Delilah pointed us to some very nice stories which she found on the internet. Besides that it was a way to tell us about her likes and needs some of her stories were also really exciting for myself too. In Addition her stories were a source for ideas as well gave the opportunity to talk and discuss issues. We thought of publishing a story link on a regular base but so far we didn’t want to force her (or ourselfs) finding something worth to share regularly. As Delilah was busy with her RL lately and less online we asked her upon her return, if she has found something new for us. And she has found something new! And it’s really good. It’s a comic strip from deviantArt.  I really like it.  Once you get into it you will join the long list of followers as the comic is still going on (since 2012). You’ll need a deviantArt account though as it’s adult content.


The URL to the comic is added now under the “Other links” section. If you get drawn into it like me prepare for some hours of reading. Thank you, Shiniez!

20140201 Sunstone_001

20140201 Sunstone_002

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