The accountant by Florence Riddler – part II

Here comes the second part of slave Flo’s ficition. We enjoyed to discuss about it and to re-enact the 2 pictures that are illustrating and spicing up the story itself. Have fun reading!

The accountant by Florence Riddler – part II

Fiction or reality?

They left the room and I slowly moved on to my small but luxury apartment. In the cabinet I found a white silken pyjama set, changed and after brushing my teeth I slid between the bedsheets.. even these were white silk and very soft. I tried hard to sleep but my thoughts where running over today and all the changing. I used my skills in auto-gene training to slow myself down and slept deep as well as can be expected.
At 6 am a buzzer reminded me that I had to go up and prepare myself with a shower and some decent makeup for the first active day.
2 minutes before seven I walked into the kitchen where Lady Diomita had already prepared tea. „Jenny will join us later … she’s a bit tied up with other business, so enjoy our tea celebration. That’s something very important for us, so please take notice for the future, but for now enjoy.“
I looked all over the kitchen to find any sign of breakfast but nothing could be seen.
Miss Diomita just nodded at me „Breakfast will be round 8.30 together in the dining room“ our Maid Nina will have prepared it by then.“
„Now please follow me to the office and I show you the most important things you need to know before starting your job.”  In the office she asked me for my cell phone „please hand me your mobile phone – you don’t need this now!“ – “there is a phone on the desk with all necessary numbers preset – it is very easy to use you will see Florence“
„What about making a deal Florence? – you tell me the code for your cell phone and I give you the password to the computer and to the bank accounts“ – „My code? Madame? why? thats something very private!“
„Yes dear and our passwords are also private so hurry – hand it over!“ With wide eyes I passed my mobile phone with the words „its the inverse of my birthday Madam – 740615“
„Thank you Florence – please use 845217 on the computer – then search for a file named for_Florence.txt – there are all passwords and activation codes ready to use.“ – „ you don’t have to be nervous Florence – its the first day and you need to become comfy in your new position – we really know.“ „Please start to catch an overview about our monetary situation – we join at breakfast – ok?“
I nodded and started to work – I still startled about how easily I had handed over my mobile. The bank information showed two very wealthy persons with several accounts totaling close to 50 million dollars. I became very concerned about the case I could not see any history of these accounts, nor what made the best profits or how they spent it.
Meanwhile it was time for breakfast and I moved to the dining room. By opening the door I thought I saw  something …  I had to rub my eyes to recognize – a “sculpture” in shiny black at the far wall.

Lady Diomita and the "sculpture"

Lady Diomita and the “sculpture”

But this “sculpture” was black from head to toe and the face was covered by a scary looking gas mask with a bag that folded in rhythm to the breathing.
A soft touch at my shoulder by Miss Diomita and her voice brought me back to earth with an open mouth.
„See Florence, this is why Jenny could not join for tea earlier and she won’t  for breakfast either – Jenny is like me addicted to bondage and fetish play which is why we asked for your thoughts yesterday“
I could see a twinkle behind the glasses of the mask but not a sound. „Jenny please turn and show Florence what wonderful item is encasing your arms.“ The sculpture turned slowly and I could see both arms where held rigidly in place by a bag, squeezing the elbows hard and ending at what I expected would be fingertips.
„Now move on – touch the material – you need to know how this feel – so snug and warmed by Jenny’s sweating skin“ she pushed me and took my right hand to slide over Jenny’s shoulders. I could not believe, someone sealed and bound in black material „that’s latex, Florence, 0.5 mm strong and the arm binder is made of best leather. The airflow can be controlled by me – this small valve is the golden key to her life“ she said with a smirk.
„Now come and take a seat – we will have breakfast and discuss about our business, just ignore Jenny!“ Madame used a small bell and the side door to the kitchen opened and a Maid came to serve us – she looked stunning with tanned skin and a short haircut.
„This is Nina – this Florence“ she introduced – Nina has worked for us for 5 years now – am I correct?  Nina? yes she has a small handicap. She is not much talkative.“
During breakfast Madame told me more about Nina and that she started just like me with no knowledge about the fetish in this house. But she adapted very well and she is now lovely part of our daily life.
„She is not much restricted but we have had a medical surgery on her vocal cords – they are lets say… remote controlled – we can switch them – today the setting is silent. We know a perfect surgeon who is also in our scene who works with electronic engineers who had developed several very handy items.“

Maid Nina serving more coffee for breatfast for Lady Diomita and the accountant

Maid Nina serving more coffee for breatfast for Lady Diomita and the accountant

This woman let me fall deep into scaring about a world I never expected. My eyes wandered from Jenny to Nina and I forgot to really eat breakfast. My coffee was cold when Madame pushed me „so time for you to go back to work – I expect a first plan for the meetings with the bank – so they know you as our responsible finance manager – I have my own work to manage like the closing of your previous existence, you don’t have to worry about a thing Florence.“
How could she? … what the hell is this woman doing with my private life – and how will this end up here?
„Florence! we are used to having a small lunch at 12.30 come into kitchen promptly – Nina will prepare something tasty – bye and …….“
She left – leaving me with all the curiosity of being alone in this new and luxury office – or should I say prison?? I started to call the banks by the preset numbers and booked the meetings Miss Diomita requested. It was not difficult as soon as I used the name of Diomita I got very quick responses and so my diary was set for 2 meetings this afternoon when I went to lunch.
The “sculpture” was joining us sitting on a stool in the corner, still restricted in same manner. I asked Madam if Jenny would not be freed for joining us and the answer was „She choose her restriction herself – I choose duration – she doesn’t know how long she has to stay – but she can’t free herself and Nina would never ever touch any of the small locks, won’t you Nina?“
Nina shook her head in silence and blushed.
The dishes had been very delicious and as I missed breakfast I took the chance to fill up now.
„What about  the meetings Florence – did you get any scheduled? I hope for you as its part of your success – and you like to be successful or……. Sure you like Hun !*
Madame answered without waiting for my response. “I arranged 2 meetings, one at 2 pm and the other one at 4 pm – I hope that is as you expect Madame?”
She smiled at me “Perfect this way we can go for a short shopping when done – you like shopping? Joining me? That’s no working hours – Nina will stay here with the “sculpture” and care for her until we are back.“
We left the house and I wonder where my car has been moved – „we took care of your car – you don’t need for now, so we use mine and yours is safe“ – „Where is my car Madam?“
“A friend who owns a garage has it and is looking after it for us – don’t worry”.
The meetings where short, more like a introduction of myself when the responsible asked about Madam Jenny.  Diomita replied “Jenny is tied up in her business and not able to join us, but she send you her greetings”  the answer was followed by a wink to me – that made me shiver as Madame communicated that clear what happen in the house and others don’t have a clue about those kinky hints about their fetish.

End of part 2

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