Just a short entry – what makes me laugh

Sometimes you do get really weired IMs. Out of the blue someone who I don’t know and who I didn’t see before anywhere sends me this:
XX: shouldnt u be in bed
Besides it was really quite late for me (1 AM) what an entry to contact someone who you don’t know. Well as it is my was I answered directly
Diomita Maurer: that’s non of your business
And of course instead of an excuse in get further insults
XX: wow let me guess your dutch
XX: rude
XX: arrogant
XX: and a pain in teh backside
So to send her a clear signal I answered the insults with
Diomita Maurer: exactly – stay off
Guess what …. she continues stalking me
XX: had het kunnen denken
XX: hahaha
XX: trut

Sometimes SL can be really funny!

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