The accountant by Florence Riddler – part IV: First week

The accountant – part IV

At the store

The first week in her new job was challenging for Flo. The morning starts with a visit by Nina who tightens the waist and neck corset. She is pulling the straps with more power after the second day. Her weakness to pull at full force had been punished by the ladies with a rough whipping. The ladies did not whip her ass, no each one gave 5 strokes on her breasts, leaving bloody marks. So for me it was one more sign to give my best at my new job as accountant taking care of the Ladies funds.
End of the week I was called to report about the success. Both Ladies sat in the salon while Nina was preparing fruity drinks for all of us.
„Now Flo, what can you tell us about the work you did all week?”….. „I heard from one of the bank about very positive signals“ she gave the answer quite herself.
„Yes Madame Dio and Miss Jenny, I had some luck with an investment in agricultural funds, which raised 22% within 3 days. But there is one thing that is not as pleasant you should know.“ Both ladies looked surprised as I continued „Due the dress-code, or more the constant excitement by the corsets, I was distracted just some minutes and lost the chance to get the benefit in full form. At the end it was only 8% benefit left!“
The ladies looked at each other, then back to me and her eyes told me some changing in her mood.
„These are bad news Flo, we expected that you can handle your sexuality during work. Nina found your used panties with traces of …… your juice, we think that you masturbated during work – did you?“
I blushed crimson red and whispered „only once Madame, only once, sorry – I won’t do it anymore.“ …. silence……. Madame Dio peeked at Miss Jenny and back to me. Miss Jenny did not speak just nodded. „So you force us to prevent that Flo – and we know how.“
At dinner it was silent and I could see some twinkling by Miss Jenny – what do they have in mind?
„Nina, please tell Flo what is planned for tonight – you may speak in normal tune!“
Nina moved to face me and like she had been trained for, she started „Flo, we are showing you more of the house – you will be led into the dungeon…. yes you heard right, dungeon, the place opposite to heaven.“ I could see her skin went pale as she spoke. „down there the ladies will realize her plan to make you more concentrated at work.“ Then she began whispering „be strong dear Flo“ and then she covered her mouth with her hand as she knew that she was not allowed to say this. „please stand and hold your hands on your back.“

Maid Nina forcing Florence's arms into a single glove armbinder

Maid Nina forcing Florence’s arms into a single glove armbinder

Nina turned me to show my back to her as I felt something leather sliding up my arms. Nina forced my arms into a single glove and forced my elbows together so that they closely touched. I was surprised as all this went so fast, that I could not react and so I was bound helpless. My thoughts where circling in my head and I was unsure if this would be some fun or something bad.

„Why you are doing that to me Miss Jenny?“
„BECAUSE WE CAN“ was her answer quite simultaneous with Madame Dio. „Now move on – its show time downstairs!“
Miss Jenny pushed me in the direction of the wall with the big paint. As if by an invisible Hand the wall slid open and behind of it were stairs leading down to the cellar. Another door opened automatically and I saw a long corridor with several doors to left and right. Passing by one door I guessed to have heard something like a whimper.
Madame Dio reacted immediately „its QT behind this door!“
„QT is someone we keep in permanent bondage, gagged and most time blind by a helmet cutting her senses, she can’t even hear!“
I was scared, as this was just a horrible thought.
„One day ….. you will see her – she won’t ever see you – now move on Flo.“
Two doors later they opened and pushed me inside a room that looked like a correction cell with padded walls. The floor was padded like the walls and there was just one opening in the middle of the cell.
„If you can’t manage to wait with going to the toilet Flo, this is the place to pee and…….!“
My eyes widened and with disbelieve I stammered „but…. you won’t let me stay here Madame?“
„Nina ! tell Flo what verdict she is guilty!“
„Flo masturbated during working hours without asking permission – the ladies judged that you will think about it during the next 24 hours!“
„Nina, tell her what will follow if she starts complaining!“
„Flo, the ladies decided for this case that I have to join you and we both will be gagged and forced to wear breath restricting masks and the time will be unknown but will be much longer for sure.“
I gulped – I could not believe but the words of Nina sounded like a hammer in my mind, so I pressed my lips close and watched the 2 Lldies locking a chain on my single glove. As if that was not enough, they pulled this chain and raised my arms up into an horizontal position. This made it hard to stand in my tight laced corsets and it became harder to breath. I silently begged with my eyes to do the bondage not that hard but all my wiggles and struggles were ignored.
20160305 Flo's story IV_004
„Flo, we can – if we like, we switch on cameras to see you in here. Also we can hear the silence…… and if its as we expect….. all will be fine. Otherwise you know, that Nina will have to suffer for you as well.“Before I could try a faint „but…“ the door was closed shut with a low sound that let me know, this door is safely locked. The inside of the door was padded as well and I could imagine that it was well soundproof. I heard my breath as the only sound beside the rattle of  the chain who kept me in this hard to bear position. I closed my eyes – try to make the time fly – as my shoulders started to hurt. The only way to move was to raise my hands more upwards but this made the aching even worse. A first faint cry left my lips……
end of part 4

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