Rewarding living latex dolls

Our slave Flo was teased and rewarded Thursday night. Yesterday it was about time for our two other owned living latex doll slaves Nina and Gebby. In the afternoon I put slave Nina into complex steel frame that prevented her to make any move and opened the zipper of her latex catuit. Then I added a pole with an attached vibrator and began to tease and play with my property. While I was playing a friend of ours came by and I shared the fun with her. We touched every single sensitive area, poked, pinched and stroked while the vibrator was humming in slave Nina’s pussy. I took her pacifier gag off so that we could enjoy her moans and her begging not to stop – of course I stopped the vibrator every once in a while. In the end I granted slave Nina to cum and left her in the device to cool down.

Jan 16th: slave Nina's reward

Jan 16th: slave Nina’s reward

Last night Jenny and I took sklavin Gebby out to CrAzYToWn harbour, where tried several devices to have our way with her. After some testing we decided to take sklavin Gebby tied into a triangle bamboo Frame. We fucked her hard alternately and had fun. Later she was allowed to cool down pinned on a pole….

Jan 16th: sklavin Gebby's reward (1)

Jan 16th: sklavin Gebby’s reward (1)

Jan 16th: sklavin Gebby's reward (2)

Jan 16th: sklavin Gebby’s reward (2)

Now it’s time to close and lock the chastity belts of our living latex dolls again. We don’t want to spoil them too much, do we?
20160117 Rewarding living latex dolls

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