Eurobrats Headquarter @ Mount Everest – Part V: Headquarter

Part V describes our headquarters. We asked Delilah Ormidale, who has stayed with us and on the island since we moved here about a month ago, to write about it. And what she wrote doesn’t need any changes.

With its nice terrace and its three rooms, the EuroBrats HeadQuarter house was built strongly enough to survive the Dragon Cove devastation, and remain unchanged and sturdy on its foundations on Mount Everest.

Right after the door is an office, with a desk upon which Miss Diomita can, let’s say, deal with the usual business and the day-to-day matters. On the left is a game area, including a dice game, with special rules specially set by Miss “Evil” Jenny and a Zyngo game which is free-use for the family. There is also a very convenient pull down bed, that may as well be used for some bondage session or even transformed into a little pool to relax by after a good massage: what will they think of next! But the main part of the house is a comfortable lounge with a really comfy sofa for the Mistresses of the place and a large range of entertaining furniture for their slaves, subs and some unfortunate friends passing by (gags attached on the wall by the fireplace, hooks for suspension, shibari device and so on: no need to spoil the surprises by saying all!…). There is even a basket for Kitty. But just as important – at least – in the house other than the numerous BDSM tools, are the various slideshows on the walls showing snapshots of the memories of some of the better moments of the Family history.

In front and near the house are also a few places that deserve to be noticed. Such as the guest area, which includes a few cells with a beautiful view to the sea, and a rack (another one is some steps distant, on the beach) for moments of cheerful enjoyment (which may turn sometimes a bit rough, but, hey… as Miss Diomita could say, “wo gehobelt wird, fallen Späne” ; otherwise told, the place is quite perfect if you want make an omelette).

A few steps south is also a very enjoyable sauna. Who wouldn’t enjoy a good hot and wet time? Just, everybody, please: don’t forget to turn off the steam when leaving it.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 19:47:28

    Thank you Delilah
    Having our friends and family contribute to our blog is what makes it special.
    I hope you are enjoying your time with us as much as we are enjoying having you


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