campfire, Beach disco, Sub’s Shangri-La, Headquarters, the “Keep”, the games and our Hotel CA (still located in a skybox). You’re invited to explore on your own but be aware of traps.

After this overview we will publish an short entry about each point of interest in the upcoming week(s). So stay tuned.

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