Getting it my way (III)

I put slave Nina on display at Lochme the night before and put her head into a metal spherical hood and the fitting mittens. Just imagine such a bondage, the complete helplessness. In addition the hood and the mittens are heavy. No sight, nothing you can reach with your hands and this way loosing another sense. The colour combination of the red latex suit and the black spheres is quite attractive too.
Tonight was quiet. First I got a nice new and very sexy outfit for maid Po, but I took no picture yet (something to come soon). Then I decided to put slave Flo into a bondage like slave Nina. slave Flo loves the helplessness (as I love the control I get). Of course it had to be a bit different – so slave Flo is in a black catsuit with a metal hood in red and with red mittens. This way the two can be differentiated.

April 11th: slave Flo's new bondage gear

April 11th: slave Flo’s new bondage gear

Remember the last living latex doll, slave cecy, the one in blue and yellow? She was with me last night again and I took her to Ropers Dark Playground where I displayed her on the stand together with Fesselpüppi (gwendolyn.diesel). The two made a really nice contrast –  and I had another night: Getting it my way…..
20160411 At Ropers

Fesselpüppi (gwendolyn.diesel)

Fesselpüppi (gwendolyn.diesel)

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