Happy Easter

Jenny and I both were busy with RL over the Easter holiday. But last night we still had some unexpected Easter fun. Jenny got a “Bunneh”- outfit that is rlv-enforced, can be coloured individually and that is full perm. Jenny first asked slave Flo to wear it for us and I locked the Bunneh outfit on her. Then Argi came visiting and to our suprise she joined the fun and wore the outfit as well. We took both to The Secret House, but unfortunately, Argi had to run to fulfil other obligations and at the club none volunteered to jump into the Bunneh outfit. So we moved on to DaD … and there we found several volunteers and had them quickly turned into Easter Bunneh’s for us. Too bad that we ran short in time, otherwise we’d collected a lot more Bunneh’s. Oh … and if you don’t recognize her, slave Flo is inside of  the white bunneh costume.

Happy Easter 2015: Jenny and I with the "bunneh's

Happy Easter 2015: Jenny and I with the “bunneh’s

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