Some Changes

Around the US holiday weekend of July 4th we had some bad days in SL suffering of heavy lag and tp ond login problems. Our friend and neighbour Claven who ran a prison on 1/4 of our homestead had a lot of problems these days and it was the last straw. She moved out to a full sim. We don’t blame her at all. Claven had concerns about the performance of a homestead before. So we don’t blame her at all but are thankful that she gave it a try. Good luck to you, Claven and we hope that we’ll see her as often as before.
Luckily we found a new neighbour very quick and it is a dear friend: Sarah Fhang. Welcome to our islands, Sarah. We hope that you enjoy this place as much as we do. You’ll find the link to her Sarah’s own blog in the Blogroll section on the right. Sarah is a regular guest at our Firday night parties. She’s from France like Deli, our newest family member (see entry of July 20th). This leads me to some other changes:
Our Eurobrats family has also changed a bit. We released sj as an official sub of ours July 14th, 2011 by offline IM. She hasn’t shown up really since her collaring in April and not at all for the last 7 weeks. We hope that sj is only caught by RL and hope the best for her. She’s always welcome and of course stays a member of our family&friends.
We also had to discontinue Faith Hamer’s trial. Faith didn’t show up since over 5 weeks now, just after starting her trial. Again we do hope that it is only due to RL and that she’s doing well. But we will have to catch up with her and restart her trial some time if she returns. Well then, on the other side, that’s what trials are for.

That’s all for right now. Vacation time just began and I hope that those that I might miss for a few weeks will have a good time, recover and will be back with new energy.
Love from Diomita

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