Latex nun in victory pose

Saturday, Feb 20th, I had something different in mind for the latex slave nuns. Jenny and I went to the monastery at the Island of Pain, where we found the latex slave nuns Flo and Nina praying in the chapel. We took them to Lochme. I had in mind to expose in particular latex slave nun Nina in a more public space, and the court at Lochme is a quite crowded place. There we found the perfect pedestal for slave Nina….

Feb 20th: Latex slave nun Nina in victory pose at Lochme

Feb 20th: Latex slave nun Nina in victory pose at Lochme

Unable to move the latex slave nun in her victory pose can enjoy the attention of the surrounding crowd. Needless to say, that slave Nina is gagged and has some difficulties to express herself properly. I didn’t tie her gag too tight, so that one can understand at least some words of her garbled talking. In addition her sight is quite restricted, which fits to the pose where she’s looking up into the sky and could hardly see the persons farer away from her. It’s very satisfying to be in control *winks*. Latex slave nun Flo kneeled next to the pedestal to accompany her sister. We left the slaves at Lochme.
Upon our return at night the court was full of people and we had fun chatting with our niece Angelique, Starry and her puppy and some other random visitors. Also a former sister of slave Flo, Pauline, visited and the time flew by quickly. I had in mind to release slave Nina from her pose but reconsidered my intention as it was such a nice evening.

In the background of the above picture you might recognize a “Pony Bronco” just behind the slut platform. I noticed that latex slave nun Flo peeked over to the pony again and again all night long. We do have a similar pony at home. I was in a generous mood and sometimes even nuns need some relief. Hence we brought slave Flo over to the pony and I unlocked her chastity belt, removed the shield and helped her sitting on the pony. It really didn’t take long and slave Flo began to ride the dildo on the pony’s saddle. She took the rare opportunity, blinded out all the visitors and had several (!) orgasms before we helped her dismounting the pony. Of course I relocked the shield of the chastity belt again.

Feb 20th: Latex slave nun Flo enjoying a ride on Pony Bronco

Feb 20th: Latex slave nun Flo enjoying a ride on Pony Bronco

Now we know what slave nun Flo was praying for!

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