Rona Potter Fall Exhibit

Following this blog you know that Rona is a passionate artist. She takes pictures in SL and processes them adding RL pictures or objects or using other effects to turn them into art. She also made some pieces for Jenny and me and you can find already some of her art in this blog, as well as on my deviantArt account and of course in her deviantArt account (url’s in the links section). Of course we also talk about the pictures quite often.
I discovered art in SL quite a while ago and wrote some posts about it. And Rona was a friend, then my “art connection” and is our collared brat nowadays. I also visited galleries in SL, some of them in the catagory erotic art but also some of them dealing with landscapes or with virtual temporary art or with surreal themes. Hence it is no surprise that I talked with Rona about galleries and the possibility to present her art to the broader public not only on deviantArt but also inworld. We both were excited about the idea and began immediately making plans. And now it is time for the first exhibit of Rona’s art in “Maurer Gallery”. We do hope for many visitors, good conversations and exchange about the picture, and that you enjoy your visit. There will be a teleport pad leading directly to Maurer Gallery at the landing point of our homesim during the exhibit (
You’re very welcome!

20140921 Exhibition Announcement

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