Eurobrats Headquarter @ Mount Everest – Part II: Campfire

When you arrive at Eurobrats Headquarter and stand in front of the orientation map and turn to the left you’ll see the campfire down at the beach in the Southwest of Mount Everest. It is easy to locate as the Eurobrat flag waves above it.
The campfire is our meeting place. The place is surrounded by palm trees and the familiar roar of the surf plays like background music while you sit and enjoy.
The campfire is where we chit-chat or have banters. It’s where we relax with friends. There’s a raft in the water by the campfire. When I have a rare moment of quietness I love to lay on it and let my mind wander. And when Jenny comes online and sees me there she joins me. It’s just a raft to lay and enjoy alone or together.

One hint about the flagpole. You’ll get the menu to use is as a dancepole when you click on it’s very base. And isn’t it very much enjoyable to have a sub dancing for you while you sit, chat and enjoy?

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