The collaring of slave Adarra and slave cecy

Last night we finally collared the slaves Adarra and cecy. We had quite some time to observe them and both are dedicated to us and loyal. Jenny and I had considered collaring them permanently as our slaves and property for a while now.

We met slave cecy at Ropers and her first appearance in this blog dates back to September 2015 in “Enjoying bondage September 2015: At Roper’s playground“. I admit that I was surprised myself that we know her already for such a long time. Cecy is from Mexico and hence not really our timezone at all but nonetheless she manages to be online when we are. Cecy was for a very long time our blue and yellow living latex doll and she really loved this outfit. As we had already moved on and dressed the slaves in other outfits, cecy was still in her blue catsuit with the yellow corset and outstanding in giving pictures some colour. We know about her love for latex and bondage and we can tell that cecy is patient and she dives deep into her second life becoming what she is: our slave. So far we haven’t decided about a slave name for her – and Maurer’s slave and Maurer’s Sklavin are already taken by slave Fo and sklavin Gebby. But I’m pretty sure that we will come up with a proposal very soon.

slave cecy (cecysumi) collared May 18th, 2016

slave cecy (cecysumi) collared May 18th, 2016

Slave Adarra’s first appearance in this blog is from March 30th, 2016 also in an enjoying bondage post: “Enjoying bondage March 2016 (II): The rock“. I wrote about Adarra (AdarraMorgan): “We met Adarra at Mesmerize Dungeon just a couple of days ago and she was admiring slave Flo’s catsuit and hood. Her tag expressed more than thousand words: “Perma bound object”. But she was not tied up. After exchanging a few words we decided make her tag come true and locked her up in cuffs and added a gag. We took her home and let her explore our island. As she couldn’t run away, she was present for our bondage night. We might see her again, as she is a bondage slut although she doesn’t dare confessing it
slave Adarra stayed with us since March, 2016 and just like cecy she turned out being dedicated and loyal. She soon was able to confess publically she is a bondage slut and we kept her as such. During our last bondage night I began addressing her as slave what she noticed immediately but she didn’t rebel against it at all. And yesterday she accepted our collar willing and with pride as did slave cecy. slave Adarra is from Canada, also not really a match regarding timezone. But she adjusted her online presence in a way that she can see us regularly (good girl).

slave Adarra (AdarraMorgan) collared May 18th, 2016

slave Adarra (AdarraMorgan) collared May 18th, 2016

slave Flo seems to be very happy aout her new sisters and she hit the nail on the head with her remark that the new slaves form the American chapter of the Eurobrats together with our Kitty. For right now there’s nothing more to add but “Welcome to the family slave cecy and slave Adarra”

May 18th: The collaoring of slave cecy and slave Adarra - slave cecy, slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and slave Adarra

May 18th: The collaring of slave cecy and slave Adarra – slave cecy, slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and slave Adarra

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  1. jennymaurer
    May 19, 2016 @ 20:32:58

    A big welcome to Cecy and Adarra. I have been very impressed how everyone is getting along and how good you all look together


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