Dr. Flo’s story continues

20131015 Jenny and Dr.Flo_005Dr. slave aka Dr. Flo aka Florence Riddler is under our control quite a time now. And she continues writing about her experiences or should I better write about her nightmare? Anway, again another entry about Dr. Flo and again it is unshortened and uncensored of course:

Restriction, slavery, crime and love: My live at Eurobrats doesn’t develop like I thought. My Intention to have a nice place for sharing my fetish of chastity belt and bondage with someone who treat me well turned definitely wrong – from my point of view. It’s more and more Miss Jenny beside Miss Diomita who care for me if caring is the right word. They both are very nice …. and this is making me that confuse. They hold me when I show her my respect and slide her hands lovingly over my head. They say that I’m a “good girl” what makes me thinking they really feel sympathy or even love for me. In those times I feel a wonderful warm shiver in my heart and I guess it’s love to both of them. Science of psychology is calling this Stockholm Syndrome. Do I react that way?

My body is restricted now with a kind of body cage that restrict my upper body and arms and can be enlarged up to complete immobility. On my head I have to wear a helmet that allows them to block my hearing and my ability to see. Most time a huge mouth filling gag transforms me into a sobbing deaf object. This way they show me in kinky clubs – or more to say humiliate me as their victim. It’s now more than 2 month I lost all my ability to contact my friends or to use my professional skills.

Ownership – to own a human as their own – that’s slavery. Slavery in 2013 is a crime! Last night Miss Jenny announced that she “owns” me!!!! Owning a human? – as far as I know – that’s illegal – that’s slavery. All my explanations to Miss Diomita and Miss Jenny did not change their mind – they told me that they can do as they like! No one would care anymore for me – no one would ever ask or search me the well known popular surgeon. And I am their “S.L.A.V.E” now and for ever. I offered to agree in a legal contract – to work as their own medical doctor for all her family members – take care for health and wellbeing not asking for any salary – be part of family and get food and drink – and offered that they can share my fetish and tie me up sometimes – they refused – I am their  “S.L.A.V.E”!!!!!! All my deepest dreams… to find someone who play with me and my fetish are destroyed – they tighten my bonds and stuffed an even bigger gag into my mouth, deafen me and let me suffer in my fate. They don’t care about the crime they do against me.

October 15 qt and Dr. Flo meet the first time - don't they look like twins?

October 15th: qt and Dr. Flo meet the first time – don’t they look like twins?

What can a victim do in such a case? As they told me weeks ago… they let me suffer until I agree their rules of play – first to beg for Delilah’s used panties. When they punished me with isolation they cooked me until I did – yes I really lost all my fear about those used panties in my mouth just to become free and …. Yes … become loved. I not only begged – I shouted – please stop I will accept all your wishes – to my deepest sadness they didn’t react. All those tears I lost …. nothing happened. Miss Jenny never showed comprehension for my very bad situation. Such a long time until I last touched myself and have had that wonderful orgasm – and no one care about now! Real torture! What is their target? Will they treat me until I am broken and reduced to silent suffering slave? Will they treat me until I accept all – even the worst games? Do they wait for my submission as their slave doc without any attempt to resist against any order?

Jenny and dr.slave visiting the Secret House club

Jenny and dr.slave visiting the Secret House club

The longer I’m searching for an answer – I’m even more confused ……….. and with just a short touch of my head – the words “good girl” ….. I feel love …. I try to resist all the tortures just for……… one day, really soon feel some real love – this would be the benefit of all I endured or I will have even to endure in my future. I accept today….. I’m the victim, the slave, the toy for their evil tortures – but my target is…. one day become love!!!

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