A Series Concerning Submissiveness

We like to read profiles in Second Life and recently we came across a blog in a profile. The blog is called “Life of a SL Mistress” and is about D/s relations in SL. It deals with experiences, limitations, expectations in SL and general questions of D/s relations. Although I don’t agree with all views of the author, I share a lot of them and I think it is worth reading. The “Series Concerning Submissiveness” is her latest entry. I added the link to the blog under Active Blogs.

Enjoy reading ….

Life of a SL Mistress

The importance of Ritual in Creating a Submissive State of Mind

A submissive state of mind is very much an altered state of awareness.   How do you know that in SL when all you see is words? It is very difficult to know if you are actively controlling her but you may see a change in the words, or a pause after giving her some command or an action. Traditionally the more a person enters a submissive state of mind the more quiet they become so must be aware of this while you are interacting through an IM.  This state of deep submission is sometimes refereed to as subspace. It is often a dramatic transformation and one that at times may leave her very non-verbal.

To be honest with you I’m not sure if anyone can enter subspace through second life interactions. Some subs have told me that they…

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