Hood Part II posponed, Bring on the gags!!

Thank you Tyra for this post! We knew before how you’re smitten by gags:-). But all these lovely pictures of you gagged, you do have a really large collection! Shall I help you with the RF stealth gag? *winks*. So, read more below and enjoy….

Tyralove's Blog

Hi readers,


I’m sorry for the long absence, but part two of Battle of the Hoods has been put on the back burner till a later date 😦

My new assistant, Yuki seems to run off to remote hideaway and locked herself in one of the extreme hoods she was testing!

She must have chosen the one that automatically seals and doesn’t unlock till 2045!

It was going to be a present for Iza, but oh well, I’ll just have to get her a new pony bit.

Sprayed black, and draw on little white skulls 🙂

In reality, Yuki has been swamped with work issues, for the last few months.

So we hope those are resolved quickly and she can be back with us, causing mayhem!


Moving on to the next topic!


g5    g2

g1    g1

(Please click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Now I know you’ll agree with me here that…

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