Killer Heels

Surfing the internet I came across an exhibition that I would definitively visit if I were living closer to New York City. The Brooklyn Museum presents “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe”. Just google it and you will find a lot of pictures of the exhibition along with lots of descriptions (start at
In the meanwhile there’s a picture of every single exhibited shoe online. Nonetheless, I’d love to see the exhibition myself.

Killer Heels - Brooklyn Museum

Killer Heels – Brooklyn Museum

Some of the heels look like being taken from Second Life – incredible shoes! And you should need a licence to wear them. I love to look at them and how I can walk with them in SL, yet I am very aware that I would most likely not manage to walk more then a few meters, if I manage to walk at all in shoes like these.

Art of Killer Heels

Art of Killer Heels

I'm missing words for these shoes

I’m missing words for these shoes

very artful and creative heels

very artful and creative heels

Surfing I found some really weired shoes shown at the exhibition but also some that could be in my closet like these …..

these could be in my closet

these could be in my closet

I know this post is not what you usually expect to read in this blog, but I couldn’t refrain to share the information about the exhibition. So if you live close to NYC, don’t miss the exhibition and enjoy the weired heels in SL even a bit more as we can even run wearing them!

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