The accountant by Florence Riddler – part I

It’s been a while that we had a post from or about slave Flo in this blog. This time Flo came up with something different. She wrote a fiction. And somehow she was inspired by Jenny and me. She choose us to appear in her fiction (or is it no fiction?). You might recognize us in our ways, our kinks, our style and attitudes, you might …
There was just one downside of this format, it was not illustrated by pictures. I had the idea just to add some recent pictures to spice up the text but not for illustrating it but I dropped that. Thus the story remained a draft post. Now we began to search for the right scenes and to re-enact some of them. So here it is: Flo’s fiction, chapter 1:

The accountant, chapter 1

 Fiction or reality??
You might imagine yourself…. me, a smart one in her 40ties – frustrated due loosing her job in the bank. My attempts to find a new job have been more or less a mess – some told me „to old“ – other „to high salary“. Then I wonder why… but in some way an add took my interest. I could not say why, but they have been looking for a private secretary with good knowledge in accounting. My chance – I sat on my desk, prepared my CV and a nice letter to present myself as the one and only. It took just two days as the phone rang and a voice asked if I would be able to meet for a first time to see each other. I did not hesitate to tell her I could immediately sit in my car and maybe be there in 3 hours. The lady agreed and so I started to change my clothes in a nice short mini skirt with flowers accessors like  in my favorite grey-black color.

20160204 The Accountant Story_014The ride was fast and I found the address in a nice environment of most very modern villas. But this house was quite different to all others as it looked like a mixture of an old villa and a castle. From outside it was huge and clean as I could not even see any leaves on the parking. When the door opened two mid aged lady showed up and one of them reached for my hand to welcome me. The second Lady was maybe some years younger and greeted just verbally with faint voice.
“You are Florence Riddler – sure you are.” She did not wait for my answer and complimented me to follow her inside the house. She was heading to „the office“ what looked more like a old salon than a work place, huge wooden desk and comfy leather chairs, a big screen of a Mac machine, documents and some very old looking furniture.
“Take a seat and let us talk about our request for a private accountant. We… that means me and Lady Jenny have a need of a specialist to maintain our legacy. Its our target to raise the amount … not to diminish .. you know?” – “Your references are more in big bank customer relations than private account, but can you imagine to fulfill our special needs?”
When she said special needs – her voice had slightly changed but I was not sure why. I answered, to care for an account will be my challenge and that i can really imagine to be the one they’ve been looking for. Lady Dio – that was her name – scanned me from head to toe, then asked me to stand in front of her and to turn like a model. It scared me but as I was hard fighting to get a well paid new job, i did it with a smile. My question why, I had to expose myself in this way, had been ignored.
“What do you expect as salary dear Florence?” I remembered the very expensive place here and whispered, its usually the year salary I got in the bank, that was last 60’000 $. Now I waited her reaction and she smiled. „Dear…. thats something we can handle, even….. we have a salary system that is based on success. The better you do – the more you get – if you waste our money….. then you get less.” – “We have some specialties, we like to travel, like some exclusivities like good wine and food and clothes and….. we like to have our places always pretty clean.”
I nodded as I remembered the clean place outside the house. “How many competitors are waiting for your decision Lady Dio,” I asked to check my chances. „Well….. to be honest – you are the only one and if you agree we can prepare the draft of the contract already.”
Lady Dio and Lady Jenny at the door expecting their new accountant

Lady Dio and Lady Jenny at the door expecting their new accountant

I nearly jumped, never expected such a quick change of my situation and so she showed me the contract which contained all the normal phrases.
“You agree Florence, that we put the start date of today – sure you do!“ she answered herself.
„This will be your office and now let me show you your place and where we like to have our personal in private rooms.“  I whispered in surprise „private rooms?”
We passed a large hall and in a side wing of the house she showed my a small apartment but with luxury furniture.
“I hope you like it here – we expect you to stay most time with us, you don’t have friends – do you – no.” She did not wait for my answer and I was overwhelmed by this wonderful place.
“I have to get all my clothes – maybe i should do that this evening Miss. I can be back tomorrow morning and start  work immediately.”
“No no, no need for – you can stay here and we organize that for you. You will find all necessary things in the cabinet built in behind the bathroom. Feel free to change, it should be all in your size.
If you miss something, just tell. By the way – we expect absolute confidentially – as used in finance business and in our lifestyle – you understand Florence?”
Now she looked deep into my eyes and waited for my answer – I nodded and responded “yes – for sure Miss Dio.”
She smiled like she got something she ever wanted to hear „then we are looking forward for a very successful time dear Florence – don’t we?“ and before I could answer she turned and left with the words „we expect you to share our dinner in 30 minutes, feel free to relax, we will show you the main business tomorrow.”
That was the first time she used the word „we“. It was like the other, Miss Jenny, was not the one in charge for hiring personal. I plunged onto one of the two comfy fauteuils and smiled – I got that job yeah!
Lady Dio interviewing the new accountant Florence

Lady Dio interviewing the new accountant Florence

There was a knocking at my door and someone called that dinner is ready. I had not changed my dress yet and so I walked to what these ladies call her dining room. The one who called me was Miss Jenny – I guess same age like me and with stunning figure accentuated by a strict laced black corset worn on a black gown. Miss Dio was dressed same way just her waist was not that slim as that of Miss Jenny.
On the table I saw a very delicious meal and we enjoyed these tasty food with a fruity tasting glass of wine. Some small talk about the weather and the news in politics had been the main conversation until they both turned her face to me with close a simultaneous question „What do think about fetishism Florence?“ I was surprised and stammered something like „I guess anyone celebrates kind of“ – „What’s yours then Florence?“ Miss Dio asked directly. I started blushing not sure if it would be the right time to start talking about my personal secrets. So I was quite glad as Miss Dio took her leading role and spoke: „you should know Florence – we like some …… and it would be fine to see yourself not be prudish, maybe you might become part of ours.“
The rest of the evening was more less „normal” with a strong coffee and some brownies as dessert. We had discussed about financial themes like funds, risk capital and how to keep good performance on a well differenced portfolio. Both Ladys listened carefully when I explained the way I did in the past. Miss Dio then asked directly „why do you have been fired at the bank?“ This question was so unexpected, that I immediately lost my countenance. „That’s of no interest for you Miss – no that’s pretty private!“ „Within these wall – there is nothing private anymore for you Florence…. you are our employee and you signed the agreement of confidentiality- did you?“ – „Yes you did and so we don’t like this kind of reaction you already showed us – don’t we Jenny?” Miss Jenny nodded and gave me a distant eye – looked like her eyes where cold as ice. In this situation I felt very uncomfortable and begun to think about the day and how fast all have changed.
Did I took the right decision? Both Ladies came back with more questions about my own lifestyle – they asked about sports activities, cultural preferences and countries I have seen on my traveling until now. As there was nothing special beside my favorable like for San Francisco where I have been several times, they did not show special interest. This was like a key to the further discussion as they both also liked this town „and the special events“ So it got very late and Miss Dio – who else – took the lead very unexpected with her words „ok – now we all go to retire – Florence will find all she needs in her place and we will meet tomorrow morning at 7 for tea with honey – then I will show you how we plan the day – comprende?  good night Florence sleep well“
end of part 1

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