Eurobrats Headquarter @ Mount Everest – Part VI: Sub’s Shangri-La

Subs Shangri-La is located on the Southwest beach of our island. We built it as a retreat for our family and subs for them to relax and enjoy each others company.  The name Shangri-La expresses a deep contentedness and balance and also has a mystical touch like all of our SL has. It’s also nowadays another word for paradise.

Our paradise consists of a small hut, a campfire and a Hammock. At the entrance of the hut you’ll find a board with a text about Shangri-La which has been copied and pasted from Wikipedia. The hut itself has just one room which is filled by a multifunctional bed. Above the bed is a slideshow with all subs that have ever worn my collar. Attentive visitors will also find a leash holder to keep someone safe.

On the beach there is a campfire to sit and chitchat and particularly to enjoy the paradise-like atmosphere. You can listen to the roar of the surf or tune in the radio which is set to slow radio. In addition I strongly recommend to set your environment to sunset. One little additional hint – do you like broiling Marshmellows?
Just a little bit above is a Hammock which is large enough for two. Just the right place for a face to face conversation or again to relax on your own.

Please enjoy this little spot of paradise

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