The Sansar Summary – July 2015

I thought this arcticle might be interesting for those reading our blog. Thank you Inara, for this very good summary about Sansara. It really gave me some insight what is going on.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Sansar promo image, courtesy of Linden Lab Sansar promo image, courtesy of Linden Lab

A lot has been written about the Lab’s Next Generation virtual experiences platform, currently code-named Project Sansar, of late, including comments from Ebbe Altberg and others from the Lab, and also media articles on the platform. As such, I thought I’d try to pull together a reasonably detailed, but high-level summary of what is known together with references. Depending on how things progress with Sansar, this might be the first of a semi-regular piece in this blog.

If I have missed anything on import, my apologies; running back and forth through numerous articles, transcripts and videos tends to get a little eye and mind-boggling after a while!

Team Size

Around 40 people were working on Sansar at any given time as of March 2015, of whom 30 are programmers / engineers [1] [2]. In June 2014, with a headcount of approximately 180…

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