Dr. Flo’s story continues: Strong hands – and soft panties

Here’s another chapter written by our dr.slave (florence.riddler) and as always published uncensored. The title “Strong hands – and soft panties” was also selected by her. Please enjoy reading…

The way they keep me restricted give no other chance to little doc then to cooperate. Any attempt to fight or any hesitate to follow orders result in harsh and most time more strict treatment.
So it was some days ago when Miss Diomita asked little doc to accept used panties in her mouth – just a sec of hesitation ended in newly covered head with that evil helmet and the earplugs, so I couldn’t follow the talk and was left in silence for several days. All my trials to signalize my discomfort were ignored, even more they enjoyed with satanic pleasure my suffering.
My sexual desire are that strong now – I be locked in the CB since more than 8 weeks and had my last pleasure 6 weeks ago – make me like plasticine in their hands – I would do anything … just get out of this helmet.
It was the 4th day in isolation when they removed the earplugs and asked if I would cooperate.
I nodded as fast I could do – when they told me that instead of Delilahs used panties, those from Rona had to fill my mouth. Glad to get my head free of the helmet and in fear about the strong taste I just accepted very quickly before they would reseal my head.

Flo with the panties gag secured with duct tape

Flo with the panties gag secured with duct tape

The first time…. I opened my lips to let Miss Diomita stuff this strong smelling piece of cloth in my mouth. Before I could push against, my lips where sealed with duct tape, so I had no chance to spit out. The dry cloth was at first without any scent – my fear had been washed away. With the next minutes my spoil soaked the panties and then the strange musk could be tasted. I don’t know what happened in my mind…. But the taste wasn’t that bad. It was like a never known feeling, to taste someone’s intimacy in my mouth. It was not a bad taste at all and mixed with my spit it gave me a lightly arousing feeling. The longer I sucked the taste became less and after some hours it was gone, only left me the fantasy, to have my mouth stuffed with Rona’s panties. If I would be able to talk those moments I would have say thank you to Miss Diomita and Miss Jenny – this experience wasn’t to fear as I thought.
Then some time later my throat begun to hurt, burning pain announced an infection. I started coughing and had hard to swallow and get air with my sealed mouth. My whimper wouldn’t be heard and Miss Diomita told me that she would never, really never …. Loosen the duct tape just for a throat infection. I’m not sure but my medical knowledge say the Illness is caused by some coli bacteria’s in the used panties.  I always told the people to be careful and just play with clean toys. But ….. no one is listening little doc.
Argi, the black princess was the only who showed empathy to my very bad situation. She tried to comfort me and acted as my lawyer – with absolute no reaction from the tormentors.
So I’m forced to create resistance against such infections and endure that heavy coughing for the next day’s until…….

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