The Lefevre Mansion

20140304 The Lefevre Mansion_001Again a short entry about exploring the non-bdsm world for Second Life. I came across the Lefevre Mansion through the “Living in a Modemworld blog” again. In fact, I still have 10 sims to explore that were presentated there. And I can’t keep the pace with the little time I have left over beside RL and caring for my family with Jenny in SL. Anyway, here is the url to the post in the “Living in a Modemworld blog”:

I went there today. Great, marvellous, a real WOW. Here is the link to their blog and the LM

Please enjoy the view and admire the passion and the love for details. It feels so real ….WOW.

20140304 The Lefevre Mansion_00220140304 The Lefevre Mansion_003

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