Noelia Island

Sunday mornings I often explore Second Life’s beauty on my own, and so I did this morning. My destination today was Noelia Island. I read about it in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog. Her post is titeled “Mediterranean meditations in Second Life” and I recommend reading it before your visit as it provides a good overview.

A visit to Noelia Island (1)

A visit to Noelia Island (1)

The landmark description text is also a good summary of what to do on Noelia Island “Explore Noelia, a beautiful Mediterranean island. Couple dance, date, romance or cuddle in the romantic spots, take a fun boat ride, relax on the beach, take photos or meditate near the Budda“. Last but not least there’s a blog about Noelia Island.
Back to my visit. I first went up the hill to visit the Tuscan villa. It is build with love for the details and I spent more time there than I expected. In particular the reading pose on the terrace is really lovely. I can literally see myself doing that in RL…
20160403 Noelia Island_040After my visit to the villa I walked along the shore and came to the mystic cave. It is not a maze, but as the name implies it has some mystic. There’s a ghost welcoming you, there’s a spiders net and a flying chair (of course I also sat on it but looking at it was more fun). I also saw a dance pole in the cave for mystic moments together.
20160403 Noelia Island_041Then I walked over the large rope bridge to the smaller island, the meditation island. There are several spots to mediate also a Buddha as mentioned in the landmark description. I tried several of them but personally I think I’ll get more into mediation with the reading pose at the villa mentioned above. And there’s the stone of wisdom … When you click on it you’ll get wisdoms to think about like….
The Magic Stone of Wisdom says: Don’t make an effort to love the world. Love your internal world and the world will be different. – Byron Katie
The Magic Stone of Wisdom says: A solid foundation for all relationships, be they romantic or otherwise, begins with Self love. Your reality is a reflection of your vibrational state, and as such, others will reflect back to you your own beliefs about your Self.
The Magic Stone of Wisdom says: If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. – Henry Ford

A visit to Noelia Island (2) - The stone of wisdom

A visit to Noelia Island (2) – The stone of wisdom

The Islands beauty itself is worth a visit and I took several pictures and tried several spots to sit and enjoy.

A visit to Noelia Island (3)

A visit to Noelia Island (3)

A visit to Noelia Island (4)

A visit to Noelia Island (4)

But there’s something else, a large dance and disco area and a bumper boat rezzer. I never drove a bumper boat before neither in SL nor in RL. Well, now I did. And it is real fun. As Kitty came online I had to take her there and we had fun. When the boats hit each other exclamation marks appear above the drivers. That is for sure something to do with more people!
20160403 Noelia Island_042
Thank you Ida Carlberg and Lyshco for providing this island for us. I look forward to my next visit.

Landmark “Noelia Island”:

Blog Noelia Island”:

Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:


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