Starting a new chapter

It has been vacation time for the Eurobrats. Most of us have been offline for a while or are still on vacation. It used to be a quiet time in SL always in summer due to our RL obligations. This summer has been different particularly for me. I couldn’t imagine myself not being  Yas’ Enforcer. Now the unthinkable has happened.
So I start a new chapter in SL. I always said that I have 2 bases in my SL, one being Jenny and the other Yasmin. So now it is only Jenny? No, the other base is my family, our subs first and foremost but also still Yas and her family, all my former sisters and our friends. Just the emphasis has changed.
I don’t need to hide the fact that abdicating my collar by asking for being released caused lot of tears in RL. I felt a strange sadness being online in SL. I apologize for my bad mood and the depressions I had during the last two weeks.

doesn't my neck look nice without a collar?

Diomita uncollared - doesn't my neck look nice without a collar?

While the pain is still present, the wound is healing quicker than I thought, mostly because I feel that I am getting a lot of support, understanding and love. With these two bases I can’t help but look confident into my future in SL. And as everybody comes back online they’ll find me laughing, smiling, playing and enjoying again.

Thank you family and friends, Thank you, Jenny!

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