News from flo – Chapter 14: Monday late night card game

You wonder why you didn’t hear anything from slave Flo for such a long time? Well, she’s being a quite good slave, she cares for the dusting at home and she obey her mistresses, mostly. We didn’t have to put her into her hood often to discipline her. Maybe we did that too rarely. Last week we found her red handed playing with the hood while we weren’t around. You can imagine what happened. She found herself locked into it no matter how much she begged that she was just playing. And we kept her hooded as long as we saw fit. Anyway, she’s out of it again. And this week I got a short but lovely short report from slave flo where she wrote about some of the games we do here in SL when we’re not up for anything particular – Cards Against Humanity. So here is slave Flo’s report, as usual just like she wrote it:

Last night we had the pleasure to play cards with our Mistresses – Cards Against Humanity. We moved over to the place of Miss Tyra and seated on the soft barstools. The sense of the game is that each player receives a set of cards. These cards contain text like short sentence, names or other sometimes very scary messages. The players had to select one or more card to answer the asked question. One of the player is the judge who choose the most fitting, scary or ridiculous answer. The game last that long until the first player reach 10 best voted answers.
It was a really relaxed game with much of laugh and comments to the expected votes. At the beginning it looked like Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny had tricked the game. Each one won point after point and rona and me had very poor chances to win. Anyhow it was fun when Mistress Diomita could bet her cards would win and then my answers where really better. My cards at first didn’t fit the questions like rona’s did. Then luck changed and I won point for point. At the end I was the lucky winner – had a free wish. How this will go on… hope to tell you next time.

Thank you my loved Mistresses

No entry without a picture. As I didn’t take a picture while slave Flo was hooded (and we had similar pics of Flo already in this blog), I decided to add a picture from the night after this card game Monday night. Can you see how our winner, slave Flo, grins happily?

see the mischievous grin in slave Flo's face?

see the mischievous grin in slave Flo’s face?

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