I found time for a bit simploring again on Saturday, Sept 12th. I went to Sommergewitter and to Tranquility Dreams. Just the right thing to do before summer is over for this year. Both sims are described by Inara in her blog and I will add the links to her descriptions and the landmarks at the end of this blog post.

When I read Inara’s post about Sommergewitter I was already attracted by the name itself. Sommergewitter is German and means a typical summer thunderstorm that usually happens at the end of a very hot summer day. It cools the air down and steam arises from the hot ground afterwards. The sim was empty when I went there and of course it was raining. The whole atmosphere was a bit melancholic but very nice. I didn’t do much but walked around a bit and enjoyed myself. And I was attracted by the drum kit that is placed there just in the middle of nothing. I sat down and played a bit. There’s sound and animation (try it!) and the sound did even fit to the music i was hearing in the background. Thanks to Nida (Nidatine) and Seraph Nirvana, who designed this sim!

Dio visiting "Sommergewitter"

Dio visiting “Sommergewitter”

Sommergewitter - playing drums in the rain

Sommergewitter – playing drums in the rain

Actually I’ve been to Tranquility Dreams already several times. Tranquility Dreams is a new region recently opened by Elvira Kytori. It could be somewhere in New England. I really like it there. Actually you can rent houses there at the White Dunes Estates. Each house has access and view to the beach and each is different and they all fit perfectly into the environment. When I went there, I was mostly alone and had the whole sim for myself. Sitting in a chair on the beach and listening to the waves of the ocean has something very relaxing. During this visit Mii got online and after a short chat I summoned her over. Of course she was wearing latex and was not at all dressed suitable for the beach. But on the other side the pictures I took do look particular due to her latex clothes.

Dio and Mii at White Dunes Estates Beach (tranquility Dreams)

Dio and Mii at White Dunes Estates Beach (Tranquility Dreams)

Dio and Mii at White Dunes Estates Beach (tranquility Dreams)

Dio and Mii at White Dunes Estates Beach (Tranquility Dreams)

Mii and I were still at the beach when Kitty showed up online. Mii wanted to show me her new latex skybox home and so we all met up at her place. On her second floor she has installed some nice cages. It was way over Kitty’s bedtime. What is better for an undisturbed, recovering sleepover than a padded cell? Nothing! So I put Kitty in such a cell, actually it looked a bit like a laundry machine :-). And Mii had to make sure that Kitty will sleep well and tight and thus she was placed in another cell nearby.

Good night, Kitty (at Mii's latex skybox home)

Good night, Kitty (at Mii’s latex skybox home)

Later that Saturday our sklavin was online and I was still in “beach” mood and mode. So I took her over to Tranquility Dreams. She did not complain (ok, just a little bit as she felt overdressed for the beach) but she bravely sweated in the midday sun before I took her into the shawdow. Overall, that was a nice variation to what I do normally in SL.

Dio with sklavin at White Dunes Estate

Dio with sklavin at White Dunes Estate (Tranquility Dreams)

Dio with sklavin at White Dunes Estate

Dio with sklavin at White Dunes Estate (Tranquility Dreams)

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