Diary (61) June 7th

Tuesday night, June 7th, started at home where I talked with the slaves and controlled the cleaning of the house. First I took the slaves to Lochme as I expected slave cecy and sklavin Gebby, who I stored at Lochme Tower, to come online. After a while of waiting and exposing the slaves and getting nice comments about them, I took the slaves to Enslaved again as slave Flo wanted to have a look at the Gord doll outfit. I shortened the leashes as Enslaved is full of traps and there are enough warnings to be careful or to be prepared to be caught. But then it happened: slave cecy got online at Lochme Tower. Her timer must have had just finished  and slave Addarra teleported her in so that she could join us. Well, slave cecy landed just next to a trap and ended in a garbage ton nicely wrapped up in a big black plastic bag. I went over to her but there was no way to release her. I talked with MzBitch, the owner of Enslaved, and she confirmed that there is no way of releasing but a timer of 30 minutes. So I took the slaves back home where we talked and waited for slave cecy. On our way home, I picked up sklavin Gebby at Lochme Tower. Finally the timer ran down for slave cecy and she could join us.

June 7th: slave Adarra on the spanking machine, slaves cecy, Gebby and Flo watching.

June 7th: slave Adarra on the spanking machine, slaves cecy, Gebby and Flo watching.

Of course I had to punish slave Adarra as I told the slaves to be careful and she shouldn’t teleport a slave without asking for permission. Thus the spanking machine came to it’s first usage for the slaves. After all it was an eventful night, we had fun (well, at least I had) and I got a nice picture.

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